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Coleco Chameleon

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Postby IronEvangelion » Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:10 am

In all my days of browsing the internet for gaming news, this is one of the most bizarre stories I've ever come across. Coleco is developing a new gaming console. No, you did not just hit your head. Coleco is developing a new gaming console called the Coleco Chameleon. ... onsole.htm

Here's where it gets bizarre: This will be a cartridge-based console that is capable of playing 8, 16, and 32-bit games. However, this is no mere "retro console," because in addition to the classic games that will be available, Coleco plans to develop entirely new games for the console and sell them on brand-new cartridges. Apparently they are seeking funding via Kickstarter, but the current goal is unknown, as is the reason why the controller needs dual analogs if the console maxes out at 32-bit games. Admittedly both the console and controller look pretty slick.

My thoughts on this: It could turn out to be something pretty cool, IF the price is right. This thing had better not cost a penny more than $60 with everything you need, because a cheap chinese $50 tablet would absolutely kick this thing's ass in terms of processing power. I've heard rumors that the planned retail price is $250, which is batshit insane and would cause this thing to bomb faster than an ICBM. Also, they need to have a good quality standard for the new games and enforce it rigorously to prevent the Chameleon from turning into a less powerful Ouya. Regulated indie development is alright, but unregulated indie development is one of the main things that killed Atari. Coleco needs to learn from that. So if they can keep the system cost low and the game quality high, I might buy one.
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