Chrono Clash System - Crossover Card Game

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Chrono Clash System - Crossover Card Game

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Postby MuscleRobo » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:16 am

I'm unsure if anyone is interested in card games here but there was a somewhat recent new one called Chrono Clash System that is more like a Legacy Card Game, which is a card game you don't collect but just pay for a full set at a time. The first set was Naruto, the second set was Godzilla and the third set coming out next month is Rebuild of Evangelion. I have played the Godzilla set and it is pretty fun; it reminded me a bit of Duel Masters and sure enough the game designer is the same as Duel Masters. They've done surveys for expansion sets and had other series including Ultraman, Gundam Wing, Digimon and a few other interesting ones. I remember the survey even had series ranging from Vampire Hunter D to My Hero Academia so who knows how the rights are working. I enjoyed the Godzilla set and I look forward to trying Godzilla vs Evangelion or maybe combining some cards from each set. Find the website below if you enjoy card games like me!

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