Intel gathering and tactic's study.

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Intel gathering and tactic's study.

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Postby Kyle » Mon Aug 07, 2006 7:32 pm

Lately iv been studying the eva's.Every thing from there weapons to there activation times.I would place the eva's in scenario's and use my military logical knowledge to determine what would be the best corse of action to obtain victory from the perspective's of both side's.(Im like an advanced kensuke)And just recently i decided to ad a new enemy to the evangelion's,the gundam's.

But there's a problem.I hardly know anything about the gundam's that's why im coming to you the hardcore gundam fans to relay to me the "tech spec's" of all the gundam's YOU think would be able to defeat the eva's.

Im particulary looking for intel on the "Detroyer" gundam/gundam's as this model,as a friend of mine say's
is the most powerful gundam ever.All i know is it's name,i want to know more,it's top speed,it's firepower,it size,does it come with sevral loadout's?Is it mass produced?Even info on the pilot/pilot's is needed.And of corse a picture.Thank's for any and all info.
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