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Fanbards/Evafics Wishlist

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Postby C.W. Smith » Sat May 21, 2016 6:49 pm

Just thought I'd post here and ask this question of all you guys. I'm currently trying to finish up my Drupal Feature set called Bookshelf Open for Drupal 7. THIs is a community based feature set where if someone were to take it they could setup a writing community with little effort and go from there. IN our case I'm using it as a baseline for rebuilding Fanbards/ again and doing a better job at it.

It's my hope that compartmentalizing my development process for this part will allow me to take it and offer it up to others, while at the same time developing two more varients. One for single author sites, and one for Closed archives.

But for now I wanted to get your guys wishlist for site development. Before you say anything, better mobile device support is a given, and HOPEFULLY getting the old content finally completely finished.

What do you guys desire?
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