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Postby Soluzar [ANF] » Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:14 am

Dr. Nick wrote:Is there any other word for "progenitor" Kaworu could have used instead of haha?

JDICT suggests a couple that have "progenitor, ancestor, etc" listed as their meaning, but I wouldn't really know if they carry the right connotation. The deciding factor for me is that haha is in common usage to mean mother. These various other meanings aren't listed in JDICT, and as such could perhaps be thought of as rather uncommon. You look up %?7; (Haha) in JDICT, and you get only "mother", because that's the most common translation.

DISCLAIMER: I know, like, less than 10% as much Japanese as Reichu does. However, anyone can look things up in JDICT.

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Postby kaos [ANF] » Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:14 am

I just crafted a response to a bunch of stuff, but it all got wiped so I'm going to try to sum up the general ideas/questions:

1.) How souls get into bodies:
ToL = Creation of Souls
CoG = Holding cell for souls
SoL = Creation of bodies / Passage way for souls into bodies

2.) Rei's birth:
I thought that Rei was created by inserting "salvaged" Yui genes into Lilith and growing a new body from there (which is where the legs sticking out of Lilith came from). Thus when Rei was seperated from Lilith, she took Lilith's soul with her. If not, then what are those legs there for anyway?

3.) Empty CoG
Suppose that prior to Rei's birth, the only soul remaining in the CoG was Lilith's. Then when Rei was born she took Lilith's soul with her, so the "Chamber of Guf had been emptied".


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