Asuka's Fate in EoE....

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Asuka's Fate in EoE....

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Postby Bryan_Fury_ » Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:52 pm

You know,I've been trying to wrap my head around what happened to Asuka and Eva-02 in EoE at the hands of the harpies for awhile now,and there are some things that just don't add up:

1-Didn't they need the Evas for Instrumentality/3I? Why not just disable Eva-02 and then use it along with Eva-01/the MPEs?

2-The harpies utterly fragging Asuka and Eva-02 like they did,to this day makes no tactical sense to me. A powered-down Eva(ANY ofc,Eva-01)is as harmful as a paper-weight..Asuka and Eva-02 were zero threat at that why they even had to brutalize them like that,I don't know,but I have some thoughts on this:

-Perhaps SEELE knowing what happened with Eva-01 were simply taking no chances,Even IF Eva-02 was powered down,there was still a chance it could berserk(which Eva-02 did,For all the good that it did in the end) ...hence "the feast"

-Maybe,somehow,SEELE knew of Asuka and Shinji's relationship(Kaji WAS working for SEELE to some extent...hold on..was he? Kaji was a triple agent,anyhow can someone confirm this for me and maybe tell me i'm going crazy? :tongue: ) And that killing Asuka would therefore destroy Shinji's will to fight,thus making it that Shinji will go through with 3I without question(Although he rejects it at the end).

-Related to point #1,maybe SEELE was just being efficient? I guess by that time,Eva-02(and by extension,Asuka) were both redundant and no longer necessary.
So,I guess it was simple logic,so to speak:Resist(like Asuka/Eva-02 did)= you die. Submit=Get tanged.

-Maybe SEELE didn't know(or more than likely,care) that Asuka was still alive,let alone in a position to operate Eva-02...So it was irrelevant to them in the grand scheme of things.

-And,wasn't there a way where SEELE could've just powered down Eva-02 remotely? Eva-02 WAS fitted for a Dummy Plug system,was it not?

And then again,Yui(Eva-01) deserves some blame here too:Why on god's green earth would she let the LAST person her son cared about die before springing into action?

And my final thoughts on this are:Maybe,just,MAYBE,Anno REALLY hated Asuka(for whatever reason) and had it in for her in particular(Asuka gets the WORST death of all the female characters in EoE;Misato gets shot/blown up,Ritsuko gets shot,Maya gets tanged and Rei falls apart at the end...But goddamn does Asuka get the short end of the say nothing of what Shinji does to her at the beginning and end of EoE)

Asuka's demise has always been something in Eva I've struggled to make peace with for all these years,ESPECIALLY since she was kinda my first love as far as Anime girls go. To see her go down like that was just soul-crushing.

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