Contemplation of the artistic being

Discussion of the new series of Evangelion movies ( "Evangelion Shin Gekijōban", meaning "Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition").
The third installment debuted in Japan on November 17, 2012.

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Contemplation of the artistic being

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Postby TheChosenJuan » Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:27 pm

It has come to my attention that whenever there is a certain alteration in the perception of the viewer to what he has become accustomed to, the first to come to mind to blame is always the creator or respectively an executing member in the higher hierachy of the production.

Keeping this in mind, I ask: What could've been the most likely cause for the conspicuous fall in zestfulness of the latest installation of this animation series, if it was stated by the creator that this is his final interpretation of the conclusion?
It couldn't be the producers intention of time-scheduling to finish the product in a certain timeframe, could it? Unless the only goal was to not keep the fandom waiting and thereby grossing the revenue to a maximum, when money shouldn't be a problem, since the previous two movies grossed double and more in the box office than they actually cost.

So why did he do cashed character development in for shinier polygons? The whole battle for the world, because of religious aliens thing was already known to me (like there were already a ton of feature films about that) so why just make the overall plot so dull towards the end?
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