[Game?] Web Browser based?

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[Game?] Web Browser based?

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Postby technoDaleks » Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:59 pm

Sorry to bother, but I turn to you because I can't remember the game name (if it even exists anymore) nor was I able to successfully search it up. The best I can describe it as was that it was a browser based multiplayer game (pretty sure it was web browser) where you could choose between playing for NERV or the Angels. You could select from one of the Evangelions or Angels and add additional units to your team as you gained experience. It had a hexagonal map system and was a cross between turn based and live where you had a limited number of actions points to spend per x hours. Defeating enemies (iirc playing as Evangelions you could get Angel core fragments) that you could turn in for items/upgrades/etc.

I remember coming across a post that had the link in the past on this forum but cannot recall who the original poster was. Hoping that someone may remember (and hope against hope that the game is still up because it was pretty cool).

Thank you in advance.

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