Your entertainment wishlist?

Yeah. You read right. This is for everything that doesn't have anything to do with Eva.

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Re: Your entertainment wishlist?

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Postby Squigsquasher » Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:56 pm

I'd forgotten this thread existed. Ahem.

Anyway, my updated wishlist:

Squiggo's retarded entertainment wants  SPOILER: Show
>An actually decent, adult-oriented non-CGI Transformers OVA, preferably done by Imaishi (who is a massive Transformers fan).
>Bubblegum Crisis to make a comeback.
>Evangelion: FINAL to be done in 3 parts- first Puchi Eva format, followed by a claymation act (outsourced to Aardman, with cameos by Wallace and Gromit) and finally for the fourth wall to come crashing to the ground and the third and final chapter be done by the voice cast in (intentionally awful) cosplay, with the final "villain" (with all traces of a plot long gone by this point) being Hideaki Anno in a very bad rubber monster suit. At the end, we get CONGRATULATIONS but with Anno instead of Shinji. Anno rejects instrumentality, everything is fixed, the animation is returned to normal and Shinji marries Rei.
>A new Evangelion TV series to come out in which every episode is directed by a different person (Ikuhara, Imaishi etc) and the whole series is a light-hearted pisstake of the original series and the countless imitators it spawned.
>The Galaxy Fraulein Yuna games to come out properly and faithfully translated on PC.
>Satoshi Urushihara to do more stuff in general, be it H or non-H.
Here lies Squigsquasher.

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