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Machine audio-books

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Postby 00zau » Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:54 pm

Heyo. I use a text to speech program to convert various fanfics and light novel translations into psuedo-audio-books so I can listen to them at work. I figured some other people might be interested in them as well, so I'm going to be sharing them on youtube.

There are several issues with the TTS and it's interaction with informal speech and non-english names and terms. It's pronunciation can be meh (Asuka gets too much emphasis on the middle sylable; ah-SUE-ka), to a couple that are actually problematic (Kei from Nobody Dies will sometimes be a nearly unheard "kh"). Stuttering also gets messed up because it will say the letter if it's by itself; "Y-y-yes" gets said as "why why yes." A "no" followed by a period gets treated as an abbreviation and it'll say "number." These issues haven't stopped me from listening to the files I've made.

However, depending on how much interest people have in these, I can go back and clean up a lot of these issues by tweaking the text files and re-making the audio files. This will take a bit of case-by-case checking since I likely won't be able to just find+replace blindly without risking messing something else up, and making the videos takes a lot longer than making the audio files. Thus, I'm going to try to gauge interest a bit before I do any editing; I'd rather not have to remake too many videos. I'm also still trying to get into contact with Gregg Landsman to get his go-ahead to share Nobody Dies. In the meantime, I've made 1 video as a demo. I plan to do, at the very least, Scar Tissue and Nobody Dies in their entirety. Enjoy!

Scar Tissue Chapter 01

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