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Postby Sachi » Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:41 pm

Katsuko Kotonoha
Day 1, 12:09pm
Tokyo-03 Municipal Junior High

Lunchtime, the time of the day when the young, bespectacled girl felt most restless, especially so today due to her mood. After sitting down for several hours in torturing silence, unable to draw, unable to read, and not interested in anything the teacher had to say, Katsuko needed to get out and about.

Stretching as she reached the school courtyard, she yawned and loosened her body up. She had another twenty-five minutes to kill, so she was determined to use this time to clear her head. The cool summer breeze blew through her hair, pulling the strong aroma from the flowers into her body, revitalizing her mind. Despite being empty, the courtyard seemed so full of life, offering a welcoming embrace to the troubled girl.

A child at heart, Katsuko jumped onto the brick planter, and began balancing along its edge, focusing her equanimity while losing herself to her thoughts. All awareness of the world around her disappeared as she kept content with walking in circles around the tree.

I've got to think positively about the situation; things aren't as bad as they seem. I've just been a bit pessimistic about them. How bad could things be? Nothing has really changed, and everything remains the same for me, so why should I be feeling this way now? I'm doing good in school, I'm doing good with my art -- despite being unfocused today, but anybody is expected to have an off day at some point, right? -- and I've got friends; what more could I ask for? Takeru's back--

She screeched to a halt, nearly losing her balance. Katsuko focused her eyes to the window of her classroom. Takeru's back.. I wonder how much of that is a good thing.

A pillbug rolled along the edge of the planter and eventually fell off.

Eh, it's no big deal. I'm paranoid if I think anything is going to happen.

Katsuko continued to walk in circles around the tree, surrounded by thoughts, awaiting the end of lunch, and the rest of the day.

(Katsuko goes outside for a chance to think about things that have been happening.)
- Sachi

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Postby GoatMan » Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:52 am

[Kensuke Aida
Day 1, 12:09 hours
Tokyo-03 Municipal Junior High, Roof

"Because it occurred to me, Aida-san...that this lockdown isn't like what the teacher was talking about. This isn't Berlin; that situation was stable, steady and prolonged. The Tokyo-3 lockdown is escalating every moment, more soldiers are put in here daily, the blockade increases in strength and more weapons are armed. If all these soldiers are here to protect us from Angels, why are all the guns pointed inward?"

"Yeah..." Kensuke stated, not wanting to implicate himself any further. If he just used one-word answers, maybe he could play along as though he were just humoring the boy. At least, he could pull that off until he needed to say something more, in a more secure location.

"People are being put in increasing danger as we speak--Tokyo-3 isn't being locked down, it's being smoked out. It doesn't look like this is supposed to end; just keep growing until things finally blow up in our faces." Hotaru put on his best sigh, leaning forward on his knees.

"You think it's going to get that bad?"

"It's chilling. Like someone is searching for something. If they are, when they find it, what do you think will happen? This isn't something that just goes away one day, Aida-san..." Hotaru's fingers ran against his head tiredly, "I don't want to come to class one day and find one, two--three of my classmates having disappeared overnight. I've lost enough already."

Aida just held his head in his right palm, sitting down, overlooking the city. Was Hotaru even done talking yet? He couldn't tell, and at this point, just letting him ramble was the best way to keep himself safe.

A wry smile crept over Hotaru's face, "I must've spoken fourteen or fifteen buzzwords in four minutes. Think my apartment's being searched?" Not that there's anything to be found in that empty shell. "Perhaps I've spoken enough. There is such a thing as an overmerry tongue."

It was then, as he tracked his eyes over the school grounds, he noticed Katsuko. Why was she always alone? She seemed to know Matsuda, so why wasn't she catching up with him? Turning back to Hotaru, Aida sighed, scratching down something on a piece of notebook paper. "Don't tell anyone about this, okay? Memorize it, tear it up, and throw it in the school's incinerator when you're done."

He handed the boy the slip of paper, with the following text:

Hotaru response

Walking away calmly, Aida descended the stairwell, and moved slowly to the campus field. Why was she always hanging around that courtyard? Observing her for a moment, he thought back to the first time he met the girl. She always seemed alone.

"Hey... Katsuko?" he asked.

Kensuke gives Hotaru a code to meet at the library, and checks on Katsuko[/quote]

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