Crayon Drawing/Episode Title Sequence

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Crayon Drawing/Episode Title Sequence

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Postby anonymaus » Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:49 am

As Shinji chokes Asuka's postmortem soul into an even greater state of death, and global instrumentality begins, some familiar crayon drawings appear on the screen. Immediately afterwards, all of Evangelion's episode titles flash on the screen. Here is the scene I'm talking about.

I noticed that those episode titles are colored in a way which corresponds with Asuka and possibly Shinji's memories.

The way it seems to me is that their lives are flashing before their eyes before they die. The red and white title frames appear to directly correspond to landmarks in Asuka and Shinji's experiences during NGE. The red interframes I don't understand. I'm also not totally confident that the white frames are related to Shinji though it seems likely.

The episode titles are straightforward enough, but what about those crayon drawings? It stands to reason that they should be related to their memories also.
I have very little idea about these things. There's a persistent rumor that they were done by traumatized children and Anno received rights to them, but I've found zero evidence of any kind for that. The images also have a consistent style, and to me they appear to be professional work by trained artists who are only imitating the drawing abilities of children.

I know that the ones done in the chaotic scribbling style also appear in Asuka's mind invasion sequence:

I made some potential shape connections in two of the crayon drawings:
I believe the pink figure who stands higher in the first image is probably Asuka, and the blue figure is probably Shinji.
In the first image, crayola Asuka seems to be holding a Lance of Longinus and possibly standing on the geofront's pyramid. This is the one that really reeks of a past timeline to me. Something like: Asuka as a child having dreams of the past timeline and drawing it, without understanding it.

Beyond this I don't have any breakaway ideas. Some of the images appear to depict domestic violence or murder. A while ago I found a possible recurring figure who dual wields bladed weapons in Asuka's memories. Maybe the person stabbing people in the crayon drawings is that guy.

It's possible these are therapy drawings by Asuka during psychiatric treatment as a child.
I also have some far fetched theories about the drawings related to timelines. One of the images appears to depict Shinji and Asuka together, and we know of an 'alternate universe' in which they were childhood friends.

I need help figuring out what this all means. Both the episode title sequence and the drawings. I don't know if the drawings will ever be figured out but it's worth trying, for fun if nothing else.

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