For anyone going to Anime Weekend Atlanta...

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For anyone going to Anime Weekend Atlanta...

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Postby Digitalex » Tue Sep 20, 2005 1:54 pm

This is kinda on-topic.

Besides, Carl Horn's MANDATORY 10th Anniversary Eva Panel :wink: , Yoko Ishida (excellent J-pop artist) will be performing as well. She'll have a concert that will most likely showcase some of her more popular ballads (Eternal Flower from Ai Yori Aoshi for example) and para para dance tracks.

Apparently I've heard that one of the most popular para para dance routines is done to Cruel Angel's Thesis. That means she'll probably perform that song to some choreagraphed para para dance. I'm not into the para para part as much but I LOVE her version of CAT. I was lucky enough to watch her perform this past spring at AnimeBoston and was pleasantly surprised to hear that she will also be performing at AWA. She really does have a beautiful voice and her music is some of my favorite (J-pop or not). I get to see her twice in a year and I don't even have to go to Japan! w00t!

If anyone attending would like to hear Cruel Angel's Thesis performed live, then I recommend checking out her concert at AWA.
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