[HELP] Translation of a DVD Set

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[HELP] Translation of a DVD Set

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Postby Questes » Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:28 am

I simply paste this message posted on the Welcolme Thread

" Hi guys, I'm a newfag on this forum and it seems that I have to present myself on this thread

So first of all I'm French (yeah, frog eater is in the place niggas) and the principal reason of my registration here is that I have a rare collector box of NGE (this one : http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/evachildren2015/10219155.html) and that I would like to make the whole translation of the DVD (include subtitles, edit and translate the menu and all the stuff in Japanese) because everything is in Japanese and I don't understand ANY-FUCKING-THING whereas I'm a big fan of Evangelion. I hope someone here can help me to edit all this shit because tutorials on the web suck so much, please help me I fucking want to watch this fucking masterpiece on my plasma TV !!

I've also seen that Blu-Ray Edition of the TV show is coming (FINALLY, THANKS ADAM AND LILITH) and if what I'm trying to do is pretty impossible, I will sell my box maybe on this forum if anybody is interested (I point out that the image and audio is pretty good on this edition and that I don't want the BR if I can solve my problem)

PS : Sorry for my poor English, and I hope this is the right section to post my request ^^ "

If anybody could help me :tongue:
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