Evangelion-Related Statistics Project Ideas

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Evangelion-Related Statistics Project Ideas

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Postby mechashiva » Sat Nov 15, 2014 5:52 pm

This is kind of random but my finals project for my Statistics class is to do a three-page project incorporating something we've learned in the class that semester just to show we understood the material.

Do you guys have any ideas on possible projects that would be Evangelion related, with the logic of "Well, if its for something I'm already fixated on, I'll probably spent more than one night cramming for it to get it done. :rolleyes:"

The stuff we covered includes:
-scheduling, priority list scheduling, critical paths, back-flow algorithm
-networks, spanning trees
-fair division
-routing problems, Euler paths and circuits
-touring problems, Hamilton paths and circuits, the brute-force algorithm

What do you think, sirs?
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