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Postby InstrumentalityOne » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:44 pm

View Original PostNuclear Lunchbox wrote:Also, a) that article's got active voice, and b) I notice that some of the people telling me how to edit haven't even touched the Wiki. Huh.

Yeah it has active voice, so what. I said that 80 percent of it was passive.

No need to get pissy, I think anyone who can read or write english well enough can contribute in this discussion here :rolleyes:
I also translate and proofread manga but okay.


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Postby NemZ » Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:19 pm

View Original PostMr. Tines wrote:Well, the reaction speaks for itself, I'd say. We really don't want another "man with a mission" reshaping the wiki to a personal opinion.

I don't believe that's at all what he has in mind (though in some ways I think it already IS a big steaming lump of ascended personal opinion). I'll agree the 'passive voice' complaint is misplaced, but he does have a point with regards to an overabundance of weasel words in many articles. A lot could potentially be done to improve the readability of such items while making it clear this is popular theory, not fact.

Regardless, this thread seems to have created much more drama than was intended, and any further suggestions should probably go to the 'fixing the wiki' thread anyway.
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