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Postby Ryjin » Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:02 pm

A day ago……….

Back in Japan
Two heavy missiles rocketed out of Phoenixes under slung pods tracing trails of white cotton in the air as they slammed into and exploded against the nearest mantis bot blasting off it’s right gun arm sending it rearing back; a split second later secondary explosions rocked across it as the plasma canons capacitors blew sending a chain reaction in to it’s main power core setting it off in a pillar of fire leveling most of the surrounding block as I advanced forward empting the remaining rounds I had in my assault cannon into he next mantis over reducing much of its torso into a pulp of black ichor as thousands of shells, missile and rockets exploded harmlessly against Jet Alone’s EM shield. To my left a tri-pulse of plasma bolts fired from the Trident lanced out across the sky collapsing a good chunk of a raised highway overpass sending a dozen tanks and mobile missile launches tumbling to the ground below as Phoenix strafed a set of tanks to my left. The Overlord had really step up the defenses of his remaining bases in the area since our last little raid over a month ago and now he was really going all out to protect this air force base.

The low droning beep of the air search radar warning went off in my air as a squadron of Heavy VTOL fighters popped up from flying NOE using the cities buildings as cover and from what I could tell instead of their normal load out of anti-tank missiles and rockets they seemed to be packing air to air ordnance which meant……

“Phoenix, be advised that the VTOLs are packing anti-air. They’re hunting for you.” I inform her over the radio to which she replied, “Roger, thanks for the heads up.”

I then charged up the air defense system while calling up Shiro ask him for some assistance in clearing the air for Phoenix and then let it rip taking down four of them.

Up ahead was the only real threat to us, two of those twisted, skeletal Eva that had burned that town to the ground and caused our group to run which broke us up stood guard but this time we weren’t running…. .

“Hold on to your lederhosen everyone, this is gonna get bumpy!” I inform usual cast of passengers as I holster the now empty cannon, select the Thunderhanner and threw Jet’s throttle into third gear and slam down on the pedal lunging the mech into a full sprint with a jolt that just made it past the compensators! The closer of the two Skeltors took notice to my approach and open it’s mouth glowing with waste heat as it charged the (and I’m guessing this based off of what I seen it do) X-ray laser that was housed with in and knowing that this thing was pretty…. pretty bad news and also knowing I had only seconds to react I slammed my right foot down on the “maneuver bar” while at the same time jerking to the right on the control stick suddenly throwing my several hundred ton mech in a violent lurch in the same direction with only the thousands of sensors and hundreds of processors this thing had as well as my careful handling of the control keeping this thing from going out of control and tumbling over this sudden change in vector as the ultra high energy beam lanced out of the mock Evas mouth just missing us be a few feet setting of heat sensors with the shear amount of bleed off the beam had!

I quickly down shifted and tapped the brake to jerk the mech back into control as I used a heap of rubble that used to be a power station as a step off point to launched Jet Alone into the air coming down with a full forced blow onto the skeletal monstrosity but….. SHIT! I miss my mark and instead of coming down on it’s head I end up just clipping it on it’s shoulder failing to kill it in a single blow as planned but at lest I smashing it’s shoulder pretty good probably shattering it’s collar bone, knocking the mutant Eva off balanced causing it to fall over to it’s left side collapsing it into a large apartment complex while the rebound from the impact caused me to lose my grip on the Thunderhammer sending it tumbling about a hundred feet behind me.

In a split second decision I decided to recover it later and instead to try to finish it off with hand to hand and as it pull it’s self free I donned the Waldo gloves and threw my left arm around it’s torso pulling it close and with my right arm I grabbed the back of it’s head and with a violent jerk snapped it’s neck and it’s body went limp. I dropped it and went to turn around as a salvo of explosions rocked across Jet Alone’s back setting off a head racking chorus of warning pings and though the rear mounted cameras I saw the remaining mock eva strafing to the right letting lose with pulse after pulse of plasma bolts fired from the port right about where it’s third eye would be placing it’s wall of fire in such a way it would be suicide to go for the hammer…… Shit… smart bastard!

Hopping to the left then doing a 90 degree turn I began to run in a serpentine pattern to become a harder target while I tried to figure out a battle plan.

“Buddy! Head over to the building on the left and then use it as cover to try to get around behind it!” Johnson shouted out with a plan that wasn’t to bad and I gave him a quick nod in reply as I made my way over towards it while my rear left mounted cameras and radar picked up two missile streaming towards the mock Eva, air bursting over it doing little in the way of damage but stunning it for a second and a split second later a whipcrack was heard and another explosion rocked it followed by a tri-pulse of plasma giving me enough of a window to close the distance. I changed in there as my air warning radar started to go off again showing two very large objects incomings but I didn’t have time to worry about that just yet! The mock Eva turned to look in my direction and fired off another burst of plasma that I march right threw rising up my left arm and charging up it’s shock ring igniting the air around it not a sphere of plasma and I grabbed it’s head gripping it as hard as I could. It let out the most horrible of wails I ever had heard as it struggled to pull it’s self free and it’s skin and muscle started to melt away and it’s eyes evaporate away before it finally fell limb it’s head little more then a charred stump but I had little time to celebrate as the ground around me exploded with shells nearly knocking us over, in the sky above two of the aerial warships that while still massive were smaller then the ones that attacked up back at the factory went into a holding orbit raining ordnance down on us!

“Fuck!” I blurted out in frustration with Johnson joining in with, “Those fuck again?! And we don’t have Zero with us this time!”

The last ones we dealt with we needed Zero to take them down since the only weapons we had that could do any real damage tot hem didn’t have the range to hit them….. Wait… that’s right…. that was because last time I couldn’t get to the Trident which was had all Jet Alone’s additional weapons options packed on it’s back….. A idea crossed my mind as a devilish grin crossed my face. I called up Shiro to let him know I was heading over to him as he and Phoenix let loose with everything they had at the orbiting behemoths actually causing marginally more visibly more damage then the last time around, probably do to their smaller size. I made my over to Shiro who was cleverly taking advantage of the Tridents lower profile to use what was left of the overpass as cover ignoring the few scattered tanks and other artillery left who’s combined fire power was little more then trickle of water to my mech while doing my best to avoid the shells from the warships only to get hit square in the back by one getting toppled forwards as the ground beneath me failed as I yelled out in vain, “Hand on over one!” as we fell impacting the ground like a bomb jolting us around with our harnesses being the only thing keeping us from bouncing around the cockpit like soft easily breakable pinballs! Wasting no time I rolled the mech over before the could land any more shells on my back and did so again, whipping us around quit badly but it was the best I could do until I could find a lull in which I could get upright again…..

“Hold on Ryujin! I’m coming!” Shiro shouted as he left the safety of the overpass and charged in using the Trident as a shield giving me time to get up prompting me to shout at him. “The gear, the gear! Don’t get it shot up!” with him shouting back, “I know! Just come on!”

I franticly searched over the myriad of cargo boxes unto I found the large, long, rectangular one I was looking for and I unstrapped it and then punched in the access code opening it up unveiling the back up 400mm seven barreled gatling cannon of the same type that Rei wasted and lost in her berserker rage back at the battle of the factory. I picked it up feeling it’s great weight slowing down me down and told Shiro to get out of here while I aimed it up at the closer of the two warships as I strafed to the right and let out a quick, controlled burst to see if it would have any affect feeling the massive blast and recoil that occupied each shells firing jolt, rattle and ring though Jet Alone’s super structure as the shells traced across the sky and then impacted lighting up the front end of the ship like a fucking Christmas tree leaving it’s bow a twisted mangled wreck and it started to back hard to the left in a bid to get the hell out of here but I was not about to let that happen and I lined up my shot against it’s now exposed rear section and let loss a longer burst and it’s engine section ruptured opened in a blossom of red and orange, the ship then listed to the side then fell to the ground like a rock and I then took aim at the next one and fired…….

A few hours later at the Japanese strategic Self Defense Air Force Base.

Shiro steeped out of the commutation’s room with a glow in his eyes and a smirk on his face letting us all let out s sigh of relief that he was able to hack the defense net making our little gamble all the more worth it.

He sauntered up to where we where sitting and stepped turned to face us while announcing, “Well I, being the genius that I am, was able to get us three kinetic strike platforms as well as two particle bolt platforms AND a group of commutations satellites and two recons so all in all I think I think I did a pretty snazzy job if I do say so myself!”

“You rock.” I congratulated to him while giving him a two finger salute to which he replied with a big cheesy smile. He then grabbed two data disks out from his jacket and held them up while saying, “Got all the uplinks downloaded in here, I’ll upload them onto Jet and Trident and then I think tracking that green skin bitch and bring her down will now be a bit easier to pull off……. oh and speaking of tracking her, I spotted her over in China and got her course plotted as well, wellll at lest until she fired off and EM pulse and took out the sat I high jacked.”

“That’s great and all buuut, how the flying fuck are we going to get over to China?” Phoenix replied in her usual pleasant tone despite which she was stating a very valid point.

To the left of her Misato seemed to get an idea while Phoenix was yapping and stated, “Well we might just be able to fly over there.”

Phoenix looked over at her with a ”what the hell are you talkin’ about” look to her face while asking, “What the hell do you mean?”

“Well unless they moved them we used this base to house three of the heavy lift aircraft we used to transport the Evas with. Just don’t know if they’re compatible with the robots we got though” Misato replied.

Shiro looked over to Misato saying, “Yeah they are, since it just made sense to use what was already available I designed the Jet Alones docking ports to be compatible with the claps on the Eva’s transport and the designers of the Trident were thinking the same way but the only issues is that with both designs is you can’t board them while in flight. No hold and give me a sec.” He then walked over to a computer and a few seconds later look back at us announcing, “Yeah, yeah there’s still here.”

While it seemed that so far we had a plan going Phoenix decided to speak up and point out one little flaw in it, “Well that’s just great but I’m the only pilot here and we need two for this to work…. hell with planes like that we really need at the barest minimum two per plane but since we don’t this plan isn’t going to fucking work unless any of you assholes are actually pilots and just kept your pipe holes shut about it.” to which Scab stood his ugly ass up and informed her, “I can fly one of those things, while I haven’t been trained with that model explicitly it’s close enough to some of the super heavies I did train with.”

“Well fuck me hard and call me your queen.” Phoenix replied to Scabs revelation with about as much shock as she was going to ever show. She then stood up and told the rest of us, “You heard the man, let’s get this going but first I’m going to need to give at lest two of you a crash course on how to be a co-pilot.” She then looked around and then focused in on me, “Ryujin, you’ll be my co-pilot since you’re used to piloting the Jet Alone and that mean’s you at lest some idea of how to handle controlling large moving objects.”

Scab then looked over at Shiro and said, “That means you’re flying with me.”
Johnson then stood up with excitement saying, “Alright let’s do this!”

Several hours more over China……

“Erik! Keep your fucking eyes open for fucking SAMs! If you can see one you can fucking avoid it! It’s the ones you can’t see that get you!” an extremely frustrated Phoenix shouted at me as she banked hard to the left throwing me hard against my seat as three missiles shot up past us.

For most of our trip here things were pretty peaceful…. up until we where about an hour into China, that’s when we fly right into a fucking SAM nest run by God knows who that was doing it’s best to either shoot us down or turn us into chunky fucking salsa from all the sharp turns we had to do to avoid them all the while I kept hitting the chaff and flare dispenser hoping to by us some time. The plan started to rock and quick *POP’s!* were heard outside….. it was flak…… Shit! We must of dropped to low on our last bank! And then I heard a crack, a piece of shrapnel had cracked the windshield sending spider lines through out it and that’s when I noticed…..

“Ummm Phoenix…” was what I said to get her attention a bit in shock from what I was seeing

“What!” She yelled back half frothing from having more then her fair share of issues at the moment.

“The… the wing….. it’s ummmmm…. it’s on fire…” I informed her as calmly as I could while needlessly pointing in the direction of the wing in question and all she could muster out was an “oh shit” face as the flames around the wing flared up and then it sheared off causing the plane to flip to the left as a crescendo of warning lights and beeps erupted all around us!

“The yoke! Grab the fucking yoke! Push it to the left as hard as you can you asshole!” She yelled at me as she wrestled with the control stick jolting me out of my shock, I then grabbed the stick and fought with all my strength to keep the plane leveled. Phoenix then activated the intercom and yelled over it, “Everyone to the fucking cockpit NOW! We’re punching out of her in five fucking seconds and if you’re not here by then fuck you!” And wasting no time Johnson, Rana and Misato piled into the cockpit which also acted as an escape capsule and Phoenix then announced, “Alright I dumping Jet, we’ll find him later!” and then she hit a button which fired off the docking clamps explosive bolts sending Jet Alone parachuting down into the jungle bellow. She then radioed over to Scabs plane, “We’re going down, you two are on your own!”

She then hit the ejection button and the entire cockpit detached and rocket up into the night sky as the transport plane flamed its way to the ground below……
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Postby Defectron » Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:03 pm

About half an hour after the group had been taken beneath the lake

After calling down the shuttle craft we got on, since it was sheilded against emp attacks that was the only place here where our equipment would be safe.

"Alright, begin the operation! Everyone in this area is an agent of the overlords, I want every last one of them eradicated! But don't do anything to that lake yet, there's someone down there who I want alive." I said into the communicator.

In space

A bottom hatch on the abbaddon opened firing a missile, this was a nuclear bomb which would be detonated in the upper atmosphere to create an emp pulse that would take out all the electronics in the area. The missile silently flew through the night before vanishing in a white flash as the bomb blew. No one on the ground knew what was coming, all they noticed was a blinding flash in the night sky, moments later vehicles stopped working, power armor shorted out and communications went dead.

"Wh-What the fuck was that?" One of the Asuka clones asked as her power armor went dead, struggling to move. Moments later the battlion of tanks behind her all exploded in a blink of an eye as a white beam lanced through them, ripping her body to shreds in the blast . Similar particle beams began striking all the nearby buildings setting them ablaze. This was followed by a missile bombardment rocking the area with explosions.

The Abbaddon appeared in the night sky silently descending as it was illuminated by the blazing village as it began launching small assault craft which moved in, mowing down any targets that had escaped the initial strike. Other shuttle craft began landing , releasing groups of armored beastmen, each one armed to the teeth, all moving through the village killing any survivors they happened to come across.

"Well now, phase one went pretty smooth." I said as I watched the blazing inferno that had moments ago been the town we had attacked. "But we can't afford to waste any time, the overlord will send reinforcements here sooner or later. I want that lake drained as soon as possible. And get those transports down here to get that water. After we get what we came here for, were nuking the entire area!" I then glanced over to see the vampire eva sitting in the town square completely undamaged by the assault. "Well now that'll make a nice addition to my collection. I think I'll take it." I said with a smile. But one thing did bother me though, the signal from Johnsons group had vanished somewhere around here. They had dissapeared before the assault though. Jetalone was still accounted for, I had instructed the abbaddon not to attack the area the robot was in. But according to Socks they had gotten off it and he he could no longer communicate with the nanites he was using to track them. Had they been caught up in our attack? But no he had said they vanished before it even began, what was going on here?

"I know what your worried about." I heard Demiurges old voice.

I sighed "How many times have I told you to stay out of my head?" I asked.

He ignored my question and said "The query you seek is also beneath the lake, that is where you will find all your answers."


Biomancer paced back and forth looking at the display screen, he had just lost contact with a very large portion of his terretory. What had just happened? He needed to investigate. Before he could think of what to do next though he heard the voice of his daughter come into his mind.

"Hey dad, I'm sure your feeling a little confused right now aren't you?" Moeblobs voice said cheerfully.

"Runa? What is the meaning of this? Do you know what just happened?" He asked aloud.

"Oh I do, the one who did this is lady Manticore! You afre aware of our current ruse to fool her so its only natural she would act this way." She said still as cheerful as ever. "But since I'm such a good girl I'll let you know what she's doing here. She's after your precious spring water. If you don't feel like letting her do whatever she wants you better make your move soon. She plans to nuke the entire area to prevent anyone else from using the water after she leaves.

"SHE'S GOING TO DO WHAT?" Biomancer who was sually pretty mild mannered let his anger show in that moment. That water was very important to his experiments. He then slowly turned and said "Aaon, were moving out, set course for the jusynkyo springs."

As he said this huge metallic sphere rose from the ocean, far bigger then any of the angels. Slowly it began heading for the springs.
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Postby DevRei17 » Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:19 pm

(This is told all through Spike's P.O.V.)

After escaping the prison with the help of my pals, I made it back to the springs.

"Thank God." I said with joy and excitement.

"Well, no time like the present." I said with a smirk.

I jumped into the Spring of Drowned Man and emerged gasping for air in male form.
"That was close; I forgot how deep those springs are. Anyway, the 'man spring water was cold and I'm not a girl. Am I back to normal?" I wondered.

I walked over to a puddle of normal water and splashed it onto myself. Removing a mirror, it revealed I was still a man!

"It's finally over." I said with a tearful smile.

"BOOM!" A sudden explosion went off in a nearby direction.

"So it's finally begun. I better get back to my friends." I said dashing off from the springs.

"Watch out guys: here's the new Spike! Do me a favor and destroy those accursed springs!"
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Postby Defectron » Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:34 pm

"Watch out guys: here's the new Spike! Do me a favor and destroy those accursed springs!" Spike said running up to me, so he decided to stick around with us? Well he was capable in a fight so I might as well let him join the team.

"All in good time, first I'm going to take enough of the water to be useful to us later." I said in response. Sure enough several teams of beastmen in environmental suits were already gathering water from specific springs into storage containers. The majority was being taken from springs that could be used as a weapon such as the spring of drowned lemming. But a much smaller percentage was taken from springs that would be useful to use such as the spring of drowned dragon and of course the spring of drowned Asura which would grant its user so much power I planned to use it myself. Of course I wouldn't do so until it had been tested since there was no garauntee it would work exactly as it did in the manga. Enough was taken from that only for three people to use. One for the test subject one for myself and one for one other person, maybe Naomi.

But one thing was bothering me, it was what was going on under that lake, we were starting to drain it now, but the advanatage still stood with whoever was down there. If they realized how valuable my old team was they may try to hold them hostage or even just outright kill them. Both possibilities would screw things up greatly. "Your right...if you don't hurry, your old freinds will end up in someones stomach." I heard Demiurge say.

"What? No this is no good, this is taking too slow! Undine, we need to get under that lake, you me and as many of the others as we can transport in that shadow of yours, we need to get down there!" I said turning to the aquatic girl.
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Postby Ryjin » Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:41 am

8 hours and 25 minutes ago……

The acidic smell of burnt electronics greeted my nostrils as I awoke; my eyelids felt like lead weights, every muscle burned and protested any attempt to move and sweat from the any thicker and I could swim though it humidity clung my cloths to my flesh and stung ever scratch I had as it rolled down me. I found myself staring up at a smashed counsel of an incomprehendable number of options, buttons and switches above which housed a smashed window with branches sticking through it while trying to recall though the haze just where I was.

“Nice to see you’re done with your little nap and decided to join the land of the living” a familiar sounding female voice said to my left and slowly it all started combing back to me, we were shot down while flying over China and this was the C-238’s escape capsule……. SHIT!

“Is everyone else a-OW!-lright?” I half yelled as I turned my head towards Phoenix faster then I really should of. She looked pretty banged up, skin covered in dust caked sweat, several bruises and scratches lined her arms and face including a nice shiner on her left eye.

“Yeah…. they still seem to be breathing. Haven’t gotten around to checking them out yet, truthful I woke up just before you did but they’re probably pretty banged up given that they weren’t strapped down like we were but I didn’t see any pools of blood so I figured I had time to let my joints unstiffen a bit.” She replied while using the collar of her tank top to fan herself. She then leaned back wiping sweat from face and moaned, “Fuck it’s humid!”

“No kidding.” I agreed while cautiously trying to stretch away the soreness from my body. I took a quick look back to check on the rest of the group only to find myself cringing as my eyes cross the bruises and scratches that now crossed Rana’s soft, beautiful face and before I could even think about it I unstrapped myself and drop down to the rear of the cockpit ignoring the pain the shot up from my knees at impact as I leaned in to make sure she was still breathing, I know that Phoenix said they were fine but this is just one of those moments that something isn’t real until you check on it personally.

“Jesus Christ Ryujin it’s not like she’s made of fucking glass! She’ll be fucking fine.” Phoenix chided to me.

“Hey, I can’t help it; I can’t stand to she lady hurt, it’s just one of those things.” I replied back as I looked over Misato and Shinji, she had covered the kid in a bid to protect him which in turn meant his face was currently buried in her amble bosoms; lucky bastard.

“Wait, if bullshit like that gets to you why ain’t you all panicking over me asshole?” Phoenix shot back at me with what almost seemed to be a tinge of scorn in her voice…. looks like there might just be a girl in her somewhere after all….. heh…

I decided this was just too good to pass up, I mean who knows the next time I’ll see Phoenix actually show a girlish side; hell who knows IF I’ll ever get this chance since I doubt she’s gonna let her guard down with me around anytime after this and how can’t I rib her a bit over it so I looked back over at her and with the biggest Cheshire cat grin my face could hold I said, “Shit, didn’t know this kinda thing phased you, just kinda of always thought of you as one of the guys ya know.”

Oh dear…. the look in her face as my words hit home…. fucking classic! Her eyes went wide and her face went red in a mixture of embarrassment and rage…. she had the shortest hair trigger I’ve seen before and I was asking for whatever she was about to dish out at me but shit…. sometimes it’s worth it, and she leaned in a close as the chairs straps would let her and with a look over anger on her face that defies explanation she shouted out, “What are you fucking tiring to say ass fuck! What?! Just because I ain’t some air head doll I don’t count as a fucking girl asshole?!” only to followed by a half grunted and wheezy, “The both of you mind keeping it down just a tad, you’re waking the dead.” coming from behind us as Johnson slowly rose up and then stretched the kinks out of his battered back.

About 40 or so minutes later we were all up and out of the cockpit/escape capsule and down in a jungle clearing that we crashed near, most of the group were munching on rations getting some food into their system while Phoenix and myself laid out a large, high quality aviation map of China .

“Alright, we went down around here roughly.” Phoenix stated as she marked the spot with a red marker, she then traced a line with her index finger in a line about 8 miles to the south west of that point and circled while continuing on with her line of reasoning, “So here is roughly where Jet Alone would of touched down.”

“Oh my, that is quite a distance to walk!” Rana exclaimed at the realization at the amount of trekking we got ahead of us to which Phoenix shot back in her usual pleasant mannerism, “Tough titty-kitty. The facts are we need that mech and even if we need to walk 100 miles to find it guess what? We’re just gonna have to do it.”

“Come on, go easy on her. Shit’s been kinda hard on her lately.” I piped in with in Rana’s defense which…. well didn’t go over to well with Phoenix at all given my ribbing over her in that previous scene. Phoenix shot her attention over at me half yelling out, “I’m so fucking sorry your girlfriend is going though the same shit as the rest of us but I don’t think just casue you’re fucking-“

“Hey, that’s enough! We need to get our focus back on the ball here people.” Johnsons interjected before we could get further distracted and after Phoenix and mine attention was on him Johnson asked, “Alright, now what do you guys think are the chances that Scab was able to get though that shit storm and make it over to that air field?”

“While from what I saw he’s a pretty damn fine pilot but shit brick house like we were flyin’ and that kid of SAM density…. shit I say it’s pretty much cretin that he got shot down.” Phoenix answered with a sobering sense of certainty.

“Hmmm….” Johnson pondered out loud, “So do you think it would be a better idea to try and figure out if Scab and crew got shot down before we try finding Jet Alone?”

“No, getting to Jet Alone first would be the better idea. It will make moving though the jungle easier and would give us a better vantage point to spot where they went down, if they did go down.” Misato answered to which I added in, “Yeah, that’s about right and not to mention the fact whoever shot us down more then likely saw us drop Jet Alone and I think it’s safe to say they’d want to get their grubby little hands on it. Now while Lil’ Z is onboard which means they ain’t taking anytime soon well….. let’s face it, I wouldn’t count to highly o his attention span holding out.”

Phoenix nodded in agreement, now totally calmed down, at lest she was as quick to calm down as she was to start up, and then concluded with, “Alright everyone you now the plan, finish up eating, get way you need and in 15 minutes we head out.”

A few minutes had past and I was double checking to make sure I had all my stuff and my guns were in working order when we heard something coming thought the bush ahead of us and in one coherent moment I drop onto one knee with my plasma rifle at the ready while Phoenix did the same with hers, Johnson pulled out and too aim with his revolver and Misato lead Shinji and Rana to some cover and we watched and waited hoping that is was just some animal moving around in the bush….. ummm scratch that, let me be more clear; and hoped that it was a small furry none man eating animal moving about the bush.

Then were leaves rustling and then again closer and closer, I could feel the sweat from the tension join that from he humidity, it would be any second now….

“Don’t shot! It’s just your friendly deformed burn victim!” came the gruff brillo pad scratched voice of Scab from just behind the under bush. Well this made are life a little easier.

“Holy shit man, good to hear yeah but I’m still gonna need come out where we can see ya; you know the drill.” I yell back to him, it wasn’t that I didn’t trust him by know it’s just that there’s always the possibility, no matter how little of a chance it really had of happening, that he was captured and he was being used to lure us into a trap.

“Yeah, I know the drill; Good thinking. I also got Shiro and Lady Wargreymon with me.” He answered.

‘Alright, the three of ya come on out.”

After we made sure everything was cool we found out he got shot down just after we did but he came down a lot softer then we did which had the two fold benefit of both letting them get recombobulated a lot quicker then we did and ensuring that the cockpits computer systems were still working letting him plot where we (and Jet Alone) landed with precision. After waiting another hour since Scab and them needed a quick rest after all the trekking they done so far and getting a quick lecture on how to move thought a jungle quickly and quietly we headed out into the jungle with just one change to the plan; since Scabs plane went down after ours that means the Trident landed pretty close to our location so we went to go find the ugly purple bastard first.

Now, this is where you’re probably expecting me to go into great detail my journey through the jungle and recount how beautiful, vibrant and amazing it all is but you know what, fuck that! Forget all the art and music and poetry and shit that paints the rain forest as some perfect ideal place, it’s all just a bunch of fucking hippy bull shit done by assholes who never stepped on foot in a God damned jungle in their fucking lives! You want to what a jungle is all about? Imagine walking for hours over miles of bumpy ground and think ass roots while it’s 97 degrees out with 100% humidity and not a God damned breeze anywhere. Now take that shit and added it to the fact that everything you see either wants to ear you, poison you, infect you or some combination of the three-even the fucking plants, the fact that it smell like leftovers you found in fridge form like 2 fucking months ago and oh…. you know how you’re told that it’s impossible for bugs to get as big as they do in movies and shit? Well those assholes are fucking telling you fucking bull shit! I was batting away bugs that think human blood is the sweetest shit in the fucking world that were big enough for me to punch then in the fucking face so don’t tell me that bull shit so in short; Fuck Ferngully, so I’m gonna jump ahead 6 hours and get caught up and well know you know why Ol’ Johnson didn’t want to talk about this shit!

6 hours later…….

Just after and augment had broken off between Misato and Johnson over Asuka’s death, all this jungle shit was starting to get to us, we came upon another clearing where an figure wearing armor similar to the kind we first saw Misato in was standing on a small hill made form upturned roots and dirt prompting me to warn my group that we had company, after Misato brought her attention to the figure I asked her if he was a friend of hers in the slim hope that she did but she answered with the expected nope.

“No sudden movement guys.” Scab whispered to us, “Let’s try and see if he’s friendly, Ryujin, Phoenix keep your eyes open.”

We then slowly moved forward trying to look as non-threatening as possible letting the figure get a good look at us. I then stepped forward in an effort to introduce ourselves being the most “diplomatic” of the group but before I could the figure moved up with a distinctly feminine grate and growled out in a voice that reeked of voice modulation, "What are you sons of bitches and bitches are doing by Princess Tsang's yard?" and before I could come up with a response good Ol’ Johnson stepped up with his own unique branded of diplomacy, “"More like who do you think you are? The love child of motherfucking Bill Williamson and goddamn Samus Aran?"

……. Oh dear. Well he get’s point for the Samus Aran reference but as for everything else…….. and suddenly the figure started to stomp the group like they were having a God damned temper tantrum shouting, "God motherfucking dammit dammit dammit!" The figure then looked up at us with an almost apologetic vibe to “his” posture which went alone with “his” apologetic tone as “he” asked us, "Excuse me, I need to redo my introduction. May I?" and before I could even think of how to even begin to respond to that the figure ran off and then immediately ran back into view, struck a dynamic pose and in a loud and proud voice proclaimed to all, “Prepare for trouble and make it double……..” Oh… oh dear….. someone couldn’t… they wouldn’t…… “To protect the world from fuckers who dare to cross the law and to unite all of those in the name of law and order. To denounce criminals worldwide...to extend fear tactics for government empowerment from the earth to the stars above."

"Ummm...guys...this sounds oddly familiar", I head Johnson whisper from behind me.

"Yeah. Something about this guy's motto just reeks of some shit we used to talk mad shit aobut back in the hood.” I whispered back in amazement as the revelation of just who… or should I say “who” somebody choose to come back as, come over us.

"Me, judge and jury....and my partner....MR. BITEY!!!", “He” finally finished with look totally proud of “him”self over “his’ introduction.

“Mr. Bitey?” Johnson pondered out loud, "What? We should fear your pet cat, eh?" but then the guy pulled out of all things God damned minigun which prompted Johnson to yell, "that's no pussy, that's a freaking minigun!!!! RUN AWAY!!!" and needless to say we took off like sacred ass bitches, me and Phoenix provided cover fire while Scab tossed some smoke grenades and we all just fucking ran and run until we literally tripped over what seemed to a relatively safe place for now… shit… I didn’t even know if “Mr. Bitey” even got a shot out……

Johnson was the first up and after looking around he asked,” Well...what shall we do now?" but before anyone of us could get a word in a loud yet low rumble rang form over head like that out a jet liner flying over head but louder and larger prompting us to look up and lo-and-behold should it be……..

"Manticore! That bitch is here!" I growled out to which Johnoson responded, “Aw hell noFirst Mr. Freako and his BFG and now Manticore and her crew of fuck heads! What a goddamn day. Do you got a plan, ol' buddy?"

"Well, sort of. But first...we need to merge our ideas into one to make it work out well", I shot back.

"Good...” he replied back, “Now let's get brainstorming to take these sonofbitches down...now!!"

“Hmmmmmmm…” Scab though out loud, “ I hate to say it but for us to get back to the Trident we need to go passed that crazy fuck with the pokemon fetish.”

“Great, just fucking great.” I piped out in frustration . I looked over to Scab and asked him if he had any frag grenades on hand to which he said he only had smoke…. it would half to do and so me, Scab, Johnson and Phoenix started to go over possible battle plans and during which after a few minutes into it Rana interrupted us with, “Ummmm I do really hate to introduce but… I think you all should come see this.”

“What is it babe?” I asked her to which she replied, “Ummmm up ahead…. there are these… wells… but there is something odd with them… but… well I heard something moving through the jungle and out from came theses horrid bests… like me but animals….”

“What did you see!” I cut her off with half in a panic.

“Man like beasts.” She repeated.

“Shit!” I yelled out, “Guys, when I attacked Manticore, she had a group of …. man… imals as guards, that means she somewhere near by.” I then turned to Rana, “Babe, lead us to them, if they’re hear that means Manticore isn’t too far behind. We might be able to get some good intel from this!”

Johnson looked over at me with a smile visible behind that mask of his while chimed his approval with, “Sounds like plan buddy, sounds like one hell of a plan.”
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Postby Defectron » Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:40 pm

Beneath the lake

"All of our surface forces have been annihalated by Manticore and her team. It's only a matter of time before she comes for us. The China doll Xyi said, her almost nonexistant face showing no visible emotion. Oscar on the other hand was frantic.

"Oh god! Oh god, she's going to find me! Wait I know!" He said quickly darting from the room and making his way to another area of dragon palace. He came to a strange room that looked like an owl rookery. Of course, the guardians of gahool would be able to help him!

"Hooty, Blowfish! Get down here right now! You two are the manliest owls in the guardian, if I spend time with you I can change back into a girl and sneak out of here!"

"I really don't think that will solve your problems." Xyi said entering the room and announcing her presence in a deadpan voice.

"Shut up woman! And get out of here, as long as someone of the opposite gender is near me I can't change back!" He said as he pushed the china doll from the room.

Sure enough two owls arrived at his feet, one was white and the other black, it was Hooty and the Blowfish.

"So how can we help here?" The black owl asked with a bob of his head.

"I just need to spend some time with you, and don't tell any of the girls, they'll screw this up." Oscar sat down crossing his legs in front of the two owls.

"Oscar is this going to take long? There was this mouse I was going to eat..." The white Owl began to say.

"Shut up! You can eat your mouse later! I need to change back into a girl, usually it takes a couple hours..." The two owls just groaned in annoyance shaking their heads.

A bit earlier above ground

I got a small team together that would move with us beneath the lake including Moeblob, Socks , Magdalene, Demiurge and a small group of beastmen. I then noticed that Demiurge had someone rather unexpected with us. It was none other then Ataru and Lum from the space ship.

"What the? What are they doing here? Demiurge, seriously would you at least think of consulting me on occasion before you go around doing shit like this?" I asked him, he only grinned in reply.

"Oh, I have a feeling you'll be glad I brought them along within time." he said with a smile.

"Hmmph, well whatever just make sure they don't screw anything up." If it had been anyone else I would have sent them back, but so far Demiurge had always had a reason for every seemingly nonsensical thing he did. If he took Ataru and Lum out he may very well have had a good reason for doing so.

"Alright, lets get going, we don't have a lot of time!" I said as Undine began to generate her sea of dirac, but before she could someone came pushign through the crowd of beastmen to get at us. It was Asuka fully decked out in red power armor.

"Wait! Your taking me with you!" She shouted.

"No way! Your staying right here!" Aside from being a loose cannon, it would be bad if anyone from my old group found out she was alive.

"Go to hell! I know he's down there and your not stopping me!" she shouted before diving head first into the shadow.

She said she knew "he" was down there. She didn't seem to give a shit about anyone in our old group so who could she have been talking about...no she couldn't mean him? I glanced at Demiurge, did he tell her Oscar was under the lake? That goat headed bastard had better have a good reason for this!

"There's no more time! Everyone, lets go!" I shouted before I too dove into the black puddle.

Somewhere under the lake

Hooty and the blowfish were both playing solitaire with Oscar When there was suddenly a draft in the room. Oscar glanced in the direction it was coming from only to have his eyes go wide in fear. A red armor clad figure stepped from a black puddle on the ground leveling her rifle at him.

Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" He said as he began to back away, moments later I too arrived followed by the others.

"Oscar...It's been awhile." Asuka said.

"Not so fast!" She heard someone say at her feet, it was Hhooty!

"You shall not pass!" The blowfish announced in a commanding voice. The two owls were soon joined by an entire flock coming between us and Oscar.

"If you think you can beat the guardians of gahool you have another thing coming! We are among the greatest aerial warriors to ever walk the earth!"

"Wait, wait wait! Did you just say aerial warriors who walk on the earth?" I asked

"That's right!" Hooty announced with a bob of his head.

"That aside, am I really supposed to be impressed with a bunch of talking owls?" I asked as a bit of plasma fire began to crackle around my armored fist.

"Y-You better not mess with us woman! W-Were guardians...guardians of gahool! Y-Your no match for noble warriors like us!" Hooty said trembling slightly.

"I don't have time with this." I announced before unleashing fiery white hot hell on the bird brains reducing them to cooked poultry in an instant. "Spot, pick up those birds and put them in Undines shadow, were having poultry for dinner tonight." Barely hiding his greed at the idea the hyena man quickly shoveled up the dead birds putting them inside. In the commotion Asuka had taken off after Oscar. It would be inconvenient if she were to run into our old friends as they were supposed to believe her to be dead, I had to find them.

Not to far away

"Xyi! You gotta help me! This is horrible! Asukas here and I still have a penis! There's gotta be another guy down here!"

"I-I-m sorry, but my sisters have a tendency to either eat or convert any male humans who come here. I'm afraid that won't be possible!" The faceless woman said tryingt ocalm Oscar down in vain. But before she could say anymore a lance of light shot forward slicing her legs off causing her to let out a scream of pain. It was Asuka , leveling her laser rifle at Oscar.

"Don't worry, I won't end you quickly." She said smiling under her helmet.
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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:22 am

(Man its been a long time since I last posted in here. I really hope I kick off a revival of this RP, especially since its now a year old, so yeah...happy 1 anniversary, Evangelion: After the Impact)

Mr. Johnson

So yeah...we managed to get into the castle.

That fucking turtle guy led us into here and my oh my, its quite a peculiar place.

Something straight out of fucking Caligula.

Out of this room on the stairs, this exquisite asian babe comes descending in this equally jawdropping dress which is so silky and thin I swore I could see her nipples and bush.

"Greetings, my guests. My name is Princess Tsang and this is the place I call home." she informs us.

"Okay, now tell me why we were brought here of all places?" Phoenix asks Tsang.

"Well...I figure that seeing you rag tag team of people trying to find a place to stay, so that's why my assistant Earl del Minya escorted you all here." Tsang replies with a grin.

"Minya....Minya?" a familiar voice laughs out, which happens to catch our attentions and twist our guts. "So you're Godzilla's retarded kid, eh?"

"Oh madame...you shouldn't shame my assistant." Tsang snaps back at her. "Besides...if you continue to do so...you wouldn't be able to get my welcoming gift."

The rest of us turn around and see Manticore, who happens to have this blue skinned chick with her and a few others.

"Manticore...what the fuck are you doing here?!?" Ryujin screams out at her in sheer anger.

"Hmmmm...I'm wondering the same exact thing right now." Manticore replies in a fairly snarky, trollish tone.

"Who are these people, Lady Manticore?" the blue gal asks her.

"Its a long story...just like Teh Lands Before Time." Manticore replies back with a smirk on her face.

"Enough." Tsang yells out at us. "Anyways, I like to introduce you all to my dolls." She turns to a door and snaps her fingers, which causes said door to open up and a mass amount of babes and two overtly muscular dudes to walk in, all wearing faceless porcelain masks.

One each grabs us by the arm and drag us to various rooms, including the macho dudes to grab Phoenix and Rana, respectively.

In a split second, I see Rana whisper something into Ryujin's ear before she's escorted away from him, which he nods in response.

"What about me and Lady Wargreymon?" Scab asks Tsang.

"Oh relax. I got something equally special for you two." Tsang replies with a smirk on her face.

A doll wrapped up in bandages and a regular Wargreymon with a dollmask walk into view and escort them as well.

I myself is then taken by this one doll with a nice rack and lovely pale skin.

Before I leave, I see Spike being escorted by a dollgal, telling her, "Aw man. Had I known this was going to happen to me, I wouldn't have gotten back into that spring. We would've been able to do it both hetero and Lesbian had I known I was going to meet ya beforehand."

Huh? Since when was he able to do an instant genderswap?

Oh whatever...fuck it.

As i'm being escorted, she brings me into this rather fancy looking room with its fancy decore, fancy paintings, fancy...oh wait, i'm rambling on.


Princess Tsang, after her dolls has escorted her guests, walks through a rotating bookshelf and enters a rather ordinary and bland security room.

On the floor is a zoned out dog smoking a hooka and an overweight black security guard watch the origina Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Tsang grabs a bottle of saki, chugs on it, sets it down, takes a glance at the TV and asks, "Hey. What happened to Jackie Chan movies?"

"This is one of them old school moves." The security guard replies. "You see...that cracker ain't gonna make it out alive."

Rather than replying, Tsang facepalms and groans in annoyance.

Back to the other shit...

"So...since neither of my gals is here, I guess we....ummm...get comfy?" I ask the dollgal as i'm lying down on this really comfortable bed that must've cost an arm and a leg.

"Oh yes oh yes, my love." the dollgal replies.

She gets up close to me and slides her fingers across my crotch in a fairly...ummmm...yeah. Not gonna elaborate on that.

"Now what should we do?" I ask her.

"Why not we...have...SEX!" she shouts out in joy.

"Oh kay." I reply with a slight chuckle. "So I go first or you go first?"

"I will...William-san." the dollgal replies.

I then hear the sound of my pants getting unzipped and my...certain organ getting put into some other place of sorts (Again, rather not elaborate. I'll get in trouble, so yeah.) and see that the mask is off now.

"Well...you sure know how to work your mouth." I chuckle.

"Mmmmhmmm...William-san." the dollgal mumbles as she continues to do her thing.

However, she lifts her head up to look me in the eye and well...something seems off about her face.

I mean...yeah she looks like a she and has a nice rack, but back home when I was younger, it got to the point where I could not tell some guys from some gals and trust me..that was fucking frustrating as shit.

"Now its your turn to work on me, William-san." the dollgal replies.

"Ooookay, then." I reply back.

I then lift her up and got on top.

First, I took her top off, revealing her juicy, big but natural breasts.

"Not bad." I tell myself.

Then I take her stockings and high heels off, showing her nice, slender legs.

"Yum. So far so good." I tell myself again.

Then I move to her panties, but notice a tell-tale sight that got me...well...worried.

There was quite a big lump in her panties.

"Ummm...is your kitty cat bigger than usual or is there something else you're not telling me?" I ask her.

"Oh no no no, William-san. I'm 100% perfect." She giggles in response.

"Well...you better not be lying to me or else things will get ugly...very quickly." I reply in a much more serious tone than before.

So I slowly but surely pull her panties off, but to be honest...

It was like going online to find some nice porn of some hot pornstar you like in google image search and pics of gay porn pops up for no goddam reason.

"AHHHHH...FUTA!!!!" I shout out in utter disgust.

Quickly, I pull out my trusty Magnum and shoot this tranny dollthing in the face, but much to my shock and amusement, I ended up shooting her in the jaw, leaving it dangling from the grotesque flesh and tendons that keep it attached.

Following that, I kicked it right in its gut, sending it flying into the wall and ran out of the room.

Once out of the room, I looked down, found a somewhat worn out towel on the floor and wipe my winger dinger up to remove the saliva and whatnot off of it.

I then zip and button my pants back up and start to look through the hallway to see if I can my partners and get them out of here.

I kick open the first door I see and....oh fucking hell.

The turtle guy is on the ground with his neck all chained up.

This really sexy gal in leather S&M attire is holding him on the ground and holding a shiny black whip.

All of this oddness is punctuated by the gal's voice, which at first threw me off, but then made me go, "Uhhh...ummm...ummmm...what the fuck?!?"

"Stay on the ground, my scaly slave or i'll make you a Velma Snack like what my old buddies Scooby and Scrappy ended up." the bondage babe shouted in a rather sensual way.

However, this made me feel all weird and shit since this gal is none other than Mystery Inc. member Velma...except with a shitload of jobs done to her, especially her breasts, body and face.

Rather than staying in this room that is something straight out of fucking From Beyond, I quietly left and entered another room.

When I opened it up, I saw Ryujin and this dollgal sitting on the bed next to each other, talking typical Ryujin stuff.

"...so when this is all over, we shall go and keep the world in order from more fuckers taking it from us the people, right?" the dollgal asked him.

"Yes. That's what we need to do....and keep the rules in the States by the Constitution and ONLY the Constitution. None of this other extra crap the Government added over the years." Ryujin replies back.

"So...well...how are you two spur of the moment lovebirds doing?" I ask them.

"Yo Johnson." Ryujin replies. "Plus I like you to meet Erin. She's...well...pretty much my female equivalent."

"Heh...so I guess you two plan on keeping shit when this whole ordeal is over by the books." I ask them.

"Exactly, Johnson." Erin replies. "Me and Erik here got a lot of fixing to do."

"So what about Naomi and that cat girl you're real chummy with?" I ask him.

"Oh don't worry about that. We got more important matters to deal with now." Ryujin replies.

"Okie dokie." I respond while giving out a thumbs up.

Little to my knowledge, the Futa doll was shambling right towards me behind my back in manner akin to that one gal who brillo pad and scissor'd the fuck out of her lips in Cutting Moments, but without even putting much thought into my actions, I karate chopped the thing in the neck, emulating a move out of that schlocky "Clones of Bruce Lee" movie, killing the Futa freak instantly.

"So I guess you two couldn't get close like we did." Erin asked me.

"I rather not talk about it." I replied.


William-sama...Shinji-kun...Soryu...why are you all not even trying to rescue me?

Manticore has left her ship, leaving me alone with some others.

As I pace around the room, I hear a conversation from another room.

"Mana, my dear. It's time for you to rise again and fight for our lord and savior The Overlord." this old man tells someone. This someone possibly being Shinji-kun's old friend Kirishima back when the world was not a mess.

"Yes." Kirishima replies in a tone very much like how I used to talk back when I was Commander Ikari's pawn.

But before I could here anymore, my room door opens up with a green haired gal standing in front of the entryway.

"Who are you?" I quietly ask here.

"Rei, its me Leslie. Johnson's gal." she informs me. "I came in her in disguise under his orders to rescue you."
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Postby Defectron » Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:00 am

"Well...well....well look who we have here." Asuka said grinning under her helmet as she leveled her rifle, pointing it at Oscar who was backed against the wall. "That wasn't very nice of you... doing that to me...you know what happens when a clone has sex with the original? I'll give you a hint, the end result isn't pretty!" Asuka, using the enhanced speed of her battle armor quickly closed the gap before she grabbed Oscar painfully by the nuts making him squeal in pain. "It's all because of these stupid ....filthy... little pieces of shit that I've been through hell! It's only fair that they suffer as much as I have! She slowly began to squeeze causing Oscar to let out a scream of pain.

"Asuka don't kill him!" I shouted as I rounded the corner seeing the two of them.

"Sh-Shut up! After what he did to me he deserves to die ten times over!" She shouted back at me.

"Yes but be that as it may, he's an eva pilot, he's more valuable to us alive then dead. So let go of his nuts, you'll have a chance to extract some justice on him later if you so desire, but right now I can't allow you to harm him too much." I said as I walked over to them and grabbed her arm "If you don't release him I will disable your armor using an emp burst. Wouldn't want that would we now?" Reluctantly Asuka complied and let go of his nuts.

"Uaaahhh..." Oscar moaned in pain before my tail smacked him with enough force to knock him out.

"What happened to not harming him?" Asuka said annoyed.

"I said not to harm him too much. Those noises he was making could alert the enemy to our presence. Undine, shove him into a safe place, can't be babysitting this oaf right now." i said as I shoved his limp form towards her.

"Uhhh... ok I guess I'll see what I can do" Undine said as a shadow formed under Oscar causing him to vanish. She was currently eating one of the owls I had killed earlier.

"Undine those are for tommarows dinner, don't eat them now." I said as we moved on, Undine reluctantly putting the dead owl back in her puddle.

"Now Demiurge, where exactly is the one you mentioned, the woman who made this place?"

A bit later

Tsang was walking down one of the halls in her castle accompanied by two dolls "Minya is leading them here as we speak , they should be arriving by..." The doll was cut short as two lightning bolts struck the two or them flooring them in a burst of energy. The two bodies twitched slightly before going silent.

"If you try to call for help we'll kill you!" I said as I stepped out along with Asuka and several beast men, all with our weapons trained on her. I was kind of half hoping she would try something, the armor of the beast hadn't had a lot of real combat yet and I wanted to test it out on a real opponent. But no , what I had to say was a bit more important.

"So your the ones who have been wreaking havoc on my kingdom. The overlord will not look kindly on this." Tsang said as she looked us over. She was pretty attractive I had to admit. I would have loved to caress her form with my tentacles, but no, I couldn't think about that, I had Naomi now afterall and at the moment at least Tsang was our enemy.

"And your the infamous Princess Tsang, your quite the beauty arent you? No wonder you trapped so many people here." I commented

"Your not bad looking either, in a surreal sort of way."

"I try. Those friends of yours too, I always did have a thing for no face girls, but I'm already spoken for so I'm afraid I can't indulge in that right now. But I would rather not beat around the bush, lets get down to business." I said

"The overlord won't forgive this. You should know better then to intrude on this kingdom."

"The overlord can go fuck himself. He's not here to help you right now and even if you were somehow able to escape us here, I have your eva pilot in a place you can't get to. His eva unit is also in my possession, I doubt he would take kindly to such a loss. But the reason I haven't killed you yet is to let you know you don't have to die. I would like to make an offer." I said as I slowly walked in circles around the Chinese sorcerous occasionally letting the tip of my tail rub against her body. "I hear you can manipulate reality to a limited degree, someone with your abilities would be very useful. Join me and you can be a valued member of my team, when the wars over I can help restore your kingdom beyond what the overlord currently allows you to rule over." Of course I probably would not have allowed that, but she didn't need to know that right now.

"That is a tempting offer, and if I refuse what then?" she asked, not making so much as a move.

"I have the ability to rapidly transport my team, as well as the group of prisoners you are entertaining here away quite rapidly. If you refuse I'll leave and then I'll nuke your lake and burn your kingdom to the ground. But it doesn't need to be that way. I'd like to be friends, so you should really consider my offer. Under the overlords rule you'll never be anything more then middle management, this could be your big chance." I said as I came behind her draping my arms around her shoulders.

"Very well, I'll accept your offer, as a show of good will I'll give you my current doll warriors." I frowned slightly, if we let our guard down she could turn those warriors against us, that was ok though, as long as she herself was kept under control her soldiers could be easily subdued. "Some guests will be arriving shortly, we can discuss our terms after I greet them." She said to me.

This was too easy, was she up to something? I glanced at Demiurge or rather where he was a moment ago but he was gone! Did he know something? I didn't like this.

I went over to where Tsang had walked to and saw her greeting some familiar faces

"Greetings, my guests. My name is Princess Tsang and this is the place I call home." she she said with a smile. Would they buy that? That was the same line the overlords forces gave us in the vampire village.

"Okay, now tell me why we were brought here of all places?" Phoenix asked Tsang.

"Well...I figure that seeing you rag tag team of people trying to find a place to stay, so that's why my assistant Earl del Minya escorted you all here." Tsang replies with a grin. I gave a laugh, really now she gave him that name?

"Minya....Minya? So you're Godzilla's retarded kid, eh?" I asked the turtle man who looked at me slightly offended.

"Oh madame...you shouldn't shame my assistant. Besides...if you continue to do so...you wouldn't be able to get my welcoming gift." She said with a smile.

"Manticore...what the fuck are you doing here?!?" Ryujin screamed in anger

"Hmmmm...I'm wondering the same exact thing right now." I said "Really now, you guys won't last long if your so trusting of strangers."

"Who are these people, Lady Manticore?" Undine asked me looking awfully confused.

"Its a long story...just like The Land b3fore time." I said. I would need to come up with a reasonable excuse to have Tsang release them without it looking to suspicious as having them as prisoners would screw up my plans. Well I could spin up a scenerio for that later.

"Enough." Tsang yelled. "Anyways, I like to introduce you all to my dolls." She turned to a door and snapped her fingers, which caused said door to open up and a mass amount of babes and one overtly muscular dude to walk in, all wearing faceless porcelain masks.

One each grabbed the members of my old team and dragged them to various rooms, including the macho dude who grabbed Phoenix.

"Well that was fun. But I will have to ask that whatever you have planned for them, those prisoners won't be harmed if you know whats good for you." I warned her.

"Oh of course not. anyway we don't have all day so why don't we finish our negotiations." Tsang said as she lead me to a secluded room, she then sat down at a small round table, took a bottle of wine and poured some into a wine glass she seemingly conjured from thin air.

"So that's your sorcery huh? Pretty nice, wish I thought of something like that when I came back." I said as I eyed her.

"Mmmm yes, we can't think of everything all the time. But we can think of some things some of the time. Care for a glass?" she asked.

"No." I wasn't taking a chanced that she magicked up some special wine that would do something weird.

"Oh well, more for me."

"In any case we should wrap this up, I used an electromagnetic pulse to take out all the communications in this part of china, but its only a matter of time before the overlord sends someone to investigate." I said.

"All? I think your mistaken. My sorcery shielded this palace from your weapon. Our communications are quite intact." She said smiling evilly.

"What!? You...you bitch you were stalling for time!" I shouted as the prgressive blade in the right arm of my armor shot out. I swung it at her , but she raised the wine bottle intersecting its path. Shimmering in mid air, the bottle transformed into a Chinese style sword. Our two blades met as sparks shot into the air. Her sword was also a progressive blade. Tsang leapt backwards as I swung my tail attempting to sweep her legs out and sending the round table smashing to splinters against the wall in the process.

"That was the last mistake you made." I said as I extended my other blade, channeling plasma around both of them.

"Don't get so overconfident, there's a reason the overlord put my in charge of this area! She hissed, a long snake like tounge exited her mouth with a flick. Right now, Biomancer, the overlords second in command is on his way here to crush your forces. But I think I'll personally take your head and crush it in my jaws. I won't feel good unless I personally hear the screams of the wench who dared to wreck my kingdom and spit on my title of princess!" she growled out as another set of arms sprouted from her torso. I tried blasting her with lightning only to have the bolts warp around her striking the wall behind her. a long whip like tail lashed out from under her dress as her lower half changed into a huge naga serpent body. Growing larger she reared into the air giving a roar from a mouth full of fangs. Her eyes and noes both vanished leaving only the fanged mouth. She swung a single arm in an attempt to strike me, but I used the armors power to easily dodge as her talons sliced through the marble floor like card board. I then brought a fist back in a reverse stab punch sending a blast of white hot plasma fire into her face, causing her to roar in pain. Her tail lashed out in an attempt to hit me as she smashed a huge hole in the wall. I quickly dove through it with Tsang in pursuit crawling on her four giant arms with her snake like body slithering behind it. I had to get to Undine and have her get us out of here before the overlords reinforcements arrived.
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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:25 pm

Mr. Johnson

As me, Ryujin and Erin make our way to the next door, we see both Phoenix and Rana making their way towards us. They happen to be slightly covered in blood as well.

"You too look like you had some fun." I ask them.

"Not exactly." Phoenix replies with a half-hearted tone.

However, Rana walks up to Ryujin with a look of disappointment on her face and asks him, "You better not have had fun with this doll gal?"

"Oh no I didn't, Rana." Ryujin replies.

Erin then butts in, shoves Rana out of the way and tells her, "Oh hell no, bitch. He's mine!"

I see Ryujin facepalm at the incoming car wreck of a situation. As for me, I just didn't care. (Sorry Lou. Don't sue me.)

Rana then shouts, "Seriously...whoever you are...I can smell shit on you. Shit that's no good."

"Oh really?" Erin asks her in a cocky tone.

"Say...you're name is Erin...what is your last name?" I ask her.

At first, she looks around, not sure if she really wants to reply, but then blushes and replies, "Michalik."

Me, Ryujin, Phoenix and Rana's eyes widen in pure shock and horror, which I then seize the moment and in the most overwrought and overblown way, scream out "CLOOOOONE!!!!" while pointing my finger at Erin.

"Oh god...oh god!" Ryujin chokes out in disbelief as we all step away from this...goddamn clone.

"What's wrong, Erik?" Erin the fucking clone asks Ryujin. "Don't like that i'm the female you?"

"Who...who...who made you?!?" Ryujin growls at her in a disturbed tone.

"Well...too bad." Erin grins. She then adds "The Overlord says you're all toast!" and pulls a friggin' Uzi out of her crotch, of all places.

"DUCK!!!" I scream out, which we all stop, drop and roll away to avoid gunfire.

Rana, for some reason, growls out, "Fuck this bitch, she's mine!" and runs up to her, kicking the Uzi out of her grasps, which convieniently falls into my hands.

"Hell yeah. Free weapons!" I sarcastically shout out.

"Come on, CatBitch. If that's how you're gonna play...bring it on!" Erin...the freaking clone shouts out at Rana.

Without hesitation, Rana jumps right at Erin and the two assume a cat fight.

At first, me and Ryujin are at awe over the catfight, but then Rana draws blood from Erin, which makes the catfight turn into a fairly bloody one.

Erin, not only is bleeding like a stuffed pig, but also displays her absolute lack of fighting skills and is pummled by Rana and her (somewhat) better fighting skills, but before they could even finish the fight, an unholy sight stomps its way into our view.

Rana quietly walks her way towards us after hearing the monstrous heavy breathing creeping down her, leaving that clone Erin in th crosshires of the beast.

Upon further examination (in the best way I could), I see that not only the beast is pretty damn big, but it has quite a lot of limbs (not to mention the freaky Bundlefly-ish flesh tone)


With blood dripping out of the slashes on her face, Erin turns around and sees the horrific Centipede Man, screaming in utter fear.

However, she was totally helpless....fucking clone.

The Centipede Man lifts her up, bites into her head and starts to tear the living shit out of her, eating her up like a fine dinner.

"Okay, let's...ummmm...get everyone else and get the fuck outta here." I inform the others, but once I turn around, I see yet another familiar face.

That damn tranny doll.

However, Rana shouts out, "Oh screw this.", grabs the freak and tosses it towards the Centipede Man.

With dem dolls settled, we pretty much run the fuck away from that section of the hallway and approach another. However, we were caught off-guard by a duo of Overlord soldiers.

"Oh...I haven't seen you clowns in a while." I snark out.

Me being a real clever ass, I take the helmet of one of them off, revealing that it's none other than an Asuka clone.

"Well...make that you calvary of Germanic queens." I add, while delivering a nasty side kick to the other soldier's gut and smacking the Asuka clone on the head with her helmet.

Ryujin, Rana and Phoenix catch up with me, which I tell them, "Okay, you guys all check a room each while I check this one out, okay?"

The threesome nod in response and head off to their respective rooms while I take a look at the Overlord troopers' equipment.

Seeing that one has a grenade, I snatch it and kick the door open...only to downright regret it.


"Hey, hombre. Help us. Help us, chinga!" this guy yells at me...except he's got more problems than that.

Further examination reveals that this guy is the front half...of a goddamn Human Centipede!!

First, a Centipede Man, now a Human Centipede!!

Gee wiz, this Princess Tsang broad is a super freak! (Take that, Rick James!)

So I back myself up in utter horror, only to turn my head towards this really crusty old guy with a mustache holding a newborn baby in his hands, telling me in a downright thick Southern accent, "Howdy stranger. Would you like to participate in some....ummm....newborn porn?"

"Can't think with all this noise!" I scream out in sheer horror, which I then pull the pin out of the grenade, toss it down, run out of the room, shut the door behind me and duck down against the wall, only to hear a big ass explosion inside the room.

"So....what was up with that?" Ryujin asks me, who along with Rana and Phoenix, has Scab, Lady Wargreymon and our other still affiliated pals with them now.

"Ummmm....I don't feel like saying shit. Besides, we gotta get our asses out of here." I grumble out in response.

"And kick that backstabbing bitch Manticore's ass!" Phoenix growls out as we run down the hallway.


Although Ms. Tachikawa has helped me out of that room, she tells me, "Hang on a second, Rei. I got some business to deal with."

"Okay." I quietly nod in response.

So while I stay hidden behind a crate, I hear Leslie talking with this boy I saw a few times.

"Lum, my love, i'm soooo glad you've finally come to your senses." The boy happily replies.

"Actually, sweetie pie, I'm not Lum." Tachikawa replies. "Never was."

"You're not my Lum?!?" the boy shouts out in disappointment. "then what are you?"

"Something...far better." Tachikawa adds...and as far as I can tell, everything goes silent for a little bit, up until I hear Tachikawa growl, the boy shriek and some pretty nasty sounds, followed by some blood, guts and intenstines splattering everywhere.

I peak around and see a fairly gross smattering of what is left of that boy.

Out of the darkness, Tachikawa walks out, who's now in her other, more dangerous form and covered in blood. She looks at me and informs, "Well, at least i'm out of that monkey suit. Now Rei...I want you to see if anyone else is onboard that we need to rescue."

"I'm the only one here...and Soryu is not dead." I tell her.

"What!" Tachikawa shouts out. "I thought I heard she was killed?"

"I can sense her presence on ground." I reply back, simply because I am being honest.

I can feel her.

However, I tell Tachikawa, "I think you got some company heading your way.", which I then crawl into a tight space to hide.

A Massive amount of heavy stomps and foootsteps are heard.

I hear one thing snort and another guy shout out, "Holy shit. Lady Manticore is not gonna be pleased."

More footsteps are heard, especially towards my way and another person growls, "Actually, Lady Manticore *snort* is REALLY gonna want our *snort* heads."

"Why's that, big guy?" the other guy asks him.

"That blue haired kid is *snort* gone." that one person snorts out.

However, grunts, screams and more gross sounds come out of nowhere and some blood starts to spill on the floor near me, alongside the body parts of what appear to be beastmen and guards,

Still trying to keep myself save, I remain there, up until a pair of feet in leather and high heels stand right in front of me, followed by Tachikawa peaking down and reaching her big claw hand towards me, saying "Come on Rei, i've taken good care of them."

I let her pull me out and I follow her out to the front of the ship, stepping over mangled, bloodied and cut open corpses of Manticore's beastmen and guards.

Right at the front of Manticore's ship, Tachikawa sees that Gaylord man cowering in fear, which she walks up to him, grabs him by the neck, suspends him in the air and growls, "Tell me how to open the main door."

"Madame, Lady Manticore is not gonna be pleased to see that you had take her favorite prisoner away." Gaylord cries out.

While I stand there, Tachikawa slams Gaylord right against the wall, pins him there and growl, "I don't give a flying fuck what the green skinned tentacle bitch is gonna feel after I take Rei with me, I just need to know how do you open the fucking door!"

"Okay, okay, madame." Gaylord wimpers out. He pulls out a controller, presses a button and adds "Here...its open now...just please...don't me."

Tachikawa then lets go of Gaylord, remarks, "Thanks. I didn't plan to kill you anyways.", looks at me and adds, "Alright Rei, its time to get out of this galactic refridgerator."

Tachikawa makes her way towards the door, which a red skinned woman shows up and chuckles, "Leslie...long time, no see."

"Magdalene?!?" Tachikawa replies with a sense of confusion, only to shout out, "Oh shit!!" after the red skinned woman pulls her out of the ship, leading to the both of them falling into the sky.

While I wait to see if Tachikawa comes back to get me, I see that DesuLoli girl walking into the room alongside that mean robot that follows her around.

"DesuLoli, what in The Overlord's name are you doing in here?" Gaylord asks her.

However, she swiftly kicks him right out of the ship, making him fall to his death.

She then looks right at me and remarks, "Nice haiir."

"Thank you." I reply with my graditude.

"Me and Wieland are busting out. Wanna come along?" she asks me.

Since its obvious that Tachikawa ain't coming back for me, I reply, "Okay."

DesuLoli grabs me by the hand as a rocket pops out of Wieland's back, which we get on him and fly out of the ship.

I really hope Tachikawa doesn't come back for me or if DesuLoli will help me find William-sama and Shinji-kun...


On the ground surface near the lake, an armored figure descends to the ground.

Asuka, who's standing there, sees the figure and sarcastically remarks, "Who the hell are you?"

The person gets down, takes her helmet off and reveals that she's Mana, which turns Asuka's face in a horrified look and snow white.

Mana pulls out a gun and tells her, "I don't give a flying fuck that you're Shinji's friend, but i'm here under the Overlord's behalf. Back off or get fucked up."
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Postby Defectron » Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:47 am

I leapt and ran through the halls with the huge beast in pursuit of me. Tsangs wide fanged mouth opened as her tounge lashed out, as it moved through the air like a serpent it began to glow as the air around it ionized.

"Oh hell, she's not doing that!" I said as the energized whip came cracking down, I quickly dodged out of the way as it sliced apart several stone pillars. I did a aerial flip landing atop a large stone fountain in the ballroom area of the castle. The whip came cracking again, I dodged, flying through the air as the fountain below was sliced to bits. In mid air I rained lightning and bursts of plasma fire down on the shrieking monster. If I used the H gun, this fight would end very quickly but it would also punch a hole in the roof and flood the entire castle. The monster crouched before leaping into the air, smashing into me in an aerial tackle as we both came crashing tot he floor. Pinning me to the ground , her face loomed over me ready to bite down on my head.

"You were a fool to come here, I'll be sure to present your severed head to the overlord as a gift." It hissed out.

"I'm not done yet, and your head will be the only thing the overlord receives before I kill him!" I said as my tail shot up, impaling her directly between her breasts as I began to drain her energy. With a roar the monster began thrashing violently as I was thrown across the room like a rag doll. Several doll soldiers ruched into the room, each armed to the teeth. The first came charging towards me swinging a sword, , however I used the superior speed of the armor of the beast to quickly duck under her strike, swinging my foot out in a plasma sweep that sent a wave of white fire out scorching the floor and reducing her feet to smoldering coals from the ankle downward as the fell to the floor screaming, the flaming carpet setting her clothing ablaze in the process. Another doll ran at me, attempting to bludgeon me with a Chinese style mace. I swung my sword, cutting it off at the handle before elbowing her full force in the rib cage. The power of the strike was enough to shatter her bones, sending bits and pieces of internal organs exploding out of her back side. The third doll did something really absurd grabbing my between her legs as she leapt onto my shoulder, she was trying to choke me out like that woman on James Bond using her legs. Normally this would have been amusing and also a bit arousing, but right now I had no time for this as one of my tenticles speared her through the back side pulling her off of me, draining her and then chucking her aside.

Tsang seemed to have gotten her bearings as she stood back up, one hand clutching her chest wound, a light emitted from her hand as it began to heal.

"Oh, not bad...shame you didn't join me. We could've made a good team."

"Shut up...a worm like you will not be allowed to speak to me in such a way!" The monster said as she reached down grabbing the broken fountain in one hand. The stone fountain quickly morphed into a huge sword. Another hand reached up, grabbing the chandelere as it changed into a huge handgun. Lastly she grabbed the railing next to the stairs leading to the upper level and transformed it into a huge mace.

"Ah hell, your just full of surprises." I said as I waited for her attack, while doing this I hit Undines code into my communicator. "Undine, get everyone out of here as soon as you can. I may need to put this castle underwater soon, make sure the prisoners are out too!" I noticed there was also a call from Socks. Whatever it was, it would have to wait though, I had my hands full right now. Tsang quickly lunged forward swinging her sword. I dodged and summersaulted through the air avoiding it. She then fired the giant handgun which was more like a canon, lucky she wasn't nearly as good at shooting guns as she was at warping reality and the shot missed causing the wall behind me to explode.

As the smoke cleared I saw something bad, it was my old team! Those morons, I had to get them out of here, if the overlord got to them first it would all be over.

Manticore!" Ryujin shouted in anger as both he and Phoenix began to move into the room. This would complicate my fight quite a bit. Especially if phoenix got any power, maybe she thought I would try shooting lightning at her again? Heh, if she did , she would be sorely dissapointed.

I avoided another strike from Tangs mace, flying into the air, while in mid air I shot a lightning strike into her face causing her to let out a shriek in pain. As I came down I executed an aerial round house kick sending a wave of plasma fire downward which struck the floor right in front of Ryujin and Phoenix sending up a blazing inferno between us. Both of them looked pretty surprised, my greater as at manipulating plasma fire was new to them. Too bad, I had hoped to keep that a surprise for my eventual showdown with Phoenix. But at least I still had my cyclotron and microwave attacks which they didn't know of.

"Don't be so impatient, I'll be with you guys in a moment." I said before turning back to Tsang. The monster pointed its gun downwards and fired, it wasn't difficult evading, I just had to follow the movements of her hand and move as quickly as I could before she fired. But then her tale lashed out with impressive speed as she knocked me from my feet. Before I could jet back up she brought it down ready to squash me like a bug. Before it hit, I curled up in a ball, scrunching my tentacles down a length of only about five feet each and fully morphing each one into a blade. He strike hit, smashing me into the ground, but at the same time driving my blades up into her tail. With a roar of pain she cracked her tail like a whip sending me crashing against the opposite wall covered in her blood. Even with those spikes and even with the protection of the armor, I had broken more then half my bones, but I had leached some of her energy and they were healing fast. I moved one hand behind my back generating a sphere of ball lightning. Tsang raised her giant hand gun once more, this time I didn't move and instead hurled the ball lightning into the barrel of the gun. There was a huge boom as the weapon exploded! Bits of shrapnel pelted her face causing her to cry in agony once more. I then ran as fast as I could before leaping into the air and driving both of my progressive blades into hey eyeless face. My tentacles and tail all pulling back and striking her as well. Writhing in agony, she smashed her head directly into the wall sending me crashing into the room on the other side before she fell backwards. She did not get up and try to attack me again as she began to shrink back down to her human form. She slowly rose to her human feet, battered and bloody, but still alive. I also got to my feet, brushing myself off.

"Well now.... that was fun...should i give you another chance to join me? No I don't think I will!" I said as I extended my wrist blade and ran at her, ready to slice her in two. But before I could her body shimmered and morphed as she used most of her remaining energy to change into a bird flying away. "Hmmph... guess I'll have to wait until later to get her."

But then I heard a voice say "There won't be a later!" As Ryujin fired his gun. I blocked it with a tentacle which like last time exploded before sending out a reverse stab punch sending another blast of plasma fire at him and phoenix forcing the two of them back. I then removed the H-gun from my holster pointing at them.

"All of you stop attacking if you know what's good for you! This gun can bring the roof down and flood this castle! I'll be able to survive but you'll all die if I do that." I announced.

"You bitch...you killed Asuka...I was right to do what I did to you and I'll do it again!" Phoenix spat.

"That's right, I killed her and I'll kill you all too if you don't stand down. The overlords forces are on their way and if we fight each other now we both lose. I can't afford to have your mecha falling into the overlords hands. My forces will be too busy trying to escape to retrieve it, so you need to leave! Normally I wouldn't be so charitable, but we don't have much time, if we don't work together we all die." At this comment I seemed to get a lot of very confused looks from them.

Johnson then stepped forward and said "Wait?
I thought you were working for the overlord?" He questioned.

"Are you stupid?" I asked doing my best impression of Asuka. "Why would I work for that douche, half the reason I left you guys was because I knew you lot don't stand a chance at bringing him down and are just going to get your asses killed trying to fight him with only a few people!" I said still pointing the H-gun at them.

"Wait, but then who are you working for then?" Ryujin asked finally getting ahold of his anger.

"Hehehehe...That's a secret! I'll give you a hint, you'd be surprised." I said waving my finger much to the annoyance of everyone there. "All I need you to do now is leave this place and return to your mecha. And do what you can to fight your way out of being captured. If possible I'll even help cover your escape. Now are you all going to leave, this place or do I have to end you all here and now?" Johnson stepped forward again.

"If we do that will you release Rei?" he asked.

"You know that's not possible. you have my terms, if you don't choose to accept them, good luck trying to find your gym shorts in davy jones locker." I said keeping my gun on them.

Meanwhile on the surface

Asuka had come back up to the surface and was heading back to the ship when she had a very unexpected confrontation.

"I don't give a flying fuck that you're Shinji's friend, but I'm here under the Overlord's behalf. Back off or get fucked up." Mana announced with a smile.

"I don't know how you came back Mana. But I'm not going anywhere. You know Mana, I never liked you. In fact I think I may have hated you even more then wonder girl. Every time you said "Shinji Tan" I just wanted to punch your lights out. And if you think I'll back down to you just because your the overlords new pet you have another thing coming!" She said as she reached down to the side of her armor removing a progressive katana and getting ready to attack Mana. However before the fight could start, Asuka became aware of something, a huge sphere was floating over the nearby mountains, it was bigger by far then leliel had been.

"Mein gott! W-What is that? An angel?" She stammered out in shock and a bit of fear.

"No, that is the fortress of the master, Lord Biomancer, the mobile castle Aaeon!" Mana announced with a smile. Asuka didn't notice Manas face behind her helmet but she seemed to blush a bit when talking about Biomancer. "And it will demonstrate just how outclassed you all are!"
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Postby Ryjin » Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:07 pm

A bit earlier…….. (Yeah I know I’ve been doing that a lot lately but hey, someone has to fill in the details)

Johnson, Misato and myself crawled into position using the undergrowth as cover as Scab and Phoenix flanked the sides of advancing beastmen. The 5 of us had been tracking the beasties that my pretty kitty had found while Shinji, Shiro and me kitty hanged back somewhere relatively safe (well at lest as safe as it could get according to Scab) while they were guarded by Lady Wargreymon.

The plan was pretty simple, there where 5 beastmen and they weren’t being to carful or moving in a proper formation with a bear in the lead followed by, 2 pigs, a hyena in the middle and a lizard dude bringing up the rear. We were setting up an ambush to take out all of them but the hyena in the middle who we’ll gab get what intel we could get form him, cap him and then hide that bodies and then figure out what to do from there. This shouldn’t be terrible hard to pull off but if one of them do get away…. come on man….. no, you can’t think like that…. just focus.

“Ready buddy” Johnson whispered to me just before he propped himself back with his magnum drawn in a long shot revolver position, heh didn’t know he knew how to snipe with a 6 shooter. I then slowly nodded and took aim with my rifle, a second latter I heard Scabs bird call letting us know that they were ready and I pulled my trigger sending out a bolt of ionized matter at several kilometers a second blowing out one of the man-pig things spine while my comrades handled the rest leaving just that one hyena fucker alive and in a burst of energy I shouted, “Now!” to Johnson and bolted up rushing towards it before it could reacect as my gasmasked comrade covered me. The beastman look around in confusion and terror making clipped guttural heckles as it tried in vain to come to it’s senses over what just happened, it’s eyes then went wide and blanked out as it brought up it’s rifle to it’s chin and pulled the trigger blowing what little brains it had up through the roof of its head like fountain of colligated grease.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuuck!” I found myself shouting out loud in frustration as it’s body hit the ground…. so much for that fucking idea.

“Fuck, didn’t expected to wig out like that… now what?!” Phoenix vented as she frustratedlly looked across the bloody scene in disbelief.

“No point in bitching about spilled blood.” said Scab as he started to drag a body to hide, “We need to get moving now, let’s hide this mess and put as much distance between us and here before they noticed them missing then let’s head back and grab the kitty, the wolfy, the kid and the nerd and then skedaddle.”

“Yeah, yeah… Let’s head back and then get the fuck outta of here.” I replied back more or less just reiterating what Scab just said, you know how that goes. Fuck I really blew this….. I mean alright the info we could of gotten outta that beastman wouldn’t of been too useful but it could of at lest given us an idea of what other patrols are out there or where their base is…. but fuck, just fuck!

With in a few minutes we had hidden the bodies and cleaned up the mess as best we could and had made our way back to the grove, gotten everyone ready and were ready to go when, of course, we just had to of heard something coming through the bushes to my left. We all turned ready to rock and roll and…. well the only way I can describe this is…. what looked like the aborted love child of a koopa troopa and oompa loompa mixed in with a mutated midget for good measure stepped out from the foliage….. can shit just possibly get any fucking weirder?

“Who the….. what the fuck are you?!” Phoenix ask the creature in a justfully somewhere between, surprised, wereided out and just plain annoyed tone with her usual diplomatic tact to which it slowly tilted it’s head up at her and then, almost to all of our surprise.. I mean I really didn’t expect it capple of taking, replied in a almost crocking manner, “I am but a humble vassal of my emperies, her royal majesty the Princess Tsang, I have been tasked by her majesty to seek out you aid in some matters.”

“Matters?” Phoenix asked back, the look of utter dumbfoundedness on her face, “First off before we blow your fucking lopsided head off could you ummmm, fist off let us know how you know us, secondly given that you some how know us how the fuck did you find us.”

A smirking grin slithered across it’s face as he answered, “What? Do you truly think with all the antics you have pulled off in Japan, a group as small of yours commanding titanic robot war gods and almost bringing down the Overlord and so on and so forth would go unnoticed? “

“You have a point, noted.” Phoenix admitted her as her dumbfoundedment subsided into deadpan, “Now with that out of the way, HOW did you managed to find us in the middle of Chinese jungle, how did you know we even left Japan?”

“Also very simple to answer, we had received word that the Overlords forces here had shot down two large transport plans carrying giant robotic war machines, and given that there are not to many groups that match that description we belied it was a good chance it was you who had been attacked so we sent out our agents to track you and well, here we are.”

Well I don’t think I really need to empathize here on just how dubious this all seems but at the same time we really didn’t have too much choice but to go along with him for now since with his last statement he made it crystal clear that he wasn’t alone and we were surrounded. I took a quick look around at my comrades and they all seemed to understand this fact as well.

Phoenix seemed to weigh the options in her head for a second before replying back to that thing, “Alright, I’ll buy that for now. Now about this matter you were talking about.”

“Well, you see we have a common enemy that you have experience with and we could use this experience in dealing with it and in return we will help recover your robots and make sure you have all the food and supplies you need as well as enough gold to handle all your battering needs for the foreseeable future.” Was it’s answered.

Phoenix looked back at us, “Alright guys, what do you all think. I don’t like it but we could use the help getting our mechs back.”

Before answering Phoenix Johnson stepped up asking it, “Alright, just one more thing, just who the fuck is this “common enemy”? Sorry, that just seems a little to vague for my liking.”

It then turned to face him and answered, “Ahhhh, this…. common enemy is a former member of your gr……” That’s all I needed to hear, “You mean Manticore.” I interjected.

It looked up at me simlng that twisted smile of its, “Ahhhh, yes, she whishes to take things which belongs to my empress and is currently hiding open threats against us under the guise of negotiations…. she seems to believe she is entitled to all that she wants does she not?”

“Yeah, that sounds like that green skinned bitch… that fucking traitorous whore.” I snarled out just barely keeping my anger in check.

Johnson turned his attention at me for a second as I tried to regain myself , his body language told me he wanted me to calm down, not to let that thing play me like that….. yeah… he was right. He then turned back to the freak and said, “Alight, yeah we got some beef with her so yeah, we’ll go along with this for now but if you really know half of what we you think know about us you should know fucking with us can be very bad for your health.”

“Quite the very reason we have searched you all out, so if you are all in agrance then follow me if you will.” It said to us as it did a little bow and then turned pointing the way to go through the foliage and as we passed though the ferns we came up to a tree with rotted out hollow in it’s base about 7ft wide by 3ft wide. He told us to hold on as he walked up to the tree and put his hand to it at which point lines of energy shot up tracing lines across the bark and a swirly eclipse of energy aprred in the hollow… guess this was a portal…. this is just how things work now I guess…. but whatever…. Well it then lead us though the portal thing and we found us standing in the middle of a great hall, man this place was gorges, jade vases and statues lined the walls, finely detailed pillars gleamed as if they were made of pearl and in middle of the room was a fine red carpet with gold inlays leading up to a massive jade and gold throne upon which sat….. fuck she’s hot! She’s this things empress? Jesus!

"Greetings, my guests. My name is Princess Tsang and this is the place I call home." said the perfectly Asian princess... empress... whatever, who was wearing a practically see through silk toga like dress to us as she looked us over with a pleased smile on her face.

Phoenix was the first of us to say anything, she stepped up to her and said, "Okay, now that we’re here tell us the details as too why you need us.”

"Well...I figure that seeing you rag tag team of people trying to find a place to stay, so that's why my assistant Earl del Minya escorted you all here." Tsang replies with a grin.

Phoenix then went to reply back, from the look on her face I would guess she was about to say that’s not what we were told but before she could get a word out an unfortunately familiar voice laughed out, "Minya....Minya? So you're Godzilla's retarded kid, eh?"

"Oh Madame...you shouldn't shame my assistant." Tsang snaps back at her. "Besides...if you continue to do so...you wouldn't be able to get my welcoming gift."

"Manticore...what the fuck are you doing here?!!!” I screamed out in sheer anger as she walked into my view escorting some blue aquatic looking girl that seemed kinda familiar but I just couldn’t place.

"Hmmmm...I'm wondering the same exact thing right now." Manticore replied in a fairly snarky tone with that fucking condensing, “I’m in control” smirk on her filthy fucking face.

"Who are these people, Lady Manticore?" the blue gal asks her.

"It’s a long story...just like The Please don't lock this thread." Manticore informs her.

…… The whaaaa?

"Enough." Tsang yells out at all of us. "Anyways, I like to introduce you all to my dolls." She turns to a door to her left and snaps her fingers, the door opens and out walks a mix of rather attractive girls in china dresses overtly muscular Chip N’ Dale looking dudes all of which were wearing faceless porcelain masks.

Tsang the looks back at us with a pleasant smile on her face and said to use with soft almost musical words, “Now let’s put this fighting behind us for now, let us rest ourselves and once you are all freshen up we shall continue matters.” Her words crossed my ears and what she said seemed reasonable enough…. I was tired….. granted I should have been worried about what was going on and wanting to strangle the life out of that green skinned skank but… none of that seemed to matter right now…..

We were each approached by one of mask wearing vassals; the one who approached me seemed to be Caucasian with just a hint of Latina in her, nice. She the led me out of the throne room and as I passed Rana she whispered something to me and I nodded in agreement.

The masked girl then took me to room the likes you’d only find in a palace, fancy paintings, objects de art, silk bed sheets, you know the normal royal 9 yards and it was quite obvious what she took me here to do….. Rana was right... something was odd with the way we just sorta ended up agreeing with her… had to stay sharp, that Tsang bitch did something to us so I had to get what info I could outta of this girl…. and hopefully she wont blow her head off in the process…….

So I sat on the bed next to her, my guns at my side if needed and I started taking to her, asking her who she was, how she came her and what not trying to get her to lower her guard and she told me that her name was Erin and that she too came from Chicago and she was actually amazed to find out who I was, I was like a fucking idol to her! Apparently she was also part of the revolutionary scene as well, just never got up to my level of it. She then told me after 3rd Impact happened she found herself waking up in China for some reason and no powers to speak of and after barley barely clinging for survival and near station after several weeks of being on her own in the jungle she ran into a vassal of Tsang and they tool her in, gave her a place and she’s lived quite good since then. It wasn’t too much to go off of so far and I doubt that the princes were so benlavnet but I guess I’d have to dig a little deeper. I asked her what she wanted to talk about and sure enough she went right into politics…. damn… if this girls for real…..

Several minutes later we heard a muffled *BANG!* like sound which caught our attention for a second, Erin just shrugged it off and went back to talking, "...so when this is all over, we shall go and keep the world in order from more fuckers taking it from us the people.”

"Yes. That's what we need to do....and keep the rules in the States by the Constitution and ONLY the Constitution. None of this other extra crap the Government added over the years." I replied back just as Johnson busted into the room, he glanced as us with a “Eh, what are you two doing here” look to him then asked, "So...well...how are you two spur of the moment lovebirds doing?"

"Yo Johnson." I shot back, “I’d like you to meet Erin. She's...well...pretty much my female equivalent."

"Heh...so I guess you two plan on keeping shit when this whole ordeal is over by the books." He asked with that smirk that transcended his mask.

"Exactly, Johnson." Erin answered back, "Me and Erik here got a lot of fixing to do."

"So what about Naomi and that cat girl you're real chummy with?" I ask him.

"Oh don't worry about that. We got more important matters to deal with now." I assured hi to which he replied back, "Okie dokie." with a thumbs up.

Just then someone came up behind him, he turned to she who it was and a shocked look came over him and he with out hesitation outta nowhere just roundhouse whoever that was, both myself and Erin leaned to the left to see who he just fucked up to find the masked girl who came to Johnson twitching with most of her jaw missing!

"So I guess you two couldn't get close like we did." Erin said to Johnson with a look of pure shock on her face.

With out looking up from looking at his handy work her replied back in a rather unJohnsonly somber tone, "I rather not talk about it."

He then looked up and over at us and said, “Alright, I don’t think I really need to say that this palce is a set, ummm let’s go get teh others….. brining your new friend along?”

“Well she seesm to check out.” I teel him to whichhe nodes and say’s, “Alrighty, let’s get moving shall we and sure enough just as we head out of the room and pass the rather desterbing and descsuting sight of the what’s left fot eh gril that had the bad foruten of choseing Johnson we see Pheonix and Rana, both with a bit of the crimons about their bodies, coming down the hall.

"You too look like you had some fun." Johnson snarked to them.

"Not exactly." Phoenix replied with a surprisingly half-hearted tone.

And then Rana walked up to me with a less then pleased look on her face, "You better not have had fun with this doll gal.” She told me with a deadpan to her voice.

"Oh no… no, I didn't, Rana." I tell her, trying to calm her building rage as quickly as I could. I then go to try and explain that we just talked but then Erin just steeps up and shoves Rana to the side shouting, "Oh hell no, bitch. He's mine!" ……. oh dear…….

Rana quickly recovered from the shock of Erin flipping out and shouts back, "Seriously...whoever you are...I can smell shit on you. Shit that's no good."

"Oh really?" Erin shouted back with a smirk forming on her face.

Johnson, who seems to be on the verge of busting out laughing… ass…. steps up and asks, "Say...you're name is Erin... theeeeen, what is your last name?"

She stops for a second, looks at him shyly like she doesn’t wont to say it and even gets all blushy, Rana then gave her a look that said, “Welllllll,”

Erin finally gave in, looked at me blushing even more and answered.


"Oh god...oh god!" I find myself repeating over and over as I back away, her revelation fucking me up big time.

"What's wrong, Erik? Don't like that I’m the female you?" The asks me in a sickenly sultry tone as she walks closer.

"Who...who...who made you?!?" I growled out at… at this thing…..

"Well...too bad." She grinned at me. She then stopped and with a girlish (Hurl!) tone tells us, "The Overlord says you're all toast!" and then pulls out a fucking Uzi out from what seemed to be her crotch…. you know shit like this is normal to me know….. how fucked up is that?

"DUCK!!!" Johnson then screamed out, as we all went to dodge outta of the way… well all of us except Rana…… she was a little pissed, before Erin could even finished lining up her sub machine gun Rana charged her growling out, "Fuck this bitch, she's mine!" and promptly kicks the gun outta of the clone bitches…. (hurl!) hand which…. of all things lands right into Johnsons hands.

In retaliation the clone trash talks, “Come on, CatBitch. If that's how you're gonna play...bring it on!" and then goes to take a swing at Rana and …. well things didn’t go to well for Erin…. she might have been my… my… (hurl!) but she didn’t seem to know shit about fighting…. and as for Rana… shit who know she had this in her?!

But before Rana could bleed the clone some more something came around a bend in the hall way…. something big… with a lots of arms and… ummm yeah it was nasty. Rana backed up to us and Johnson wisely suggested, "Okay, let's...ummmm...get everyone else and get the fuck outta here." and as we go to run that centipede like thing devours whatever Rana left of Erin as she screamed most bloody murder.

The 4 of us make a run for heading back in the direction we came from and as we made it past the room me and… yeah, there was that fucking masked girl that Johnson fucked up… got the fuck back up! And ummm… well shit…. “her” panties were handing off and ummm… errr... Johnson’s girl seemed to have a rather large Johnson hanging out….. no wonder he fucked this thing up… but before I could finishes that line of though Rana just desided to grab the dicked chick and toss her in the way of the marauding monster and well... we move on trying to get away from that fucking monster… man this Tsang bitch is fucked up!

After making a few bends around the place we seemed to finally have lost that monster thing only see something that we haven’t seen in a bit, two soldiers heading down a hall in full Overlord regalia to which Johnson snarked out, "Oh...I haven't seen you clowns in a while."

Surprisingly enough they seemed to be more shocked to see us then we were to see them giving Johnson enough time to actually take off one of the soldier’s helmets. which in turn reviled it to be one of those Asuka clones to which Johnsons responded by reiterating what he just had previously said with, "Well...make that you Calvary of Germanic queens." after which he promptly kicks the still helmeted one in the gut and cracks the other one over the head with her won helmet knocking them both out.

“Shit, the Overlord’s forces are here.” Phoenix said stating the obvious, “We need to find the rest of our ground and fast.”

Johnson looks over at a near by door and then says to us, "Okay, you guys all check a room each while I check this one out, okay?"

We all nod in repley and split out looking in room after room to we finally find the rest of our group in… well let’s just say they each had their won doll gone wrong experience and we’ll leave it at that and we the made our way back over to Johnson just in time to hear him yell, "Can't think with all this noise!" as he stands next to a open room and then throws a fucking grenade into that rooms rocking the place with its blast.

Shit, what the fuck could of fucked up enough to actually phased Johnson that badly? So I asked him to which he only grumbled a responded with, "Ummmm....I don't feel like saying shit. Besides, we gotta get our asses out of here."

"And don’t forget to add kicking that backstabbing bitch Manticore's ass!" Phoenix growled out as we continued to run down the hallway only for a section of wall to explode out in front of us!

Looking through it I saw none other then……..

“Manticore!" I shouted at the green skinned bitch as she hovered in the air, we were back in the throne room and it looked like hr and the princes bitch were going at it but at the monument I didn’t rally care. I charged in there along with Phoenix as Manticore narrowly avoided some grotesque organic mace that seemed to have grown outta of the princess… great she was a fuckign freak too! Forcing her to land, she looked over at us and did a roundhouse kick setting up a wall of fire that separated us…. when the fuck did she learn to do this!

"Don't be so impatient, I'll be with you guys in a moment." The bitch taunted us as it went back to her fight which ended with an apparent victory for Manticore as Tsang turned into a bird and flew away….. sure why not… and Manticore lamenting the fact she got away with, "Humph... guess I'll have to wait until later to get her."

Ohhh… ohhh bitch that’s an event you ain’t gonna get!

"There won't be a later!" I yelled out as I took a shot at her with myyyyy… oh fuck... I still had my plasma rifle drawn! She blocked that shot sacrificing one of her tentacles and then retorting by sending off a rapid fire blast of plasma bolts back us the both of us forcing us back. She then bulled out a large handgun, pointed it us and yelled, "All of you stop attacking if you know what's good for you! This gun can bring the roof down and flood this castle! I'll be able to survive but you'll all die if I do that."

"You bitch! Phoenix spat at her, “You killed Asuka...I was right to do what I did to you and I'll do it again!"

"That's right!” The bitch shot back, “I killed her and I'll kill you all too if you don't stand down. The Overlords forces are on their way and if we fight each other now we both lose. I can't afford to have your mecha falling into the Overlords hands. My forces will be too busy trying to escape to retrieve it, so you need to leave! Normally I wouldn't be so charitable, but we don't have much time, if we don't work together we all die."

From behind me I heard Johnson say exactly what I was thinking, "Wait……what?
I thought you were working for the Overlord?"

"Are you stupid?" The bitch smirked back in a mockery of Asuka’s tone, "Why would I work for that douche, half the reason I left you guys was because I knew you lot don't stand a chance at bringing him down and are just going to get your asses killed trying to fight him with only a few people!"

"Wait, but then who are you working for then?" I asked only half believing her, sorry but this bitch has lost any fuckign trust I might have had… I mean if she was so concerned then whit didn’t she tell us what she was up to… no she’s either lying one way or another or just that fuckign stupid.

"Hehehehe...That's a secret!” She replied back, her mocking tone finally grating on my nerves, “I'll give you a hint, you'd be surprised. All I need you to do now is leave this place and return to your mecha. And do what you can to fight your way out of being captured. If possible I'll even help cover your escape. Now are you all going to leave, this place or do I have to end you all here and now?"

Johnson then stepped forward again. "If we do that will you release Rei?" he asked.

"You know that's not possible. You have my terms, if you don't choose to accept them; good luck trying to find your gym shorts in Davey Jones locker." The bitch replied…. yeah,,this bitch was lying… and even if she wasn’t whoever she was working for was just as bad…. sorry bitch but you don’t have enough brains to making theses kinda terms, all she has is her powers and weapons….. if she didn’t have that none of her plans would of worked so far…. I can out thinker her strategy, I still had that on her…… And yeah, I’ll by that her gun could csue this place to flood… hmmmm didn’t know we were under water….. I looked over Phoenix; murder was in her eyes…… fuck, fuck, fuck….. I wanted this bitch dead in the worse way too but for now…. we’ll play her game…. she’s right we need to still find our mechs….. and to do this we need outta of here…..

“Alright bitch, you win, everyone fall back for now.” I tell her, my face twisted with barely controlled rage.

“Fuck that!” Phoenix shouted back, “We can’t just back away from this bitch! We fucking got her dead to rights! You don’t buy that bull shit about what that gun can do, do you!?

“Regardless of if it’s true or not, now… now’s not the time….” I tell her while at the same time scoping her up with my arm before she could react and once I had her securely held in place I started fall back towards the hole in the wall yelling for the rest of the group to do the same as Phoenix yelled and screamed and tried to force her way outta of my grasp as that bitch laugh and cackled at us running away….. once again …. once again... but…. but ohhhh, revenge will be sooo sweat once it comes…. we just need to get our bots back….

After running around like idiots for a bit and taking on a few more Asuka troops and what seemed to be Tsang ‘s guards Phoenix finally calmed down enough for me to put her down and as I did so who should we run into? Why that deformed turtle fuck, oh man did he freak when he say us but after a few shot fired over his head he realized he wasn’t running.

“Way out, now!” Johnson yelled at it’s deformed face to which it just mumbled an whined, Johnson then pulled out his magnum and put it to it’s dome and it started to mutter, “But… but… but… my empress… she… she will….” to which Johnson pulled back the hammer.

“Fine, fine… “It pleaded finally coming to it’s senses, “F….. f….follow me….”

“No bull shitting us or we’ll leave you off worse then dead.” Johnson warned him before pulling back his gun but before he could lead us I had a hunch come over me and I asked him, “Hey poster boy for late-term abortions, one more thing; you know where are robots are don’t you?

It’s eyes went wide and it began to stammer again until Johnson went to move his magnum back up.

“Fine, fine….. we… we have them… I’ll…. I’ll take you too them…. just… don’t kill me!”

And the disgusting fuck lead us across the base taking trough several hidden passage ways and portals, with us checking his every move along the way of course, and after it just about felt like this fuck was leading us around in circles we finally entered a large hanger where low and behold Jet and Trident stood before us like.. giant…. metals things… of fucking awesome!

Jet Alones side hatch then popped open causing all of us to jump to the ready but it was only Lil Z’ who excitably flew down to great us sending turtle man into a panic shouting, “Awwwwwwwwwww! The killer is lose, the killer is lose…. do you know how many of us that thing killed?”

And with that little tid bit both me and Johnson turned to Lil Z’ telling, “Good boy!” to which it bobbed up and down excitedly. Lil Z then turned it’s attention to the middle aged mutant retard turtle straight mean mugging the freak causing e mot freak out even more, it was great but we still needed him so I told Z, “Not now, we still need him.” and with a disappointed look to it’s face it stood down.

Johnson then turned his attention back to our turtle faced guide asking him, “Alright, now how the fucks do we get out of here?”

Without saying a word it walked up to wall on the left, tuned it and a massive portal appeared. It then looked back at telling us, “This… this will take you the surface, now please just leave me alone!”

“Sorry can’t do that.” Johnson replied and then promptly blew it’s head into oh so much turtle soup.

We then boarded our respective mechs but before I did anything I need to check something so I asked Johnson, “Hey buddy, think you can start this thing up for me?”

He thought it over then replied, “Ummm I think so, seen you do it enough times, why?”

“Just gotta do something really quick.” I inform him as I head out of the cockpit and down the ladder to the storage room where sure enough Lil Z’ kept them from getting our stuff and most immortally…..

I head back up carrying two large metal suit cases which I then open up, insert some keys and fiddle around with some settings. Johnson watching me goes, “Only way to be sure huh?”

“Yep. I reply back as I set the timers. I then shut the case back up and while standing up I ask Johnson, “Oh, radio Shiro and tell him to get moving.” to which he agreed and I headed to the hatch and dropped the 2 N2s down to the ground as the Trident made it’s way through the portal, I then closed up the hatch, went back to the copcit, sat down and headed through the portal and for a split second I could of swore I saw that goat headed fortune teller smiling at me…… weird. I then found myself just off from the cost standing next to Shiro thankfully with no portal on this side anyway to be seen. 2 minutes later a large super heated column of water erupted from the ocean’s surface mushrooming into the sky…. you know at this rate history isn’t going to know me as Ryujin but “Nuke em’ all” Michalik…… I can live with that.

I flipped on the radio and called over to Shiro, “Hey Shiro, before we do anything I need you to see if we still got out birds under out control and if we do I don’t care what it takes…. track that bitches ship down.”
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Postby Defectron » Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:35 am

Mana and Asukas swords clashed as the two appeared to be evenly matched, neither was making any headway. I had gone back down to retreive her as the others had already made it back up to the ship.

"Your just jealous! I don't need Shinji Tan now! Now I have a real man!" Mana screamed as she slammed her blade against Asukas forcing her back. We didn't have time for this. Without warning I let loose with and EMP blast frying the cercuitry of both girls armor.

"M-Manticore What the fuck do you think your doing?" Asuka said attempting to move.

"Sorry, but we don't have time for this, we need to leave now...and holy fuck is that Mana? But how? Oh never mind we need to go." I said as I slung Asuka over my shoulder and paused to push the still frozen Mana over so that she landed on her face.

"C-Come back and fight me! I-I'll beat both of you! Your all just jealous because I'm with Lord Biomancer tan now!" She shouted after us pitifully before I flew Asuka back up to the ship. I did not like the look of that huge sphere, so far it hadn't done anything but I wanted to get the hell out of here before it had a chance.

"Lady Manticore, I've been attempting to reach you for some time." I turned to see Socks greeting me.

"Busy right now, gotta leave! Here's an Asuka, get her out of that dead armor." I said handing her to Socks.

"Don't treat me like an object! Hey!" Asuka said irritated.

"I have some good news and bad news to report."

"I'm guessing the bad news has to do with that sphere?"

"No, besides that, the good news is we have successfully retrieved all the water samples as well as the vampire eva and its pilot. We have also planted N2 mines throughout the area and will detonate them on our departure. The bad news is Rei Ayanami has escaped, she was helped by Desuloli, Weiland and Lum."

"WHAT?!?" The lights around me all exploded from an electrical discharge And the temperature around my body rose to the point it scorched the walls.

"I also have reason to believe that Gaylord, may have been an agent of the overlords."

"What? Bring him too me right now!"

"That's not possible, I'm afraid he was killed by Desuloli. I cannot rule out that they may have been working together however..."

"You can tell me after we get out of here, there's nothing that can be done now, at least we still have unit 00." I could still make my plan work with just 00, but I was more worried about Rei possibly being in the overlords hands, that wasn't something I wanted to see happen. Earlier I had slipped some of Socks nanites into her bloodstream in case she did escape I could track her. But right now there were much bigger problems at hand. As I came onto the bridge, the monitors all began to display images of the sphere, a dark cloud was beginning to emit from it.

"What the hell is that?" I asked

Zooming in closer, it was revealed that the cloud was actually a huge swarm of gigantic flying ants. It was then I realized what I was seeing, this was the thing that weirdo back at the compound was talking about that took his wife. "Oh fuck...we need to get out of here!"

Below an N2 mine planted by my old group exploded destroying the lake we had been under. Moments later the mines I had planted all detonated in addition to that, vaporizing the springs and what was left of the nearby village.

The swarm of ants was rapidly moving as it blotted all light from the sky, they were moving to intercept the others retreating in the trident.

"Oh no you don't! Lay down some cover with some plasma warheads!" I shouted as the abbaddons guns turned firing at the swarm. Several missiles fired, as they struck the black cloud descending on the trident they detonated in a cloud of burning white plasma engulfing the ants. But as the flames began to die I saw something I didn't want to see. Only front of the swarm had been burnt away. The rest had been protected by something. Shimmering among the cloud were three orange shields, AT fields!

"Zoom in! what's making those fields?" I asked, as it zoomed in it became clear, three mini zeruels were floating amid the ants giving them some protection from my attacks.

"So, that's where Lil Z came from. This isn't good, we need to go on the offensive. Fire our positron cannon at that sphere, give it full power, we need to punch through any At fields that might get thrown in our path."

"But if we do that, we won't be able to take another shot for another ten minutes." A worried Beastman said looking at me.

"Well if it gets through that won't be an issue....and if it doesn't, Asuka and myself will buy you enough time to charge it again." I said as I looked at the building swarm on the monitor which was sending another volley of ants towards both us and the trident. "Socks, get Asuka ready, as soon as she's out of that armor, I might need her to pilot the vampire eva." In theory she could do it since Oscar was her clone, if not I could always coerce Oscar into doing it, but that would be more work and we just didn't have the time.
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Postby Ryjin » Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:08 pm

I impatiently flickered through my various camera angles and sensor options as I waited for Shiro to reply back. I wanted to get on with this, find where that green skin bitch’s ship was at and stomp and tear it apart and even more importantly we needed to get our little blue haired waffe back…… How could Manticore turn on us like this? But at the same time on the other hand I was more then a little nervous…. I mean Manticore’s ship was a lot bigger then anything we’ve taken on yet and I had no idea of what kind of defenses it had, how much fire power it has….. and … well I’m even more worried about the state we…. we might find Rei in… What if the bitch gave her crew orders to kill her if we had a real chance of rescuing her?….. What if during our orbital strike to disable the ships engines it turns out the she’s being held close to where we hit or a few shots hit off target and she’s cut to ribbons? And…… and then there’s no telling what they did to her psychologically…… what if Manticore did something to her like Ritsuko did to Shinji? Fuck it, that’s enough worrying for now. I got to keep focused.

“Yo guys.” I called out to my companions sitting in the usual spot near the back of the cockpit as I swivel in my chair to face them. “Remember that we’ve got some bunks, first door on the left as you leave the cockpit and a galley downstairs so if any of you guys are hunger or tired go for it, this might take a while so rest while you can.”

“Yeah, we need to keep our strength up so no point in playing macho, in fact I’m gonna grab a bite to eat.” Scab added as he started to stand up while Misato turned to Shinji asked him if he wanted to lay down and then told us they were gonna do so, Lady Wargreymon then added in that she was gonna join in with Scab and grab some grub. Johnson on the other hand was stead fast to wait right here until any word came in, can’t really blame him given what’s a state here.

After everyone but my less then friendly neighborhood gasmasked vigilante left to rest or get some food the waiting continued in silence with every God damned second nagging at me. I really wanted to just call Shiro and see what’s up, you know how you get like that feeling in the back of your head that if you like acknowledge the situation that somehow it’ll make it get done faster…… and then:

“Yo Ryujin, got some good and some good but in a bad way news for ya.”

Of course, but can’t I get some just good news from time to time? Is that so much to ask? But enough bitching.

“Alright man, lay it on me.” I responded back as I moved one of my cameras so the Trident came into view.

“Ok first up we still got full control of all our birds both recon and strike and well… looky at what I found.” He reported to me as a window asking to authorize a download popped up which ok’ed and opened reviling a high resolution satellite image of…… I had no fucking clue what it was, a jungle clearing maybe?.

“Ummmmm nice pic Shiro…… ummmm what the hell am I looking at?”

“It’s an area about 40 miles north of here, zoom in on the clearing and you tell me.” he replied while I followed his suggestion moving the cursor over to the magnification button and well what did you know, the area was crawling with beastmen and …. what the….. this can’t be right… it looked like some of the beastmen where waling on thin air and some of them looked like half of them was missing…… was it a compression artifact…. oh!

“That’s her fucking ship, it’s fucking parked there isn’t it and It’s got some kind of cloaking device doesn’t it?” I ask Shiro as a grin of satisfaction came over my covered face.

“Yeppers!” He piped back, “It’s got some of the best therm-optic camouflage I’ve seen given how well it’s covering up something that big but if you look closely you can roughly see the outline of it where it’s camo ends…….. “

“Oh fuck that, so her fucking ship is grounded! What the fuck are you waiting for! Bring the rain on that bitch’s ship!” I cut him off shouting in excitement loud enough to perk Johnsons interest.

“I’d love to.” Shiro said starting to reply back…… oh dear, here it comes…., “But here comes the part that I said was good but also not good, look down at grid 56 by 107 right where the clearing starts to turn back into jungle.”

I quickly scanned across the map (well as quickly as I could, I’ve never been to good at reading grids like this) and….. yeah… there it…. or should I say there she was…. Rei, there she was running towards the cover of the underbush along with some other girl who… well if the sat pic is to be believed has some ummmm “ample tracks of land” if you get my drift and what looked like some kind of robot which at first worried me but they didn’t seem to be running from it but rather with it… at lest I hoped so. Now of course I was over joyed to see her again, to see that she was alright and out of that bitch’s hands but of course the down side of this was that we couldn’t risk our little strike against the ship and the even better part is that we were now gonna have to go in there and grab her ourselves which in turn means that we’re gonna have to get uncomfortably close to that ship and more then likely they’re gonna see our big asses and lord knows what kind of fire power it’s packing and with no option of using some of our birds to lay down a cover barge……. Wait, hold on…. there was someone missing here.

“Ummmmm Shiro, any idea where Leslie is? I can’t seem to find her anywhere on the map.” I ask him at almost a whisper since I didn’t want to get Johnson worked up before I knew all the factors here and Shiro replied, “Ummmm you know I didn’t see but she’s got to be there somewhere, how else did Rei get out?

“Alright, now do you have any idea how much fire power that ships got given that… well you know what we’re gonna have to do now.” I continued.

“Ummm kinda, before it took out the satellite I found it with earlier I did get sorta clear shot of it and from what I can see it’s … it’s not gonna be fun.” He answered and I finished up with, “Lovely, well good work man. I’m gonna tell the rest the news and then we’ll go over plan, you keep an eye on her and let me know the first sign there’s trouble.”

Well it was time to spread the word.

“Well I’ve got some good news.” I start to tell Johnson as I once again swivel my chair around to face him, “Rei’s managed to escape with some fr……..”

“Fuck ya, that my girl!” he shot out while jumping out of his seat sounding a lot happier then he has in a good while, “So what the fuck are we waiting for? Let’s go get her!”

“Well the thing is she’s really close to the ship still so if we just head up there with out a plan we’re gonna put her in even more danger since they’re more then likely gonna start shelling us on sight and she’ll get caught in the cross fire not to mention the fact that we’re no good to her getting all blasted apart…. oh and… and while I don’t want to alarm you but we can’t seem to locate Leslie position, we don’t know where she is.”
And with that all the excitement he had started to drain out with worry filling in it’s stead but before either of could say anything more Shiro came over the line again, “Yo Ryujin, ummm it’s not about Rei so don’t worry yet but ah, you remember that one weird guy with the Hello Kitty AK who would ramble on about his wife being captured by some kind of moving ant hive or something?”

“Umm yeah, I remember him saying some like that.” I replied.

“Well ummmm there’s something that matches that description that seems to be heading for us right now”
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Postby Defectron » Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:05 pm

Below the ship the remaining beast men quickly retreated coming on board as I met Asuka and Masquerade down in the launch bay. The ship slowly took off, hovering above the treeline but did not try to fly away much to the confusion of Ryujin, Johnson and the others watching below. The ship then dropped its camo for a moment before giving off a soft blue glow which quickly intensified into a white blazing inferno of plasma as the shields were brought online.

I then spoke into the ships com which had a link directly to my helmet "Alright listen up everyone, excluding those in the command room, for every other person on this ship, your job is to defend it against invasion! Asuka, Masquerade and I will be going out as a first line of defense, but some invaders will most likely get past us and through the ships barrier. You all need to hold them at bay for ten minutes until the positron cannon can charge! If I don't make it back Socks will be in charge. Either come back with your shields or on them!" I then shut off my com link and waited for Asuka and Masquerade. Masquerade had changed into Rama like she had done back in the vampire village and Asuka had just gotten inside the vampire eva.

"So how do you feel? Think you can manage it?" I asked through the com link.

"I liked unit 02 better, but I think this will do." Asuka stated before scrunching her face slightly "Also this thing smells kind of like you..." she said looking a little irritated.

"Like me? Never mind we need to go!" I stated. Asukas statement along with the tentacles present on the vampire eva made me wonder, but there was really no time to think about it now. I could figure out what the deal with it was once we got out of here.

A drop ship style door opened near the cargo bay as I leapt out flying into the air accompanied by Masquerade who was dressed in battle armor clinging to the Evas shoulder so that its AT field would offer some protection for when we went through the ships plasma shield. Lastly Asuka leapt from the ship landing with a thunderous boom. To her back was a huge metal box nearly as tall as her eva which had also slammed into the ground. The box was smoking slightly from passing through the plasma fire. Asuka then struck a latch on its side as steam hissed and the container fell open revealing several huge weapons. Reaching down she then hefted out a giant minigun (like the one Shinji used in rebuild).

The sky above us was blackening from the coming swarm.

"Asuka, spread you’re AT field to its max power. I'm hoping we can keep those things from getting to us without having to fight them directly. Though given the presence of the mini Z's I wasn't too confident in this. Against one, Asukas AT field would be stronger, but if a bunch got together they might be able to get through it.

"Why do we need to do this anyway? Didn't you say this ships engine was some sort of prototype that could generate more energy than all of Japan could back when Shinji did this?" Asuka asked.

"If it powers up too quickly the system will overload, we need at least ten minutes before the positron cannon can be fired at full power and I don't want to leave this to chance by shooting a half assed shot." Like several huge snakes, the swarms of ants began to descend from the clouds. The Abbadons regular guns all pointed to the sky and began raining a blazing firestorm on the coming invaders. But it wasn't nearly enough, it was like shooting bullets trying to stop a river. And then they finally met Asukas AT field right as they were almost on top of us. The huge cloud of giant writhing black metallic bodies smashed against the orange barrier like violent waves on the rocks of a beach. So far the AT field was holding as the thousands of bodies strained to get inside our protective bubble. But then just as I suspected it would, cracks began to appear in our defense. For every hundred or so giant ants, one mini Z was among them. The tiny angels were making their way through the ants and pressing against the barrier spreading their own AT fields to weaken it. Within seconds, holes began to appear as hundreds of the giant ants began pouring inside. Asuka then let loose with a torrent of cannon sized explosive rounds from her minigun aiming at the holes in her AT field, blasting apart hundreds of the ants that were getting inside, but so far it wasn't good enough. Some of the ants that managed to avoid her came flying towards her only to get slammed into the ground as I fired off the H-gun attempting to stomp any ants that got near Asuka. Split between maintaining the AT Field and firing her gun, her concentration was at its limit. If any of those ants attacked her, it could break and it would all be over. Masquerade landed on her shoulder and aimed a bow at another incoming swarm before firing. The single arrow multiplied into a thousand in a blink of an eye before striking the swarm, downing many of the ants near the front of it. So far we were doing good, but many ants were still making it past our defense to attack the ship. The first couple dozen or so ended up being fried as if they flew into a giant bug zapper as they met the Abbaddons plasma shield. But as always they were quick to adapt, several mini zeruels flew through the hole making their way towards the ship. As they landed on the plasma shield they spread their AT fields making three doors in the shield the ants could use. Shrieking through the air, some of the ants we missed landed on each safe zone before opening their mandibles, between each ants jaw was a laser beam that began to burn into the ships armor.

Inside the ship

Moeblob waited impatiently, she had gone down to guard the Positron cannon while it charged.

"Dads on board Aaon right now. If I can hold these things off, this gun will shoot and I'll finally be rid of him! I'll finally be free!" She thought to herself barely containing her glee. Then she heard the sound of dozens of guns firing as a squad of beastmen met the invading ants in a corridor quickly getting cut down by their lasers.

"Oh, looks like I'm all alone, no matter, one of me is more then enough!" She shouted as she leapt into the horde of oncoming ants, her body quickly lost its form, transforming into a blob of protoplasm that began to rapidly consume anything that attempted to come through the hallway.


One of the beastmen who had been assigned to guard the Jusynkyo water noticed something odd, the water from the spring of drowned Asura was missing. "Oh boy, lady Manticore won't be happy about that." He muttered.
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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:05 am


Asuka continued to stare horrified and shocked at seeing Mana standing right in front of her

"You think that I care about you, Shinji or the others? Fat chance, redhead bitch."Mana screamed as she slammed her blade against Asuka, forcing her back. "Only Lord Biomancer is who I care about. He and his master are all I got now."

However, Manticore pops down and blasts them both with her EMP shock, freezing them in place.

"M-Manticore What the fuck do you think your doing?" Asuka shouted in surprise.

"Sorry, but we don't have time for this, we need to leave now...and holy fuck is that Mana? But how? Oh never mind we need to go." Manticore told Asuka as she took her under her wing and made her walk.

"Get your ass back now, Asuka! You have no chance to stand up against me and Lord Biomancer! NO CHANCE AT ALL!" She shouted right after Manticore and Asuka departed without hesitation.

Mana then rolled out of the way, put her helmet back on and placed her right hand on said helmet.

"Lord Biomancer, I have failed to capture Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami and Shinji Ikari. What shall I do now. master?", she spoke into her helmet.

"Return to my ship immediately. We'll talk about your next objective on your arrival." Biomancer replied.

"Affirmative. Returning now." Mana replied back, which she then started her jetpack up and flew away.

Mr. Johnson

Well, this totally eats.

My gal Leslie pretty much tried to get Rei out of our "once a friend, now an enemy" Manticore's ship, but for some reason...

we can't find Rei.

Leslie came down, still in LadyD mode, told me "Well, I tried to get Rei back, but that bitch Magdalene took me out with one swoop and...yeah, it was bullshit."

"Damn." I tell her in response. "So you got any clue where Rei is now?"

"Well...after I taught Magdalene a lesson, I saw her hanging on a flying robot with an older girl with...rather oddly colored hair going thatway.", Leslie replies, pointing her big hand towards my right.

"Interesting...I wonder who could that be?" I ponder to myself.

However, Ryujin shows up and asks, "So..what's going on?"

"Beats me...but I got someone to look for." I reply back with a half-assed chuckle.

"I bet it's Rei...right?" he squints at me with a smirk.

"Yeah...someone's got her...again, but at least she's out of Manticore's grasps." I reply back, but rather than giving Ryujin a chance to respond, I make a mad dash to the direction Leslie pointed at.

"Oh Johnson, you gas masked son of a bitch." Ryujin chuckles after i've ran off (Don't ask why I know, kay?)

Nearly out of breath, I stumble on the ground near some cave which has a glare of an ember colored light illuminating out of it.

"Wer zum Teufel bist du?!" some mechanical voice yells out.

"Shhhh Wieland, you don't want to wake Rei up, right?" the voice of a 16 something American girl replies.

"Okay, okay Kristina. Ich halte es nach unten ... für jetzt." Wieland (I guess) replies back.

"Good." the girl responds.

As I lay there exhausted from running, I look up and see this petite girl with blue, purple and blonde hair, some rather cutesy Japanese T-Shirt, a pair of very Space Opera-ish black gloves and a black cape looking down at me who asks, "Say...aren't you that Mr. Johnson fella that our new friend Rei mentioned?"

"Obviously...missy." I groan back, sluring my words.

"Kristina, ich weiß nicht wie diese Gasmaske tragen Sohn eines Fotze. Kann ich ihn töten?" the mechanical voice asks that girl, though I cannot understand jack shit of what the voice is saying.

"No, Wieland. Just keep quiet like I said so." Kristina snaps back at him.

"Verdammt, ich werde schweigen wie Sie mich fragen, ich sage nur ich erkennen, etwas ... dumm von ihm ... und es ist nerven mich." the robot growls back at her.

"Shut up." Kristina yells back at the robot.

"Schrauben Sie!" the robot growls at her, then quiets up.

As I look at her and the robot (for some reason, I think i've seen this robot, I just can't quite remember why. Must've been an album cover or something.), I catch a glimpse of Rei, who picks up a rock of some sort and throws it at Kristina in a real spur of the moment event.

The rock (not "The Rock", okay?) stomach churningly smacks Kristina at the back of her head and Rei runs to my side, quickly trying her best to help me up.

Once I get up, the two of us make like a tree and leave, deserting the injured girl and her Germanic robot buddy.

"Dammit Wieland...why did you not do anything!?!" Kristina yells at Wieland.

"Stupid Teenager Fotze. Sie erzählte mir den Mund zu halten, also nicht mir die Schuld für Ihre idiotische amerikanische Idiotie." Wieland replies back with a sarcastic tone.

"Stupid damn baka robot!" Kristina grumbles back in response.

However, she passes by an emerging big red ant and gets a painful sensation in her head that, with no explanation, causes the ant to explode.

"Fuck, now how i'm going to get some damn Excedrin in this damn post-apocalyptic world?!?" Kristina complains, continuing to keep her right hand on her head as she walks away in irritation over what Rei did to her.
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Postby Defectron » Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:29 am

I fired off several more shots from the H-gun as I dodged and weaved through the air, avoiding several ants that came flying at me. Along with the Abbaddons guns I was doing an ok job covering Asuka, but more ants were getting in, we wouldn't last too much longer if we couldn't fire the positron cannon.

"How long til the cannon can fire?" I asked into the communicator.

"It's only half charged, were going to need another five minutes." Was the reply I got, I didn't know if we could hold out that long though, this was going to be close.

On the ground

Rei had began to run away when several figures descended blocking her pathway. It was two giant ants, riding on the back of each was an armored Asuka clone. I n the middle of them was a third figure, it was Mana, outfitted with new armor and she was riding on something even scarier then the ants, it was another mini Z!

"Rei, well now I wasn't expecting to see you here. Lord Biomancer will be most pleased if you accompany me to see him. I'm sure we'll treat you better then when Manticore had you prisoner." Mana said smiling under her helmet.

"I won't go with you!" Rei said backing up, she didn;'t have anything to fight such overwhelming power with but even so she didn't intend to go quietly.

"You act like you have choice. We don't have time for this, you two, break her legs and take her!" Mana commanded the two clones who simply nodded and began to approach Rei. However just as they began to do so one of them let out a scream as something invisible sliced neatly through her body, even the armor as if it were butter. Her upper torast fell as blood sprayed from her lower half covering a small partially invisible figure in her blood. For a moment Rei thought it must have been Manticore but no the figure was much too small. But even so she had tentacles and a tale just like I did, and also seemed to be wearing similar armor. But she had the build of a twelve year old girl. Fully coming out of stealth mode Rei could see the figure of the one who saved her fully now. Her armor was very simialr to mine but it was gold in color rather then dark green. Also at her side was a very strange looking katana which she had apparently used to kill the Asuka clone.

"M-Manticore? No.... who the hell are you?" Mana shouted angrily. "No matter, whoever you are, your going to die now! Kill her!" The other Asuka removed a progressive katana from her holster and ran at the mysterious little girl who raised her own sword. In a blink of an eye the progressive katana was cut in half along with the Asuka clone.

"You two had better leave. It would be inconvenient for me if I kill you now." She said as she flicked her sword. What kind of blade was that? Mana had never seen something break a progressive blade that easy. But then as if to answer her question the katana began to morph and change until it had turned into a mini version of the lance of longinus.

"I-Impossible!" Mana shreiked out at the sight of it.

"Nothings impossible for me. Rei I've come to help you escape." the little girl said looking at her.

"Wh..Who are you?" She asked.

"Who do I look like to you?" Was her only response as she began to back towards Rei. But Mana wasn't going to leave it at that.

"Don't let them escape!" She said to the mini Z next to her which slowly began to advance on the two of them.

"Hmmph, so you want to fight after all? Fine, I'm just supposed to leave you alive for now. She never said what state you needed to be left in. But I'll warn you now, despite appearances I have spent ten more years in my post impact form then the manticore of this world. Even without the lance my skills in this form far surpass hers."
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Postby Vegeta 20XX » Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:56 pm

OCC/GM Post: Also, I'd like to see some sort of summary of what has transpired since the last episode the last time I was involved. Tachigawa? Magdalene? Samus Aran? This more or less comprises my "what the fuck" moment, so I would at least like to know how this came to pass that Rei is riding on a miniature Zeruel's back or that the main character from Metroid is somehow involved with this whole thing.
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Postby Vegeta 20XX » Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:09 pm

After The Impact is now officially closed - see this thread for my longwinded, impassioned speech regarding it:

The link in question.
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Vegeta 20XX: Actually pixelated, and the self proclaimed "King of the screw up". - Fazmotron
The most awesome thing ever. Seriously.
"Try kicking me." "I'm wearing fucking Crocs, why the fuck would I kick you?!?" - John Clayton Wilson-Freeman, the Debugman
I witnessed a young girl ohhh about 12 years of age or so fall off a snowbank then proceed to say "Fuck you snowhill that hurt" - Dataprime
For those who put things like "Chuckman x Chuckmen" and "Follower of the Chuckman x Chuckman pairing" in their signatures: All you need is fuck.

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