The Evangelion Sestina: A Challenge to the Forum Folk

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The Evangelion Sestina: A Challenge to the Forum Folk

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Postby Eva Yojimbo » Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:02 pm

I'm not very poetically inclined, but I thought this would be a fun challenge. I'd really like to see someone write an Eva Sestina. For those who don't know what a sestina is, see HERE. Basically a poem of 6 verses of 6 lines each where the last words of each line have to be used as the last word in every line but in different orders and forms. the poem ends with a tercet that uses all 6 words in 3 lines.

The rigorous formality of the sestina kinda dictates that it needs to be in free verse (no poetic meter). While that's not always the case, I'll just say that don't feel pressured to put it to meter.

Some starting ideas I had, for example, was using Lilith, Rei, and Shogouki (and/or maybe Yui) as swappable "end words", as well as Shinji, Gendo, and Yui (all in the family).

Anyway, I don't think anyone will actually manage to write one. They're really difficult and I hesitate to even attempt it.
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