On Komm Susser Tod

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On Komm Susser Tod

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Postby Tumbling Down » Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:06 pm

Just felt like sharing this. I managed to convince a friend to put Evangelion at the top of his list of shows to watch by sharing Komm Susser Tod with him. He adores the song, as do I. Our friendship was originally based on our shared interest in musical theater, so it makes sense that that's what would engage him. However, I recently told him there's dialogue during the song, and that disappointed him. I have no idea how devastated he will be if/when he gets to the movie and he finds out just how much dialogue there is during the song. To help ease the blow, I explained to him that the sequence is a clusterfuck with a lot of things happening that you can't possibly interpret all at once. It took him about two years to get through the last show I recommended to him, so it'll be some time before I know how he ultimately reacts.

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