Nippon 2007 and other Worldcon take-aways

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Nippon 2007 and other Worldcon take-aways

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Postby Mr. Tines » Tue Aug 09, 2005 11:38 am

Chairman of the convention committee for Nippon 2007, the first Worldcon (World SF convention) to be held in Asia, is Hiroaki Inoue - who was part of Gainax in the old days when they were a bunch of geek amateurs producing animations for Daicon (the national SF convention in Japan). So I think that the 65th Worldcon will count as a related work. Besides landing himself with a Worldcon to run, he's also managing his own anime production business these days, currently working on titles Rocket Girl and Iz-Mo.

Hiroaki also appeared on a number of panels (speaking through an interpreter) at InterAction; though at the talk he gave about anime and SF in Japan (synopsis - there's not much market for SF in book form, so most SF writers are at least partly involved in anime or manga; so there'll be a lot of anime at the con), I restrained myself from asking questions about insider details about Anno and Miyamura.

One of the other Nippon 2007 panels included a slideshow of an SWFJ (SF Writers' Association of Japan) meeting - which looked a lot like a party, with many of them committing cosplay (even the published authors are fanboys/fangirls) : all to the strains of Komm, süsser Tod. When the subject of the song was pointed out, one of the women on the panel replied that it had been chosen because it was from Evangelion... a number of other references to Eva during that session suggests that it still has a significant place in the headspace of the Japanese fan.
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