My ideas on what happens after EoE

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My ideas on what happens after EoE

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Postby Offlineshot1234 » Sat Sep 10, 2016 5:13 pm

[/spoiler]Now I'm going to do a lot of guessing here so I'm not saying this is the true meaning.

Now since Eva 01 became as powerful as the race that made Adam and Lilith. And yui is in Eva . Wouldn't that make Yui a god? And so she proves her powers by putting Shinji and Asuka on the beach. Now could it be possible that the comics of Evangellion be a sequel? The one where it's more slice of life that Evangellion? I mean I would guess that Yui would want to make Shinji happy so she turned time back but manipulated events so the outcome would be different

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