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Re: [TV] A Game of Thrones

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Postby Guy Nacks » Fri May 24, 2019 8:25 pm

Now that it's finished, I feel pretty confident in my opinion that Season 4 was the best season of the show.
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Re: [TV] A Game of Thrones

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Postby Chuckman » Fri May 24, 2019 9:06 pm

Season 1 was the most cohesive, in my opinion.

I cobbled together a rant about the ending.

Okay everyone is doing this so

I won’t write a whole thing. This is just how I think every character arc should have ended on #GameofThrones

1. Arya: Kill Cersei while wearing Jaime’s face and die when Dany attacks King’s Landing. She completes her revenge but the Many Faced God exacts his payment for it.

2. Cersei: Lose her mind when the smallfolk of KL grow to hate her more and more for all the shit she did and all her allies drop dead one by one (because Arya is killing them) and die thinking Jaime has murdered her (but it’s Arya)

3. Sansa: Become Queen in the North. I think of all the characters, her ending is probably closest to GRRM’s actual plans for the series. The problem isn’t that her ending was bad, it’s that the writers made a hot mess of her storyline and characterization after the very last scene she has in the published books. She rejects several marriage proposals and maintains a reputation as a virgin queen. A distant Stark cousin from the Vale is named her heir and takes the Stark name.

4. Jaime: Jaime should have been the one that killed the Night King, giving his life to save Bran. Change the meaning of “Kingslayer” and confirm he’s Azor Ahai.

5. Brienne: Die and rise as a wight, killed again by Jaime, who knighted (and slept with) her the night before.

6. Daenerys: This is a tough one. I think she’ll go mad queen in the books too, but it will make more sense and be built up better. In the show, I would have her burn the Red Keep in the heat of the moment despite Cersei packing it to the rafters with smallfolk as human shields. In the aftermath, with the Iron Throne destroyed, Dany realizes that if she’d just stayed in Essos she’d still have all her friends and counselors and she could have liberated an entire continent of slaves instead of devastating a land that didn’t want her. She either flips out and Jon kills her or she takes her forces and leaves. Maybe the Dothraki rebel and start plundering shit and she has to fight her own guys. She is remembered as the “mad queen” because she made a series of tragic mistakes, and and she was not actually insane. If she lives, Dany returns to Meereen, finds Slaver’s Bay in a shambles with Daario dead and everyone hostile; she then leads her remaining Dothraki followers back West to retake Qarth and then Volantis, continuing her adventures.

7. Jorah: Survive Winterfell and die in the fight at King’s Landing. When he dies Dany realizes that shes lost the only person who loved her unconditionally and this is what prompts her to go Hiroshima on the Red Keep.

8. Sam: Sent away south with Gilly and her baby, to carry word south of the movements and disposition of the undead army in case Winterfell falls. Accompanied by the women and children of the North and a small force of boys and other less useful fighters. In the aftermath, is freed from his vows and made Lord of Horn Hill, and his seat elevated to Lord Paramount of the Reach.

9. Bronn: Executed for backing the wrong horse when Jaime asked him to go north, or dies in the fighting.

10. Grey Worm and the Unsullied: Leaderless and basically flesh robots who lost their commander/mother/goddess, they attach themselves to the Iron Throne and act as peacekeepers and praetorians as a Great Council decides the fate of the realm. Alternatively, they join Dany as she leaves.

11. Tyrion: Granted Casterly Rock as his right, and returns there to rule after the new king is chosen. His marriage to Sansa is declared annulled and he marries a distant cousin from Lannisport to continue the family line.

12. Robert Arryn: Remains Lord of the Eyrie. Marriage proposal rejected by Sansa.

13. Jon: With Daenerys dead or fled, a great council considers all potential claimants and contenders to the throne. The consensus is that it has to be Jon or Gendry as the last remaining men of royal blood. Jon initially refuses but Tyrion and Sansa talk him into taking the throne, as Gendry would quickly become a puppet king. He reluctantly accepts and is crowned king.

14. Tormund: Granted an empty seat in the North and married to a widowed northern girl.

15. The realm itself: a great council is called. Many claims are made but it comes down to Jon and Gendry; Jon is chosen. During an intense debate, Sam proposes what will become the early groundwork for a constitutional monarchy. The lords of the realm will vote on laws and wars and consent to appointments to the small council. The realms nearly break apart before the charter is ratified. In order to keep them together, Jon proposes several concessions suggested by his council:

• Grant royal styles to the lords paramount; Yara and Sansa become queens; Sam, Tyrion, Robert, and Gendry become kings, and the Dornish continue to use the titles of prince and princess. Jon takes the Valyrian word for King or something as his own title.

• Jon marries a Dornish princess to secure Dorne (let’s say the Daynes are now in charge)

• Jon calls for a war against the remaining Dothraki, who have scattered to raid the Reach and the Westerlands after rebelling against Dany.

16. Bran formally abdicates to Sansa and remains in King’s Landing. He’s not granted any official position but remains by Jon’s side. Most of the realm just assumes that Jon is keeping his crippled brother comfortable. Meanwhile, Bran is the nexus of an instant communications system between Jon’s closest allies, relaying messages back and forth between King’s Landing, Horn Hill, Winterfell, and Casterly Rock. At his urging, Jon reconstitutes and reforms the Night’s Watch and orders the construction of a new castle at Eastwatch, though it will take many years for it to reach full strength.


The show ends with a flash forward. We learn that Daenerys conquered Volantis and the Free Cities and forged an empire that ran from the Narrow Sea to Qarth, but on the eve of an attack on Slaver’s Bay, she died of a mysterious illness, childless, and her empire broke apart into several infighting nations. Although several hundred years have passed, Drogon, now larger than the Black Dread, is occasionally spotted near the ruins of Valyria.

In Westeros, the North, Riverlands, and Vale have merged into a semi-autonomous kingdom and tensions run high for a civil war between the Greater North and the South. Jon’s great, great grandson sits an uneasy throne after a series of disastrous and costly wars with Essosi pirates and petty empires. It seems likely that the Iron Throne will fracture further, shrinking to include the Crownlands, Stormlands, and the Reach. Despite the blood ties, the Dornish are itching to break free, as are the Westerlands. Tyrion’s descendants have conquered the Iron Islands and are biding their time for a chance to take a swath of territory from the Riverlands.

Chaos has erupted through the realm. The seasons normalized after the death of the Night King and have been running in three month cycles as they should, until the current summer, which has already lasted for eight months and shows no signs of fading into autumn.

We realize that we are observing the world as Bran does, having now merged into the weirwood trees. He gazes north, first to Winterfell where Sansa’s descendant, the wolf king, has taken an Arryn wife. Then to the Wall; it stands. Pan along the wall to what is now known as the Breach, a city-sized fortress complex that stands where Eastwatch once did and serves as the headquarters of the Watch, which has again begun to backslide.

We move further North. Sparse wilding camps and petty kingdoms cling to the Breach, living more as traders than raiders. The old wilding culture is largely lost, forgotten as the wildings of old assimilated into the north.

Further and further, finally reaching the great ice temple we saw earlier in the series. Thirteen of Craster’s sons, now hulking, barbaric White Walkers, stand dormant around the ice altar, patiently waiting until their strength grows. They may move south in few years or a few millennia, but they will move. End.
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Re: [TV] A Game of Thrones

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Postby Gob Hobblin » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:53 pm

It's simply the culmination of burned out show-runners unwilling to let someone else take the reins. They should have. I know they wanted to go on to new projects, but if they were going to see it through, they needed to owe it to themselves and their cast and crew to see it through.

They basically just checked off boxes. And the shame is, it's not a bad ending (in terms of who ends up where). It's that they were so quick to get there, it fractured the conclusion.
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