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Postby Defectron » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:36 am

About an hour after I left with Naomi for Mt Fuji.

"No! No! This can't be happening!" I shouted before falling to my knees, in front of me was a huge plume of dust coming up from Mount Fuji. Had the volcano erupted? I didn't think it was active though, and even if it was they should have been able to get out.

Naomi just looked at me worried as if she was unsure what to say. "M-Manticore..."

"They must've been able to get out, a volcanic eruption wouldn't have taken them by surprise." I said standing up. But even as I said this I knew in my gut that something was very wrong here, something was amiss but I didn't know what.

"Listen Manticore I don't think..." Naomi said putting her hand on my shoulder.

"No! They definitely got out, it wouldn't make any sense...I mean they had gizmos that could even reverse the reimagining phenomena, no way they wouldn't be able to detect volcanic activity!" what I said made sense, but I couldn't help but feel that I was somehow in denial of the situation despite that.

"It was not a volcano." I then heard a new voice say. It was a robotic sounding voice I had never heard before. With electricity crackling around my body I got in front of Naomi ready to face my new potential foe. In front of me a humanoid form materialized as if from thin air. But no that wasn't right, it had just been camouflaged, much like those armored Asuka clones had been, it was using similar technology. But this was not an Asuka clone. It was a featureless man which appeared to be made completely of some strange chrome material, it almost resembled the T-1000 from the second terminator film.

"I don't know who or what you are, but you've got ten seconds to explain yourself before I rain some hell down on your shiny head." I said to it as I stood between it and Naomi.

"That will be unnessecery, I am your loyal servant Lady Manticore." It said as it held up its hands.

"How do you know who I am?" I asked as I walked towards it.

"You were the last one accepted into Lindquist Von Spielbergs inner circle. Although you were the lowest ranking member, as you are the only one currently alive. I am now yours to command." It stated, but I wasn't paying attention to that, I was paying more attention to what it said about me being the last one alive.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" I shouted almost spitting in the things face as I grabbed its shoulders. It felt cold, but not quite solid either.

"At 5:35 this morning an N2 mine was detonated from within the volcano. There were no survivors." an N2 mine? Was it the overlord? Matt seemed confident no one knew of his schemes, besides the overlord was dead and all his followers were most likely in a panic right now. No they weren't likely culprits for this at all. Excluding unknown forces, the process of elimination only left one likely culprit, Phoenix! That's right, I hadn't been paying much attention at the time but Shiro had mentioned something about a missing N2 mine. It must have been her! It wasn't enough that she violated and almost killed me, but she killed my friends too, even my ex girlfreind and her unborn child! Unforgivable! I would make her wish she had killed me the next time I found her, I'll send her on a one way ticket to her own personal hell for this.

As these thoughts ran through my head the area around me seemed to heat up as electricity crackled around my body, the grass becoming black and burnt in the process.

"Manticore stop! I...I'm still here, please calm down!" Naomi said as she tried to get near me but didn't dare try to touch me as everything around my body seemed to be literally burning up from my rage at what had happened. But then the electricity subsided as I turned to look at Naomi.

"Sorry...I got a little carried away...let’s go..." I said sounding a little sad "You too, whatever the hell your name is." I said to the mysterious metal man who turned to follow us.

A bit later as we drove away, we both sat in the back seat as Demiurge took the wheel, the strange metal man sat in shotgun looking out the window "Naomi...my friends are all gone. They died and I wasn't even able to tell them the truth about why I came back this way."

"I..I'm sorry, if you need anything I'm here for you," Naomi said giving me a hug.

"Thanks...you’re the only person I have left in this world. Don't leave me ok." I said hugging her back.

That night I told Naomi what happened to Ryujin and the overlord. She cried , but to be honest she took it a bit better than I thought she would. That night when we went to sleep she snuggled against me in bed, burying her face in my soft naked boobs as she slept. We’d both lost a lot recently and all we could do was take comfort in each other’s presence. I no longer needed sleep, on a regular basis, but I didn’t want to leave Naomi alone right now either. I glanced around the darkened room we slept in, so this bed would be where I would be spending my nights in the years to come once the war was over. I was still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that I was going to be the bride of the future ruler of the world. I never imagined I would ever be involved in politics either, whenever people talked of politics before it sounded like a lot of pain in the ass bullshit that I wanted nothing to do with. But right now the world needed a lot of help and Naomi was giving it, the least I could do was help her. Besides powerful women are damned sexy.

During the rest of the week

Before I could begin my mission, the first thing I decided to do was go over all the resources I had at my disposal. And to be honest I was a little overwhelmed with all that I had to work with. Yes, that bitch had no idea what she got herself into by crossing me. I had everything from confiscated items from people who came back in new forms to all sorts of futuristic experimental technology built by people who came back with enhanced intelligence. Hell Naomi even had an experimental starship that she was willing to let me use. It was called the Abbaddon. Since it was the fastest and one of the most powerful vehicles we had, it was only natural I would request its use for my mission.

I stood in the hanger looking up at the massive behemoth that various people were still working on even now. This beast had only been in the planning stages pre third impact. Humanity at large believed the angels were coming directly from space, as such they had planned to build this monstrosity to intercept them. However due to the construction of the eva units bankrupting many of the nations involved it never got passed the planning stages, however this all changed once Naomi began building her empire, she took all those she found who came back with enhanced intelligence and put them to work on this and other next generation technologies that never were realized. The development of new technologies has always been hampered by all sorts of political red tape, but not here, this is exactly as things should be. If someone had an idea it could be developed without any stupid crap to get in the way. Though I must say, even I was a little surprised that Naomi was willing to let me use her prototype starship that easily. I mean we were in the middle of a global war right now and you would think it would be better used to directly strike against the overlords forces. Naomi had several airships similar to the ones the overlord used, I would've settled for one of those, but if it was ok for me to take this instead I would certainly do so. But Naomi seemed to think that the potential these groups had to expand their territory while the overlords forces were in chaos due to the loss of their leader was a bigger problem. I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, I always wanted my own starship after all. I would take a closer look at this later, it wouldn't be ready for the field for another week or so anyway. I had other things to check out before then anyway.

First I decided to check out the confiscated weapons area. The reason I went here first was because I was kind of hoping there would be a deathnote or a guyver unit in there. Though this was a bit unlikely for several reasons. In the case of the deathnote, the reason for this was that a deathnote would most likely be captured if the user attempted to use it against Naomi’s organization. But while it would have been a deadly weapon in the original governmental setup of the pre third impact world, it was useless against organizations like Naomi’s or the overlords where the identity of the leader is virtually unknown. In the case of the guyver unit , it simply wouldn’t make any sense for someone to come back without being bonded to the armor already, and it couldn’t easily be taken without a remover.

As expected there were no deathnotes or guyver units. There was a lot of stuff though, much of it wasn’t much use to me. A lot of these items such as Inuyashas Tessaiga, Harry potters wand and Edward Elrics silver pocket watch must have been very useful for their original owners, but were pretty much useless to anyone else. There were a lot of items that looked to be somewhat useful such as phasers from star trek, lightsabers from star wars and also what looked like a lot of magic swords some of which looked like they may have come from lord of the rings. Well I might as well load those onto the abbaddon later, they did look like they would be somewhat useful. As I looked through the items I tossed aside Harry Potters invisibility cloak that would be of no use to me since Naomi’s stealth technology was more effective. After doing so I saw something under it that looked like a huge futuristic gun, wait was that what I thought it was? With some effort I turned the insanely heavy weapon over, sure enough it had an H shaped barrel. It looked just like an H-gun from the gantz manga! An H-gun was a powerful weapon that smashed any enemies it was fired at by rapidly increasing the gravity around their bodies.

“Sweet! I’m going to have to test this baby out later…though actually lifting this thing up could be a problem.” I said as I shoved a dolly under it and wheeled it over to the pile of things that I was taking from the room. Next I would check out what sort of futuristic technology I had at my disposal. The person I would be speaking to would be the director of development Professor Gaylord. He was one of the main people who helped to develop the Abbaddon.
A bit later

The professor first showed me an assembly line manufacturing humanoid robots. “These are our armored troopers, their strength, speed and reflexes far exceeds that of a human soldier. Plus they don’t need to sleep or eat. On the battlefield these beauties are a gold standard!” He said beaming with pride. Gaylord a pretty dodgy looking guy, he wore a purple fur coat and a top hat, in his hand was a cane topped with a crystalline miniature skull. He kind of reminded me of a creepier version of Johnny Depps Willy Wonka.

“Those dolls of yours are nice and all, but they won’t cut it here. My old team encountered similar robots under the overlords control and we managed to defeat them even though we were greatly outnumbered. I would rather have a frail human team that is smart enough not to walk into a trap then a tough but stupid team of robots.”

“You do raise a valid point and I think you’ll like what I have to show you next. You’re right that even though our robotic troops are powerful they have a number of shortcomings. But I’ve been working on another project that may be more effective than they are on the battlefield. Follow me, I have something interesting to show you.” He led me into another room, it appeared to be a large training room and inside it a number of bizarre things seemed to be going through combat maneuvers. There were dozens of them, things that seemed to be a mixture between humans and various beasts.
“What the hell are those?” I asked as I watched a hyena man spar with a large simian like creature.

“About a year ago we entered into a conflict with a hostile tribe made completely of people who came back as furries. Needless to say, they lost the fight. I took all their dead bodies and used them as the base for my new creation, a race of “super furry” if you will. I did away with all the detrimental traits they had and improved upon those which made them strong. In addition I implanted a cybernetic implant into each new clone. When one clone learns something or makes a mistake the rest of them learn from it. The super furrys have not had an opportunity to be tested in the field though. If they get one I’m sure they will not disappoint!” The professor explained.
“Humans are too weak and the robots are too dumb, very well then, I’ll arrange for a test run mission by the end of the week. If your soldiers perform to my standards then I’ll take them on as the crew of the abbaddon. Now show me what other things you guys have been developing around here. Though instead of calling them furries I’ll go with beast men, sounds cooler.” Next the professor showed me all sorts of firearms , such as laser, plasma and rail guns, he even had developed a sonic resonance cannon which could shatter the bones of any soldiers it was pointed at. It could even bring down a building if pointed at it long enough. Though my favorite was the monowire shotgun. It was a double barreled railgun that fired two slugs at opposing angles, between the slugs was a monowire, anything between them would get easily cut down. Aside from that there were various products of nanotechnology developed by Naomi, none were quite as advanced as the nanomorph that I had found by Lindquists old base, but those too would come in handy. Lastly I looked at the power armor Naomi had been developing, we’d need some mass produced for the troops in case we ran into some of those armored Asuka clones.

“Since we have access to nanoassemblers, making mass modifications to suits for the use with the super fur…err I mean beast men shouldn’t be a problem. But the nature of your powers could be troublesome, all our current models are vulnerable to EMP blasts which are emitted by your body on a fairly regular basis when in combat. We do have plans for a type of suit that is not vulnerable to that, but none have been assembled yet.”

“I see, well you should get to work on that, have it ready as soon as you can.” I said as I walked off to go check in with Naomi since we had finished touring the R&D sector. I still had other plans to make but Naomi had scheduled me to meet her sometime within the next few hours about something she said was important. When I walked into her room I saw a bizarre sight, standing in the middle of the room was a mysterious creature covered in hair. Naomi was sitting at its side.

“Ok…Naomi what is up with cousin It over there?” I asked, one thing was sure, even mundane things like meetings were never boring with Naomi around.

“Oh him? He’s just the Hair Doctor Fuzzy. I called you over here because I wanted to talk about giving you a makeover. After all you’re going to be the future empress of our nation. So I think it’s time to get a new look.” She said walking over to me. “Let’s start with your hair. What sort of hairstyle would you like? Fuzzy here can restructure your hair any way you choose and once he does that it’ll always stick that way until you want him to change it, no matter how much it gets messed up it’ll always go back to that style.” Naomi explained..

“Hmmm…yeah you got a point there. I actually kinda regret not giving myself a better hairstyle when I was reimagined. If I had to pick one, I would go with Chiaki Kiriyamas hair style. It’s so long, smooth and sexy looking!” Just imagining myself with that hair was making me feel a little excited.

“Alright, that sounds good, Fuzzy, do you need a visual aid?” Naomi asked the little fuzzy man. He just looked at her with his two black beady eyes.

“Naw its cool, I saw kill bill.” He said as he walked over to me and motioned for me to sit down. He then reached up as his tiny hands went into my hair. As this happened I felt a tingling sensation on my scalp.
“H-Hey what’s going on? What’s he doing?” I asked but then I felt my hair come down longer then I remembered it being as it touched my back. He then moved his tiny hand through my uneven bangs causing my fore head to tingle. I could feel it, long smooth hair against my back, but it shouldn’t be that long. Naomi then held up a mirror as the strange fuzzy man moved away. My hair was still green but other than that it was the spitting image of the same style as Chiaki Kiriyamas! My green hair was so long and smooth and shiny, even my bangs were completely even now.

“How do you like it?” Naomi asked with a smile.

“Like it? I love it!” I said as I ran my fingers through it before taking a lock of the hair and rubbing my face in it, it felt so nice and smooth. “If I liked it any more I’d be answering natures call in the bathroom about now…ahh…so smooth….in fact I think I can hear the phone ringing right now!” I was about to run over to the bathroom so that I could answer natures call but Naomi took my wrist.

“Not so fast! You can molest your new hair later, right now we have more things to try on.” Naomi got me more clothes? Not long after I came here she gave me an entire stock of just about any outfit I might want to wear from everyday clothing to cosplay variations on my favorite female characters. What could she have gotten me that I hadn’t already got?

“First I had an outfit made for you when you go out in the field on your missions. It’s made of a special nanotech material which can deflect most firearms, and it’s also highly conductive to electricity.” Naomi said pulling something that in some ways resembled Asukas plug suit from a box. It wasn’t exactly like it though, the color scheme was bright green and black. Also there were some spaces on the back for my tentacles, tail and wings, the last and final difference was that the chest was clearly for someone with three boobs.

“OOOOOOoooohhh…sweet I always wanted to try wearing a plugsuit!” I said as I took it.

“Well like I was saying, this isn’t a plugsuit, but some of the same technology is behind it.” Naomi said as she showed me where to squeeze the wrist causing it to tighten around my body. The slick shiny black material was so skin tight it didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. I even seemed to have something of a camel toe between my legs. Between this and my new hair natures phone was ringing even louder.

Naomi put her arms around me before running her hands over my body and stopping by my cameltoe giving it a nice squeeze which caused me to let out a small gasp. “So how do you like it? It’s bullet proof, fire proof, acid proof and I’m guessing you might be noticing right now it’s also water proof.” She said with a smile.

“Yeah, water proof is a good thing right now.” I said with a smile.

“I’m going to have to ask you to wear this regularly before going out in the field. It’s clear to me its distracting to you right now, you need to get used to it. Can’t be thinking dirty thoughts during our missions after all.”

“Oh, yeah of course Naomi…I’d be more than happy to…” I said glancing down at the shiny black and green material clinging so tightly to my chest.

“Though I’m going to have to ask you to take it off right now, there’s more that you need to try on.” Naomi said as she pressed the button on my wrist causing the suit to go lax again.
She then took out another box before removing a very fancy looking dress with the same color scheme as my combat suit. It looked a bit like this
Aside from the anatomical differences though, the cleavage on the dress I got was exposed. With a bit of effort I got it on, like the plug suit it clung perfectly to my body. It appeared to be made of the same material, I guess she was anticipating the possibility of someone trying to assassinate me. But no matter how I looked at it , it was a really classy if not entirely conventional dress. I mean most dresses didn’t have the high heels actually built into the outfit but this one did. “Whoah! I look just like an aristocratic woman!” I said as I twirled around in my new outfit. “For some reason I got the urge to hold a wine glass and pose with it even though I don’t like wine.”

“Silly, you are an aristocratic woman now…well more than that actually your royalty. You are the Imperial Princess who will soon be crowned empress after all.” Naomi said as she removed a jewel encrusted tiara from a box before placing it on my head. I couldn’t help but remember reading the wizard of oz sequel “The Marvelous Land of Oz” as a kid. The protagonist of the book was a little boy named Tip who turns out was actually Ozma, the crowned princess of oz who had been transformed into and raised as a boy until she was reinstated as princess at the end of the book. Was this how Tip felt? I remember that this always made me feel kinda funny when I read the story as a kid, I couldn’t really place what the feelings meant back then though, on some level I kinda envied Tip though this was something I would always try to push from my mind and deny. Now of course that story was real, and I was taking the lead role.

Next she and Fuzzy both took out various bejeweled braces lets, a necklace and even some fancy emerald earrings. After snapping them on me Naomi motioned for me to lower my head, she pierced my ears causing me to wince slightly, but the entry holes healed almost instantaneously. “There, now see how refined you look. This will be what you wear whenever attending formal events. I’ll be having one at the end of the week where I introduce you to some of the other higher ups in our organization. Though right now there’s one more thing I would like for you to try on.” Naomi then brought out one last box. I had no idea what it would be this time. When she took it out I was taken aback in surprise. It was a green wedding dress, just like the one that was in my dream.

“Well try it on.” Naomi said smiling after I stood and stared at it for about a minute.

“But...isn’t it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?” I said as I reached down and took it.

“I make my own luck, now try it on already.” I took off my formal dress and then began to put on the green wedding dress with a little help from Fuzzy. When it was all done I looked in the mirror.

“wow…it’s really beautiful…” I said but I looked a little sad.

“What is it?” Naomi asked.

“I was just remembering my parents, I don’t think they’d be too happy if they knew what I was doing.” I said to her. I wondered if they came back yet, I would need to use my resources to try to find them when I wasn’t doing a mission.

“You don’t need anyone’s approval but your own. Does this feel right to you?”

“Yes…it does…” I said nodding my head in response.

“Heh, then that’s all you need. You can be so tsundere sometime Manticore!” Naomi said drawing me into a hug.

“I don’t have a dere.” I protested.

“You were nothing but dere when I found you in the woods.” Naomi said with a laugh.

“Never mention that again….” I said as I bent over to pick up the first outfit Naomi had me try on. It was time to get changed back into that and go about my business.

A bit later

I had changed back into the black plugsuit style outfit I left the emerald earrings in my ears simply because I knew if I took them out I would need to get my ears pierced again since the entry wounds would heal right away.

“You should’ve gotten clip ons, if I take these off now I’ll have to pierce my ears again.”
“Don’t worry, they look really good on you.” Naomi said as she saw me fidgeting with my ear lobe. “I’d worry more about that cameltoe if I were you, some of the people we’ve been passing have been stealing glances.” I gave a sigh, those bastards could look all they wanted, but that was a place that only Naomi was allowed to go now, now I was hers no one else would be allowed to enter. Although I had no way of knowing the ultimate gate crasher would soon be putting my resolve to the test.

In the following days I did too things. I would go over information about the various groups around the world opposing us and try to come up with plans. One group in particular residing in new York held special interest for me. I had also chosen the core members of my team. Demiurge and Masquerade had been the first to have been chosen, their abilities would be indispensible. Next was the nanomorph I had named socks. He was more advanced than any of the other nanotech around here and he was completely loyal to me alone, his inclusion was also a given. Next was professor Gaylord, given how much of his technology we were relying on, he would be nessecery to our group. After that there were two others, one was a psychic sniper who could telepathically perfectly map out the terrain he was sniping from as well as the perfect positions, he could even change the trajectories of bullets he fired. His code name was Penetrator 13. Lastly was a being who appeared to be a little girl with pink hair. She had the terrifying ability to absorb and assimilate the abilities of whatever she took into her body. Aside from being really useful I took her into the group because I wanted to keep an eye on her. A being as potentially dangerous as her needed a close watch. Her code name was Moeblob. Just for the hell of it I would take Fuzzy too just because his powers amused me.

I had also gotten used to the new outfit Naomi gave me as I wore it regularly, during the first day nature called me quite a bit but as time went on I got used to it and was able to go about my business without being distracted…well sometimes I still did get distracted but it wasn’t as often now anyways. During the nights I would always lie in bed with Naomi, most of the time I didn’t sleep, but it was ok as long as we were there together.

When I wasn’t planning for the mission I would train to develop new techniques to defeat Phoenix. I instinctively understood the ways in which I could manipulate electrical energy, but some ways were more difficult than others. For example lightning was easy, but it took a lot of practice before I could manipulate ball lightning and emp blasts.

I stood in the middle of the training room wearing the first outfit Naomi had me try on the other day. I fell into a martial arts stance before breathing in and then let out a kiai as I threw a punch. About ten feet away an apple I had set on a table exploded as if it had been left in the microwave much too long. “Heh, your already dead! Looks like I almost got this nailed, but my plasma manipulation could still use a bit of work.”

“Lady Manticore, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” I heard Fuzzy say as he walked into the room.

“Not at all. What is it?”

“Demiurge has located the people you wanted to find. The first and second child. But he says that they aren’t alone, they will soon be in serious danger.” Fuzzy said as he looked up at me with his beady eyes.

“I see, bring me to Demiurge.” As we left I spoke into a communicator to Professor Gaylord “Tell the beast men it’s time for their test run mission.”


A dark shadow flew over the ruined city as a woman with bright red skin and bat like wings landed atop a halfway destroyed building. Further off she could see two kids and an adult woman searching for food. But to their left about three blocks away was another group of people. They looked very odd, with almost Rastafarian hairstyles and they looked damned ugly too. They were also very heavily armed. Those two kids and the woman had no idea they were heading for their location.
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Postby Great Genius Shinji-Sama » Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:29 pm

Misato-san takes my hand and leads me out the room running. "Misato-san what’s going on!? We can't leave yet we have to find Asuka and take her too!"

“I know Shin-Chan but we need to get moving first!” She shouted back as she kicked open a door which almost proceeded to slam at Asuka who was standing behind it and before either Asuka or myself could react to what just happen Misato grabbed Asuka wrist while yelling to her, "Asuka! C'mon! We're being attacked we have to get out of here!" At that time a huge explosion rocks the whole area as the whole place is practically set on fire. Without thinking I just throw myself on top of Asuka to keep her safe. Once I make sure Asuka is alright the three of us run like a bat out of hell to try to get to someplace safe, prying that Ayanami and the others are okay.

Outside of the hotel we found the whole city to be ablaze in a sea of flame and smoke and the ground was shaking with the rhythmic earthquakes of running Eva units. Near the center of the town sitting down slumped with its armor cracked was that bizarre Eva unit that the towns folk said came from China and behind it was…… what the?! It was Asuka’s Eva just as battered as the other one which needles to say evoked as a string of Germanic curses from it owner…. But who was piloting it then?


What was that! I was jarred from my thoughts as the three of us turned at almost the same time in the direction that bellow arose from just in time for it to be joined by two more emanating from a trio of what looked like horrid bastardizations of the Eva units with tar colored skin that seemed to be fused with its Skelton but before I could dwell on it further Misato Shouted,” Come on, let get out of her before those thing notice us!” as she half-dragged the two of us to safety……
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Postby GasmaskAvenger » Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:40 am

its been 16 fuckin' years since those bastards in the US goverment made me who I am

Why the fuck did they have to make me the scapegoat in regards to what happened to Luther and his pals. We were all in the same platoon, but the wars had changed them.

Yet, what changed me was the bullshit I had to put up with when I was held captive in Guantanamo.

How was "I" an enemy to my own country?

THEY are the ones that ruined Luther and the Harlem Street Elite. I knew that the wars set off by the Second Impact would warp their souls beyond recognition and mutated them spiritually into savages of the highest degree.

THEY also claimed that I am some kind of monster that mentally corrupted them in the wars as well. Real Jacob's Ladder bullshit there.

The disfigurement on me, the faux serial killer/vampire hater shit, that was all a barrier just to shield me from everyone else...especially that bastard The Overlord.

Whoever he is, he just wants to make things how they were, only worse.

He's no goddamn savior, he's just another liar, another cheat, another slack-jock cocksucker akin to dirtbag politicans of dubious alliance.

However...there was no way in hell I can take him and his fairytale regime down.

Except with the help of this whacko in a gas mask. This, Mr. Johnson guy.

He possesses one thing I haven't seen in a person in a very long time.

Honesty, and kindness.

Him and that blue haired girl really get along and care for each other. Like a surrogate brother and sister. He really cares for her a lot and those that came along with him, like that Turkish cat girl, that thing that they call a mini angel and of course, that blue-armored titan known as Unit 00.

and now i'm part of this group. I need to stop not only The Overlord, but also this other nemesis I have.

This truly diabolical enemy that I almost died fighting when I first came back in the States after the Third Impact.

Yet I don't want my new allies to go up against him just yet.

They're not strong enough. We're not strong enough....yet.

Mr. Johnson

"I guess whoever was here sure as fuck cleared it out already", Scab informed us. We had managed to get to this fairly small town that we managed to find right out of pure luck.

So we found this sort-of club that was a front for what was a fairly miniscule but working group of Yakuza.

Except for one shellshocked soul, they're all dead. REALLY DEAD.

Trust me, whoever was here sure did a goddamn number on 'em all.

So in order to get any evidence of whoever turn this hideout of Yakuza members into a butcher shop, I had to interrogate that sole survivor, because as we all know...we need answers.

"So...who was here and turned your friends into bloody mush?", I asked the survivor as I held my magnum up to his temple.

"It was an angel! A real angel! She came out of nowhere and killed my bros and my boss. She...she then took our prisoner with her and vanished.", he confessed.

WAIT! A prisoner?!? An angel!?!

I turn my head towards Rei and ask her "Can you sense anything angelic around here?"

"No, William-sama. I can't sense anything related to the angels. However, not only I can sense that some otherworldly being was here, but I can also sense....RYUJIN-SAN!", Rei replied, in which she then gasped after mentioned our crazy AWOL buddy's name.

"I knew it! I knew he was too tough to die a pathetic death like everyone else thought. He's still alive! Thank fuckin' goodness.

"Yes. The boss wanted us to bring Ryujin-san to him for messing with the gangs back in America for messing with Seele and the Yakuza's profits from drug trade and other illegal activities the gangs participated in. However, Ryujin-san's revolutionary dreams ended up indoctrinating all of the gangs and interrupted with the boss and Seele's influx of profit, but Third Impact happened, which delayed his plans to capture, torture and murder your friend, but now with Seele, my boss and various other leaders of the old world dead and The Overlord reigning supreme in almost every country in the world, everything that we would do means nothing anymore and now i'm free from any sort of gang activity so I can die in peace now and rejoin the great buddah in the heavens.", the survivor added in, though he was quite wordy in what he said.

However, after he finished saying his dues, I then heard a sound I haven't heard since I was back home.

"What is it?", Rana asked me.

"Bats. A lot of bats.", I replied

"Batman?", Scab asked me, sounding a bit confused by my statement.

"Fuck no.", I replied "However, I think I know who it could be."

"Dracula?" Rana asked, sounding equally puzzled.

"Nah. I thought we killed those vampire fuckers a while back", I responded "Still, there could be a couple more lurking out, but that's not who exactly I think it is."

"Man, if there's any chiroptera around, I hope Saya is around to save my puny ass. I love to get deep into her pussy", the survivor responded.

"Excuse me, William-sama, but what did that man mean by what he said?", Rei asked me innocently while tugging my trench like a little kid.

"Ummm...i'll teach you about the birds and the bees later, we got other matters to worry", I responded.

"Well...can I...UGHAHHH!!!", the survivor asked, only for him to grunt and scream at the same time, only to disappear into the darkness.

"Well shit. There went his hopes at dying a peaceful death", Scab snarled

"Right on", I replied.

However, Rei, while standing by a window, got startled after a huge thud smacked the window. I then turned and saw that a dead bat was sliding down the window on the other side, with a trail of blood following it.

"See. I told you. There are bats nearby", I replied. Rei then ran towards me, still being startled by the bat. I simply took her by my side.

After Rei got by me, I pulled a magnum out just in case, which prompted Scab to pull his combat knifes out of their handles and Rana to get her M-16 ready.

"Alright, my friends. Don't be scared or worried, I know who it is. She's my friend" I quickly responded.

"Ummm...when the hell did you have any friends in THIS world?", Rana asked me.

"Good point. In fact, WHY is she here all of a sudden and how was she able to get here?", I responded and asked myself.

Suddenly, more bats started to fly into and hit the window. A lot more.

"Seriously, William. Whoever you think it is, its obviously ain't going to be that person", Scab growled.

"Well, I got to be a be a bit positive and if my upbeatness bites me in the ass, then yeah. I'm a fuckin' idiot. Get over it", I snapped back.

Yet right after I said that, two tell-tale red lights illuminated in the darkness. Wait. Is it really her?

Is that really you, Leslie?

If that's really you, then you can sure as hell be an excellent asset to our success, as well as prove my naysayers that I am a really, really good guy.

So I then turned around and sure enough, it was Leslie. Leslie Tachikawa. The lovely lady that I, for a while, had no clue that had a thing for me, considering that when we actually became allies at first and eventually friends at the time, so by the time me and Michelle called it off for what seemed like the second or third time, Leslie revealed that she wanted me. Badly.

And thus, she basically became GF #2 and in fact, it makes sense for her to find a way to get to where I ended up after the fight with fuckin' pastyface.

Oh, and by the way, she can turn into a digimon called LadyDevimon (Which is what she is right now). A very rare, unique and deadly one, that is.

And...I forgot to mention her to Ryujin back when he asked me about women I liked and girlfriends. Whenever we can find him, he'll have actual proof.

"So...Leslie. It's been a while. How...how did you get here?", I asked her.

All she did was have a massive, shit-eating grin on her face, but yet, all she blurted out was "Mmmm...fresh meat. You look like nice little victims I can play with."


"Leslie, I thought you were beyond all of that 'Oh look at me. I'm an evil digimon. BLAGH!!!' crap. You know that your sister was a digidestine. You know that you flat-out massacred Piedmon, the bastard that took much of your young childhood away from you, but gave you the power you possess today. Seriously...please...for our fuckin' relationship...tell me that really is you!", I yelled back.

Something seems very wrong here...and now that I realize it, her voice seemed to have changed all of a sudden. It's now a fairly saggier, older and rougher voice than i'm familiar with. Her voice is not the smokin', sexy, seductive young voice she has at all. In fact, this can't be the LadyDevimon I fell in love with at all.

"William, are you on crack? Digimon do not exist!", Rana screamed.

"THEY EXIST IN MY UNIVERSE!!", I yelled back at her. "AND I DON'T DO DRUGS!!"

"I don't give a shit what goes on back in your universe, but this bitch is going to slaughter us! DO SOMETHING!!", Rana barked in response.

However, I noticed that the thudding at the window stopped, with Rei informing "The bats...they're...fighting each other."

"Okay, I bet my ass that Batman is hear to save us from becoming assmunch now, though I can deal with this bitch myself", Scab growled.

And then...salvation had arrived.

Two more bright red rays of light popped out the darkness behind Faux LadyDevimon.

It was another LadyDevimon. One that was packing some heat....wait....okay. THAT HAS TO BE LESLIE! If that isn't Leslie, then fuck me with a pogo stick.

This LadyDevimon then made eye contact with me and winked.

Yup, that's my gal.

She then pointed down with her claw hand (Which is not in its big form at the moment) while mouthing "Get to cover"

I then walked towards Rei and whispered "Get some cover.", in which she then ran towards a table.

I then screamed at the others "Get some cover, now!", and jumped to the ground.

The Fake LadyDevimon got into a fighting pose, only to violently get blasted by a wave of bullets that tore through her body like a hot knife through butter.

Blood sprayed everywhere, as well as some giblets of gore, bones and stuff. Even some bullets hit through the phony's head and trust me, even though this is quite a nasty sight, i've seen my own fair share of atrocities, so this is nothing.

So after a minute of pure massacre, the fake droped dead and Leslie had stopped firing. Also, the sounds of bats have suddenly stopped. We then started to stand back up, in which I myself approached Leslie.

With the two of us standing in front of each other, I then simply muttered "I missed you."

Leslie nodded and said "Me too" and the two of us embraced each other, hugging.

Though I can imagine that this very sight is a weird one for the others, but hey. Love can come from the strangest and most unexpected places.
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Postby Defectron » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:49 pm

Not all of the systems on the Abbaddon were fully operational, but it could fly and right now that was all we needed to quickly transport our forces where they needed to go. In the past few days I have overseen the beastmens training with the new equipment that we got making sure they knew how to use it all. A large beastman who resembled a cross between a human, a snapping turtle and the prehistoric mammal called a "Titanosphere" had picked up the H-gun. His name was Tiny and I had made his aquantance the other day.

"Hey Tiny, just reminding you, that's a one of a kind item there. Make sure nothing happens to it or its a session in electric hell." I warned him. He just nodded at me with a grunt before putting it in a custom holster. I really wanted to use the H-gun myself, but with my power armor in the planning stages I would have to wait. Instead I picked up a monowire shotgun, a phaser and some thermite hand grenades. The enemies we were going to be facing apparantly were the sister branch of the Scientology cult I had thought had been completely annihalated. And they were closing in on the eva pilots.

A bit later

"Alright listen up everyone here's the plan." I said as a hologram of the terrain came up in the middle of the breifing room. "The enemy force is several times larger then ours is, but we have several advantages over them. One is the element of surprise, they don't know were coming. Squad A will be coming from the front to meet them and prevent them from reaching their target. You guys will be attacking in a pincer formation, thanks to our stealth tech, they literally shouldnt see us coming. But don't get too cocky, its possible they could have someone who might be able to sense us. So act as cautiously as you would without the utility fog. You will attack them once they get to this point between these large trees. Next is squad B, I'll be leading you guys in an attack from the air." I said speaking to the beastmen who were the smallest and lightest. Not all of them had flight capability, but all of the power armors Gaylord had built for the troop had thrusters in them so I chose the lightest and smallest beastmen for this. "We'll be throwing these thermite bombs down on them as well as canisters of nerve gas. Don't worry about the gas, your armor has a built in atmosphere filtration system in it. Squad C will be composed entirely of snipers lead by Penetrator, you guys will be coming form the sides."

"What about us?" Moeblob asked impatiently.

"Oh yes, I think you'll enjoy this. You have the task of making sure they don't escape. You , Demiurge, Socks and Masquerade will be on the ground in the rear. You guys are worth an entire squad of beastmen so I'm sure you can handle this. Dr. Gaylord, you stay on board the Abbaddon. If anything unexpected happens use the ships weapons to back us up."


Terl, a strange looking man with Rastafarian braids who looked vaguely like John Travolta had received word from a scouting party that they had found the first and second children. Yes this would be the beginning of the revivial. He knew the children were associated with those who had destroyed the northern branch of their cult. If they had them, it would be simple luring the rest to their doom. He stod proudly atop the lead armored vehicle as his army plowed through the forest.

"Sir...maybe you should get inside. Being out in the open makes you an easy target." One of his subordinates said.

"As if I would lower myself to cowering from such mentally deficiant savages! I will stand proudly and face them head on!" He said with an overdramatic wave of his hand.

"Yes but..."

"I will hear no more of it! Silence yourself at once!" He said as he shooed his subordinate away.

About ten minutes later

The vehicle came to a hault as they spotted something lying in the middle of the road, it was a decapitated body of one of their scouts.

"What is this?" Terl said jumping down as he walked towards the body accompanied by two soldiers.

"It appears to be a body sir." One of them stated.

"I am aware it is a body! Only a mentally deficiant human monkey wouldn't see such an obvious thing! What I want to know is why is it here?"

"Uhhh...someone probably killed him sir..."

"You...." Terl looked like he was getting quite a headache. But he had no time to really think about this as a red pock mark appeared on his head, the same happened to the two soldiers next to him as they were sniped.

"The leaders down! Wheres that fire coming from?"

"Who cares! Just shoot! Everyone fire!" Terls second in command shouted as the entire army began firing wildly into the surrounding forest. Suddenly two of the jeeps exploded as both were hit by anti tank rounds. The lead armored vehicle suddenly seemed to implode as if stepped on by a huge foot as it was crushed flat into a huge depression that formed on the ground caused by Tinys H-gun. It was chaos with the Pscyclo soldiers running about firing wildly as invisible foes cut them down. Thermite bombs began exploding around them burning many of the soldiers to death. One landed in the open hatch of a tank before exploding and buring everyone inside alive. Canisters of nerv gas also fell causing anyone near them to fall to the ground caughing before dying a short time later.

Several beams lanced through the clouds of gas before striking an armored truck, some of the beast men had taken some of the confiscated phasers I got from the storage room. I made sure that all of those had been set to their highest setting which resulted in the truck being completelely vaporized in the blast.

I landed in the middle of this as I spotted the second in command, "Ker" yelling at his men to fall back. I pointed my monowire shotgun at them before firing. The two men at his side were literally cut down as their bisected bodies slumped over dead. Ker looked around in panic as he spotted me walking towards him.

"Y-You! You were one of the people responsible for our sister cults destruction!" He shouted as he pulled out a handgun firing. I didn't even bother trying to dodge as the bullet struck my shoulder but failed to penetrate my combat outfit. It still smarted a bit though. He was about to fire another bullet, but before he could an incredibly prcise shot coming from the right side sniped his trigger finger clean from his hand. Penetrator had been in the area, it must have been him.

"Guess it's my turn!" I said, as electricty crackled around me, it was time for my new attacks first test run in battle. Ker turned to run but it was too late as he was engulfed in a white flash as I let loose a burst of cyclotron radiation, even deadlier then microwaves. Kers body spontaniously combusted along with all the grass and shrubbery around him as it fell to the floor , putrid smoke ascending from it to the sky. I looked around, the battle had been swift, the remainder of their army was retreating, but they wouldn't get far. I would go on ahead to check on the kids.

At the rear

The remaining cultists fled only to have a lone girl blocking their pathway, it was a small pink haired girl who looked up at them with a big smile. The lead Psychlo jumed down off his motorbike running over to her. "You! Your with those people who just attacked us aren't you!" He said as he pulled a gun on her. "I'll take her hostage and escape..."

"Shove it old man! You brainless clowns aren't even worth absorbing!" she shouted as she thrust her hand out releasing a frosty blast that froze him instantly. Other soldiers opened fore on Moe blob riddling her tiny body with bullets. But she just stood there and took it. When they stopped she looked at them before spitting out several bullets that had hit her in the face.

"That all you bozo's got?" She asked before her body began to grow, a huge tail ripping from her behind as she transformed into a giant spider like monster. Her human parts now resembled the proportions of a mature woman as she looked at her fore with four red spider like eyes. They began to fire on her again as she whipped her tail around, the pincers opening before they released a fiery blast of ignited hydrogen intot he ranks of the enemy.

A group of soldiers who began to run away suddenly found themselves trapped as the ground beneath their feet moved trapping them, the grass changed into a huge silver puddle which had bound them in place. "Good job Socks. Just hold them in place." They heard a woman say. Walking out of the bushes was a woman with a fiery radiant aura about her. "You guys are in luck, I'm using my Amaterasu sun goddess mask today." She said before releasing a blinding flash of light , in an instant the group of men who had been bound by Socks had been reduced to ashed.

"Allow me to handle the rest of this." Moeblob heard Demiurge say as she struggled to rip her way into one of the remaining tanks. Demiurge looked at the tank, his third eye opening. Inside they could hear several shouts of surpise followed by gunfire and then silence. Demiurge had used his illusions to fool the enemies inside into believing that enemies had gotten inside the tank which had resulted in them killing each other.


I landed atop a tall building in the two, several armored vehicles were there, some of them had already gotten here while we had been battling their main army. But apparantly I was worried for nothing. Johnson was also here with some other people, they had already taken care of the Psychlos. The one thing I noticed was someone new was tagging along with them. I didn't recognize her but she didn't look human with two bright red eyes and a strange outfit. I considered approaching them, but I didn't know what Phoenix may have told them, they might be regarding me as an enemy now as the others had always been fairly loyal to her. But then again, maybe I could use that. A weakness like that could also be an advantage if used properly. I looked over at Rei, yes I had a pretty good idea now what my next move would be. I turned , unfolding my wings as I prepared to leave only to have someone else suddenly appear behind me. It was a beautiful woman with red skin, dark flowing hair and horns. She looked just like a really sexy demon.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked wary of the newcomer.

"My names Magdalene. I followed the gasmasked one here from his world. I've come here to ask a favour of you, I would like you to kill him. Of course I would be willing to reward you handsomely for your participation" she stated with a smile.

"I heard of you guys. Johnson said that he used to fight demons. I don't know what sort of pitiful demon lord you guys are working for that couldn't even kill a single human. But right now Johnsons of no use to me dead."

"How dare you speak of the Captain in such a way! If he was here..." She lost her temper, anger flashing on her face.

"But he isn't is he?" I asked. As I was saying this my tentacle was slowly snaking across the floor. She was too distracted to notice it until it was too late. Quickly snaking around her ankle I yanked her off balance before hitting her with a phaser beam set to stun. She fell limp as I caught her with a number of tentacles. "Well now, seems I found quite an interesting catch here today." I said with a smile. I then took a communicator before speaking into it.

"Dr. Gaylord, were going to have a special guest, prepare one of our maximum security holding cells for use." I said before switching it off and heading back towards the main army.
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Postby Ryjin » Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:38 pm

“Oh you’re ballz out now mutha fucka! You gonna tell me were that little three tittied, green skin bitch of yo’s ran off to or Mr. 45 right er is going to put holes in that ass!”

Just what did I do to deserve ending up like this? Just how the hell did it all come to this? I mean like just like everyone else on this God forsaken planet I started out as your no nothing dumb ass kid raised by a single mother whose useless waste of air for a boyfriend went ghost after finding out he should of used a fucking condom and growing up in a the ass end of Chicago struggling to make a dollar out of 15 cents then came 2nd Impact and then I became a revolutionary and then came the angels and 3rd Impact with tem and the world ended only for it not and I somehow found myself in Japan of all places in a post apocalyptic zombie filled nightmare of a world were I met up with a group of survivors including a bunch of super powered freaks, one Eva and two super robots, a bunch of weapons including man and rocket launched tactical N2 bombs and one Gasmasked, demon hunting castaway from, got this, another fucking universe!

Well things started out simple enough, all things considered, fighting the odd zombie or two but soon we found are selves at war with other groups vying for power beginning with a pseudo-Scientology cult run by none other then Tome fricken’ Cruise and the former head of that ancient cabal that we can all thank for this mess who came back as a creepy little girl and ending with a real power in the form of a budding empire ruled by someone with the cartoonish name of the “Overlord” and trust me folks he looks every bit as ridiculous as his name would indicate, looking like some kind of bastard love child of Cobra Commander and Sauron but let me tell you as much as a joke he may have looked the power he yielded was no laughing matter and we found ourselves n a game of cat and mouse as he would send his forces to attack us then let us go and then attack us again! In all reality his tactics made no sense but little by little those attack did dwindle us down and as of the last major one we found our group split up and scattered but on what I thought was the bright side at the time that had me come up with what I thought was a bright idea, you see we kinda got tired of always being on run form this fucker and finally went on the offensive and stomped the shit out of a couple of is bases during which we found out the Overlord was holding a rally and hear I was all “gee-whiz” over the fact we had a shot at taking the Overlord down in one deceive blow only to find out that the Overlord had his very own A.T. Field making him just a little hard to kill but I wasn’t abut to let such tempting target go so while my comrades escaped I like a dumb ass stayed behind to keep the Overlord from escaping while I order an N2 to be launched on the stadium this rally was held at and just as I thought I was about to become air pollution alongside this fucker I instead find the both us very alive and well, his A.T. Field being strong enough to repeal even a God damned nuclear blast strong enough to injure a full sized angel!

But that’s not all! After my failed assassination attempt the Overlord just left me there and walked away, he didn’t even have the courtesy to kill me and from here on out it only gets worse. I still can’t fully remember when but a lest a day later I got jumped and captured by and Yakuza crime boss who was rebuilding his empire and it seems my little revolution before the fall somehow fucked him over and cost him his daughter and he wanted to return the favor by torturing me for about a week straight after which he was going to kill me and man did they go to town on me, they fucked me up good and they even took my left fucking eye. It seemed that it was over for me, that this was it but I woke up on day and found myself looking up at the face of an angel, literally! It seems that a demon from my gasmasked allies’ world found him and was looking for some revenge and this angel followed her on through to try and stop her…. but… she was to late as she would later tell me, the demon was able to persuaded Manticore, a member of my own group, someone I consider a friend to turn to her side and as an act of loyalty she had not only had to kill Johnson but everyone else! That fucking bitch……. How could she?!................. Getting back to my story after the demon had Manticore kill her target she apparently wanted to stay and carve out her own little demon empire, hey why not? Everyone’s fucking doing it now ah days! So this angel who failed at her first mission was determined to succeed at stopping the demon from completing its seconds goal and so she saved me from the Yakuza so I could help her take on Yakuza as well as the demon and this bring me back to the here and now to the over dressed pimp who looks like he steep out of a 70’s blackploitation film standing in front of me talking shit and holding an pretty nice gold laced .45 revolver to my face with his arm elbow bent in an extremely awkward elbow, which was a good thing since it’ll make is easier form me to break his arm, grab his gun and then feed it back to him.

You see me and the Angel, Anneliese had just finished getting some new clothes and some guns as well as a patch for my now missing eye in the town she brought me too after saving me and we were just heading back to the hotel we where staying at when the after mentioned pimp turned the corner in front of us along with a couple of people I remember seeing from the vamp town including some white guy to his left and behind him was 3 girls depressed in fairly slutty outfits, the one to the pimps left side had rather yummy looking chocolate colored skin, the middle one was that girl who followed around and annoyed the bitch while we were in town and needles to say it was a bit of stiffy-killer seeing her dressed like that…. sorry little girls just ain’t my thing and the last one while pretty with long black hair was kinda plain and average compared to the others. The white guy then pointed at me and said,”It’s him! He was one of the guys in her group.” which then prompted the pimp to say his does and the only reason why Anneliese and myself haven’t wasted the floor with these assholes yet is do to the pimps little comet about looking for “that little three tittied, green skin bitch” that got me interested, any enemy of Manticore right now is a friend of mine.

I looked over at Anneliese and gave her a slight nod and then I looked back hard at the pimp trying my beast to contain the laughter I wanted to bust out with over how ridiculous he looked and told him flat out, “Sorry pal, can’t help you. I don’t have a clue to where that bitch is.”

He responded by trying to extenuate how “hardcore” he looked be leaning further back, flaring up his already large nostrils and bugging his eye out but he only succeeded in making himself look even more laughable before bursting out with, “Shhhhhiiit. You see man I’m a positive kinda person and I just don’t like the word can’t so I’m going to tell you one more time that you either cough up the bitches location or I’m going to bust open your fucking head and then I’m going to make that fine ass white girl of yours one of MY bitches so get to fucking talking man I ain’t got all mutha fucking day!”

Well by now I was starting to have some serious doubts over whether I really wanted any group headed by this ass fuck help in taking down Manticore but hell at lest I could use them as cannon fodder, they key you see in bring that bitch down was draining her energy; if her energy gets too low she can’t heal and if she can’t heal she just as easy to kill as anyone else so I guess they may have their uses so that means it was time to form some common ground.

“Like I said, I don’t know where the fuck that bitch is at” I informed him as plainly as I could and waited to see his response before I continued.

Hearing that his eye bulged out even more, I swear they were going to pop out of his fucking head, and he turned to look at his only male comrade (which is something you never want to do in a confrontation with other people here folks) while blurting out, “You hear this stupid mutha fucker here Van? You hear this shit? ” He then turned his bugged eye gaze back to me where it should have been the whole time, “Look I don’t know if you’re stupid, hard of fucking hearing of plain mutha fucking retarded but I do seem to think you have a death wish so you have 3 fucking more seconds to tell me what I want to mutha fucking hear!”

Well I guess I should give the man what he wants before I have to kill him, “I don’t know to many more way I can tell you this, I don’t know where the fuck she is But before you get stupid…” You should of seen the look on his face here, “The reason for this because I’m after the bitch too.”

And I just stood back and watched as he exploded completely agasped as the audacity I just showed him while yelling out, “Get the fuck out of here with this shit, can believe how stupid this mutha fucka thinks we are Van?” to his guy on the left.

During which this Van guy seemed to be sniffing the air, after he stopped he looked back at his pimp buddy and told him, “Actually he’s telling the truth.” Don’t know how he figured that one out by smelling the air but hey, whatever.

“You fo’ real on this man?” The pimp piped back to his pal to which he retorted,“Yeah the fuckers telling the truth.”

The pimp that looked back at me as he seemd to calm down, he looked some what shocked for a second and then of all things he apologized, “Welllllll shit! My apologies my African-American brother. You know since you being with her crew and all we had to grill ya and shit. But the thing is I got to ask, how did you get beef with that bitch?”

“Simple.” I told him trying my best now to hold back the rage that had just now replaced the laughter I was originally holding back, “While I got split up from the group she turned sides and killed everyone while they slept.”

“Shit that’s fucked up.” He replied back suddenly getting al buddy-buddy with me as he hatched a new plan for me, “Man since we’re both looking for that bitch and we both got beef with her I’m thinking that maybe we could join up or some shit and help each other out, what do ya say to that?”

“I’m thinking gravy.” I answered, “Sure strength in number right? Anyways right now I think I need a hard drink, care to join me so we can get all acquainted like?”

“Fo sure, I could use one myself. As fo introductions and shit, behind me is my hoes, say hello to my new African-American brother.” he shot back as waved back to his hoes.

““Who said we were your hoes?” Was the response of the chocolate colored one.

“Can I bite him?” Relied the rather young looking “Ho”, why is every kid we run into so God damned creepy?

And the long black haired one simply replied, “Whatever.”

And needles to saw the rather lack luster response of his hoes rather infuriated him and I found myself once again trying to fight back laughter as he tried to regaled them with, “What the fuck bitches I said say hello to my new African-American brother and before I slap the taste out of your of you’ll collective mouths you bitches better act right!”

And after that little chat their reply got a little better with the choco-sista saying, “Yo”

“You look tasty” re-replaying the creep one.

And the long black haired one simply waved.

“That’s better ladies.” He replied apparently accepting their half assess greeting, not much of a pimp is he? “Anyways getting back to business, I’m Chucky, my main African-American brother to my right is Van and together we’re the mutha fucking Blackula Brothers.”
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Postby Great Genius Shinji-Sama » Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:57 pm

I turn back to look once more at Asuka, her face and dress cover in dirt, blood and scratches, he lips slightly pouted and her eyes just shy of a doll like gaze. I can’t believe that she’s taking it this hard, I mean I know that hell does not begin to describe the last few weeks we have been through but Asuka is normally so very strong, much stronger then I am so it must be something else that’s bothering her as well. Actually I’ve noticed her acting odd since we were still in that town and I’ve been wanting to talk to her about since but after that attack we got split up from the group and were being perused by the Overlords forces and just surviving took center stage on my mind as we just barely sulked our way past them some times finding ourselves hiding just inches from the enemy with them so close I could feel their body heat….. and what would have done with out Misato-San guiding us, keeping us quite, teaching us how to stay down, forcing us to hold our selves still for so long my joints locked and my muscles cried. We had to hold this up for God knows how long up until they started to ease up a few days ago after we saw and felt the blast of an N2 near the horizon, after that the enemy just stopped following us and slowly we were able to let up little by little until today where Misato finally said we could relax and here I am finally with the chance to talk to Asuka, to try and comfort her as she sit there almost hopeless and I’m still to scared to approach her….. but I have to try, she needs someone to talk to right now and with Misato-San getting some much needed rest I’m the only one.

After a few additional minutes of deliberating I finally forced up the courage and I walked over to her side and After a few additional minutes of deliberating I finally forced up the courage and I walked over to her side and asked, "Asuka........ Are, are you okay? You don't look like your usual self. Even after we got back you were still confident and brave. and nothing like me. But recently you've seemed...... Kind of lost. Is it okay if I sit here with you and talk?"

"Lassen Sie mich einfach allein!" was her reply as she turned to face away from me. 'Great. She's speaking in her native tongue again. But I get the gist of it from her body language.' I thought as I cautiously sit down next to her after a few moments of uncomfortableness. "Asuka, I'm sorry I haven’t been paying attention to you much since we got back. But everything's been more insane then before. But I seriously do care about you." I say as I attentively put my hand on hers, "I hated my self for not begin able to help you against the 15th or with the Eva Series; and for what I did with you at the hospital." I start to crack, my body trembling as I go to pull her closer to me. "I meant what I said to you during Third Impact and Instrumentality. I want to help you, and be with you forever. I don't know how, but right now I can tell there's something wrong with you." I pulled her head close to my face, and placing my other hand on her back I say into her hair, "I'm willing to do anything to help make you feel better and try to help you. If you want me to hold you, kiss you or even........ do it with you, I will. If you want me to kill someone I will. Just, please, please talk to me Asuka. Please." I continue to hold her close to me, stroking her hair and back and attempting to support her; amazed by all the things I've just said, but honestly serious about all of it. Like Ayanami and Misato-san, Asuka is very important and precious to me, and I would do anything to help them as I've failed so horribly in the past. I want to make up for my mistakes I have made, to change.

For a while Asuka just sat there almost emotionally with the only indication she was really alive being the stuttered breath she would take every few seconds. Did she really hate me this much to completely shut me out? Or did something terrible happen to her back at the town? I was just about to plead with her to open up again when she finally looked up at me with eyes on the verge of tears and with a cracked almost whimpering voice what she told me was almost to much to bare, “Shinji… at the town… I…… I… please don’t hate me! I met this guy, the pilot of the Chinese Eva… and… and… Oh God Shinji I slept with him and... I think… I think I’m pregnant.” I just stood there… shocked didn’t even begin to describe what I felt! My emotion were just a torrent, part of me wanted to scream out at her and hate do to jealousy, the other part of me wanted to some how make this not true. But before I could even start to piece together how I was going to handle this Misato came running over to use telling us, “Get down the both of you, we got an inbound group that’s armed heading are way.”
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Postby Defectron » Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:01 pm

After I arrived back at the Abbaddon

I quickly gave the demon over to Professor Gaylord and several beastmen who took her down to the special holding cell. I didn’t know what she was capable of so I made sure to take every precaution. Among her restraints were manicals made of a nanotech substance tougher then diamond, as well as iron manicals simply because in legends magical beings were said to be vulnerable to iron. There was no real evidence this was the case, but just to be on the safe side I went ahead with it. Next we hooked her up to an energy siphoning machine to keep her weak, this functioned similarly to my tentacles. The cell itself was made of the same substance as her manicals and if she somehow did break out, she’d get hit with several phasers I hooked up to an automated robot. As if this wasn’t enough, lastly I injected some of Socks nanites into her, if she got past all of those defenses I would have him attack her from the inside.

“You really went all out. Why so cautious?” Masquerade asked me.

“I have reason to believe that the girl we have in there is not a reimagnined human, but is in fact what I call a “Class A entity”. Throughout human history, people have had many encounters with things that they cannot explain such as monsters, ghosts, aliens, demons and other weird crap like that. B ut some people like myself have a theory that much of this springs from a common source. I personally believe that much of the unexplained phenomena in the world are caused by beings from another dimension, I refer to these as entities.”

“R..Really…”Masquerade didn’t seem to be buying any of this but I didn’t really care.

“I’m not the only one who believes this, investigator John Keel also believed in such beings, he called them ultra terrestrials, mysterious trickster beings with ambiguous motives who have hid in the shadows since the dawn of civilization, in ancient times they were the pagan gods to us, in modern days they are the ones behind the buffo’s. But it’s not quite that simple, based on my research there appears to be several classes. I divided these based on ability. Class C is an entity with no tangible body and seems to be made of energy, often times for reasons that are not yet made clear these appear to have trouble moving beyond specific locations. These entities are usually what are involved in things like haunting. Then there’s type B, this is a being that clearly does not belong to our reality, but it is bound by the same rules we are. Then there’s the A class entities. These are beings that appear to be able to manipulate reality on some level. They can change their appearance, shrug off bullets and even teleport with no trouble at all. One theory I have is that they can do these things because reality is not as solid as we would believe, that it’s largely influenced by the perceptions of the beings that live in it, much like the matrix. And like the matrix, under the proper conditions rules can be bent, and even broken. If this were true, this could even account for religious “miracles” such as walking on water. It would also provide a good explanation for the reimagining phenomena which appears to sometimes go against our established laws of physics.” I explained. Masquerade just gave me a look that said she had no idea what I was talking about.

After waiting a bit the demon finally stirred awake “Where am I? What is all this?” she asked as she struggled weakly against her restraints.

“Now, now…no need to be alarmed. I just want to ask a few questions.” I stated as I looked into her cell.

“Why did you lock me in here?” she said looking out at me.

“Because I don’t trust you, but I’d also like to learn about you, can’t have you running away now can we? As Bill would say, I’m pretty much incapable of believing anything you have to say, and I believe that you’re pretty much incapable of telling me the truth. I’ve read of so many humans, duped into doing stupid things, just because they listened to a non human intelligence. I don’t care if you call yourself a demon , an alien or even an angel, those are all just names for things that people don’t understand, and if you think I’ll let you use that lack of understanding against me you’ll have another thing coming. However that’s not to say that I can’t learn anything from you. You may try to trick me, but I’m willing to take that chance. Why don’t you tell me about yourself. Why are you so interested in killing gasmask? And why ask me to do it?”

“My name is Magdalene…and you don’t need to lock me in here! Your world is in terrible danger! God has decided that he’s too much of a threat, if he’s not dead by a certain time he will destroy your world! I am not your enemy! Listen, I can get you anything you want if you help me! If there’s a wish you want…”

“What did I just say about me being incapable of believing anything you say? As if “god” would have trouble killing a single human. Also if you’re going to try to bribe me with wishes or some dodgy crap like that you can stop right now. I’m not buying it. If you were powerful enough to grant my wishes you could’ve broken out of there. In any case the universe has been unusually kind to me lately. As of right now nearly half of my “impossible” wishes have been fulfilled. Everything from boobies to a freaking starship, to a conversation with an entity, I have them all! Who knows, maybe I’ll get the rest of them as well, in any case I won’t rely on a dodgy entity like you to get what I want.”

“Ok hows about this then. I can help you find your parents. I know you’re looking for them.” I sighed

“Assuming they came back I can find them without your help. In any case, you can’t prove any of this to me with words. It’s going to take some hard evidence. If you’re really on my side you’ll prove so with actions instead of empty words.

“I can’t really do that when I can barely move.”

“You’ll get your chance when I have nothing left to gain by keeping you here. In any case Gasmask stays alive for now. His group may be detrimental to restoring order to the world but they will be playing a big part in one of my plans. Anyway there’s no harm in telling me about the world you came from, why don’t you explain some of it.”

Magdalene nodded as it became clear she’d get nowhere fast using the usual methods and began to explain to me about her world.

“Interesting, I don’t suppose it’d be possible to open another gate over there. Opening up trade with this alternate world would be a good way to get the earth back on the road to recovery.” I said.

“It’s not something that can be easily done I’m afraid. I wasn’t the one who opened the gate here.” Magdalene explained.

“You told me the truth just now, that wasn’t so hard was it?” I said.

“You wouldn’t have believed me if I tried to lie about it.” She stated in response.

Before we could continue talking though the doors opened as several new prisoners were brought in lead by Moeblob and two beastmen. One was a large humanoid robot resembling a miniature gundam, another resembled a power ranger wearing red spandex, and the last was a furry girl with a fox tale.

“Who are these jokers?” I asked her.

“These idiots were prisoners of those scientology whackos.” Moeblob stated.

“Jokers? Idiots! We are upstanding citizens!” The Gundam said in protest.

“Yeah you girls sure know how to bruise egos!” The furry girl said

“M-Maybe their Tsundere! Their being mean to us, b-but on the inside their really vulnerable! Later they’ll make us b-bentos with heart shapes died into the rice and say really cutely “I-I d-didn’t make this for you!” and give it to us!”

“Oh check out our jail keeper, her outfits so-ti-t-tight! She has three b-boobies! I can see her nipples!” The furry shouted in excitement.

“Wait what…” What these idiots were talking about had completely knocked me out of what I was doing.

“Are you fucking retarded?” Moeblob asked before kicking the three of them into the neighboring cell.

“Red that is fucking moe! You are a genius! A moe genius! We are putting that in our new otaku club doujinshi! Hey little girl, can you get us some paper and pencils?” The Gundam asked Moeblob, he held out his hand hoping she would touch him again through the bars of their cell.

“Go to hell!” Moeblob shouted before storming out of the room.

“S-she is so tsundere…P-Prime…I think my dowel rods getting hard…the tsundere is too much for my dowel rod to handle!” The power ranger said as a large lump began forming in his pants. Watching these people was like watching a train wreck, it was horrible but I couldn’t look away. “Oooo…it’s too much to handle!” He said as he turned to face the wall struggling to unzip his pants.

“Be strong red! My dowel rod is getting hard too!” The Gundam stated as a compartment on his crotch opened and a big phallic metal object came out which he began to touch very inappropriately despite other people watching. It was a good thing Kensuke wasn’t here to see this.

“Mine would be getting hard, but I don’t have one anymore!” The Furry girl stated with glee. “Let’s see how do girls do it in hentai, like this?” She asked as she was trying to figure out how to masturbate like her two male companions were currently doing.

“OOOOKAAAYYY…. Well I think were done here for today, I’ll be back here later to ask you some more questions.” I said as I began to walk away.

“Oooh! It’s a hot demon chick! What’s your three sizes? Do you like power rangers?” I heard red shout.

“Wait! You aren’t going to leave me here with these freaks?” Magdalene called out but I had already walked out of the room.

“Oooh…she called us freaks, that is sooooo moe!” The furry shouted.


I sat in my command room going over my plan. The overlords regime ruled over Europe, Asia and Africa while Naomis mostly controlled the Americas. But two other sizable empires competed with her in North America. I had a plan to bring one of them down. It was almost perfect , but the plan had one weakness. I had to find a good way to gain the trust of Yuna once I infiltrated Avalon. But how to do this? If I got there early enough I could make Phoenix and the others look like enemies and warn her to gain her trust. But no, the plan would work better if they came to her as allies. I could stage something using someone in our organization but that sounded kind of risky. It would be better if it was with someone who genuinely was an enemy, she would be much less suspicious that way. But who could I use? I would figure it out later, Naomi wanted me to meet her in the next half hour about something so I couldn’t waste time here.
A bit later

Naomi met me in the hallway taking my hand “Ah good, you’re just in time. Get changed into your Imperial Princess outfit, I have some people for you to meet.” Naomi was already dressed up and ready to go.

“Uhh…ok.” I said before following her over to get changed.

A bit later, a robot placed the bejeweled Tiara atop my head, it had already finished with the other jewelry. “Hehe, I always feel like such a refined princess wearing this stuff.” I liked my regular outfit but this had a certain charm to it too.

“Never mind that, were going to be late.” Naomi said as she took my hand, I had to do my best to run after her in these heels. Later the two of us arrived at a large ballroom with plenty of people inside. I recognized a few faces among the crowd including Masquerade in her usual form, but wearing a fancy dress. Moeblob was also there wearing a cute pink dress, she looked extremely irritated and was accompanied by a strange old man and a young woman who looked vaguely familiar. I couldn’t place where I had seen that woman before though.

As we walked in the old man took Moeblobs hand as well as that of the mysterious woman who seemed vaguely familiar and came to greet us. “Ah, the new Imperial Princess, and lord Naomi , it’s a pleasure as always. He took Naomis hand kissing it and did the same to mine which caused me to cringe slightly. I knew it was just a really polite way to greet a lady of high standing but this guy was still creepy enough that I didn’t want him touching any part of me. After he let my hand go I discreetly wiped it off behind my back.

“I am doctor Praetorious, chief of the research and development division in the new order. This is my wife Nene and I believe you have already met my daughter Runa.” He said gesturing to Moeblob.

“Yeah this creep is my dad…” Moeblob said looking a little resentful. His wife Nene just gave us a blank stare before looking back across the room.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what sort of person was Runa before third impact. I was always curious about her past but she’d never talk about it.” Moeblob went over to the table and got a glass of punch before walking back over to us just as her dad dropped the bomb.

“Well the truth is little Runa here was my son before third impact. He just had to be a girl who could turn into a monster, I thought it was odd, but hey if it makes him happy who am I to argue.”

“W-WHAT!?!?” The glass of punch shattered in Moeblobs hand as she looked at her dad with an expression on her face that looked both shocked and appalled at what he just said. “Th-That’s not true! That old geezer is feeding you a pack of lies! I’m not a guy!”

I put a hand on her shoulder “I see, don’t worry Runa, I can totally relate with what you’re going through! If you ever need anything, I’ll always be there for you!”

“Now Runa, I know you’re a girl now, but we mustn’t be ashamed of our past! It’s what makes us who we are today!” Praetorious said to her.

“Your dads right, most parents wouldn’t be this understanding about this so you should really try to be nicer to him.” I said to her.

Poor Moeblob who usually acted so tough just looked between the two of us , her lip trembling. “It’s a lie! I’m not a guy!” She cried before running away.

“Ah kids…I hope you’ll forgive her, she’s had a difficult time with the transition.” Dr. Praetorious said.

“Oh don’t worry, I think I can understand where she’s coming from.” I said in response to this. The rest of the evening went fairly smooth as I spent the time meeting various other people from Naomi’s empire. At the end of the night Naomi made a fairly lengthy speech and even asked me to say a few words.

Several days later
I stood in front of a clone tank, inside a formless mass was slowly growing, it was only the size of a tangerine right now, but this would at some point become my new armor.
I had wanted to finalize my plan before initializing the first stage, but no matter how I tried I could not think of someone to use to gain Yunas trust. Oh well, we might just have to do this the hard way and locate Avalons shield generator on our own without her help. In any case I couldn’t wait forever, it was almost time to act, the abbaddon was fully operational now so the plan would work.

After everyone had arrived I announced the mission objective “Alright everyone, I’ve spent a lot of time coming up with a new plan, a plan to bring down the mighty city of Avalon which our forces have yet to penetrate. And this plan will begin with the kidnapping of the three children.”
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Postby Ryjin » Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:09 am

I was now sitting in a back corner table of some run down bar that was short on the lighting and heavy on the cigarette smoke alongside my new found companions chatting it up while enjoying some rather watered down and stale Cognac but right now all things considered it hit the spot admirably. Van, who I’ve found out was a werewolf hence the sniffing, was sitting to my right and his “brother” Chucky, who I guess always wanted to be Blackula got his wish after the Impact, was sitting across me with two of his “hoes” to either side of him, the rather yummy looking chocolate colored one who went by the name “The Countess” to his left, the ok looking one who went by the name “Crimson Widow” to his right and the youngin’ Tsubasa to left of Van. Anneliese had gone back to the hotel to wait for me since she doesn’t exactly approve of drinking or the fact that I wanted on for that matter but she said she’d let this one slide given what I’ve been through. They’ve been going over each others story and how their beef with Manticore started though I really wanted to know why a black vampire and a white boy werewolf considered each other brothers; I mean it was weird enough that a vamp and a man-wolf were even friend but that just put it over the top. Man I really though about asking it but after hearing about the response they gave Manticore for asking the question I thought better of it and besides it was more important right now that I find out all I can about them just incase they try some shit with me, though I got to admit it is tempting to set them off right now…..

Well I then got into my little fucking sob story, well at lest what I wanted them to know about it that is and after I had finished the recap Chucky slugged back the last of his drink, slammed it hard on the table making everything on it jump up and then replayed his condolences with, “Damn that’s some fucked up shit, so those mutha fuckas took your mutha fucking eye, Shiiiit.” He then paused for a second as the alcohol hit and started back up as he waved down a waitresses, “And that little thang of yours got beef with that three tittied bitch too; she’s just fucking with the wrong people ain’t she?”

“Yeah, but then again she’s never been the brightest bulb, I mean in the form she came back in gots some raw power but that’s it, the only tactics she got are the ones I taught her.” I piped back as he ordered another round.

“Hmmmmm.” Chucky mouthed as he thought about what I just said, he took a sip from The Countesses cup and then asked, “So what’s the low down on this bitch? How do we tear that pussy up?”

Time to go into my battle plan, which was the easy part; carrying it out, now that’s the trick. “Heh, Ok…. where so I start……. Lets stat out with the basics, her skin is a bit tough then normal human skin, not by much but it’ll take the sting out of small caliber bullets so theses rifles and shoties ain’t going to cut it we’re going to need to get us some bugger shit……”

“I know that man, she was able to defect a shot from my baby right here with one of her tentacles.” he interjected as he pulled out that rather nice revolver he not to long age was pointing at my head which got me on to the topic about it, I don’t know but something was just nagging me about it, it just had… I don’t know, it had a feel to it and it was enough to get me to forget about the topic of Manticore abilities, “You know speaking of you gun, I got to say that’s a pretty sweat piece you got. Shit what you lose in shot with revolver you get back in reliability.”

“Well I don’t know about all that but what I do know is it a bad ass little toy, custom made just fo me. I got it from this little Asian African-American brother, all mystic and shiit, one of my old nigs told me about em. Anyways this mutha fucka is like a Hattori Hanzo for guns and shit making guns that he says reflect you soul and all that jive.” he replied just in time for the next round to show up, he took another long swig and out of no where he blurted out, “Man these Japs take shit like this too seriously, buncha violin playing muth faukas.” a little to loudly drawing some looks are way but none the less I was started to get really interested in this guy. “Hmmmm, I think I’m liking what I’m hearing; still know where this mug lives?” I asked as I took my first sip of new c….. what the?! I just noticed something touching my leg, it was that Tsubasa brat trying to bit my fucking ankle, so I kicked her off and told to sit the fuck back down after which Chucky gave her a mean muggin’ look and scolder her with, “Don’t you starting that biting shit, this my African-American brother ya fucking with’ he’s going to help ya popie find that bitch that made me look bad.” He then turned his attention back to me and answered my question, “Yeah, well kinda. My boy Van here could sniff him out but this little Asian African-American brother demands a lot of gold and silver, I’m talking fucking pounds of that shit, to make a weapon and I know you and your little white girl got enough stacks.”

Yeah that was true, Anneliese despite being an angel didn’t come prepared with a lot of cash for her mission, guess she didn’t plan on it taking this long or really needing it to much anyways and we spent a good deal of it picking up a couple guns but this was to good an opportunity to miss but where was I going to get the money……. Oh shit! In a flash serendipity hit me like a lighting bolt and I excitedly asked Chucky, “You think you can round up a van?”

“Yeah, why?” he replied with a confused, somewhat drunken look on his face.

“Well listen close my African-American brother, I got a plan.”

A few hours later…..

‘Everyone get on the mutha fucking floor and stay to the side NOW!!” *KA-BOOF!* I yelled over the clamoring alarm bells that were going off at the terrified screaming bank patrons as I blasted my shotgun into the ceiling raining bits of dust and drywall down on to me. I then went to force all the stragglers to the side along with Anneliese, Chucky, Van and The Countess who where working crowd control so we could back up the van that was being driven by Crimson Widow we with Tsubasa in the back we just stole and crashed into the lobby as close to the vault as possible and after the path was clear I went to look for the bank manager while Crimson Widow crashed the van through the teller station.

The manger wasn’t too hard to find, not only for the fact their usually the most pompous looking workers but because this stupid douche tried hiding behind the corner of desk AFTERT I already saw him! Well whatever it just makes my job easier, I grab the manger by the color and force him to his feet and demand that he opens up the vault and of course he tried pull off saying he can’t open the vault, he doesn’t have the code which I could tell was bullshit; the ay he delivered his spiel sounded like it was some scripted shit he was told to say in case this very event happened so I promptly feed the butt of my shotgun to his nose with a whack which of course caused a loud *CRUCH* of the cartilage breaking followed by a jet like gush of blood from each nostril that dropped him to his knees and sent the customer in to a panic uproar which was quickly sliced by Chucky unloading a few rounds from an AK above their heads. I then picked that punk back up and after shoving the business end into his face he suddenly become bit more corruptive and lead us down to the vault and opened it up for us like a good boy and we grabbed some duffle bags and loaded them up with as much gold and silver as we could grab and then got the hell out, Chucky hopped up into the vans driver side pushing Crimson Widow out of the way with a, “Move bitch!” while I got in the passenger side while Van, The Countess and Anneliese got in the back with Tsubasa and we where out just as we hear the *WHOOO-WHOOOOOT!* and flashing lights of the cops who were just starting to arrive popping off shots at us trying in van to get us to stop but we weren’t having it now were we? I rolled down the window, waited for a lull in the shooting and took aim at the lead cop car at it’s right side tire but missed taking out a headlight, busting up the grill and putting two buck shots through the window just missing the passenger side cop and scaring the fuck out of the driver who began to swerve giving me a perfect profile of the left side wheel which I then proceed to blast out flipping the car as the one behind slammed right into it! Holy shit that was fucking awesome! It only took a few more minutes to clear the cities limits and we began our journey over to that gunsmith who could forge a gun that reflect your soul and I began my journey to get revenge on the one who killed my friend and allies. Guns that reflect your soul huh, let’s hope they can kill demons too……..
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Postby DevRei17 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:25 pm

Two months earlier:
Before Spike join the gang...

“From the info i've gathered, I came to this new world about a year ago. Before the third impact, I was a 23 year old nerd from America...now i'm back in bascically the body of my favorite anime character.”

Shrio looked confused, mainly because of his new found knowledge of my girl-form (which i'm still in at the moment because of no nearby hot water.)

“Anyway, after I return I went wandering with my puppy Toki all over the place. I soon discovered I was not only a Spike look-alike, not only was I in a post-apocalyptic world, but I was in China!

Shrio stopped me.
“Does this have anything to do with your girl form?! You already told us your Spike story when we first meet you!”

“I was getting there!” I said sharply.
He froze up.
“Not to see i'm still tough in my girl form.” I thought to myself.

“Anyways, as I was saying, not only was I in China, but I came across a place from one of my favorite ani-”

“The Jusenkyo Cursed Springs from Ranma 1/2.” Shrio replied.

“Exactly.” I responded. “And do you know who met there when I arrived?”

“The Jusenkyo Guide?”

“Exactly! Shrio, how do you know so much about Ranma?”

“I watched some of the anime a while back...Anyway, so then what happened?”

“Well not only running into the springs, but seeing the Guide himself freaked me out. Not believing it was real, I grabbed Toki and threw him into a spring nearby.

“This is a dream!” I shouted.

“Sir, what are you doing?! These cursed springs very bad.” The Guide proclamed.

He ran over to the spring I threw Toki in. He looked panicked.

“Oh no, this 'Spring of drowned Totoro-dragon thingy', man named Ryjin (not related to Ryujin) was on vacation here, drawning pictures here and picture fell in and drowned. Very sad.”

“What the fuc-”

“Just before I could yell at the Guide, a weird Totoro-dragon thing emerged from the water.
It had a deep hatred in it's eyes for me and it was out for blood.Toki was no longer in control. It lunged at me with deep fury and knocked me into one of the springs, the Guide ran over, waiting for me to ascend. I returned for air to find myself in much shorter, petite body with red short hair and complete with boobs.
I screamed.”

“You fall in 'Spring of dr-”

“-owned girl.” I finished.

“Why yes sir, how you know?”

“Just like Ranma.”
I sinked teary eyed into the springs.

“And let's leave it at that.” I said.

Shrio looked angry.
“There's so many things still left unanswered. How did you-”

“Use your imagination.”

We got up from the ground where we had been sitting talking for the last hour. I looked at Shrio.

“We can't keep sitting here. Let's go find Ryujin and the gang...and some hot water.”
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Postby Defectron » Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:51 pm

Sometime between the fancy party and the beginning of the plot to capture Rei Ayanami

"What are you idiots doing?" Magdalene said with a sigh as she looked at the three weirdos in the neighboring cell. All three of them were wearing Guy Fawkes masks and were playing something that looked like an erotic dating sym on a console that opened out of Primes stomach.

"If you must know we are having an anonymous bonding session playing "Moe Highschool Legend 2."

"How is that anonymous?" Magadalene said irritated.

" Duh, the masks make us anonymous! Anyway you do not talk about anonymous! Now quiet or we will give you a petanko chest in our new doujin!" Prime stated.

"Prime...Petanko is making my dowel rod happy..."

"Ughhh! You idiots! Must you announce it every time your fucking dowel rod gets happy? If I was free you wouldn't have a dowel rod anymore!" Magdalene screamed at them.

"I already lost mine! Now I have a fuzzy oyster instead! If she takes yours away then you'll be just like me! Except maybe without the fuzz!" Furla said happily.

"Ohhh...fuzzy oysters sound nice...nicer then petanko! Uhhh...Furla can I touch your fuzzy oyster?" Red began to fumble with his zipper. Furla moved behind Prime putting the Gundam right in the line of fire. But Red didn't care, there was a picture of a pretty girl on his display screen anyway.

"R-Red you put that away! Last time you splooged on my console and it took forever to clean the gunk out! Besides Furla is actually Nathan? You want to touch Nathans Fuzzy oyster?" Prime protested as he attempted to get the bumbling power ranger to put his junk away.

"I don't care! I've been locked in here for two days and I've been seeing all these hot demon chicks I can't touch! Shaving my dowel rod isn't good enough anymore! I need to have fuzzy escargoe!"

However before any more disturbing occurences could happen two beastmen escorted a large bluish colored feline looking woman into another holding cell. "Release me at once sky people! You will face the wrath of Eywa for this!" She shouted as the beastmen locked the door behind her.

"Ooooh...a naked Navi girl! I can't take it anymore!" Red finnally unzipped his pants and began to hump the erogame playing on Primes console in an attempt to get at Furla who was hiding behind the robot man.

"Red...St..Stop....your making my game crash!" Prime protested in vain.

Magdalene tried her best to ignore it, but the blue girl in the other cell would not have this.

"What is this? Sky people! Your disrespect for Eywa truly knows no bounds! I thought I would escape you for good when I died, but when I emerged on Pandora, I find that you have already ravaged this world!" She shouted with tears in her eyes.

"Huhuhu...she thinks she's on Pandora!" the three nerds began to giggle to themselves. "Can you say the word "Nyaaa" pretty please?" Red asked as he walked over tot he cell wall, his pants hanging at his ankles. The Navi girl only hissed at him in disgust as she saw the unholy sight of his red ranger fire saber staring her in the face.

"QUIET! All of you SHUT UP!" A new voice said as the door opened. It was Moeblob and she looked very irritated. "I stay in the room next to the prison cells and I can hear everything you say! I'll have you all know that my hearing is good enough to hear whispers on the other end of this ship, so of course I will hear every word of your moronic conversations through the walls even if I don't want to. If I have to listen to you bozo's say the word "dowel rod" or fuzzy oysters one more time, I will rip them off and force you to eat them! Do I make myself clear?"

"Thank you!" Magadalene said in response.

The three nerds just nodded looking scared.

"And you! Tree hugger! This is not fucking Pandora! That was a movie! You are on earth! You might hate every Chimp pan A to Chimp pan Z, but you were on earth all along! Get that through your thick skull!"

"How dare you show such disrespect for the great spiri..." Apparantly this was the wrong thing to say, afte rhours of listening to this stupidity through her walls Moeblob was at her breaking point.

Before she could talk anmore, Moe blobs body seemed to lose its coherent shape , her arm lashed out through the bars spearing her through the throat. "Not another word smurfette...." she said as her body seemed to melt into a slimy amorphous mass of cells that quickly covered the struggling Navis body as she went straight through the cells bars. The three nerds and Magdalene could only watch in horror as she was completely consumed by Moeblob. Within moments her body reformed back into its little girl shape fully nude as her clothes had disintegrated when she absorbed the navi. But the nerds weren't getting excited by this anymore, that was because they knew that if they made even the slightest peep they could be next.

"Awww...did baby have an accident?" She asked as she walked over tot he bars before slipping through them once more to look at Red who was backing away, his now soiled pants still hanging at his ankles. His once mighty fire saber had retreated faster then a turtle into its shell. "Don't worry, I'm not interested in eating you three boobs. I only consume things that can add to my own perfection, you inferior dolts would only taint it. If you annoye me I'll just kill you...but you on the other hand. I wouldn't mind eating you." She said as she looked at Magdalene through the bars. Even the demon looked a little afraid of her. But then suddenly Moeblobs head was knocked from her shoulders as it tumbled away.

"Moeblob! What did I tell you about eating the prisoners!" I said as I walked out of the shadows, a smoking monowire shotgun in one hand.

"Manticore...I wasn't really going to do it...I was just putting these dolts in their place..." her head said from the floor before changing into a slimey mass which slithered over to her main body before vanishing into its foot. Moments later her head regrew.

"You really did eat the smurf though. I'm warning you, these three and that smurf you ate may not be valuable prisoners, but you waren't to do anything to them without my permission, I won't be so lenient next time. And if you so much as touch the demon, I will make sure your suffering is legendery even in hell. Do you understand?"

Moeblob just looked like a pouty kid and said "Yes..." in an irritated voice before walking away.

I then glanced in the three nerds cell "And you jokers, no more masurbating on the wall or I'll let her kill you."

I was about to walk out of the room when the demon called out "Please you've got to get me out of here! I'll do anything you say! You can trust me! I just dont want to stay with these people! You've got to believe me!"

"Sorry...I got some stuff to take care of. I'll think about it later." I said as the door shut behind me.
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Postby Ryjin » Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:43 pm

“Man, I don’t know about this place. Something just ain’t… right about it.” Chucky stated with his head cocked to the side as he look out the window at the small town we just entered and he was right, everyone started to head into their house and closing the doors and pulling down the blinds as soon as we entered but out side of that it was a pretty nice looking place since the architecture still had some influence of that classic Japanese style. It’s been a few days since our little bank robbery and while we brought gas and food with us they were starting to run low and we were starting to get cramped up from staying in this van for too long so we decided to pull over in the next town to stock back up and find an inn or something we could rest up for a little bit, guess we picked the wrong town.

“Wait…. over to the left, third building down. See it?” I say as I notice a homemade fuel depot in the backyard of a house down the street.

“Yeah, I seez it, think they’ll sell us some?” Chucky asked looking over at it to which I just reply back, “Never hurts to ask.” with a shrug.

We pull up in front of the house and I get out with Van, he’s a bit less flashy then Chunky and we don’t want to scare the natives anymore then already seem to be, while I tell Chucky to, “Watch my back.” and we head on over to the front door noticing someone peeking in-between the blinds only to quickly pull back after noticing we see them and then I promptly went gently araping on this house holds front door…… only unsurprisingly to find no reply

“Looks like they ain’t answering Lets just find another town.” Van quipped sounding rather board after waiting a few more minutes , “Fuck, let’s try this again” I reply starting to feel a little frustrated myself between this town acting weird and my back being stiff from several days of sleeping in a car chair. I then turn back to the door and started to knock away again while shouting “Hey we just want to know if we can buy some gas, we saw your depot and we’re kinda low.” loud enough that hopefully somebody inside hears me and wouldn’t you know it, a second later we heard the locks clicks open and door opened up just enough for us to she the brown eyes of a Asian girl peeking out followed by a shy and stuttered, “Ye…yes?”

“Heh, I ain’t going ta bite. Just want to know if we can have some gas, don’t worry we’ll reimburse you for your time.” I tell her as reassuring as I could while handing her 5 silver coins (which was the equivalent of handing someone $500 for some gas before the fall, and to think this type of sliver coin was once used by my country to equal one dollar) which seemed to work as she opened the door a bit further reveling a pretty cute teenaged girl with short bob cut kinda like Rei’s but flatter if that makes sense. The girl looks at us blinkly for a second or two as if see was trying to find her words, she cocked her head up to look at me and then replied, “Ummm, ok. Sure. Just…. follow me around back.”

I then turn to Van and with a mock smile I tell him, “See Van you just don’t have enough faith in people.” After which I waved over at the van and shouted, “Ok Chuck, move around to the back we got our selves some gas.” and then followed the girl around back with Van in tow before Chucky could finish shouting back, “Shit, about ti….”

After getting round back she quietly filled up out 4 gas cans and topped off our tank and then turned to me and asked, “Do…. is there anything else you ne…. need?”

“Well we could use some food, like the storable kind like the canned stuff….” I started to reply with Chucky cutting in and finish with, “And a God damned place to sleep, my ass is tired as shit form sleeping in that mutha fucking car; excuse my French young lady but shiiit, my ass is sore.”

“Ummmm… Ummmm I… You can stay in the garage for the night…. I’ll bring you some matts and for the food I’ll go and pick you all up some later since They… won’t sell to you….”

“Hey, why is everyone so afraid of us in this town….. and if you don’t mind asking…. Where’s your folks?” I asked trying to see if I could find out if there was anything we needed to worry about going on in this town.

“The…. With everything going on in this world they’re afraid of outsiders… that’s,,, that’s all. As for my parents they’re out…. working the fields…. they’ll be back later…. they’ll be… mad at for what I’ve done…..” was he nervous reply.

Wait, she’s going to get I trouble over this? “Huh, mad at you? Oh… I didn’t mean….”

But before I could finish she shook her head and replied, “No… it’s ok. They won’t like me entertaining strangers to this town but we…. we need the money. Don’t worry my father won’t kick you all out since you paid. I’ll open up the garage and then I’ll be back with some mats ok?”

“Ummm, yeah sure.” I said back shaking my head. After that she head back into the house as Chucky commented, “What the fuck, forcing the nigger to sleep out in the garage and shit, could of invited us in for the money we handed her n’ shit!” and in short order the metal groaning noise announcing the opening of the garage began and inside it was pretty neatly organized despite being filled with the usual tool and household surplus that was normal for garages and on top of that there was no cars in it so we had a good deal of room to work with so we pull the van up inside and a few minutes later the girl came back some with some rice mats like she promised and we all promptly hopped a squat and started to relax and get some much needed stretching out.

“Alright, here’s the main plan of attack. Ok basically Manticore is an energy vampire and can use tentacles and tail to suck the…. lifeforce, ju-ju, from a living being and she can use any surplus from this to generate her electric attacks and completely heal just about any wound short of total obliteration, oh and to fly as well so that’s the key here, I we mange to drain her energy low enough she can’t super heal anymore though I don’t know what her normal healing rate would be or if she even has one but she won’t be able to fly or zap our asses as an added bonuses.” I told everyone finally getting a chance to go over my plan of action in any form of detail now that we were starched out and relaxed.

Chucky gave a sly smile at what I just put out and then replied, “So we just need to blast that ass until that ho know how to act right, right?” while crossing his arms behind his head and leaning back even further then already was.

If only it was going to be that easy, “Yeaaah, just about but the thing is we can’t just “blast her ass”; when it comes to her we got to boil the frog.”

“Boil the what?! What the fuck do frogs got to do with the bitch?” He shouted back in surprise while everyone else except for Anneliese gave me an odd look, looks like they never hears the term before so looks like I’m going to have to do some schooling, “Relax man, it’s just a term…. well normal it’s a political term but it stands well here to. To make a long story short basically if you throw a frog in pot of water and turn up flame right away the frog will jump out going, fuck that’s hot right?” to which they all either nodded or yeah in replied, “Well now if you turn up the flame slowly, let the frog get use to each increase of the dial he wont jump out since he’s adjusted, gotten use to the new temperature; like when you get into a hot and at first it’s really, really hot but then it gets soothing well it’s the same thing for the frog and they’ll get use to it even up to the point that they get boiled alive.”

“Ok, thanks for the mutha fucking science lesson Professor Gee-Whiz but still, what the fuck does it got to do with that green skinned ho…. fuck, what the hell does that got do with politics?” Chucky still asked with a tinge of frustration starting reveal its self on his face not quite getting it yet so I with a laugh I went back to the schooling, “Heh, for politics it’s used as an euphemism for when you want to get passed something that you know the public ain’t going to like so you slowly set the precedence and start by introducing a little bit of it as a good thing under some banner like protect the children of some shit so people just get use to it then you add the next piece and so on and the next thing you know it you got martial law and you’re like “How the fuck did this happen?” but for Manticore what I’m saying is we can’t just go in there all crazy go nuts trying to blast the shit out of her since if we don’t get her she’ll just run off, she maybe head strong but she’s not THAT stupid so what we got to do is hit her just a little bit of a time like a buck of bee stings at first, lead her into thinking she can win and slowly and surly we’ll drain her down to the point she can’t use her special abilities and then that ass is ours.” and I think that just about did it given the “Oh!” expression that just came over old Chuck but with that out of the way I looked over and asked Van, “So Van you sure she’s staying around that space center?” You not to long after the heist Van picked up Manticore sent again after it apparently disappeared for a couple of day several miles to the north-west where it would linger around then disappeared again only to pop back up a few hours later and after we busted out the maps Van was able to pin her apparent location to in or couple miles around a Japanese space agency launch site center.

“Yeah, every time I’ve sniffed her out it’s been coming or going from that area so let’s hope she stay’s there for a few more days.” Van answered back in the middle of a yawn with his eyes half narrowed like he was read to get some sleep.

“Yeah but what if she don’t.” Chucky interjected, “I mean I know you want your very own bad mutha fucka since you all jealous of my shit but we picked up all this mutha fucking firepower and you just said we need to be like bee stings so why don’t we just do this shit!” The mutha fucking fire power that Chuck here was talking about was an expanded collection of heavier weapons we picked up before the heist after pooling our recourses which included higher end assault rifles in the 7.62mm range, a couple of shotguns including one semi-automatic SPAS-15 along with both standard buckshot and high explosive rounds, a M500 light weight 12.7mm anti-material sniper rifle along with a full on Browning M2 .50cal heavy machine gun that we still got to rig up in a turret on our van like I my old group had on the Johnsonmobile, a number of .45cal pistols and I one big ass Smith and Wesson .500 I just had get myself; not the most practical of revolvers since it kicked like a God damned tyrannosaurus rex on steroid when you fired it and it only held 5 rounds but with almost 3 times the stopping power of Desert Eagle Action Express round it gave a world of hurt to whatever I hit with it and of course we picked up a large number or grenades along with an old M79 Launcher a couple of one shot LAWs and a few RPG with a bunch of different warheads including Anti-Tank and Thermobaric for some serious crowd control. Some of this arsenal was made up by weapons we already had between our two groups but I got thank Vans nose for sniffing out that well hidden shop that we found most of our heavier stuff, man I wish Axx and myself found out about that place earlier and we wouldn’t if have to waste half the time and money on getting the rather sub-par weapons we got before hand. But anyways as I was saying we did pick up most of the heavy stuff just incase we ran into Manticore early then expected, well that and just incase we ran into any other super powered freaks with bad attitudes along the way, but right now we just weren’t ready yet which was the next fact I relayed over to Chucky, “Believe me I want to but just hearing my plan ain’t just enough. if we want to do this right we’re going need time to get at lest some kinda training in and if it’s going to take as long as you say it is to get that gun made that’ll give us some time to get some in. Practice man, it’s a virtue.” Which earned a slight nod from him while he… he just had this goofy ass “Duhhhhh” look to his face like he only half got what I just said and it took a lot of control not to burst out laughing at the guy, unfortunately the Countess wasn’t so nice when she remarked, “Wow Chuck, you are not too bright.”

“The fuck you say bitch, I’m the mutha fucking pimp her so you better watch that mouth before I slap the talk out of them.” Chucky vented back at her with his eyes half bugging out of his head in anger like some Samuel L. Jackson impersonation gone horribly wrong which only fueled my desire to burst out laughing even more.

“Humph, pimp? You’re the shittist pimp I’ve every seen.” She shot back at him with a twisted smile on her face which only grew as she dug her verbal knife even deeper into Chuckys ego, “You haven’t made a good damn cent off of any of us, not that I would “hore” myself out for your dumb ass, and you’re letting some green skin floozy get to you this bad? Fucking pathetic.”

Man he was now just at his breaking point which also meant from my angle the exaggerated anger face he was making was at its most sublimely funny apex and I could even the normally recluse and quiet Van force back a shit eating grin at this while Chucky but all the furry he could muster in his next grandstand, “Listen bitch. I ain’t having this. You fucking with me in front of my niggas an…” only to have his thunder cut abrupt by the Countess yelling back, “Niggas? Niggas? Your two “Niggas” are whiter then wonder bread! What the fuck you talking about here? What? You delusional too?” Oh dear child! This was getting good. I haven’t laughed this much in….. God… I don’t even want to think about it right now.

“Ohhhhh, say a…..mmmmmm. I’m about to slap a bitch! I can’t believe this raciest shit you spewing girl, I mean from a sisata like you? What the fuck the world’s come too?” Chucky shot back now standing full up and leaning back clutching his heart like some grave injury was done to him, he then turned his attention over to me and Van and then spat, “And damn Niggas! Don’t you’ll have my mutha fucking back?”

“Sorry man, this is some fucking funny shit…. fuck this is golden.” I apologized in-between half forced back chuckles while Van added in, “Yeah, this is some funny fucking shit!” to which Chucky shot back, “Man! Fuck you’ll!” with his face half turned up into a pout. Oh shit this was fucking gold.

After I was able to finally calm down I looked over to Anneliese who I’ve just noticed had been quite the whole exchange to finder looking rather aloof like everything was totally disinteresting to her and I went to ask her if anything was wrong when I heard a door slam from the house hard enough that it shook the garage which now had begun to open and we all looked at the opening in unison like we were 12 year old and we knew are father was about to catch us smoking pot of something and out of the blue Tsubasa piped out, “Uh-oh looks like daddies home, can I bite him?” to which Chucky quickly shot back, “No! What’s wrong with you?!” as a short weathered and wrinkled Asian man I’d place in his 60’s stepped in with a more then a little pissed look on his face.

He looked us for a good minute like he was about to explode before he finally opened up surprisingly calmly asking half rhetorically, “So you are the ones who enserviced my daughter?” to which Van was the one reply with, “Ummm, yes. If it’s a problem…”

“No.” he replied, “You paid us so I am obliged to finish the agreement you made with my Akane. Just be sure to be gone fist thing in the morning at sunrise, we don’t want trouble with the kure-ji- kaki…”

“Wait, who are the kure-ji- kaki?” I ask him with out thinking cutting him off which right now wasn’t something I wanted to do and he replied by just staring at me coldly for a second before he changed the subject, “Akane also told me we needed storable food items, we will get them for you later in the day. Do you need any other supplies?”

“No, all we needed was the gas, a place to stay and some extra food.” The Countess answered.

“Hmmmm, very well. We will also cook you dinner for tonight do to how much you gave us but still by we need to be gone by sunrise.” He replied to us before turning around and heading back into the house and after he was gone from sight Chucky got up and closed the garage door then looked around at us before letting out with a “what the fuck” expression, “What the hell is a kure-ji- kaki? I told you’ll that this town got something wrong with it, ain’t that right Van.”

“Yep.” was his simple reply as he stretched out with his eyes closed ready to lay out.

“Man, you know Van, you talk to fucking little. All quiet and shit.” Chucky quipped as he sat back down on his mat.

”No, I talk just the right amount.” Van replied back, “You just talk too God damned much.”

Hours later I found my self woken up by something I couldn’t quite place yet, I rolled slightly back to check on Anneliese who had was laying next to me with her arm around me breathing slowly into my hair and then I hear something… that was it that was what woke me up but what was it. Sounded almost like feet shuffling along pavement, I look around further to see Van looking at me with one finger to his lips while the other was pointed outside and then came the scream that woke everyone else up, it was the girls, Akanes. Shit I hope I didn’t just fuck this family over. I lifted Anneliese arm off of me and stood up as she tells me, “Leave it be, this is not our concern.”

The hell this isn’t, I look back down at her and tell her the same before walking over to the Van and grabbing a 1911, checking to see if it was loaded and then holding it in my pocket to keep who ever was out their from seeing right waway before walking over to the garage opener while hearing some punk outside say to the poor girl, “Holding out are we, harboring outsiders are we? Hmmmmm boys how just how do we want her to pay us back.”

Shit! I slammed the button and ducked under the still rising door to find three now a bit shocked young Asian punks with some crazy fucking multi-colored hair holding katanas in their hands with holstered small caliber sub machine guns, two of them were holding her in place while the third had just ripped open her shirt exposing her breasts; guess that this is the kure-ji- kaki her dad was talking about.

“Hey gaijin! Who the fuck asked you to come and play?!” Shit talked the asshole who tore her shirt.

“Yeah, don’t you know who you’re messing with?” The asshole on the girls left added in to which I promptly replied “No and I don’t care.” after which I whipped out my .45 and unloaded two rounds into the chest of the shirt tearing asshole dropping him, I then quickly and methodically double tapped the up to now silent asshole on Akanes right and the third one on her left took off running down the sideway leading to the street, fast! I mean like crack head fast! I popped off two shots at him but only one managed to wing that fast ass son of a bitches left shoulder, I took off after him firing a few more rounds but we was long gone and now half the neighborhood seemed to be up as light went on across it.

I walked back over to check on Akane to find her crying into her fathers chest, and after he noticed me he gave me a look of pure fury and barked out, “WHY DID YOU DO THAT!”

The sheer thunder in his voice latterly impacted me and I felt his word ring though out my chest and I found myself stumbling on my words as I tried to explain myself, “What… what do you mean…. If I didn’t do that our daughter.. she would of….”

“Yea I know!” He shot back with tears now forming in his eyes, “But that would have been it! They… would of left us alone…. but now you bring their wrath on this town by killing them! Be gone tomorrow and NEVR return!” he finished as he walked back in the house with his violated, sobbing daughter and I just stood there not believing what I just did. I regained my composer then shouted over to Chucky and Van, “You guys help me burry theses bodies!” as walked over to the stiffs only half hearing Chuckys complaining reply of, “Damn African-American brother, they’re your bodies; why do I got to pick them up?”

The next day……..
I found my self woken up by Van who told me, ‘Hurry up, we got to leave, I hear and smell a vanguard of about twenty motorcycles coming followed further back by… I don’t know what yet since the motorcycles are making so much noise and smoke it’s hard to sense pass them but it’s big.”

“Shit…. “ I replied as I shot up finding that Anneliese was awake as well. We needed to go but… I just couldn’t bring myself to…. I put this town in danger….. I can’t just leave them like this. I look at everyone and firmly state you all can go if you want but I’m staying to help them fight.”

“Oh no you’re not, this is not our fight we are leaving!” was Anneliese response to my sudden act of stupidity so I looked back at her into her eyes and shot back, “How can we leave them like this!” and surprisingly Chucky jumped to my defenses with, “You know what? Fuck it. Just a couple of dumb mutha fucksa on bike is what you said wolf African-American brother?”

“Yeah, at lest that’s what I can tell for sure.”

“Well fuck I think we can handle that.” Chucky replied as he got up, he then made his way over to the van and called out to the rest of us with, “Let’s go and see what we’re up against people. If it’s too much we can just get the fuck out of here.” The Crimson Widow hit the opener on her way to the van and then Chucky pulled up to the front of the house while loaded up with a grenade launcher, the semi-automatic shot gun and the .500. Peaking out from behind the blinds of their homes we saw several people with nervous expressions as they awaited a gang that had them terrified. Chucky pulled out a pair of binoculars and looked down range to see what we where up against, “Let’s see what they got, some stupid mutha fuckas on bike … and what’s that kicking up dust behind them…… “ He then paused and a look of nerviness was now on his face as he shouted, “OH fuck no. I’m out. I ain’t dealing with no mutha fucking tank,”

“Wait, what?!” I asked not believing what he jut said.

“See fo’ ya self.” he then told me handing me the binoculars and through them I saw it, it was a fucking tank done up with all sots of tags and oddments with several more gangers riding on the hull of it but that was not all! Flanking it where 4 buses turned into armored personal carriers with make shift armor and machine gun turret added on to them. Fuck they had a lot of fire power…… “Fuck…” I began to say out loud as I lowered the binoculars…. this was bad…… but…. but we just couldn’t leave them…. Jesus! These fuckers are going to slaughter them! I turn to my comrades and plead, “Come on….. we can’t…..” only to be cut down by Anneliese who yelled out, “We are leaving!”

“No… fuck that!” I shouted back as I opened up the door, “I can’t leave them like this; I’m staying to help them!” I then hope out onto the street ignoring what Anneliese yelling and walked out to face the mess I caused on my own………
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Postby Defectron » Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:50 pm

"I don't get it, hows that going to bring down Avalon?" Moeblob asked looking confused.

"Avalons an inpeneterable city, overwhelming force has failed time and again to pierce its walls. But there's ways around that, ways as old as the anchient Greeks, you guys are familiar with the old Trojan horse story?"

"That would need to be one hell of a horse to bring down something like that." Penetrator remarked stroking his mustach. "But I don't see how those kids will help. Only one of them can pilot an eva right now, and you said that we wont even be taking unit 00."

"Oh it is one hell of a horse. But that horse will not be unit 00. It will be the other two robots within their possession. Jetalone and the Trident. The children, Rei in particular will be a catelist to get my former comrades to act how I want them to. After their kidnapping I'll create a false information leak which I'll be going over later. This will lead them to believe that the children are being taken to a location near Avalon for testing with experimental evangelions. They will have no way of knowing this information is false because it will be delivered by a trusted source. They will arrive in America and when they do Avalon will contact them, I'll stage an attack on them to make it clear that they are not on the same side as us. We couldve staged the trojan horse idea on our own, but I feel it works better when the ones delivering the horse really are our enemies. Naturally Avalon will come to their aid, I've studied the Imperial order quite extensively and I know that they will want those robots in their possession. Though they may we will be their true goal in anylcome them as allies, that forged alliance. That is where Socks will come in." I said pointing at the nanomorph who was playing with a ball of yarn on the floor, his body currently shaped like some bizzare metal feline.

"The kidnapping will also serve a dual purpose, a distraction so that no one will notice Socks infecting the two robots. There's only one problem though, the one in possession of those robots, the one who left me for dead have blown up my friends...Phoenix appears to currently be absent from the main group. The plan will not be initiated until she returns. Once she does I'll go into more detail on what everyones role in this will be."


I stood in the training room breathing in deeply , a training dummy hung from the ceiling in front of me as I went into a martial arts stance, gathering my energy while doing so.

It annoyed me that Phoenix was awol, I needed her around for this to work. Not just because she had the robots, but because I didn't want anyone else to take her life. She'd die by my hand and no one elses, I had to find her and make sure nothing unexpected happened.

I then lashed out at the dummy, plasma fire crackling around my fist as it burned right into its face, leaving a putrid smoking hole. I shook the ash from my fist before glancing back at the dummy. "Not bad, but this still takes up too much energy for me to use casually. Hopefully Gaylord finishes the work on my armor soon." With it I would be able to manipulate plasma more freely.

"Ooh...looks like your trainings coming along pretty nice." I heard Naomi say as she walked into the room. "Since I know your leaving soon, I thought I'd get you a birthday present to remember me by whenever your feeling lonely." She said as she took my arm leading me into the ship. We eventually made our way over to the room that was to be my quarters. For the most part I had already fully furnished it. But something new stood in the corner, it was a robot that resembled the white horse that Naomi had temporarily changed into back when we had been in the vampire village.

"Uhh...you got me a horse?" I asked as I walked over to it to get a closer look.

"Not just any horse, this is Naomi Mk II, I had it specially made for you. You can ride it bravely into battle, its faster then a cheeta and best of all, watch this!" Naomi slapped its rear end, it gave an electronic neigh and what appeared to be a vibrator emerged from its back. "When I'm not around, you'll never be lonely!"

"Uhhh....thanks...thats uhhh...one of the more interesting gifts I've gotten, though I gotta say I prefer Naomi I."

"Oh I wouldn't have it any other way. It also has a battle mode too." Naomi said as she touched its nose, the strange robotic beasts body contorted as it reared up on its hind legs, its front legs changing into spindly skelital arms weilding huge curving blades. It's eyes glowed red as it let loose a bizzare high pitched laugh from its maw which had grown several times large, full of metal fangs, between which was some sort of gun."

"Naomi, I gotta admit, you come up with the creepiest shit and that's one of the reasons why I love you." I said as I gave her a hug. "In any case I'll be sticking around for at least another day, so Naomi MK II will be sleeping on the couch tonight." I joked.


Demiurge sat in the middle of the prison brig facing Magdalene sipping a cup of tea. After their encounter with Moeblob the nerds were wary of anyone new who came to visit them.

"You've journeyed a long way haven't you. Your pretty intent on your revenge." He said with a smile.

"Of course the capt was all I had. What else can I do?"

"You only say that because you never let yourself see other options that are open to you. Life can be a much more complicated thing then you imagined." he said as he drank his tea.
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Postby Orichalcon » Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:35 pm

15 minutes before 3rd Impact…

“C’mon, Isabel!” I complained loudly, trying (and failing) to remove my girlfriend’s shirt. I got a smack in the face for my efforts. Isabel made a face at me and pushed me back.

“Damn it, Oliver, get your brain out of your drawers!” she said. “I said I’d sleep with you today, but I didn’t say you could climb on top of me! Just give me a little time to prepare, please.” I groaned in dismay. I was 19, for crying out loud, and still a virgin.

“Babe, if the world ended in 15 minutes and we never got around to doing anything, I would be so pissed at you,” I mused, and she laughed.

15 minutes later…

I grinned like a child as Isabel slowly began to lift up her shirt.

“Almost there, almost there…” I muttered under my breath as I began to catch sight of my target… And then my girlfriend liquefied into orange juice. “GODDAMMIT!” I screamed, punching the wall. However, I didn’t get to finish expressing my rage, as the orange juice that had merely been a puddle of my girlfriend suddenly turned into an ocean, going well above my head, and sweeping my house and I away. I panicked, the breath leaving my lungs in an instant. I had never learned how to swim, and now, as the world ended, I was dying in the lamest way possible, drowning. As my vision began to fade to black, my last sight was of a bizarre blue haired girl with overly large red eyes approaching me, and then…


I was one with everything. I could see every thought of humanity, all that was and will be.

And I hated it.

There’s a legend around the world, a whispered tale on the internet. The government of every country in the world is said to have a copy of the Black Chapter. The tape said to contain every evil thing humanity has ever done. It had nothing on this. Every evil thought humanity had ever had was rushing through the shared mind I was part of. It was horrible, repulsing. I wanted it all to stop.

And then it did. I suddenly found my consciousness drifting away from the horrible muddle of minds. As I left, a voice rang out.

“If everyone can visualize themselves in their own heart, they can return.”

What the hell did that even mean, I pondered to myself. All a person has to do is visualize themselves, and they’re back? It couldn’t be THAT simple. Or was it? I groaned, or made as close an approximation to groaning as a person without a body can have. I hadn’t looked in a mirror for days before the whole ‘end of the world’ thing happened. Unable to get a clear picture of myself in my head, my thoughts drifted towards what had happened to me. Isabel... I had heard her thoughts before I was freed from that maelstrom of minds. She wasn't going to do anything with me. She had been leading me on so she could get me to pay for her college. Geez, you think you know someone... And what about that ocean of orange water? If I could have shivered, I would have. All the people on earth... Was that what they became? Was that what I became? I made a promise to myself to make sure that I would be someone CAPABLE in water when I returned to the mortal coil. This was sooner than I thought, because I suddenly found myself rising out of the ocean of OJ onto a beach. I coughed and hacked, falling down. I clutched the sand as hard as I could, marvelling that I once more had... Hands?

These weren't mine. I had normal hands. These were some bizarre cross between blue, green, and purple. Also, they were webbed. I gulped as I realized that by imagining myself as someone that would never drown, I must have changed into something that can survive in the water.

"Crap," I muttered, in a voice that once more was decidedly NOT mine. It was a lilting voice, high-pitched and pleasing to the ear. It reminded me of...


I crawled over to the shore, trying to look at myself in the orange li..quid. What I saw brought tears to my eyes. I had become some bizarre parody of my girlfriend, like she had been crossbred with a shark to produce me. My 'hair' was a mass of green tentacle-like strings, and my eyes were a cold purple color. I opened my mouth, and saw sharp teeth lining it. My eyes slowly drifted down, to see two things that brought my spirit up, if only a bit.

"Boobies!" I proclaimed happily, poking them once or twice. Maybe this form wasn't that bad. I looked over the boobs to see a lack of something else farther down. I blushed, my cheeks turning bright green. I wasn't checking that out in public. I stood up, washing the sand off of me, promptly tripping over my fins right after. "Fins," I said to myself. "I have FINS." I picked myself up once more, and managed to get about 30 steps in before I smacked my head on something I couldn't see and went down for the count.
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Postby Ryjin » Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:38 pm

I could now see the throng of flamboyantly decorated sports bikes coming in from the highway, their riders having the same ridiculous over the top Japanamtion style that those punks that tried to rape poor little Akane. I loaded my M79 with a HEAT round and then holstered it to drawing my assault rifle like shotgun. As they drew closer they begin to fire their weapons into the air, mostly assault rifle but a few were armed with flame throwers for good measure, and yelling and yelping like a pack of fucking deranged hyenas; Van was right, there’s about twenty of them and as I looked around to see dozen of faces peeking out at me here threw their blinds as I stood all alone the enormousness of my brave stupidity came over. Well at lest I haven’t heard the van drive off, at lest I don’t think I didn’t…..

The leading five bikes were now in the town proper and had began to throw about molotovs and fire off flame thrower shots haphazardly not really hitting anything outside of setting some grass on fire but then again that wasn’t the point, the towns folks were pissing their collative pants right now cowering in fear which is what I should have been doing if I had any brains. But then again I’ve already been dead three times; just what the hell can they do to me? OK! Show time! The bikes were now just over a block away from me so I assumed the position and using my knee to brace myself as I fired off an 12-gauge HE round right into the tank of the first flame thrower carrying biker I could hit and it erupted like a bon-fire gone wrong with the blastwaves shaking the ground and knocking over a biker to his left and causing the rest to scatter. Well that sure fucking got their attention! I quickly dove to the right behind an old car as bullets began whizzing past me. I was breathing heavily now hugging my cover as much as possible as bullets clacked against the car either bouncing off or blowing holes right throw it in shower of sparks; my pulse was up, my skin felt clammy and…. and… for the first time in a while I felt truly alive.

Two bikes soared by me screaming one of which threw something that I hear embed its self into the side of the car as two large *BANGS!* rang out followed by the screeching metal sound of two bikes scrapping against the asphalt but before I could figure out what the fuck was going on a bike hop the curb onto the sidewalk coming at me spinning a weighted chain! I fell back half in surprise as I threw out my shotgun and fired twice, the first shot missed by the second blew a reddish mist out his back as he slumped of his bike which then wobbled to the side and flipped just passing over my head as I felt the tip of one of the handle bars just graze the top of my hair before slamming into a tree! I took a second to collect myself before deciding it was time to move on, I popped up from cover and instinctively let off two shots at the nearest biker who was just about pass by me blowing a chunk out of his leg and shooting out his bikes engines which exploded in a shower of sparks and smoke tearing him up even further before he crumpled off of it and the bike fell over careening across the ground trailing sparks. For a split second I stare at the throwing axe that was embedded just above the driver side door that was whipped at me a few moments a go and for some reason reflected on how impressive it was he got it that deep into the cars frame before I look to the direction I hear those two loud shots come from to find Van standing in the middle of the street yielding the .50cal sniper rifle just like if it was a normal rifle and Chucky over on the other side of the street behind also behind a car with his custom revolver in hand. Hee, guess they couldn’t leave me behind after all. Chucky noticed me and began to call out, “Crazy ass African-American brother making us com…..” only to first be interrupted by the revving of next wave of incoming bikes and then by a burst of rifle fire coming form the van where the Countess was leaning out the driver side window with an AK, meanwhile in the back The Crimson Widow started to set up the .50cal machine gun on its tripod along with Tsubasa. Alright looks like they’re all in this now but…. where’s Anneliese? Chucky and Van began to open fire on the incoming wave which then split into 3 groups with one going to the left, another to the right and the remaining still coming at us, looks like they were trying to pincer us.

I kneeled down by the hood of the car I was using for cover to help stabilize my aim as bullets began to fly around me from the biker who were now just coming into effective range of my shotgun, and when the first bike crossed over to this block who got it pretty bad I open up with two shot which were met by another either from Van or Chucky and followed up by a burst from The Countess but after that they came at us like a crashing wave. I ducked down as a passing bike riddled the area around me with an Uzi only to feel a great burning impact against my right shoulder blade as three of his shot found their mark! I leaned against the side of the car smearing it with my blood as I tried to clam myself from the shock of being shot as I found myself mouthing, “FUCK! Why is it always my fucking right side that is hit?!” The shot thankfully didn’t hurt too much do to the adrenalin I had pumping through my blood added to the fact after what I’ve been through a few days ago that this was like a fucking massage in comparison! I finally got myself calm and moved my right arm around to see how much use I still had in it, it stung as I moved and I could feel the three rounds grind against my shoulder blade as it moved but otherwise it was still good to go for now; thank God 9 millies had shit for stopping power, especially against big boys like me (a word to the wise while a 9mm is a better self defense caliber then a .22 when you need stopping power against anyone over 160lbs you want a minimum of a .40 round or higher unless you want to waste half your clip) but right now it wasn’t the damage done that I had to worry about rather the bleeding would become a problem if I didn’t get it treated soon. I stated to prop myself back up to take another pop shot when I heard Chucky start to shout out, “SHIT I’m…” only to be drowned out by the roaring *BURRRRRR-URTTTT* of our .50cal machine gun ripping through this wave! As I propped up onto my knee I could see Chucky bleeding from his chest and he looked pissed as he popped off his hand cannon in rapid succession! His fang were fully extended now and his face was pulling that Buffy vampire mad face thing where it got all theses ridges and folds and shit and his eye were pure white. Shit! He finally looked like a proper vampire!

All of a sudden I heard the rev of a motorcycle coming form behind and as I turned to see what was going on a biker flew out from the side way of the house I was in front of changing at me with skorpion vz 61 ready to fire! In response I tried to bring up my shotgun to try and get a shot off as I fell back and braced for the burst I new was coming to cut me down when in a flash something darted over me and then I hear what sounded like a cleaver slashing into a side of wet beef followed by a sprayed of a salty tasting mist………… An Anneliese was standing with back before and her wings spread full a golden aura radiating off of her with a flaming sword in her right hand and before her was a felt motorcycle with its driver cut cleanly in two spilling his blood and intestines onto the ground but before I had time to take in the full awe of this sight two more bikes barreling down the sidewalk from behind us, The Countess tried to direct her AK fire at them threw the passenger side window but missed leaving it up to the two of us; I discharged the magazines last round right in to the left most drives chest blowing open his ribcage in a rather disgusting shower of gore while Anneliese reveled she carried an SCAR in her left hand as she let off a 3 round bust in the second biker knocking him of his bike.

As I kneeled down and to reload my gun I hear Anneliese call out, “Your hurt!” to which I reply, “Yep.” as I slap in the next magazine and charge the weapon. She then places her hand on my back near the wound forcing me to grit me teeth as her action infuriates my wound but then a cool kinda tingly sensation came over it and could literally feel the bullets wiggles their way out of my flesh, a very weird feeling I must add, and after I heard them clink against the sidewalk I felt my skin like pull and flex as it knit its self back together…. during this whole thing I just kinda stayed there kneeling with an odd look on my face….. Man healing just…. just…. feels unnatural as weird as that concept may seem. It was quiet, for now, and I took a moment to look down at the three misshapen blood caked projectiles that just fell from my body before surveying the carnage as men laying dead or dieing amongst the wreckage of bikes as the smell of burnt human flesh come over me kicking memories and flashes of that day at the stadium which then of course lead to flashbacks of what those Nip fucks did to me…….

“Shit African-American brother! Running off and shit!” What the fuck is wrong with you man!” Chucky yelled at me snapping me out from the flashbacks. I felt dizzy and disoriented and sick of adrenalin, my heart was beating so hard I could feel slam against my chest but… but I needed to focus…. we had the tanks and armored busses to deal with now.

I rubbed my eyes and shook my head to clear it before turning over to Chuck with a fake grin and shooting back, “Shit, what ain’t wrong with me! Hey look at it this way, if we handle this shit we can the fuck out of Manticore so just call this our first training session!”

“Training!” Anneliese fumed back at me her eyes glaring as she assumed the stance, yeah THAT stance and tore into me, “Don’t you understand? You need to stay alive to help take them down! If you don’t a lot more then this town will die, there’s what? Only maybe a few hundred in this town? A far expectable loss when compared to what WILL happen if that demon establishes its portal?!”

I didn’t have time for that either, we could debate ethnics latter. I turn and walk over to the van as I respond back with, “Look we can talk later, we got a tank to deal with now.” I then open up the passenger side door and grab the binoculars that were still on the dash and took at look at how close the armored column was now and found that a new group of about 9 motorcycles were now in-between the busses, the bike and their riders were all far more elaborately decorated with animal horns and banners done in kanji strait out of a samurai movie indicating that they were an “elite “of this gang. Two of the front most bikes had side cares that housed gunner, one armed with a .50cal and the other with an automatic grand launchers but the majority of them formed a circle around a single bike that was along with its rider the most dolled up of the group, guess I found their leader. He was surprisingly skinny for a warlord and wore a black pair of tight leather pants and equally black “bomber” jacket done up with dozens of patches that were unreadable at this distance and had what looked like a pair of horns coming up off of the back, his face was completely covered by an oni mask save for his waist long fire red hair that strangely reminded me of Phoenixes but enough gawking, time for action.

I pass the binoculars off to Chucky while telling him, “I think I found their boss.”, he grabbed them and put them to his peepers and remarked, “That’s their OG? Shit! Ditch the freaking fucking mask and she’d make a fine ass ho.” Man I had to hold of the laughter as I informed him, “Ummm that’s a dude.” Ahhhh, the look on his face over that one. I then wave them over to the back of the van where The Widow and Tsubasa were reloading the machine gun and I ask them to pass me the RPGs and the duffle bags holding their warheads after which I broke down my plan, “Ok first off we need to get this van out of here, it’ll be a prime target for that tank so Countess; move it around the side of the block.” She nodded and drove off. I them moved over to the car I was using for cover as I continued on , “Alright now I need the rest of you to help me move a couple cars so we can form a roadblock with them we can use for cover and to slow them down, come on we got to work fast.” We then proceeded to brake into four of the cars, none of them had gas so we had to take them out of park and push them into place as we set them long ways in the middle of the street two cars deep and with that done we each took an RPG and split up the rounds and set up. Our first target were the four busses which while armored lacked any kind of measures to defeat HEAT rounds which made our job a little easier, after that me Anneliese and chucky would load up on self forging penetrator rounds and take down the tank while Van simply dropped a thermobaric warhead on their glam queen leader and his henchmen and hopefully this would this would be over in another minute with little muss.

We positioned ourselves with at least 12feet between us with HEAT round loaded and waited for the new wave to get about 4 blocks away and then we let lose! Vans hit the lead bus on the right side which promptly exploded into flames launching flaming bodies out of its windows while the lead left side bus tried to swerve to avoid the getting hit but instead moved right into mine and Anneliese shots and between the two warheads going off and the high speed turn it was attempting its flaming wreckage flipped an rolled over three times but regardless its batched maneuver saved the rear left side bus form our onslaught but the rear right bus wasn’t so lucky and despite the zip-zags it tired to pull off Chuckey’s round slammed into its rear most quarter instantly setting off its fuel tank which blasted off its roof in a volcanic fashion. Ok three out four’s not bad but we need to move on, I shout to them, “Alright save the last bus, we move on like plan.”. As I duck down I hear a crashing noise followed by the screeching metal which had to come from the tank smashing through the flipped bus and as I slipped in the anti-tank round I hear the distinct *PUT-PUT-PUT* of a the automatic grenade launcher firing and I yelled out, “Get down!” as the 40mm rounds screeched over head and exploded showing fragments all around us which was followed by small arm fire from the bikes and remaining bus clankering against our cover. Caught my breath and checked to see if I had any holes in me and then yelled, “You guys still there?”

“Yeah African-American brother but barely! I ain’t getting paid enough fo this shit!” Chucky piped back followed by Van sniding, “Where’s your sense of fun man? This is the best time of my life.” Anneliese on the other hand simply stated, “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Ok guy, wait for a lull.” I ordered waiting for when my instead told it was clear to pop up…. it was just about time when I heard the winding nose of a moving turret… oh shit! The tanks 120mm smoothbore erupted and a split second later it round exploded against the first row of cars with enough force to push them back into the back row pushing into us nearly knock me over as the blast waves battered against my back ringing through out my lungs….. “Ok NOW!” I shouted as I popped up and half blind fired in the general direction to the tank and then dipped back down as I heard three explosions come from the direction of the tank followed a split second later by a bright flash and intense thermal pulse of a thermobaric warhead going off. I started to reload with another self forging round Van shouted out, “Tank and bikers are still alive, I repeat, tank and bikes are still alive! Loading another thermobaric!” Well the tank wasted no time in punctuating Vans report as it fired off another round this time landing right in the middle of our barracked forcing us roll out of the way the as rear row of cars got pushed over. Well as I rolled out of the way I found myself in a position to target the left side armor of the tank but before I could fire I was blinded by the flash of another thermobaric detonation. I rapidly blinked my eyes in an attempt to get my vision back to normal and I got the stars out of them just in time to see a most peculiar thing, the fireball from the blast wasn’t rising, instead is maintained a ball like shape and began to spin and contort and bubble….. what the fuck was going one here…. holy shit! Suddenly the fireball shot into the form of an again dragon which proceeded to fly around the bikers and the leader and then into a nearby house blasting it into flames! Oh fuck this wasn’t good….

I heard Chucky shout, “The fuck was that?!” as I saw a RPG round stream toward the last bus…. shit… time to stop being awe stuck and get back in the game. Staying in my prone position I targeted the tank which while was still going was still badly beat up form our first three shots and took aim against the rear most section I could hit hopping to get its fuel tank or hit its engine and then fired and got up dove for the nearest piece of cover as it hit home causing the tank to give off the most horrible of grinding noises I ever hear but before I could celebrate it announced that it was still very much alive by popping off another shell at where I just was spraying me with dirt and bits of concrete… FUCK! Why won’t this thing fucking die? Well I sure can’t complain it away! Come on man, you can do this, if some fucking pretty boy with fucking majickal fire bending power and a fucking tank can take you out what chance do you stand against Manticore? Ok game plan… game plan…. ok got it! I rolled over to were I dropped my bag of RPG rounds and then droved over by Anneliese who was leaning against one of the cars that used make up our barricade loading up another shot and propped my self up just enough to see over the hood. Ok, looks like I got a mobility kill on the tank, guess I hit its tread instead of its side but that doesn’t stop it from firing, to the tanks left the last bus was a burning wreak that just rolled to a stop with burning gangers leaping out of it and rolling on the ground trying to put themselves out. I then moved over to the bikers who had begun chanting, “Haru - Haru – Haru- Haru!” while pumping their right fists into the air as four of them including the two bikes with side cars broke off formation and made their way over to us. It was about then I really began to wish I listened to Anneliese in the first place, the fun had just about run out and as I dropped back down to load up my RPG as Anneliese rose up to fire hers I heard a loud hydraulic noise like a large ramp being lowered… it was coming form the rear of the bus as two suits of power armor armed with gattling guns stepped out ignoring their burning comrades as they blasted away…… Oh why oh why didn’t I just listen to her……….
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Postby Defectron » Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:02 pm

Right now I was very annoyed, ever since I had dealt with the remainder of the Scientology cult Demiurge had been avoiding me. He'd been seen by a number of other people on the abbaddon, even the demon and the three nerds apparantly received regular visits from him. But every time I came near his location he would vanish into a cloud of illusions making him impossible for me to find. He was obviously doing this intentionally, the reason why I was looking for him was because I wanted him to use his powers to find Phoenix's location. But then again, the fact that he was trying so hard to avoid doing this might mean he had a good reason to do so. After all he had access to knowledge that I didn't. Maybe he knew of something that would or would not happen if he told me Phoenix's location. But one way or another I couldn't wait any longer, we'd just have to find her through conventional means. We split up into several teams, each one going out to investigate any energy sources the Abbaddons sensors picked up that could belong to the two robots.


Socks, myself and a group of about twenty beastmen arrived on the scene we were to investigate, all of us shrouded in a cloud of utility fog nanites. It was then I saw what it was the Abbaddons sensors had picked up. It was one of the overlords damned mantis bots, it was partially damaged but still operational as it was limping along the coast, dragging one large metallic leg behind it. It seemed it had gotten into a fight with something and came out worse for wear. Another fully destroyed robot was behind it. Next to this was a huge footprint in the sand and another after it.

"Oh? Well now it appears we just might be onto something. Oh and tiny could you flatten that bug? I don't want the overlords forces coming to investigate it." The large beast man gave a grunt before lifting the H-gun into the air and firing it. Moments later, the front half of the mantis bot smashed into the ground as a crater formed, its huge metallic body sheared in half, its twitching legs falling to the ground beside it.

It was then I noticed something, someone was coming out of the water, it was a strange girl with fins and bluish skin, she also had very odd looking hair that seemed to be made of some sort of strange tendrils. She seemed to be having trouble walking too, stumbling over her own fins. She must have just came back. She wasn't wearing the sensors in our helmets so she obviously had no way of detecting us. No sooner had I thought this she collided with the massive rear end if Tiny, falling on her butt. She didn't get up as it seemed a combo of the large beastmans rear end and the shock of coming back in this form had taken its toll on her, she was out cold.

"All her vitals are stable." Socks said as he seemed to probe her with several long metallic tendrils that came off his body.

"Were taking her back with us. Tiny, pick her up and be gentle." I said as I walked over to get a better look at her. Phoenix would have to wait, I couldn't leave this strange girl unconcious on the beach afterall.


"KYAHAHAHAHA!!!" The Naomi Mk II robot let loose a freakish cackle as it got to work dicing meat. Interestingly enough, aside from being a sex bot and a combat robot it was also an excellent cook. The beastmen were for the most part pretty restless, partially because they wanted dinner and partially because they were interested in the strange fish girl I brought back.

I could hear them yowling, squaking and banging around , making all kinds of noise. "SHUT UP! Or I'll give you all electroshock therepy!" I shouted at them as several arcs of lightning crackled around my body. That seemed to get them to settle down. I then carried the fish girl to another room to the side of the mess hall where there was a bed she could rest in. As I lay her down I sensed a familiar presence beside me.

"I see you brought back a new freind." I heard Demiurge say, he seemed to be smiling as he said it.

"So you finnally decide to show up you damned goat? You had this all planned out didn't you, you knew that we'd run into her. What's the deal?"

"Some of life mystery's you must discover on your own. If I told you everything you wouldn't learn anything." He said with a smile.

"Fair enough, but you'd better tell me where Phoenix is, if this is the only surprise you have for me."

Demiurge just nodded at this before fading away into a cloud of illusions. He was useful but sometimes that guy really got on my nerves.

The strange girl began to stir, I forced most of the beastmen out of the area before turning my attention back to her. I also took a plate of Naomi MK II's newly cooked teriyaki BBQ with rice and put it on the table next to her bed. Though I was being pretty nice I was also prepared just in case she turned out to be dangerous. Cloaked in utility fog, Penetrator was waiting at the other end of the room with a sniper rifle just in case she turned violent. But I really didn't think she would be, she had seemed so weak down at the beach I doubted she would be a threat to us.

"Mmm...where am I?" she uttered out before glancing over at me. For a moment she seemed to just give me a blank look before a look of surprise registered on her face as she took in my bizzare appearance. My long black scorpion tail tail swished back and forth on the floor and my wings unfolded so that I could give her a better view of them as they expanded to full size. After that I struck a sexy pose just for the fun of it.

"Bet you weren't expecting to see someone who looks like me huh?" I said with a smile, I decided not to generate any tentacles as that might be a big much for someone new to this world to take in right after waking up in a new form.

"W-What are you?" She began to back away from me.

"Hey you don't need to be scared, I'm not going to do anything bad to you. I guess I do look pretty strange, but then again I'm not the only one, I'm guessing you just came back. Like yourself I also uhh...took a few liberties with my original appearance upon my return."

I then noticed a hyena man looking into the room, a large grin on its fanged face with its slobbering toung hanging out the side of its mouth. "Spot, get the hell out of here! I told you guys to wait outside! I don't want to freak her out so bad she passes out again!" I shouted at the Hyena man shooing him out of the room before locking the door. He made a barking noise in protest but new better then to disobey me.

"Uhhh...what was that?" she asked timidly.

"Oh that's just spot, don't worry about him. Anyway like I was saying, you and me, we both came back in another form. Since you just woke up I don't want to put too much stress on you about how or why this happened, we can get into that later. For now you should just eat up. When your feeling better, if your up to it I'll give you a tour of my ship and let you know what happened to our world." I said as I sat down across from her bed.

"The world...what happened to it?" she asked looking a bit worried.

"Lets just say, it changed just as much as we did. Alots happened while you were waiting in limbo. Anyway you can call me Manticore, what's your name?" I asked as I also began to eat some of the teriyaki.
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Postby Orichalcon » Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:01 pm

I woke up in low light, squinting. Either I was in a different place, or it was nighttime.

“Mmm, where am I?” I asked, stretching. I rubbed my eyes, opening them to see a green girl with a scorpion tail stretching her wings. My eyes widened and my mouth gaped as the girl stuck her chest out, winking at me.

“Bet you weren’t expecting to see someone who looks like me, were you?” she asked, smiling widely. I gulped, jumping out of the cot I had been in and stepping back a bit.

“W-what are you?” I asked timidly. At this point, I had forgotten about my transformation, and was shocked to see something so different in front of me. The girl laughed a little.

“Hey, you don’t need to be scared. I’m not going to do anything bad to you. I guess I do look pretty strange, but then again, I’m not the only one. I’m guessing you just came back. Like yourself, I also took, uh… a few liberties with my original appearance upon my return.” I looked at her for a moment, wondering what she meant by “like yourself”. I looked down at myself, and suddenly I remembered what I had turned myself into, and barely managed to keep myself composed. I heard a panting noise, and looked up. I nearly screamed at the horrible lupine face looking at me with a leering smile oozing with a mixture of interest and lust. I just looked at the hyena-thing (It looked like a hyena to me, anyway), too petrified to speak. The girl picked up on this, and looked at the hyena-man with rage in her eyes.

“Spot, get the hell out of here! I told you guys to wait outside! I don’t want her to freak out so bad she passes out again!” she yelled, shooing the creepy hyena creature out, and locking the door. I blushed slightly, my cheeks turning green. This girl had protected me…

“Uhh… What was that?” I asked timidly. Today was already proving to be a bit much. The girl smiled kindly, and I blushed again.

“Oh, that’s just Spot, don’t worry about him,” she said. “Anyway, like I was saying, you and me both came back in another form. Since you just woke up, I don’t want to put too much stress on you about how or why this happened. We can get into that later. For now you should just eat up. When you’re feeling better, if you’re up to it, I’ll give you a tour of my ship and let you know what happened to our world.” She sat down across from my bed, and I sat back down on the bed, the horrible thoughts of humanity coming back to mind. I laid back and looked up.

“The world…” I mused. “What happened to it?” I blinked back tears, remembering the people I cared about, everyone who was gone now.

“Let’s just say it changed as much as we did,” said the girl, shocking me out of my reverie. A lot has happened while you were waiting in limbo. Anyway, you can call me Manticore, what’s your name?” she asked, smiling politely and digging into her food. I thought for a moment. Manticore couldn’t have been this girl’s original name. She probably made it up to reflect her new form. Maybe I should do the same, I thought. What did I look like that I could use as a codename?

“My name is-“ Suddenly, before I could finish, everything went black. I stood up, looking into the darkness that surrounded me. “What’s going on!?” I asked, panicked. I found myself flying forward, until I stopped in front of a bloodsoaked field. Some sort of giant shadowed robot stood in the distance, roaring. Manticore was fighting a man with a beard and eyepatch on his left eye, and neither of them was looking especially good at the moment. Manticore was on the ground, clutching a bleeding stomach, and the man appeared to be nursing a broken arm.

“It’s over, Manticore!” the manyelled. “I’m going to finish this once and for all!” Manticore laughed harshly, then coughed up brackish blood.

“That’s what you think,” she said, struggling to get up, "R-" Manticore's words were drowned out as I saw the giant robot turn to the two fighters, and run towards them, making long, loping strides. I fell and hit my head on a rock on the way down, and suddenly I was back in the bed. I screamed and bolted up. Manticore rushed to my side.

“What’s wrong?” she asked consolingly. I burst into tears, burying my head in her shoulder.

“It was *sniff* awful!” I cried. “You were in a fight with someone named R-someone, and you were bleeding, and he had broken his arm, and the robot and WAH!” I just sobbed into her shirt. Manticore’s face paled visibly.

“R-someone…?” she murmured. I looked up, eyes full of tears. She smiled and waved dismissively. “Nothing to worry about, nothing at all. So, what’s your name? You were about to tell me.” My eyes widened as I got back on track.

“Ah, that’s right!” I said. I thought for a moment, then snapped my fingers.

“Call me Undine. My name is Undine.” I then looked down at myself, and blushed. I was still naked! "I should probably get some clothes, Miss Manticore," I said meekly.
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Postby Defectron » Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:39 pm

“My name is-“ she seemed to pause for a moment as she seemed to see something that I couldn't. Then after a moment she screamed before flinging her arms around me crying. I really had no idea what just happened.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her as I tried to get her to calm down.

“It was *sniff* awful! You were in a fight with someone named R-someone, and you were bleeding, and he had broken his arm, and the robot and WAH!” she cried into my shoulder. It appeared she had a vision or hallucination or something. Maybe it had just been a hallucination, but I couldn't rule out the possibility that she came back with precognitive powers like Demiurge had. I would have to ask her about what she saw in more detail after she calmed down.

“R-someone…? Nothing to worry about, nothing at all. So, what’s your name? You were about to tell me.” I asked, whatever she had seen could wait until later when she was calmer.

“Ah, that’s right! Call me Undine. My name is Undine.” she said as she came up with her new alias. I had heard that name before. I seemed to recall that was the name of some sort of water spirit.

"I should probably get some clothes, Miss Manticore," she said looking pretty embarrassed.

"Yeah your right. When I first came back I had a pretty hard time finding clothes compatable with my new form. Lucky for you, this ship is prepared for that. Just step over here.” I said as I motioned her over to a machine connected to a large tube big enough for a person to step into. I then brought up a screen. “This is a nanoassembler, it can create plenty of useful things including clothes. Of course the defaults are all designed for people with regular bodies, we’d have to program in some modifications for most of these. This outfit I’m wearing right now was designed like that.” I said showing off my battle outfit which resembled a green and black plugsuit that had special openings for my wings, tentacles and tail. “Of course I wasn’t the one who made this and I haven’t gotten familiar enough with this machine to easily program in custom items.

“I think I would like to get dressed sooner then later.” She said glancing back at the door as she heard one of the beastmen make a noise outside.

“Well when I first came back I couldn’t wear a regular shirt because of these.” I said gesturing towards my wings, there was also my tentacles, but I didn’t want to surprise her too much right now. “I was able to wear tube tops though, that might work for you too. But then again there’s still the problem of your legs, with those fins. Oh maybe this could work.” I said as I brought up the image of an orange one piece swimsuit. Undine seemed satisfied with that as she nodded without saying anything. “Good, just step in that tube, it’ll scan your size and proportions and generate your new clothes.” Undine got inside as the machine scanned her. On the other side the nanites began to get to work creating her clothes. After a few minutes, the machine spat out her new swimsuit. After putting it on Undine seemed to look herself over a bit looking slightly embarrassed. “Not bad, it looks good on you. Anyway before we do anything else I guess I should get back to explaining what exactly is going on. I’m sure you’ll recall before you woke up. Some mysterious beings known as the angels were attacking the city of Tokyo 3 in Japan. Anyway there’s a pretty complicated story behind that, but to break it down essentially third impact happened. For a short time at least, all of humanity ceased to exist.” I explained.

“What…humanities gone…but then how…why…?” She seemed to have trouble with that.

“Well humanity didn’t die it just…hmmm…maybe I should start at the beginning.” I then went on to explain what the angels were and their relation to humanity as well as what the secret organization of seele was and their role in third impact. “As a result of all this, we were able to come back. Simpler organisms such as plants and bacteria came back first, I really don’t understand why that is but by the time the first human came back the lesser organisms of the world were already returning. Another mystery is the reverse babble phenomena, many people who returned are able to fluently understand languages they never mastered before. Right now we happen to be in Japan by the way. But the biggest mystery surrounding the return I’m sure your quite familiar with, this is the reimagining phenomena. The person returning has the option of coming back as something other then their original appearance if they can imagine it. Some of these new forms even appear to be able to violate the known laws of physics. There’s several theories about why this is but I wont go into that right now.”

“Hmmm…I see…why did you come back in that form?” Undine asked.

“Oh well…” I looked a little embarrassed “Before I came back the thought occurred to me I might be able to return as something other then my original self. I didn’t really think it would work, but I tried imagining a new form that combined all of my favorite things. For example, my primary appearance is similar to Lum from the anime Urusei Yatsura. I always thought it’d be really nice to look like her. Also I like scorpions which is why I got the tail. I also like insect wings, shark fangs and tentacles.”

“Tentacles?” Undine looked confused as I hadn’t shown her those yet.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t shown you yet.” I said as I generated all eight tentacles, each emerging from the opening on the back of my combat outfit. “Guess you probably think I’m a bit of a weirdo coming back like this. Well I won’t hide it I am a pretty strange person , I’ve got no regrets about my new form.” Well there was the issue that my family would probably have a hard time accepting what I came back as but I’d cross that bridge when I came to it.

Undine looked over at my tentacles for a moment “Wow, those were there the whole time? Can I touch them?”

“I can grow them whenever I need them. And yeah go ahead and touch them if you want, their a little slimy.” Undine touched them with a bit of apprehension as I went on to explain the worlds current situation.

“Currently an unknown amount of time has passed since third impact. The world is currently split into two main powers, one is the forces of the overlord, a mad dictator who is trying to conquer the world. The other forces are lead by a woman named Naomi, that’s who I’m working for. Recently the overlord was assassinated , and because of that the wars been turning in our favour. But a lot still needs to be done before order can be restored to the world. My job is primarily hunting down other lesser groups who are getting in the way of restoration. Your on board a prototype starship known as the abbaddon.”

“A STARSHIP?!?” Undine said in surprise.

“Yes, before third impact it was only in the planning stages. The worlds governments believed for the most part that the angels were coming from space which is why they had plans to build this. But due to the eva series sapping the worlds collective budget it was never made. Not until Naomi’s organization found the plans and had it constructed anyway. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this ship, just stick with me, the beastmen might look scary but their ok when you get to know them. And they wouldn’t dare touch you as long as I’m around.” I lead her out of the room, as I did so a number of the beastmen outside turned to look at us but quickly backed off as a bit of electrical energy sparked from my body. “Listen up you fucking furries, this here is Undine our special guest. So none of you get any funny ideas about her or I’ll zap you like a giant bug lamp.” As we walked out into the mess hall the beastmen all took my threat very seriously as they backed away parting like the red sea as we walked into the room. We then stopped by a smaller table where several people sat. One was Masquerade, the mysterious masked woman who could transform into various forms depending on the mask she was wearing, another was the cute little girl who was actually one of the most fearsome monsters ever to walk the earth known as Moeblob and lastly was the mystical sniper, Penetrator, a suave looking man with a slick mustache and a leather jacket. “This is Masquerade, Moeblob and Penetrator, some of the higher ranking members of my crew.

“So you’re the one Manticore and Socks found. Welcome to the Abbaddon.” Masquerade said looking disinterested. Moeblob didn’t say anything but she looked at Undine the same way a cat might look to eat. at a fish it was about to eat, though she wouldn’t dare make a move after the other day.

Lastly Penetrator took her hand kissing it “Always a pleasure to make a ladies aquantance.” He said which caused Undine to back off looking really embarrassed.

“Jeez, Penetrator, do you always need to act like that? He tried doing that with Moeblob when he first met her and she punched him in the face.” I said with a laugh

“Yes, she has a great left hook. My jaw was broken in three places.” He said with a laugh as he looked at the irritable little girl in question sitting across the table from him.

Sitting in the corner at a plastic kiddy table was a three foot tall humanoid covered from head to toe in fuzzy hair. He glanced up at us with beady black eyes. In one hand it had a large botte of sake which was halfway empty. “This is Fuzzy. He has the ability to manipulate hair. He gave me the same hair style as Chiaki Kiriyama.” I said as I ran my fingers threw my long smoothe hair. “If you want you can ask him to give you a special hairstyle too later. And it’ll never get messed up no mattetr what you do to it, he’s a pretty handy guy to have around.”

“Ask me later, I’m on break.” The little Fuzzy man said with an Osakan accent as he downed more sake.

After introducing her to those in the messhall I then took her on a tour of the rest of the ship, showing her the command room, the weapons locker and then the prison block.

Magdalene just glanced over at her new visitor. The three nerds also looked at Undine in excitementl As she saw what appeared to be a power ranger, a mini gundam and a furry girl oogling her she took a step back in surprise. “Ohhh…an elemental girl! Prime I think I’m going to have a fungasm!” Red said in excitement.

“No way! She said she’d let that little girl kill us if we did that again! Remain strong red, I know you have the mitocloreans to do it!” The Gundam said placing his hand on Reds shoulder

“Did you just say the word “fungasm”? I asked walking over to the cell facepalming.

“N-No we didn’t I uhhh said ….foot fungus?” Red said in a panic

“You disgust me!” I said before leading Undine away from the prison block, Magdalene looking after us without saying a word. The reason why I took her there had actually been because I was hoping to meet up with Demiurge since he liked to hang out with the prisoners. But it seemed he wasnt to be found that easily. Next we entered the training room.

I lined several cans along a table and stepped back about sixty feet. “Check this out, I’ll show you my precision shooting.” I said as I closed my eyes breathing deeply as before I fell into a martial arts stance. I quickly threw two punches, a lightning bolt jumped from each fist knocking each can from the table with absolute precision. I then finished up as I unleashed a blast of cycolotrons in a flash of blinding light setting the table itself ablaze as all the cans had already been knocked from it.

"Anyway tonight I won't be around so you can stay in my room. You dont have to worry about the beastmen even if they wanted to try something the ships security is good enough they won't be able to get in."

"Where will you be?" Undine asked.

"I'll be spending the night with Naomi, I guess I never told you I'm a lesbian and am in a relationship with her right now." I looking a bit sheepish as that was a detail I had left out when explaining Naomis empire.
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Postby Ryjin » Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:47 pm

The air filled with the sound of buzzsaws as the two suits of power armor unleashed their minigun both spewing out 7.62mm NATO rounds at almost 70 rounds a second ripping apart the Toyota Avensis we were using as cover like so much cardboard and without any time to think about what I was going to do I began to throw up my arms in a futile attempted a to defend myself from being blown into a fine red mist under this onslaught so you could figure my surprise when instead I found myself very much alive under the aegis of one of Anneliese’s wings that where now deflecting the brunt of the incoming rounds! Needless to say I was in more then a bit of awe right now but this was not the time to dwell on that and just as I was thinking it Anneliese shouted, “Move!” as she half yanked me to my feet causing the straps of both the RPG and the bag of warheads to bite into my shoulder as the momentum jerked them upward and she began to fall back while telling me, ‘We’re moving towards the houses!”

I looked back through her wing which now starting to show signs of the battering it was taking and saw the advancing suits of armor and immediately threw up my M79 and fired it off hitting the left most suit in a shower of sparks but before I could see if it was going to crumple over Anneliese yelled, ‘Brace your self, we’re going to jump!” as she promptly knelled and leapt and despite her petite frame single handily hefted me with up along with her as see smashed threw the front window of some house into its front room scaring the piss further out of its already terrified residents. After overcoming the shock of the impact I threw myself over the young girl I landed in front of and told the older gentlemen and the two other young women next to him that were a little further back to run to the kitchen just before a torrent of bullets tore apart the room shattering vases and turning future into fire wood. I looked down at the girl that I was probably half crushing and told her in the calmest voice I could muster, “Shhhh, don’t worry it’ll be ok. Your Unkie Michalik is going to make the bad men go away.” while slowly and carefully loading up my RPG with an HEAT round and after that I reloaded the 79 with one as well and I then turned to Anneliese and yelled, I need some cover now!” She nodded and complied as she threw up her right wing and I hopped on to my knee while sliding the little girl out of the way of the back blast closer to Anneliese and then I pulled the trigger and the house shook as the rocket exhaust slammed into the was lighting a patch of it on fire, the round soared towards the window as I dropped back down only for it to get cut down by minigun fire blasting open the window panes and sending fragments of the warhead s casing flying across the room but after that the minigun fire came to a sudden stop…… Did it still get him? I looked out past the clearing smoke and… nope, he was still there and he was opening hatch on his right thigh and….. “SHIT!” I yelled as I shot up and began to run towards the window shotgun drawn, he pulling out what looked like an oversized grenade and when I got close enough that I was sure to hit I unloaded all eight round into him as fast as I could, each blast knocking him back slightly and doing damage to the armor but it wasn’t enough and after he recovered from the last shot he looked right at me and shook his head from side to side and went to raise his minigun while at the same time rearing back with his left arm to toss the grenade.; I had to respond quickly, I dropped my shotie and went for my 79 put before I could even put my hand around the handle an RPG round shot right past me no more then two feet from my side and slammed right into that fucker just left of his stomach blowing him over and blasting his left leg clear off….. that had to fucking hurt. I quickly reloaded the shotgun and then just as I finished loading my last self forging penetrator round into the RPG I heard the sound of a Motorcycle ride past the house followed by the *PUT-PUT* of that fucking launcher lobbing grenades at the house and I one again went to cover that poor little girl as the room rocked as most of the rounds hit the outside with only one making it through the mangled window still only to be much to my surprise batted right back out of the window with one good flap of Anneliese’s wings!

Shocked and bit embarrassed at the amount of destruction we’ve just caused to this poor family house and to tell the true I got to say I am fucking surprised that that through all this they (or us on the other hand) manage not to get lit up but given that it wasn’t a good time to push theses people’s luck so I look over at my angelic comrade and tell her, “Alright, Anneliese. We need to get out here, let’s go around the back.” And we then go through the kitchen pass the nearly catatonic with fear people covering by the table and out the back down where we’re greeted by a bike ripping down the adjacent block along with the *PUT-PUT* of that launcher as those fucks fired randomly into peoples homes… ok I had theses guy had to go. I tracked them as the came down the back and positioned the 79 to shot across the ally and down the sideway of the house across it as the passed by; this was going to be a fucking hard shot with both a limited shot widow against a high speed target and it didn’t help that I was short the time need to swap out the already loaded HEAT round with a frag that would of made my life much easier right now…. ok focus…. focus.. see the shot in your head and then I saw them come just before the target house and I fired just before their front wheel disappeared in front of the house and hoped my timing was right anddddd fuck nope! The shot was a fucking spilt second to early and shot just in front of the handle bars hitting a tree on the other side of the street and they wasted no time returning the favor as we fled down the sideway as the grenades exploded in the backyard only to be dwarfed by an even bigger blast that shook the ground and to my left I saw smoothing metal and somewhat circular shoot a hundred feet into the ground as we heard Chucky shout in the distance, “Fuck ya niggas you ain’t shit!” We made it into the yard making a B-line over to the nearest car we could use as cover as two of the “elite” bikers reved by quickly getting gunned down by me and Anneliese after which we dove behind the car as gun fire stated to erupt at us from the left where I saw not that-that fucking tank finally spewing a pillar of flame from what was its commanders hatch (the circle thing I saw shot up into the air a minute ago) and billowing smoke from the right side of the turrets armor; I’m going to have to buy Chuck a drink over that one! But outside of that the gangers who survived the busses being blown up and didn’t run away had snow gotten here and were “adding” to the fight but thankfully they had all the accuracy of someone who graduated the Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy which something this whole gang had sheared so far, they had numbers, they had firepower and the had ferociousness but that was it.

I began to go over my next plan of action when from the left side of the street came the burp of a .050cal going off spaying the area and from my right I could see the grenade launcher bike coming around the corner indiscriminately firing off rounds—guess I had my next target. I turned my head over to Anneliese and tell her, “You go get the .50cal; I’ll get the grenade launcher.” to which she nodded and I waited for the current barge of grenades to off and then I yelled, “NOW!” and she took to flight charging at the machinegun bike while I hop the hood and tuck-roll against the next car overs side just in time to shield myself from the next way of grenades burst overhead and when the dust had settle I hoped the hood once more pulling out my revolver with my right hand after touching the ground and charged at the bike firing off the shotgun in my left hand at the side car hitting him three time in the shoulder, chest and neck nearly decapitating him while my .500 hit the rider twice, once in the chest and the second in the head blowing it open like an over rip water melon and dived out of the way as the now out of control bike came barreling right at me. I quickly propped myself back up and made my way over to the next car I could use as cover when I heard the cracking sound of fire as a ball of it came flying my way forcing my to dive the rest of the way to the smacking my head against the rear door in the process with a thud but before I could even shake the stars from my eyes I had to roll as much to the side as I could as a bike came racing past my scraping a katana against the ground just missing me by less then an inch which radiated such an intense heat that my skin cracked under it. I quickly hopped to my feet and began to unload the rest of my shotguns magazine at the long haired biker back only for them to heat up and explode before they could get close enough to hurt him to which he returned the favor by swing his out his side which launched a wave of fire at me setting my pants on fire and knocking me down which I frantically tried to put out as he came back around firing two more fire balls from the tip of his blade forcing me to ignore my still burning pants and roll to the side as the impact the ground I was just laying against. Ok this wasn’t going good…. how the fuck can I hit this guy if he can melt my bullets before the can hit him? Hmmmmm I could try an .500 and hoped it still had enough force behind it……. or… Got it! I was thinking the wrong way; he shouldn’t be my first target. I rolled pout of the way once more as he launched another wave of fire at me and took aim with my revolver laying on my back doing my best to ignore the throbbing pain coming from my burning legs and fired blowing out the front spoke of his bike causing it to flip and throw him off, he hit the ground and rolled to a stop and I took this time to finally put out the flames after which I got up and walked over to this fucker as he got back on to his feet, he grabbed his sword and went to slash with it but before he could finish his motion I charge this asshole and gave him a right hook right into his stupid fucking mask shattering it reveling an almost disgustingly effeminate face behind it which I promptly feed the butt of my shotgun to and he was pretty no more and after he fell to the ground I gave him two more for good measure and then he twitched no more. Well that’s now out of the way, time for the mop up I began to think to myself when I noticed another biker heading at me with his sub machine gun drawn ready to fire more then a bit pissed I just killed his leader but before I could raise my revolver of he had time to fire a rifle shot rang out from behind him and his for head exploded into a shower of blood, brains and skull fragments leaving me with only having to leap out of the bikes way as it teetered out of control and who should I find standing there with a bolt action rifle in hand but Akane fucking father! Went to say nice work old man to him but before I could he yelled, “Duck you fool!” as he raided his rifle and fired it past me hitting a ganger who was running at me square in the chest. After that more of the town’s folk grew some balls and joined in the fight using what ever weapons they had at hand and we had the rest of the gang cut down inside of a couple of minutes.

I was now standing in front of a group of old men including Akane dad who had his little girl by his side that I guess could be considered the towns elders, some of them demanded that my group fix all the damage done while others pleaded for me to stay and teach them how to fight but I wasn’t having none of that so I explained, “Sorry guys, can’t stay. I got my own mission to care of. and look I’ve gave you all a fish an now you need to learn how to fish for your selves, you guys got plenty of weapons to use now and I bet they had a stock pile at their home base you can also take advantage of and I‘m sure at lest someone in this town has some kind of military training. Form your own militia to defend you town with so this doesn’t happen again. And for fixing your town, this was going to happen but only worse anyways. Once that gang had taken everything they could from this place they would of just torched it and killed you all so I think your town came out pretty good and besides you guys can use this as a chance to reform bounds and help each other out strengthening you community, but look I got to get going.” I turned to Akane father and thanked him for helping me out back there and for letting me stay the night to which he said he had already filled up a few more tanks of gas for us to sue along with some extra meals and we shook hands and I turned to walk away only for Akane to reached out and grabbed the sleeve of my coat while pleading, “Take… take me with you…. I… I’ve never been out of this town and I want to see all the things you have.”

“Sorry no, I ain’t going no where you want to see.” I tell her rather matter of factly.

“But…. I want to help you with your mission... fo… for… since you saved ours!” She still pleaded.

“Well most defiantly no then, this here is a one way mission.” I explained to her as I pulled myself free and as I head over to the van I looked around to see where my comrades were at seeing Anneliese standing in front of the van waiting with that look every girlfriend gave me just before I good lecturing; oh this is going to be fun. Mean while over to my left Chucky was chatting it up with two girls who looked like the towns resident skanks about how this was his whole idea and with a wave I shouted, “Ok, my droogs, let get going, we got a date with an gunsmith!”
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Postby Orichalcon » Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:41 pm

Manticore smiled at me.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she said kindly. “When I first came back, I had a pretty hard time finding clothes that were compatible with my new form. Lucky for you, this ship is prepared for that. Just step over here.” I followed her across the room, to a large machine connected to a tube that looked large enough for a person to fit. Manticore walked to a panel next to the tube, bringing up a screen. I looked at the machine in wonder. “This is a nanoassembler,” Manticore said, bringing me back to reality. “It can create plenty of useful things, including clothes. Of course, the defaults are all designed for people with regular bodies, so we’d have to program modifications for most of these. The outfit I’m wearing right now was designed like that.” She quickly modeled a tight black and green number that had openings for her wings and tail, as well as 8 for something else. I blushed green quickly. Good lord, was this girl attractive! “Of course,” she continued, “I wasn’t the one who made this, and I haven’t gotten familiar enough with the machine to be able to program custom items.” The way she ended the sentence implied that she was giving me the choice of either wearing something for a normal person (And possibly hurting my new body), or to continue running around naked. A catcall from outside made the choice easy for me.

“I think I would rather get dressed sooner than later,” I mumbled, glancing worriedly at the door. Manticore nodded understandingly.

“Well, when I first came back, I couldn’t wear a regular shirt because of these,” she said, pointing to her wings. A quick look of uncertainty on her face made me wonder if there was something about her she wasn’t showing me. “I was able to wear tube tops however, that may work for you too. But, then again, there’s still the problem of your arms and legs, with those fins. Hm…” She thought for a moment. “Maybe this could work?” she asked, bringing up a picture of an orange one-piece bikini. I blushed for a second, imagining myself walking around with that on. I didn’t really have a choice, though, so I nodded, not saying a word. Manticore smiled. “Good. Just step in that tube, and it will measure your size and proportions, and generate your new clothes. I nodded, and stepped in, moaning slightly as a cool mist blew over me, the machine releasing it to gauge my body. As the machine recited my 3 sizes, I blushed profusely. I was STACKED! Not to mention my butt! Part of me hoped that Manticore hadn’t heard my measurements, and another part desperately hoped that she had. I got out as the machine dispensed the swimsuit. I put it on and looked over myself, slightly embarrassed. It was so tight, and it showed way more than I’d enjoy. Manticore gave me a thumbs up, and I smiled. “Not bad, it looks good on you. Anyway, before we do anything else, I guess I should get to explaining what exactly is going on. Some mysterious beings known as the Angels were attacking the city of Tokyo-3 in Japan.” I thought for a moment, imagining a bunch of winged people breathing fire on Tokyo Tower, and shrugged, turning my attention back to Manticore. “There’s a pretty complicated story behind all that, but to break it down, essentially Third Impact happened. For a short time, at least, all of humanity ceased to exist.” My breath caught in my throat. Every person, gone? Mom… Dad… My friends… Even Isabel, all dead?

“What… Humanity’s gone… But then how… Why…?” I couldn’t get over it. Everyone I knew, gone, and for some reason I had returned to the living. Manticore saw my face.

“Well,” she said, “Humanity didn’t die, it just… Hmm… Maybe I should just start at the beginning.” She went on to explain what the Angels were, their relation to humanity, and of the plots of SEELE and NERV, of the artificial life form Evangelion, and of the young pilots who had held the fate of humanity in their hands… And failed. Throughout the story, my mind was constantly racing, in total awe of what I was hearing. “And as a result of all this, we were able to come back. Simpler organisms such as plants and bacteria came back first. I don’t really understand why, but by the time the first human came back, the lesser organisms of the world were already returning. Another mystery is the Reverse Babel Phenomenon. Many people who returned are able to fluently understand languages they’ve never even heard before. In case you were wondering, we’re speaking Japanese right now.” I was gobsmacked. I had never even heard a word of Japanese save for Konichiwa and Anime, and I was speaking it like it was English! For that matter, it sounded like English, and I thought I was saying English words. Curiouser and curiouser… “However,” said Manticore, bringing me back to reality, “the biggest mystery surrounding the return, something you’re no doubt familiar with, is the Reimagining Phenomenon. A person who returns has the option of coming back as something other than their original appearance, if they can imagine it. Some of these new forms even appear to be able to violate the known laws of physics. There are several theories about why this is, but I won’t go into them now.” I thought for a moment.

“Hmm… I see,” I murmured. A thought suddenly occurred to me. “Why did you come back in that form?” Manticore giggled nervously, looking down.

“Oh, well…” she said sheepishly. “Before I came back, the thought occurred to me of being able to return as something other than my original self. I didn’t think it would work, but I tried imagining a new form that combined all of my favorite things.” I privately wondered which of Manticore’s favorite things had 3 breasts, blushing and giggling a little. “For example,” she continued, “my primary appearance is similar to Lum from the anime Urusei Yatsura. I always thought it would be nice to look like her. Also, I like scorpions, which is why I got the tail. The same applies to the insect wings, shark fangs, and tentacles,”

Wait, what?

“Tentacles?” I asked, confused. I hadn’t seen any… Oh, wait. THAT’S what she was hiding! Manticore snapped her fingers.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t shown you them yet.” She unfolded 8 tentacles from her back, and the holes in the outfit made sense. “Guess you probably think I’m a bit of a weirdo coming back like this. Well, I won’t hide it. I’m a pretty strange person, and I’ve got no regrets about my new form.” I didn’t think she was weird at all. Heart-stoppingly gorgeous, yes. Exotic in a beautiful way, yes. But not weird.

“Wow, these were here the whole time?” I asked apprehensively. “Can… Can I touch them?” Manticore smiled.

“I can grow them whenever I need them. And yeah, go ahead and touch them if you want. They’re a little slimy.” I poked at them nervously. There was something so intoxicating about them… I was quickly brought to my senses by a warm rush to my nether regions. My entire face practically glowed green in embarrassment, and I crossed my legs anxiously.

“Currently an unknown amount of time has passed since Third Impact. The world is currently split into two main powers. One is the forces of the Overlord, a mad dictator who is trying to conquer the world. The other forces are led by Naomi, a woman who I am working for. Recently the Overlord was assassinated, and because of that, the war’s turning in our favor. But a lot still needs to be done before order can be restored to the world. My job is primarily hunting down lesser groups who are getting in the way of restoration. You’re on board a prototype starship known as the Abbaddon.” My eyes widened.

“A STARSHIP?!” I said in shock and awe. I looked out a window, and saw an ocean of black with white stars. Manticore nodded.

“Yes. Before Third Impact, it was in the planning stages. The world’s governments believed at that point that the Angels were aliens, coming from space, and so they came up with blueprints for this ship. However, due to the EVA series sapping the planet’s collective budgets, it was never made. However, Naomi’s organization found the plans and had the ship built.” She turned and winked at me, smiling. I blushed, and twiddled my thumbs. “There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this ship,” she continued. “Just stick with me. The beastmen might look scary, but they’re OK once you get to know them. And they wouldn’t dare touch you as long as I’m around. She grabbed my hand (getting another blush out of me, this was getting ridiculous) and led me out the door. A couple of beastmen were lounging outside the door when we came out, and I got a few lustful glances, which made me slightly uncomfortable. Manticore ended the awkward moment as only she could, her body sparking with electricity. I observed the lightning with youthful amazement. “Alright, you fucking furries,” she said commandingly. “This here is Undine, our special guest. So none of you get any ideas, or I’ll zap you like a bug lamp.” The beastmen believed Manticore, and they cleared out quick as could be. I smiled, pulling in a little closer to Manticore, though not so close that she would notice. We eventually stopped at a table where 3 rather unique people were lounging. I looked at the masked woman, and she waved politely. The little girl licked her lips in a predatory fashion as I glanced at her, something that made my blood run far colder than it had with the beastmen. Lastly, I looked at the absurdly dapper-looking man twirling his mustache, and was greeted with a friendly smile and a wave. I looked back to Manticore, and she began to speak. “These 3 are Masquerade, Moeblob, and Penetrator, 3 of the highest-ranking members of my team.” Masquerade appraised me silently.

“So, you’re the one Manticore and Socks found. Welcome to the Abbaddon,” she said, before looking away with disinterest. Moeblob said nothing, continuing to look at me with that same predatory gleam, of a seabird looking at a fish. I shivered, silently praying for Manticore to protect me. Ol’ Rico Suave was last, and he got down on one knee, kissing my hand.

“Always a pleasure to make the acquaintance of a lady,” he said. Flustered, I stepped back a bit. I’m a guy! Or, at least, I WAS a guy. My equipment may beg to differ now, but still! Manticore saw my discomfort, and bopped Penetrator on the head.

“Geez, Penetrator! Do you always need to act like that?” she said mirthfully. She turned to me and smiled. “He tried doing that to Moeblob once. She punched him in the face!” Penetrator chuckled, glancing at the irritable face of Moeblob.

“Yes, she has a great left hook. My jaw was broken in three places,” he said, rubbing the jaw in question. My eyes wandered over to what could only be described as Cousin It come to life, drinking a bottle of sake. He glanced up at Manticore and I from the corner of the room, beetle-black eyes glimmering. Manticore noticed me looking at him.

“This is Fuzzy. He has the ability to manipulate hair,” she said. I privately nursed thoughts of the lameness of manipulating hair, but kept it to myself. “He gave me the same hairstyle as Chiaki Kiriyama,” Manticore continued, running her fingers through her long green hair. I swear I started drooling then and there. “If you want, you can ask him to give you a special hairstyle later as well. And it’ll never get messed up, no matter what you do to it. He’s a pretty handy guy to have around.” Fuzzy simply waved away the complement, hiccupping.

“Ask me later. I’m on break,” he said in an odd accent, taking a large swig of the sake. After this series of introductions, Manticore continued the tour with me, taking me through the command room, the weapons locker, and eventually down to the prison block. I raised an eyebrow at the motley crew assembled in the brig: an attractive woman lounged in one cell, while a power ranger, a miniature Gundam-type mobile suit (RX-93 Nu, nice choice, my inner geek said), and a catgirl in a poofy dress all sat excitedly in another. I didn’t really pay any mind to the Japanophile crew in the second cell, but the woman… I couldn’t explain it. She filled me with a strange sort of compulsion. Like she was some sort of rival. But for what? A happy cry from the 3 otakus (I thought they were otakus, they certainly played the part well enough) caused me to take a step back in alarm.

“Ohhh… An elemental girl!” said the ranger. “Prime, I think I’m going to have a fungasm!” Fungasm? I made a face and stepped back further. The Gundam, who I reasoned was Prime, turned to the ranger and put his hand on his shoulder.

“No way! She said she’d let that little girl kill us if we did that again!” he said. Moeblob, I guessed, was the little girl. Of course she was. “Remain strong, Red! I know you have the midichlorians to do it!” he said frantically. Manticore clearly was as disturbed as I was. She walked over to the cell, putting her face in her hand in exasperation.

“Did you just say the word ‘fungasm’?” she asked. “Red” gulped and paced.

“N-no! We didn’t! We said… uh… Foot fungus?” he said. It was a bad attempt at saving himself, and he knew it. Manticore made a noise in her throat.

“You disgust me!” she said, walking out. She gestured for me to follow, and I nodded. Just before I left, I moved over to the cell quickly.

“Prime, is it?” I asked. The gundam nodded slowly. “Good choice with RX-93. It’s my favorite MS too.” I dashed out just as the otakus began hollering happily. Our next destination was the Training Room. A dozen or so cans lay on their side at a table. Manticore righted them, and then stepped back to me, about 60 feet away. She winked at me again, giving me more butterflies in my stomach.

“I’ll show you some precision shooting,” she said, before moving into a martial arts stance. Breathing in and out slowly, she suddenly made several quick punches, a lightning bolt flying from her hand and knocking a can into the wall each time she did. To finish up, she released a flash of blinding light, and the table was ablaze. I ogled at the display, impressed. Manticore turned to me.

“Anyway, tonight I won’t be around, so you can stay in my room. You don’t have to worry about the beastmen. Even if they wanted to try something, the ship’s security is good enough that they wouldn’t be able to,” she said. I looked at her, confused.

“Where will you be?” I asked, wondering what she would be doing. Manticore blushed slightly and scratched her head.

“I’ll be spending the night with Naomi. I guess I never told you; I’m a lesbian, and I’m in a relationship with her right now,” she said sheepishly. I tried to hold back the tears. Most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and she was taken. I nodded, trying not to show my sadness. She took me back to her room, and waved kindly before closing the door. Now that I was alone, I let the tears flow freely.

“What a fool,” I said bitterly to myself. “Of course she has a lover. How could anyone that beautiful not?” I yawned through my tears, and pulled off my swimsuit, preferring to sleep in the nude. Once in bed, I cried a bit more into the pillow, before sniffling and stopping. It smelled just like her. I felt that warm rush to my nether regions again, and slowly, trembling, I moved my hand down…

About an hour later

Finally satisfied, but still somber, I fell asleep with a frown on my face.

I dreamt that night.

I dreamt of man’s creation. One that had been forgotten and left for dead.

But it was not dead.

It merely waited.

It had never been allowed to join the fray, to join its 5 sisters who had fought valiently. Its chance was taken from it by 8 pretenders. Those pretenders were gone now, as were the men who had created it.

But it endured still. And endure it shall until it is freed.

I looked down at the hulking shape, a 4-legged monster. Suddenly, it looked up at me, and I saw its eyes glow bright. I knew where it was. I knew how to find it.

Then I knew nothing as it all went black.

3rd Person

The girl awoke, and stepped out of bed. She took a deep breath, and quickly turned to the door. Still naked, she stepped out into the hallway, and walked. She ignored the words and sounds made by the beastmen around her, and stepped down into the prison level, where 2 of the otakus slept. However, the third, Furla, was groaning in pain.

“Girls have to go through this every month? Not kawaii…” she muttered, blood leaking out of a certain place. She looked up, to see that the girl had somehow gotten inside the cell, and was looking at her, her normally purple eyes crimson. Furla brightened. “Hey, it’s the moe elemental girl! What’s up?” The girl didn’t blink or move.

Blood…” she said in a guttural tone. Furla cocked her head.

“Yeah, it’s not fun. Maybe next month we’ll do it togeth-KYA!” Furla’s words turned into a horrific scream as the girl casually ripped the catgirl’s leg off, chewing it to pieces and swallowing it in a second.

BLOOD!” she roared as she descended upon the screaming otaku. Meanwhile, the other inhabitants of the prison had woken. The other two otakus were frozen in fear, unable to say anything. Magdalene, however, was slamming on her cell bars.

“GUARD!” she screamed. “GUARDS! WE’RE BEING ATTACKED!” A regiment of beastmen, including Spot came just in time to see the blood-soaked girl somehow out of the cell, and walking away. She looked at Spot, who was blocking the exit, and licked her lips seductively, before spitting something onto his face and leaving. Spot picked the thing off of his face in anger, which quickly turned into terror.

It was Furla’s ear.

Spot instantly ran up to Naomi’s quarters, where he knew Manticore was spending the night, and slammed on the door.

“Lady Naomi! Lady Manticore! Come out, now! We have a serious problem. Manticore and Naomi answered the door, both naked. Manticore looked at Spot angrily, sparking.

“What is it, Spot? We’re in the middle of… something. It can’t be that important!” Spot gulped, for once not thinking with his penis when he looked at the beautiful women who commanded him.

“Ma’am, it’s one of the prisoners! She was mutilated!” Manticore’s eyes widened.

“Did you see who it was?!” she asked, shaking the hyena-man. Spot nodded, and gulped. “WHO WAS IT, THEN?!” Manticore roared, causing Spot to squeak in alarm. He cleared his throat.

“It was… It was your guest. Undine, Lady Manticore. It was Undine.”

1st Person

I woke up with a start as a series of knocks on her door resounded.

“What the…?” I wondered, walking out and opening the door to let only my head out, for modesty’s sake. It was Manticore, all her beastmen and one pretty woman (I assumed this was Naomi) next to her. She looked very grave. “What is it, Manticore?” I asked sleepily. She sighed.

“Undine… I’m truly sorry to say this, but we may have to arrest you for murder,” she said. I fell back, stunned.

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Postby Defectron » Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:29 pm

"Ahhh...yes...right there...OH YES!" Naomi then slowly removed her hand and then reached inside a bag pulling out two masks.

"I thought tonight we might try something a little different so I borrowed these from Masquerade." She said as she handed one to me.

"Whoah hold on there Naomi, before we put those on what exactly are those masks?" Masquerades masks could change anyone who wore them into whoever or whatever first wore the masks for exactly one hour. While Naomi was a lot of fun in bed, some of her ideas were a bit much even for me. I remembered that one time when we first tried wearing the masks she suggested we try doing it while she was disguised as that horse.

"Oh don't worry, I think you'll like these. This mask is from your friend Asuka and this mask is Motoko Kusanagi from ghost in the shell. Which one do you want?"

"Not bad....you got Motoko...wait how did you get the Asuka mask back? I left that back with my old group." I said in confusion.

"Oh this is a new mask! Masquerade can recreate any mask in her collection." Naomi said as she was about to put one of them on her face. That detail had been left out of the personal report on Masquerade, I'd have to have that updated later. But before either of us could put on the masks I heard some banging on the door.

"Oh what the fuck?" I asked as I got up heading over to the door. On the other side was Spot, the hyena man looked unusually worried. I hadnt even bothered putting on any clothes but he didnt react tot hat at all.

“Lady Naomi! Lady Manticore! Come out, now! We have a serious problem." He barked out.

“What is it, Spot? We’re in the middle of… something. It can’t be that important!” I said irritated. The Hyena man just looked even more worried when I asked.

“Ma’am, it’s one of the prisoners! She was mutilated!” Another prisoner killing? It couldn't be Moeblob again? She may be a bit bloodthirsty, but I didn't think she'd go against my orders that easily.

“Did you see who it was?! WHO WAS IT, THEN?!” I shouted as I shook him. I couldn't have my ship being plagued by these sorts of incidents, this time an example would need to be made of whoever was responsible.

“It was… It was your guest. Undine, Lady Manticore. It was Undine.” He barked out, that was honestly one of the last people I had been expecting. Undine seemed so timid and innocent. "I see, do you have her in custody?" I asked.

"Yes." he nodded. "We put her back in your room and are guarding it right now."

"Alright, give me a minute to get dressed and take me to her."

A bit later

I knocked on the door , moments later Undine answered it. “What is it, Manticore?” she asked sleepily. Wait that wasn't the sort of reaction one would expect from a murderer. Did she even remember the beastmen taking her back here?

“Undine… I’m truly sorry to say this, but we may have to arrest you for murder,” I explained, her eyes went wide in fear as I said this.

“M-murder?!” She asked looking scared. Two beastmen grabbed her as they escorted her to the prison area.


"Manticore...please...tell me what's going on? I'm scared...." Undine pleaded as we had restrained her in the same way Magdalene had been in her maximum security cell. "I don't know what's going on I don't remember killing anyone!"

I really felt bad for her, but I couldn't let a potential danger roam the ship freely. "Don't worry Undine, I believe you don't have memory of the incidents, but they did happen. Some of the victims blood is still on you. Were working to get to the bottom of what happened, so be patient."

Professor Gaylord was examining the camera feeds as well as what the sensors had picked up during the incident. "Amazing... Truly amazing..." He commented.

"What is it?" I asked. He then gestured to a video Undine stopped in front of the prison area before vanishing into what looked like a shadow and reapearing inside the cell.

"We've seen this phenomena before." Gaylord commented.

"Yes, the sea of Dirac, the angel Leliel used it as it's primary mode of attack. But this is the first time we've seen it in a reimagined human." Naomi said in amazment.

"I knew she was worth eating! Hey since she killed the prisoner can I eat her?" Moeblob asked.

"Moeblob, you killed a prisoner too in case you've forgotten...in any case you aren't to go near Undine understand." The little girl just looked pouty as she turned and walked away. "Well this explains how she did it, but why she did it is still a mystery." I said as I watched the security video replay.

"I believe I can answer that." I heard a familiar voice say as Demiurge appeared before us.

"Demiurge, have I told you how annoying it is when you do that?"

The Ram headed fortune teller went on to explain "She was telling the truth when she said that she has no memory of the incident. But that doesn't mean we can't understand why she did it, I think you may have a greater understanding of why then anyone else here." Demiurge said looking at me. I thought about this, could he mean....

"Yeah, you might be right. So she has a similar condition to me?" Ever since I came back, I've had a craving to devour live meat. But for the most part I've kept that under control and only let go twice, both against enemies. "But I've never sleep eaten. If that's what drove her to do it, it must be an even more extreme version of my own condition."

"That explanation is plausible, there have been cases in which people murder in their sleep before, if she was driven by some hunger brought on by her new form, something similar could have occurred here." Gaylord explained. "Based on my biological examinations of her, this seems probable, she has a very high metabolism and eating regular food won't be enough to sustain her. You also have a very high metabolism, but you can satisfy it more easily by draining energy which she can't."

"I see...this is a real problem though. Were near the solution, but if this is the case how can we contain something that can move in more then three dimensions. Besides I really would like to avoid locking her up...she had no idea what she was doing when she killed her. Wait Masquerade, I have an idea." Masquerade who had been keeping to herself , observing all this from over our shoulders looked over at me. "It said in your personal report, that you have the ability to enforce your masks transformation on a person for more then a single hour. If undine is wearing your mask she'll have fully transformed into whoever it was who first wore it. In other words both this hunger of hers as well as her ability to manifest a sea of dirac will both be nullified while she wears the mask."

"I see, though for such long periods I'll need to always be in close proximity to her to make sure the transformation doesn't disengage." Masquerade explained.

"I prefer this only be temporary though, Gaylord, Demiurge, I want you both working on a solution to her sleep eating problem. If we can get it under control I think Undine could be a valuable addition to our team." I explained to them.

"Better be temporary, this is going to give me such a headache..." Masquerade said exasperated as she followed me into Undines cell. Once inside I unlocked all of Undines restraints.

"M-Manticore...what's going to happen to me?" she asked in fear. The two remaining nerds in the other cell were now huddled in the corner in fear watching us.

"Don't worry Undine, we've been looking over what happened and it's clear you weren't yourself when this happened." I expl tookt he Asuka mask in one hand. "But it appears you have an abnormal condition, I understand what its like, I have one too, the impulse to consume live flesh. However until you can properly control it, I'm going to need to restrict your actions around here for the safety of everyone else on the ship. Just put this on." I said handing her the mask.

"What is this?" She asked looking at me in confusion.

"Don't worry, it'll only be temporary until we learn how to properly get your impulses under control. This mask will temporarily change you into a regular human. To remove the mask you just need to press your nose, but your forbiddon to do that without the permission of me, Masquerade, Gaylord or Demiurge." I said gesturing to the ram headed man, Masquerade and the strange man in the purple coat who was behind me. "They'll be helping to find a solution to your problem, hopefully we'll be able to find it soon." I said as Undine took the mask and place it on her face.

After doing so she began to shrink as her body changed, her hair also turned red and even her swimsuit transformed to look like Asukas yellow dress, which was what Asuka had been wearing when she had been tricked into wearing the mask by Masquerade.

After the transformation ended Undine looked around in amazement "I what...how..."

"The last person to wear that mask was the former pilot of Evangelion unit 02. Well look on the bright side, at least you can wear regular clothes right now." I said placing my hand on her shoulder.

"Looks like we'll be spending a lot of time together. Do you have any hobbies?" Masquerade said sounding a bit bored and irritated at this latest development.
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