EoE source - the Battle of Okinawa?

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EoE source - the Battle of Okinawa?

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Postby SoryuUberAlles » Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:32 am

So I posted this on the Shinseiki Gojira

View Original PostSoryuUberAlles wrote: Actually, real note for Eva-fans. IMDB claims EoE references Gekido no showashi: Okinawa kessen (1971): 'The invasion of the JSSDF is modelled after the American attack in the film.' But the only citation for it I found for it is a reference to Protoculture Addicts at onegeek.com. If the last thing Anno has shown the Japanese Self Defence Force doing is re-enacting the battle of Okinawa then showing them as heroic maybe a real turnaround for Anno. But still, pretty far from as right-wing as Shinzo Abe.

I think it's mentioned once in total on the wiki.

But the ones he watched most are "The longest day of Japan" and "Okinawa Battle". He even played it as BGV when he was doing storyboarding at one time, and then slowly his attention was drawn to the video and ended up spending 3 hours watching it.

Then Okamoto talked about his filming Okinawa Battle in Okinawa and the problem with lack of manpower and resource, ended up doing one of the characters.

Anyone got any sources on this? It seems important...:huh: I really don't know any more.
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