What to expect for Instrumentality

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Re: What to expect for Instrumentality

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Postby ElMariachi » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:53 am

View Original PostArcadia's legacy wrote:Then that begs the question, what's going to bring Shinji back to his senses? Instrumentality would be unusual, since i can't think how red Unit-01 clones erupting out of the ground is going to help with anything (unless there's more to it than Kaworu told us, which is plausible), and i doubt Shinji is just going to try and listen to the others around him given the state he's currently in. In EoE, instrumentality was the spark that made Shinji believe both in others, but mostly in himself again. Unless it is more than what Kaworu said, something else will need to take it's role, but what?

And what about simply time? Aside the crazy things that happened to Earth, the Rebuild seems to be more "down to earth" than the TV series, especially with how it hammers in Q that there aren't any meta-physical magics that will make you overcome your problems, so why go against that now and have an Instrumentality magically make Shinji go back to his senses and overcome his problems?
After all Asuka probably didn't have magical Instrumentality that let her communicate with everyone and become friend with Mari, it happened little by little over those 14 years, with good old communication (and probably more than the occasional fight)

Besides Shinji's problem is different in Rebuild than it was in NGE: this time it's not just a problem of being unable to get close to people (he already overcame that in Ha and a little in Q), but a problem of communication (ie. bullheadedness), and I doubt Instrumentality will help in that.

So what about not having any Instrumentality in Shin, and Shinji simply coming out of his funk by having some time to recover and then talk with others? After all this giant army of MP-Evas must take time to assemble and prepare for battle, I doubt Gendo will be able to launch the last phase of his plan immediately.
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