Yui-Lilith Soul Gestalt, 'Rei'; and Eva-01's Souls

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Yui-Lilith Soul Gestalt, 'Rei'; and Eva-01's Souls

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Postby anonymaus » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:11 am


I finally collected thoughts I've been having for a while now about Rei and the souls inside EVA-01 and EVA-00.
Here's how it looks to me. Rei is Yui + Lilith (mostly Lilith.) EVA-01 is Yui + Lilith (mostly Yui.)
Lilith and Yui no longer have distinct souls. They were irreparably mixed together during Yui's contact experiment with Lilith's body.
Mixtures of these souls exist in various ratios within Rei 1 (within EVA-00,) Rei 2, and EVA-01.

It also contains a small theory about the third core of EVA-01 and why Eva-01 was able to initiate near-third impact all by itself in Rebuild.

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