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Postby Somnophile » Tue May 23, 2017 6:52 am

It's missing something. I don't know what. It's been like this since I finished Evangelion(I know, I know, I've been living under a stone all my life). I'm just going to state an opinion about the show, although nobody asked(and nobody's going to care).
First of all: Asuka IS BEST!(Here comes the barrage of Rei or Maya fans) Really tho, I was rooting for Shinji to grab that pussy like Trump taught him to(y'all probably noticed my username by now :wink: ). Second, I just want to talk about the -OH SHIT we have no money- ending of NGE. I think it was brilliant. But, Somnophile, that ending was bull. But, Somnophile, I couldn't understand that ending. But-- OH SHUT UP. I didn't spend a whole week gathering opinions from all corners of the internet to hear you saying this shit. The point is, I felt something when I saw that ending. It was the same feeling that Barakamon, AnoHana and Angel Beats gave me: a warm feeling deep in MHA HART. If you ask me, I didn't click next episode for the Mecha part of NGE. The genial character development drew me in much more. IIRC, there were at least 5 episodes in NGE without any fights at all. While some of you may have skipped them, I watched them. I enjoyed them. And when the ending came, I let "them" slide down my face and right onto my pillow. I had no towel. I just had my sleeves to help me look like a man in front of a masterpiece ending. Shinji's acceptance of himself and the "omedetou" in the end from all the characters was just touching. If it weren't for EoE, I would've been crying for weeks, which leads me to my other topic: End of Evangelion. It's like the effects of the LSD just ended and you're actually seeing properly. While the original ending made me cry and all, this one made me happy. Why? First, because Asuka and Shinji are finally together(YAY). But that's not the whole point. Technically, everyone got what they wanted. Shinji accepted himself and got to meet Asuka again, Asuka didn't die and got to see Shinji again, while the rest of humanity got their wish to "be one". This is the reason why my heart is missing something. It's god damn AnoHana and Angel Beats again. Bittersweet my ass. I won't be watching bittersweet anime any more, and I'm glad NGE was my last. Truly, a masterpiece.
P.S. I didn't say anything about Shinji strangling Asuka because there's no reason to discuss that anymore. He wanted to confirm she was alive or that that was reality.
P.S.S. Rebuild is bullshit IMO. I prefer the original story better. If you somehow have an argument to make me watch Rebuild(tbh the only reason that would make me watch the Rebuild movies would be more Asuka) then say it.
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