Evangelion RE TAKE [All Ages Version]

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Evangelion RE TAKE [All Ages Version]

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Postby Melchior » Wed Nov 16, 2016 7:28 pm

Hey all!

I emerge from the shadows wondering if anyone has a good lead on an English translated, All Ages version of Studio Kimigabuchi's RE TAKE series?
I own the rare printed copies of it, which are great - raw and everything. I have the English translated scans - that's all well and good for my own personal consumption. I cannot, however, show that version to anyone else and have it not be awkward.
I have a friend who just finished her first watch through of the series and EoE, and told her of a few options she has available next (manga, rebuilds, etc). This came up in conversation, but I don't wanna give her the original version.

If anyone knows where I can find it, the information would be very helpful.

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