"You know you're obsessed with NGE when" thread

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Re: "You know you're obsessed with NGE when" thread

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Postby imprimatur13 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:01 pm

1 time. (Please don't banish me!)

When you read 70 pages of this thread.
When you go to great lengths to psychoanalyze every character, and spend months thinking about them to understand them. (And posting write-ups.)
When you evangelize (appropriate wording, no?) Evangelion to people irl and online.
When you ask a (~80-year-old) piano player to play Fly Me to the Moon, and you are in absolute heaven. And then you TELL HIM where it's from, and get him to learn Thanatos as well.
When this is actually accurate about you:
Unless you're like me, and you literally try to watch almost every frame to get an idea of the characters' exact facial expressions, and you analyze every single line of dialogue. And you spread the whole thing over a few weeks/a month, just to let everything sink in. :)

(Not that I really knew anything about the really metaphysical stuff... But at least I had a decent sense of character interactions and personalities.)

I've been turning NGE over in my head for months, and I still am not entirely sure of everything going on. It's nice to have a show, that you care about enough to think about it so much. Plenty of fiction is deep, and esoteric, but not worth investigating. NGE, is the zenith of all fiction.

When you compare every work of fiction to Eva.
When you find Eva references everywhere when watching anything involving Gainax alumni (TTGL, Kill La Kill, etc.).
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