Eva-eque Lore ideas for Adeptus Evangelion

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Eva-eque Lore ideas for Adeptus Evangelion

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Postby Attylus » Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:26 am

I've been running my first campaign for the fan-made tabletop Eva game, Adeptus Evangelion (Ver. 3, Draft 3, specifically). I'm GMing because... Well, I guess the hones answer is because I showed to most initiative of my friends who were interested. Anyway, as we're slowing learning the rules of the game, and the characters are getting introduced to the setting, (AdEva lets you create your own lore, setting, characters, etc. in a way that lets you make something completely original while still preserving the things that makes NG:E what it is.) I realized there was some end-game details I forgot to smooth out before we started the game, and I'm looking around for ideas and inspiration to draw from. So far, here are the details of my setting:

-There are multiple NERV branches across the world, but the main one is located where current-day Yakima, Washington is.
It's a high-tech city like Tokyo-03, but does not have a geofront beneath it. NERV HQ is located underground and beneath a mountain located at the edge of the city, protected by layers of armor. Many of the city's buildings can be lowered underground to allow rapid evacuation of civilians into the underground NERV base, while also a more open battlefield for the Evangelions to operate in the event of an angel attack.

-When the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls were found,
the information they provided lead to the discovery of Lilith, who was already pierced with a Lance of Longinus. When it was taken out, Lilith unexpectedly exploded into LCL. Eventually, NERV grew a Lilith clone as an Evangelion. It's extremely powerful, but piloting one destabilizes human AT fields, and the pilot will eventually permanently tang after spenidng even seconds in its active entry plug.

-The first time the above-mentioned effect happened,
it was the first time a human soul had been scientifically measured and observed. Later research on souls found that they degrade and cease to exist 30 hours after the death of the body. NERV sought to change that by forcing the Doors of Guf to go both ways. To do so, a huge chunk of the world's souls had to be harvested. Thus, a volunteer pilot used the Lilith-Clone-Eva (Eva typeZero) to open the Doors of Guf over Antarctica. Its AT field increased exponentially, destroying evrything around it. Glowing wings reaching up into its black expanse, and embracing the source of all souls inside, then expanded an anti-AT Field outwards until enough people had been sacrificed. Then the Lance of Longinus was used to cancel this human-orchestrated 2nd Impact.

*-Seele backs NERV, and
Seele's end-game is Human Instrumentality. Seele is in opposition to the Eigenart Initiative, who seeks to invert the Elysium created by 2nd Impact, and instead uplift all of humanity into angel-like beings who are Tabris (or Eva)-like beings capable of controlling their own forms (joining, seperating, shapeshifting?) and AT fields.

-Unbeknownst the the players (and the above two organizations) until end-game,
there is a third organization--The Societas Eruditorium, a worldwide group of the most brilliant minds and technicians, seeking world domination for which to establish a new, Golden Age of Reason--Will attack NERV base in a bloody coup to take control of the Evas. Their members are already closer to NERV's computers, satellites, and networks than its leadership is... All they need is an Eva, an S2 engine, and a dummy plug, then no force on Earth can stop them.

Here's where the bumps are... I haven't worked out what Adam is, where Adam is, or how many Adams there are, if there is an Adam(s) at all. I guess I could say that something created the angels a long time ago as an automated, don't-create-a-god-machine defense. After all, Lilith was found having been neutralized by someone, so there's a mysterious back story there. And then for Instrumentality, I guess I could argue that in this version, an Adam isn't needed. Maybe humanity leaked out of the inert Lilith like pikmin, and instrumentality is akin to calling them back. Also:

-I have a GM-controlled pilot named Rain Amaris
who is a clone (probably a clone of the test pilot who carried out 2nd Impact, but I haven't decided. Def an OG Eva test pilot tho.)
. Rain is like Rei in that he was piloting a prototype before the players arrived to pilot production models. He's blond, has blue-purple eyes, is preppy, outgoing, friendly, optimistic, loyal to NERV, and though he gives off a slight home-schooled/only-child kind of vibe, he's overall supposed to be a pretty cool guy. It's my plan to
kill him off during a surprise kidnapping of the pilots, which was going to serve as the introduction to the pilots that there's another organization out there who has goals different from Seele's. Rain would then be replaced by a pilot transferring in from Bethany Base named Celeste Audienthia. Celeste has straight black hair, and grey eyes. She's also manufactured/a clone, but where Rain was engineered to be more "user-friendly", Celeste is much more purpose-engineered, and is thus colder, more guarded, and deceptive. and I'm thinking she's a plant by some organization working against seele.

-As for Bethany Base, other than being a cutesy rebuild-reference, I was kind of thinking
it should be containing something. Maybe something that Celeste brought over with her. Possibly an Adam-equivalent, or plot device

So thoughts, feedback, suggestions? I need some outside opinions and ideas from someone who knows Eva, but isn't one of the players of my campaign.
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