Mitsuo Iso ANIMATION WORKS vol.2 - Now with 100% more Eva!

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Hachigouki is my waifu
Hachigouki is my waifu
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Mitsuo Iso ANIMATION WORKS vol.2 - Now with 100% more Eva!

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Postby TMBounty_Hunter » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:41 am

Earlier this year the God-tier animator Mitsuo Iso released his first animation compilation book:

However that was only part of his amazing portfolio, so now comes volume 2, which among other things will include his work on the original Evangelion series

Publisher's announcement:

Also included in the book his work on:
Run, Melos!
Perfect Blue
Blood the Last Vampire
Napping Princess

As with the first volume, this will be initially made available at comiket and afterward get a regular wide release.
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