[Theory] Why Angel contact with Lilith would be fatal + SEELE's version of 3I

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[Theory] Why Angel contact with Lilith would be fatal + SEELE's version of 3I

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Postby Hkwayk » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:24 am

(First of all, I would like to say this is my first time posting here and I only finished Evangelion recently. While I've read a lot of the articles/theories on the wiki, I'm a newbie so this theory might contain some holes. I also don't know if this theory has been proposed before or not)

It's stated in the CI that an angel coming into contact with Lilith would "reset all life". It's also stated that two Seeds of Life are never meant to be on the same planet; beings born of Lilith have the Fruit of Knowledge (FOK), while beings born from Adam have the Fruit of Life (FOL); they are fundamentally different.

Humans caused 2I by experimenting with Adam. Basically, I think that when a FOK being comes into contact with Adam, or a FOL being comes into contact with Lilith, an Anti-ATF is created and the planet is terraformed; essentially, the Seed wipes everything out and goes back to square zero. That's why Antarctica was turned into a "death world"- Adam was terraforming the planet for FOL-based life. In the process, she also released the angels she had created when she first landed on Earth, before being pierced by the spear. But the humans stopped 2I before it could be completed.

Since two seeds aren't meant to exist in the same world, this process might have been created as a fail-safe in case both the seeds' Spear of Longinus was destroyed (which can happen, since Lilith's spear was destroyed); it's essentially another way of making sure the two fruits wouldn't have contact with each other.

Presumably, however, this would wipe out all life, Lilith-based and Adam-based alike. But the angels can't distinguish between Adam and Lilith. It's shown with Gaghiel that they simply target the closest Seed. Even Kaworu can't tell the difference until he's up close.

Armisael implies the angels feel loneliness. The problem is, unlike humans, each angel is unique, meaning they have no equals to relate to. The only other being they can relate to is Adam, who is their progenitor. So they seek Adam, but can't tell her apart from Lilith. Furthermore, Adam is only an embryo before she arrives at NERV, and even afterwards, she's only a growth in Gendo's hand; as an embryo/growth, Adam's presence might be so weak that an angel can only feel it when they're very close to it (as Gaghiel was, since Adam was on the boat). Meanwhile, Lilith's presence is much stronger, explaining why most angels gravitate towards her.

If Angel contact with Lilith would wipe out all life, however, then why did SEELE want Kaworu to make contact with Lilith? Well, although Kaworu has a human body, he's still "Blood Pattern: Blue" (he's identified as such by the bridge crew when he's descending Terminal Dogma), which would cause Lilith to create an Anti-ATF. But the Spear of Longinus seemed to be needed for SEELE's version of 3I. The spear "deactivates" a seed. After the Anti-ATF was created, all human souls would have left their bodies and returned to Lilith, who would be ready to start anew and once again create life. But Adam's soul would still be around, and presumably, the spear would detect this, and activate. But there would be no Adam body to pierce, since only her soul still existed within Kaworu (the Adam growth was dependant on Gendo and would die along with him); the spear would instead target the closest Seed (with a body): Lilith. It would deactivate Lilith before she could create life and spread the souls, leaving all human souls still inside Lilith, merged with each other. When the spear was lost, they made replacement spears for this purpose (the ones that the MP Evas use).

But Kaworu decided to die instead, leading to SEELE having to use the method we saw during EoE... well, you know what happened next.
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Re: [Theory] Why Angel contact with Lilith would be fatal + SEELE's version of 3I

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Postby anonymaus » Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:36 pm

I think the angels' plan was to to destroy Lilith's body in order to prevent humanity using it for instrumentality.
They would've also needed to destroy EVA-01 since it's part of Lilith's body I guess.
"A replay of Second Impact will happen if Angels contact Lilith" was just NERV's way of getting their employees to prevent that at all costs, without telling them about instrumentality.

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