The End of Evangelion: Fansub Amalgamation

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The End of Evangelion: Fansub Amalgamation

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Postby Mjolnir Mark IV » Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:58 am

This is a set of subtitles for The End of Evangelion (1997).

I've never been satisfied with any one translation, so this is an amalgamation of six different translations (including one by me), exhibiting what I believe to be the best that each one has to offer. The result is a unique blend that I consider to be the best translation of the movie—if I can say that with any kind of humility.

Part of what differentiates this amalgamation from a composite is that the lines I've chosen to use from existing translations are rarely left untouched. I've edited dialog throughout the entire translation, but I've only done this with the intention of preserving what I perceive to be the intended meaning, essence, and emotion of the original Japanese dialog. In other words, I've adapted the dialog for English—which I believe is necessary for a good translation from Japanese to English.

If you catch an error or think of a way to improve my subtitles, let me know! If I make a change based on your help, I will gladly give you credit (unless of course you would prefer not to be mentioned).

And if anyone can find fonts that are a closer match to the font used for the subtitles of the TV series on VHS (which is what these subtitles are based on), please let me know! The fonts I'm using are close, but aren't quite perfect.

Also note that these subtitles are designed to form a set with the subtitles I did for Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995–1996).
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Digitally Re-Created VHS Subtitles
The End of Evangelion: Fansub Amalgamation
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