Who is the EVA character you feel most sorry for?

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Re: Who is the EVA character you feel most sorry for?

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Postby LeoXiao » Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:35 pm

Rei is the most tragic. All the other female characters are either indifferent to or hate her for reasons that are almost completely beyond her control. By contrast, Rei doesn't demonstrate any malice in the series; even in EoE when she rejects Gendo's plan, her going to Shinji isn't a rebellion, but a natural shift consistent with her devotion to her humanity-saving mission (and her entire concept of self) that she had on day one in the series. For the sake of this ideal she sacrifices her emotional and physical existence, and pretty much nobody cares. The scene in episode 5 where Rei greets and talks happily to an outwardly approving Gendo demonstrates that she can and does have normal feelings that can be nurtured if someone would take this role. Shinji, probably the only person in the series who showed more than superficial care for her, was never able to or didn't dare move forward with that. In the end Rei stood by shouldering everything in silence while Shinji bungled around with Asuka and all the torment and deadlock associated with that relationship. In order for Shinji to have a chance at living better, Rei sacrificed her life twice, the second time for good. All the while, there's little indication that Shinji cared about Rei beyond vague curiosity and instinctual concern, not that I'm blaming him though.

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