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Postby Eric Blair » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:17 pm

You approach the door farthest to the left with a bit of trepidation, and that's the reason why you are the last one to reach it, Mai and Asuka are already there, the redhead holding the little girl protectively while staring at Kaito who seems to be weighting his options, staring at the door knob as if it were glowing white-hot, as the light creeping from inside the room seems to be alive, pulsating... a living entity that hides behind the door.

Everyone stays quiet, Mai holding her hands over her mouth, sucking air little by little as if afraid the thing behind the wooden plank will come to get her, while Kaito turns to Asuka who nods, placing Mai behind her before she opens the door and the light pours out like a tsunami, a luminous monsoon that swallows you whole while the whole world reverts to a blinding white and iridescent blue, as you hold up your arms to try and shield yourself and suddenly...

Suddenly, you blink and you turn around... the light's gone... all of it, in fact, as you turn around to realize you're in what looks like a roof, the night sky open, blue and black and purple mixing effortlessly onto each other while little twinkling spots of light populate the open canopy that is the firmament itself, and in front of you, Kaito stands there, without moving, without breathing, silently taking on the scene in front of him.

Lying down on the roof is Kimie Idane, her brown hair still done in that high ponytail of hers she seems to favor so, her bangs framing her face with the yellow ribbon she uses as a hair band framing the hair as well, and her brown eyes star at the sky unblinking, as if she were in a trance.

"Ki... Kimie?" You hear Kaito ask softly, while Kimie keeps the same face, pensive, reflexive, eyes and mouth mirroring what seems to be herself in a deep, contemplative mode, but doesn't answer, doesn't turn to her side.

Kimie blinks at this, but otherwise doesn't answer, before her name sounds again in the air.

"Kimie?" All of you turn in time with Kimie towards the window behind you, directly in the way of the flood light that makes it impossible to see who it is, but Kimie's face relaxes, as she sighs and looks back at the sky.

"Nee-chan, what is it?"

"Hey, you're using your hair up again."

Kimie sighs and shrugs her shoulders, as if this was something she finds uninteresting, and you realize there a re a lot of things Kimie finds uninteresting, but through it all, she had always been an active force of nature, like a gale of wind, powerful, throwing everything into a crazy dance of action, blowing up and down and commanding everyone's attention on her.

"Yeah, I figured Mom would like it this way." Kimie says uninterested after a while, before her sister's voice is heard again.

"We'll be having dinner in a couple of minutes, make sure to wash up."

You all wait for the scene to shift, for something bad to happen, for anything to to suddenly appear, and knowing Kimie, it would probably have to do with Evas or angels, or Shooting stars and aliens.

But all you can see is the dark, calm night, and the trees carefully, softly being rocked by the calm wind. before Kimie sighs and closes her eyes.

"I.. I remembered this..." Kaito begins softly, while Kimie lies there, still staring out into the night sky. "We had been in school that day and Kimie had just began using her hair like this. I..."

Kaito stops, looking as if he were a man that had been caught unwillingly in the middle of a lie, pressing his lips together before he takes a step froth and kneels next to Kimie.

"I remember her staring out the window, looking bored while i was trying to see what was wrong with her." Kaito whispers before standing up, staring down at Kimie who suddenly gets up. "Before that day, she would always be waiting for me when I got to school, and I remembered once asking her if she was always sitting there, staring at the door and smirking, waiting for me to walk in."

There is a sort of familiarity in the way he says it, the familiarity that comes from old childhood friends, the kind that know each other, trust each other, have developed a bond of sorts, invisible to see, impossible to explain.

Suddenly, Kimie stands up, slowly, her face still hard and focused and staring at the sky before a shooting star falls by quickly, cutting a brilliant swath into the sky with an arched path while Kimie stays there, blinking, a small smile beginning to appear in her lips as her right hand slowly reaches froth at the sky, as if it were trying to grasp at the night, to capture the stars.

"Maybe if I meet an alien, or an angel, or a..."

"Time traveling cyborg ninja assassin..." Both Kaito and Kimie say at the same time, before he lets out a sigh that quickly transforms itself into a soft chuckle, shaking his head. "Of course, this would be her happiest day; this is the day she decided to make the Mystery club."

There's a silence running through the scene, slowly, subtlety, like an uninvited guest that sneaks in when no one is looking, before Kimie speaks again, her eyes never leaving the midnight sky.

"This was the day my mother died." Kimie says, and you're not sure if it's to herself or to you all, before she turns and stares directly at Kaito, Asuka, Mai and you. "Why are you here?"

What do you do?

1. Try to wake her up. Asuka walks forth and grabs Kimie's hand into her own, shaking her friend, making the brown haired girl's ponytail flail with each motion while creaming at her. "You have to wake up!"

2. Explain to her what's going on. Kaito stares at Kimie, before he takes a step forth, looking at her carefully. "Kimie? what do you remember?"

3. Don't answer. Mai shakes her head, making everyone stare at the girl, while Kimie just stands there, patiently waiting for an answer before she finally speaks again.
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Postby esselfortium » Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:26 pm

While it could be interesting to get some more insight into Kimie here, I'd rather not run the risk of getting sucked back into Mystery House, so let's go with 2.

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