Evangelion Podcast and Actual Eva Pilot: Shia Lebeouf

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Evangelion Podcast and Actual Eva Pilot: Shia Lebeouf

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Postby scriptweaver » Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:43 am

Hey guys, I've uploaded two new eva-related videos to my channel. Ones a podcast and the other is a parody video.

The podcast will feature Eva Abridger: Anax of Abridgelion, Anime Reviewer: Aly The Brave, and Anime Enthusiast: Frodanis.

I'm just gonna say this now, some of you who are constantly up to date with eva may be slightly bored watching podcast because we cover some modern eva culture in some parts. Either way, we all had a fun time and we've gotten a positive response so far from other viewers and hope you all enjoy watching this as well.

Also, don't worry about it being too long like most podcast are. This one ends at about 30-35 min. So its not ungodly long. (I know that I, myself, wouldn't want to sit through a hour long podcast)

Heres the link to the Podcast, I hope you all enjoy it, I worked very hard to edit it.


Now about the joke video, I've recently realized that there's been quite a few shia lebeouf videos like this circulating lately and I apologize for putting out something already done like it.

I originally made this video waaaaay before ppl started making eva/shia vids, but I chose to wait until my legal dispute with khara ended (YouTube made it take 3 months, like, WOW). By the time I uploaded the video, I realized too late everyone had already done it to death, so just give it a look anyway. Who knows, you may really like it. Check it out below.


Btw, yes, I won the legal battle with Khara and attained full rights to my video. Whats the video you ask? Its my Eva Analysis video I posted on here back in May. If you'd like to check it out, heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHL1YIULmWU (don't worry, this version will nvr get blocked again)

I'd love to hear words of praise if you think I deserve it. The more encouragement I hear, the more diligently I produce content. With the winning of this legal battle, I hope to make more eva-related videos in the future and make more videos where Gendo mocks me to death.

Hey, whats your favorite anime? Evangelion? oh, and you? Evangelion too? oh an- you too?! why does everyone here like Evangelion?! Its like this is a Eva forum or something...

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Postby Stryker » Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:23 am

I liked the part where shia lebeouf was mashing eva-1 and Shinji together in some creepy robot incest fantasy
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