The newest most accurate EoE subs to date are out

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Re: The newest most accurate EoE subs to date are out

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Postby sephirotic » Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:19 pm

View Original PostLaughingDemand wrote:I'm sorry but I can't seem to get the subs to episode 26 to work, no matter what. Even though episode 25 subs work perfectly, both the standard and honorific versions of episode 26 just don't show up. I watch EoE using VLC Media Player, in mkv format.

First time I ever heard a problem about subs on EoE 26'. Considering how over 20 thousand people "tested the last release" it is likely you have some corruption issue. Anyway, VLC is a terrible player. If you are on windows, I don't support it. I suggest you use MPC HC.

Anyone having personal technical issues with my subs please try sending a PM instead of posting in this thread.

Anyone interested in the translation project, and with suggestion for improvements, please go ahead and contribute with the thread. I'm always checking the notification on Evageeks for new posts on this thread and I won't consider the project 100% finished until someone fluent in Japanese take a meticulous look at the whole subtitle.
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