Nobi Nobita - Bridal Veil (Ep 22 DC Source)

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Nobi Nobita - Bridal Veil (Ep 22 DC Source)

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Postby 1731298478 » Sat Nov 14, 2015 1:53 pm

"Bridal Veil" is a short piece by Nobi Nobita published as part of the doujin Zettai Anzen Kamisori (Absolute Safety Razor) in late April 1996. In his August JUNE interview with Nobita (p. 35 of the Kaworu "mook"), Anno mentions that both he and Sadamoto had felt that Nobita's depiction of Asuka in Zettai was impossible for them to match. In her comments on Zettai in the anthology Hakobune no Karasu (The Raven of the Ark), published August 1997, Nobita writes that Anno had been very keen on "Bridal Veil," to the point of telling her he had got some idea or ideas from it, though Nobita then said she was not sure what those ideas were.

"Bridal Veil" is, like most of Nobita's other Eva works, a kind of supplement to the original series, inserting scenes in between, or elaborating upon, episodes and events in the show. "Bridal Veil" shows a series of interactions between Asuka and other characters before depicting part of her encounter with the Fifteenth Angel.



Asuka: I can't believe it!
(Now she would be living with a boy.)
Asuka: Jeez, really!
Asuka: If he comes in on me, then what?
Shinji: Asuka! We're going to be late!
Asuka: (Would that idiot even have the courage...?)
Asuka: If you're that worried about being late, then go on ahead by yourself!

Asuka: (If he comes in on me...)
Shinji: Hurry! Hurry!
Asuka: *giggle*
Asuka: (If it were Kaji-san coming in, I wouldn't mind at all.
Then there would be love and romance.
Then I would make a lovely bride.
And then -)

Asuka: Understand!? This is the wall of Jericho!!
Asuka: One step beyond and you will be sentenced to death!!
Shinji: O-okay...
(A wall.)
Asuka: (See, he won't come across.
As I thought, he doesn't have the courage.)

(If it was Kaji-san...)

Asuka: Let's kiss.
Asuka: Or are you scared?
Shinji: I'm not scared! Not of a kiss...
Asuka: You washed your teeth, right?
(Sorry. It's not for children.)
(Lend me that. The lavender perfume.)

(It's not for children.)
I'm not a child.
Asuka: What was that! You brat!

Asuka: (Someone like you just doesn't understand.)
Asuka: (Kaji-san...)
Shinji: Ah, Kaji-san!
Asuka: Eh? Kaji-san!?
Kaji: Hey! Could you lend me a bit of a hand?
Misato: *groaning*
Kaji: Well, I'll be heading off.
Asuka: How about staying over, Kaji-san!?
Kaji: I'd get laughed at if I went into work like this.
Asuka: Eh? It'll be fine!
Asuka: Kaji-san!

Kaji: Ha ha. See you.
Asuka: (He smells like lavender.)
(It's not for children.)
Asuka: (I'm not a child.)
(I'm not a child.)
Asuka: Kaji-san.

Kaji: Asuka. What's up? You look grim.
Kaji: Did you get into a fight with Katsuragi?
Asuka: I want you to hold me.
Kaji: ...
Kaji: Ha ha. You're a bit spoiled, Asuka.
Kaji: You're too old to be carried now...

Asuka: Look...
Kaji: Asuka...
Asuka. It's fine. With Kaji-san, I...
(If you hold me, I
Yes, I could even give up piloting Eva
That much
Kaji: No...

Kaji: You have to have a little more respect for yourself.
Kaji: You're a very attractive girl, but... right.
Kaji: It's a bit too early...
Asuka: ...then when - ?
Asuka: (It has to be now.)
Kaji: One day.
Asuka: (It has to be now...)

(You okay?)
(I'm fine, I'm fine.
Even if Kaji wouldn't hold me
Even if he didn't need me
If I can pilot Eva)
Asuka: Like I even want to have children!
Asuka: The only one they need is Shinji!
(Then everyone...)
(I'm fine.)

Misato: What's the analysis of that light ray!?
Hyuga: It's similar to an A.T. Field, but details are unknown!

(It's fine. I won't cry.)
(Why am I crying? I already decided I wouldn't cry any more.)
(I'm not a child!!)
(I don't need stuffed animals!!)
(I'm gonna grow up quickly.)
(I'm not a child)
(So look at me!!)
(Don't kill me!!)
Asuka: Don't look into my mind!!
(Don't stop being my mother)
Asuka: (Defiled... my mind has been...)

Asuka: (Kaji-san...what will I do? I've been defiled...)
(I wanted you to hold me.
With arms strong enough to break through this wall
and embrace the heart I don't reveal to anyone - )

The main elements Anno took from Veil appear to be:

1. The idea that Asuka, at some point, attempted to seduce Kaji by revealing herself to him, insisting that she was not a child. This scene from "Veil" was adapted not only by Anno but also by Sadamoto in the manga. This scene first appears in Death.

2. The idea that Asuka, in establishing the "Wall of Jericho," was secretly hoping or inviting Shinji to break it. Nobita shows, as Anno later would, that behind the door Asuka's intention was quite different than her outward actions had made it seem.

3. Finally, Asuka's somewhat mysterious line in 22 DC "Dakishimete mo kurenai kuse ni!!" is taken verbaitim from the climax of "Veil" (down to the same number of exclamation marks in the script).

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Postby cyharding » Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:10 pm

Now this is quite a find. Thanks for showing this to us.
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Postby esselfortium » Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:06 pm

Holy wow, this is a really intriguing find, indeed. Thank you for the info and translation, Numbers-kun!

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Postby pwhodges » Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:16 pm

No, I will not think that the last pages led to Merry Box.
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Postby robersora » Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:28 pm

Oh Numbers-kun, I love you. Bringing us all closer to the truth one translation at a time. Thank you very much!
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Postby Sailor Star Dust » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:26 pm

Whoa, this is a treasure trove of Asuka analysis.

Thank you!

Edit: Merry Box! Good stuff!
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Re: Nobi Nobita - Bridal Veil (Ep 22 DC Source)

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Postby seraphine » Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:04 pm

Hi there! I managed to track down the original fanbook this particular set comes from. I did some proper scans and used the translation in the OP (I hope this is okay!) to do a nice clean English version (YMMV on the location of the bubbles on page 14, as I tried to go in what I thought were in order.)

Thanks to the original sourcer for bringing this awesome piece of NGE history to my attention!

It's here, by the way: (EDIT: a link to a doujin site (e-hentai under the appropriate non-h tag instead of imgur:
Hope you enjoy!
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Re: Nobi Nobita - Bridal Veil (Ep 22 DC Source)

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Postby FelipeFritschF » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:31 pm

Thank you for your contribution. May I suggest you upload this on some doujinshin site?

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