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Postby Legendary » Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:58 pm

[center]Robert: Stalk her around the ship. Also chloroform her.

You... Wait. What?

Why would you... do that? That's just... kinda CREEPY! And more than a little bizarre! You just... Aren't. No. No definitely not. That's not you. You hope that's not ANYONE.

Robert: Say hi and apologize.

Well, that went well! It illustrates an important LESSON: The closer to zero your RELATIONSHIP is, the easier it is to change it. Right now, you made things BETTER. It's important to keep in mind though that offending someone who likes you just a little will do just the opposite!

Robert: Ask about giant robots.

Why won't anyone just give you a TEXTBOOK on the scientific properties of these things?! You just wanna know how they work, dammit! How is the SQUARE-CUBE LAW handled? Which ways are the CONTROLS configure? What sort of MATERIALS are used in these things? Why doesn't anyone seem to know that stuff?!

EDIT: I think, under the circumstances, I'm going to stop mirroring this here. While I do appreciate your suggestions, they come infrequently and because of the forum limitation on double posts, it is more of a hassle to post here than on any other board. Please check any of the links I provided in the first post, or the tumblr, here:


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