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Postby Dartz » Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:19 am


Now in it's 4th year, Irelands own animé convention has been going from strength to strength, each year nearly doubling in size. Having attended the very first con, only a few years ago in 2005, and staffed the last three as a lowly con monkey, It's been a blast each time.

The thing with Eirtakon, what makes it and it's attendees truly mighty, is that it only exists because everyone who attends *wants* it too exist. I mean the second Eirtakon was a near disaster, there was no trader, there wasnt even a full license to show animé, we had to use fansubs. But we made do, and we made things work. A bring and buy stand was set up, which has become something of a fixture, and people still came. People still had a good time. Even though, in all retrospect, it was a bit shit, it carried on because people here wanted it to carry on so badly.

Eitakon 3, following only about 6 months after 2, picked the whole lot up by it's bootstraps and got a shift on. Stuff happened, and it happened big. There was an energy to ther event, a drive to go forward and make it better. Stuff fucked upo, but we learned from it. Staff were starved on the Saturday, so homemade sandwhiches were provided on the Sunday. There were actual worthwhile prizes for events given by *real* sponsors. There was some good stuff shown legitamately. Things got better through the weekend as the con began to hit it's stride.

It was a blistering success.

And so on to Eirtakon 4. The venue still smells of con... that unique combination of fanboy sweat, facepaint and plushie boxes, the con itself is barely over, and holy fuck was it a good one. Moores law held true, attendance doubling over the previous year. We had an actual guest who claims to have had a blast... Vic Mignogna.... and shit really got done. The cosplay events mushroomed, the quality of the costumes being a marked improvment over previous years. Fuck, there might even have been more cosplayers than normal people. There were sponsors up the whazoo, free stuff for guests, prizes that were fucking awesome.... and sandwhiches for the staff. 743 attendees. My God.

This is a con that maintains a small, intimate atmosphere. People go to this con to support the con. People are there because they want it to continue and carry on and keep getting better. It has a brilliant atmosphere, and it is a wonderful con to staff. In three years, I know of one incident of someone being a dick. That's it. I mean, what did Vic say at the closing ceremony? We do it better than people who've being going twice as long. So, to all those out there in internet land, do yourself a favour and get your ass over here for the next one. Dublin City, Ireland. Mid-November 2009, I'll see ye there.

And if you're staffin with me, I'll even make the sandwhiches.
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