Can any of you Find it? (Rare Asuka statue)

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Can any of you Find it? (Rare Asuka statue)

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Postby AlfTheMelmacain » Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:36 pm

Hi guys, I'm new here. I Joined EvaGeeks to ask this Question.

In August 2016 (15th-19th) I Traveled to Kyoto Japan. One of the things I had the pleasure of seeing was the "Kyoto International Manga Museum".
Now in this museum near the gift shop there was a Large scaled Asuka Statue. I would approximate around 18 inchs (45 cm) however on the Glass enclosure it had a note that said no pictures. So my self being in a foreign country I complied with the Sign and neglected to take a photo.

I was wondering if anyone Had a photo of this statue 3 years have passed and I still think about it lol. I'm starting to forget what it looks like.

I've searched Ebay, Yahoo! auctions and Google images with no luck

From memories:
it was large around 18inch
had a glossy crimson lance of longinus (almost darker than normal)

Has anyone seen this statue in person before?
even if you don't have a picture maybe you could help me fill so gaps in my memories
"I don't quite remember which version of the plug suit she was wearing"

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