Yui Ikari as 00's Soul/Soul Divisibility

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Yui Ikari as 00's Soul/Soul Divisibility

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Postby XETCRYVUIN » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:58 am

Oh boy...

So we know that the various maternal aspects of the soul can be conveniently separated and transferred into the Eva as is the case with Kyoko. As far as I know, there is little speculation over whether the soul within unit 00 could be a separated aspect of Yui's soul. While the prevalent theory states that unit 00 houses the soul of Rei I, Rei I is not the mother of Rei II, but one can say with some veracity that her thrice transferred soul and and cloned bodies were in fact mothered and born of Yui. In a way, the Rei I theory serves a similar purpose and truth, whilst not accounting the for the supposed required maternal nature of the pilot/core bond. While this is all speculation, just as the aspects of Kyoko's soul are improperly balanced, if Yui's soul is somehow divided between unit 00 and 01, it is certainly worth thinking about which aspects are within unit 00 and 01 respectfully. Clearly the "maternal" or "as a mother" aspect lies with Shinji, as unit 01 repeatedly goes berserk to protect him. Perhaps the aspect of her "as a woman" is the facet of her soul which causes 00 to throw a punch at Ritsuko, as she is sleeping with Gendo etc etc... Ritsuko knows who's in there... etc etc. In Rei's mindtrip her balloon head tells her she possess a fake soul and body, possibly hinting that her soul is either engineered, the soul of Lilith, or... diluted by the repeated division of the fragments of Yui's soul as the cloning process goes on. Since it is implied that an Eva generated AT Field requires a soul (of an unspecified degree of substantialness), the apparently fragile and fractured nature of Rei's soul in some ways disqualifies the possibility that it is Rei I's soul within the core. However, if the soul divisibility principle is true in the case of the Rei I theory, then there is an aspect of the original Rei soul which has been divided from itself and placed within 00, meaning that Rei II is similar to Kyoko in that she has had a facet of her soul forcibly removed, leaving me wondering what that element could be, considering Rei I is apparently intentionally malevolent towards Naoko acting on her own agency. The circular logic is starting to set in, but if Rei I's intentions are malevolent, considering the fact that it is never revealed if Gendo actually talks about Naoko that way (weird way to talk to a child of probably 10), it is hard to pin point a genuine motivation other than that a piece of Yui's soul is in her, and that the as a woman aspect which has been transferred unto Rei seeks revenge on Naoko for having an affair. Arguably, this strange facet of Rei I never again surfaces in Rei II/III, so it is worth speculating that in the transferal process from Rei I to II another chunk of Rei's soul was lopped off. Arguably, if the element of her that was lopped off now resides within 00, the implication is that that strange aspect of Rei I, or rather, Yui's womanly aspect is housed within 00. This is also is a clever way of portraying the manifest dark side of Yui, and the dark aspect of Yui which may potentially be within 00. Arguably, Unit 01 has a lesser need for Yui's womanly aspect, and when she does take over, it is for maternal reasons. The shortcomings of my ramble lie in discerning how much of Rei is salvaged from Yui. Is it just her body? A little/big bit of her soul? Just the likeness of her soul? If Rei I possesses enough of the soul of Yui, then my whole argument is just proof of Rei I theory, as it is the same metaphysical substance serving the same function in a different vessel.

I hope this doesn't come across as a total mess, but fire away. First post btw pls be gentle. :devil:

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