Platinum Edition DVD Sound/Subtitles Missing?

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Platinum Edition DVD Sound/Subtitles Missing?

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Postby mah6786 » Tue Mar 03, 2015 4:27 am

Hey guys,
Need some help here.

In episode 8 (Asuka Strikes), there's a really funny scene where Kaji, Misato, and the gang are sitting at a table and Kaji asks Shinji if Misato still tosses in bed. Meanwhile, there's a television in the background playing a soap opera about a guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend for a puppy. (See transcription here: [url][/url])

I just bought a copy of the Platinum Edition DVDs, and when I watched it the background TV is much more subdued than the original version (had to borrow an older DVD edition to confirm), and the TV is missing from the subtitles as well. Does anyone else have this problem? Did I buy the wrong version or something?


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