Request for Concept Designers for Upcoming Manga Project!

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Request for Concept Designers for Upcoming Manga Project!

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Postby Chowwow » Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:29 am

My college Manga Club is attempting to produce our very own manga. Yours truly is doing the writing, directing, and concept work for the project. The project is still very early as we are currently in the process of scripting and storyboarding. We are doing well in terms of character design, artwork and resources. One problem I am having, and this is why I’m bringing it up, is technical design. I would like someone to dream-up concept art for four specific vehicles/mechanical components that are to be featured very prominently in the plot.


Setting: The story takes place in a modern setting, revolving around the exploits of a private military organization (PMC) and their adventures around the world. This is a one-shot manga with the intention of producing a longer-running series. The plot of this one-shot takes place at an early time period within that larger story.

Mission: The plot of this one-shot is a mission to rescue a small number of prisoners being held in a Middle Eastern country. This mission is a smash and grab: a coordinated penetration strike to extract the prisoners, then a mad dash along escape routes to reach evacuation sites before the enemy can catch-up and capture our heroes. Light to moderate resistance from police, infantry and light vehicles are to be expected.

Tech: The featured technology will be, at this point in the story, minorly advanced compared to what is seen in conventional military arsenals. It involves applications of components which have proven themselves in concept but not fully mature for use in real life, and/or technologies which have not been hardened for military use yet.

Artists: All interested parties are allowed to attempt this. Please let me know if you would like to do so. All submitted materials will be property of the original artist and, if used, will be given full credit in the final product (either in name or internet pseudonym, whichever is preferred).

Deadline: There is no proposed deadline for materials yet. One may submit them when ready.

The following are the needed concepts:

Special Forces Full Body Armor:

These are the combat uniforms worn by the PMC heroes of this manga. These hand-made, custom-fit suits are designed to enhance the endurance and defenses of the infantry soldier and enable him/her to engage multiple enemies in protracted conflicts with less support. It is rated to resist direct, multiple strikes from 7.62 mm cartridges and below.

Features include:

Computerized Helmet: A small computer processor installed in the helmet aids the user in finding targets, filtering out harmful light, etc. Either a heads-up-display or a full augmented reality display is projected onto the visor, allowing the user to see computer messages as they pertain to the situation.
Hydrostatic Gel Armor: Distributed in patches around the body, it consists of a hydrostatic gel-like substance sandwiched between two layers of Kevlar. This gel protects by reacting to sudden impacts by hardening around the site, absorbing and deflecting the hit. It also serves to maintain the user’s body temperature by resisting extreme changes in temperature, keeping him cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.
Ceramic plates: Small plates of ceramic armor line the shoulders, knees, torso, etc to act as a disposable layer of protection. They distribute the force of impacts much like the Dragon Skin Armor does.
Elastic fibers: Fibers built into the suit along load bearing points of the body aid in the user’s movement, artificially increasing his strength and reducing stress and fatigue on his body.


Prototype/Early Version Full Body Armor:

This suit is worn by the protagonist of the manga. It is a less advanced version of the more mainstream suit worn by the other heroes; possessing fewer or lacking some the latest version’s features and offering somewhat less protection. It is meant to look unique against the other designs and appear more “evil”, menacing and less heroic.


Fast, Light-Armored Vehicle:

A light weight, four-wheeled vehicle designed for agility and high speed (70+ mph) on roads and urban environments. It is about the same weight and footprint as a humvee and can carry 5-6 people, but is much stockier and lower to the ground. It is armored enough to withstand impacts from .50 cal bullets from all sides and rocket-propelled grenades at some points, while slightly mine-resistant with a concave bottom to help deflect blasts. It is lightly armed, equipped with a removable gun turret on its top that will either be remotely controlled from inside or manned with a trooper sitting behind it. It might also possess gun ports for passengers to use their own weapons from inside the vehicle and/or external smoke grenade launchers, depending on available space.

It has been envisioned to look similar to the Tumbler from Chris Nolan’s Batman movies, removing the rocket engine seen on the back of course. It should also be known that this vehicle will be shown ramming and destroying police and civilian vehicles with reckless abandon; make of that what you will.



Fast, Vertical Take Off and Landing Aircraft:

A fairly large, independently-built aircraft that is able to land, drop troops and equipment, take off vertically, and cruise at very high speeds. It is able to lift and carry outside equipment via tow cables mounted around its body/tail. It may also be armed with a chin-mounted minigun, a rear gun, and possibly rocket pods and limited missiles on its wings.

This aircraft will be lifting the aforementioned “Fast, Light-Armored Vehicle” out of an extraction zone.

I am debating on whether to make the craft a more conventional tilt-rotor aircraft like the V-22 Osprey, or a much faster jet-powered plane that uses the same hovering methodology as the F-35B Lightening II. This is a serious detail that I need the most help on. This aircraft will become iconic for both the PMC heroes of the manga and the manga itself. Special care is requested!



That will be all for now. I will keep y’all posted on this project as it gets underway. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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