Just finished watching The End of Evangelion...

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Re: Just finished watching The End of Evangelion...

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Postby Magneto » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:16 am

View Original Postsilvermoonlight wrote:Okay but for some people EOE is really harrowing to watch because you see characters die in very awful ways who you love or like not to mention the JSSDF armies culling of Nerv is one of the saddest thing to watch as you can see how utterly helpless the staff are as there gunned down and most are unarmed and this can leave people feeling sad and confused because its not the happy ending you normally get its dark and uncertain and the movie is very open ended.

These kind of endings in media can put fans of a certain fandom for a very long time and make them mad because they can feel like they've been cheated due to unresolved issues or the lead character dying. That's why fanfiction is needed its allows writers to wrap there heads around the unresolved character issues and readers get a chance to see the characters carry on and maybe have some form of happy ending or at least get some form of closure.

This seems self-deceptive, you create your perfect world through the painful reality around you, I believe that animes are made with the ultimate goal of learning lessons, the characters and all of your universe are products created by the author.
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