Fourteen Years [RP]

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Fourteen Years [RP]

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Postby Sachi » Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:28 pm

"It is just like we thought. With those two the awakening of Unit-01 is complete." Fuyutsuki stood gazing upon the opening rituals of Third Impact. Once again, everything had gone as Ikari had envisioned. The Doors of Guf had finally opened and Unit-01, together with the reembodied Tenth Angel in Ayanami's image, had begun its ascent.

"Indeed. Soon we shall consumate our covenant with Lilith." Gendo sat in attention in his natural pose, smirking, and still soaked in the evangelion's blood. Most of Nerv HQ was destroyed and what was left of the ruined geofront was descending into chaos and destruction. All the pieces were in place and the ball was now in Seele's court. What will they do now that an awakening has been triggered before all the vessel of Adams had been gathered?

This is what we wanted. Isn't that right, Yui?

* * *

The next day, the deactivated unit lay impaled upon the Spear of Cassius. By the hands of Seele's child and Mark 06 the Doors of Guf were closed and for the time being it seems as though Third Impact had been averted.

Nerv was now on lockdown and all personnel detained; those that resisted arrest were killed on site. Things had gone too far for Seele to continue to let Nerv operate under Ikari's command and it needed to be reacquired.
- Sachi

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Postby PrototypeAngel » Sat Aug 03, 2013 5:20 am

Kaworu was inside the lockdown facility deep within Nerv, his arms folded and the eyes of the 5th child closed. "Rest now Ikari Shinji-kun, I will show you true happiness once you have awakened once more." As Kaworu opens his eyes he maintains his usual smile and looks up to the ceiling, "So this is what you were trying to create Linin? Seele and all of Humanity are not happy of what has happened her today. At least I have calmed the storm for now."
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Postby Squigsquasher » Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:48 pm

Misato watched in horror as Unit 01 ascended from the Geofront, clutching a red glowing mass in the shape of Rei Ayanami. The biomechanical monstrosity was glowing red, its eyes shining with radiant light, a disc of raw chaos spreading above its head like a gigantic halo.

"Shinji! Shinji! What are you doing?!?" she cried over the communications unit. She got nothing back but a burst of static and a stream of incomprehensible noises.

The purple behemoth let out an unearthly roar, the ground itself trembling at the sound.

"Oh my goodness...The Evangelion...has awakened..." shuddered Maya, her hands trembling as she operated the portable monitoring computer.

This was very, very bad news.

Misato turned to Maya and Ritsuko, her face pale.

"Evacuate everyone. Make sure we get everyone as far away from that monster as possible." she said, mustering all the authority in her voice as she could.


Misato sat in her holding cell, legs held up against her chest. When Unit 01 had been impaled upon the spear by the mysterious blue-clad Evangelion, putting a stop to the madness, a large force of troops working for both the JSSDF and an entity known as SEELE had stormed what was left of the HQ. Everyone had been detained and imprisoned, with those who resisted executed on the spot. The reason for this was never explained-they just turned up and rounded everybody up at gunpoint. Misato had lost friends, and she was stricken with grief.

She wasn't sure who be angry at. On the one hand, Shinji had been the one who started this mess when Unit 01 awakened. If he hadn't lost his mind, none of this would have happened. But the more she thought about it, the less sense it made to blame him. He didn't know what he was doing, how could he possibly have known how to stop it?

SEELE on the other hand, had been the ones to set the hounds loose, so to say. There had been no explanation, no offers of help following the devastation, just a mass arrest.

Maya was still asleep, and Misato couldn't blame her. Their lives had been turned completely upside down. She could barely take it in.

All she could do was wait.
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Postby Agentomega » Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:59 am

Mari Illustrious Makinami was bored. This was probably subject to change at some point given that her contact was hanging around somewhere, but for now all she had were the cell walls, her clothing, a towel (still slightly wet with LCL), and her plugsuit. While she enjoyed the feel of LCL and her plugsuit, in atmosphere it started to get a little uncomfortable after a while. Therefore, she changed into her clothing. This would be better under other circumstances except…

She sighed. “Aaah, jeez. I know they don’t want us killing ourselves or something, but did they really have to remove the elastic from my panties and the wire in my bra?” As she had several times done before in the past few hours, her hands rose to her chest to relieve some of the discomfort.

Her eyes slowly traced across the room once again. Maybe I’ll just put my plugsuit back on later. She sighed again, and slumped unceremoniously onto her side, her head next to the towel.

Mh, still smells pretty good, she thought. Dozing off a little, her mind began to replay the events that had occurred.

She clutched her head as she climbed out of the ruined Eva. It had served her quite well, and it smelled warm and comforting, like cinnamon. She fixed her glasses on her face as her hair whipped about.

“I see. He’s supposed to be a good guy, right? I wonder if he smelled different after all.”

It was sort of impressive, all of the debris orbiting the godly figure. It almost hurt to look at the entity, yet she could not turn her eyes away. With a sudden shockwave, she was shaken from the remains of Unit-02. She tried to land on her feet, but instead had the wind knocked out of her. Spots formed in her eyes and for a moment she worried that everything would end while she was on her ass.

Of course, her opinion changed when the cacophonous shriek of metal shearing through metal met her ears and the skies resumed their normal soft color. That there was debris falling toward her was a little unnerving, but she was mostly shielded by the large synthetic humanoid. She blinked.

What the hell just happened?

She stood, and walked around the red giant. It seemed as though the phenomenon had been averted, and Unit-01 was held upright only by the spear that now impaled it. Projecting the spear’s flight upward, she briefly caught a glimpse of another Evangelion gradually descending.

At least, until she found the guns in her face.

“Alright, alright,” she said raising her hands, “I’ll go with you.”

She was awoken by a tapping at the door. Rising to her feet, she sauntered over as a flap opened up. Her eyes lit with recognition and she smirked.

“Oh, it’s you.”
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Postby Lavinius » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:41 am

She had been there, then in more than there, or there in her, then nowhere.
She had accused herself, parasite, idiot, filth, whore's daughter.
She had been torn apart, here and there, for a moment fine with it, then screaming as much as she could while she felt her innards tearing away hollowing her own body.
At least, she thought so. It had hurt so much. She was happy she had died.
And it had been Shinji destroying her.
For a moment she breathed, realizing that she was breathing, breathing still, and then a sharp needle jabbed itself into her head. The shock alone killed her again, and she was happy.
Then she breathed again, and her eyes fluttered open, and it hurt so much, her eyes hurt, so she tried to close them again but that hurt too, one feeling like it was scraping rock.
Either way she saw nothing. There were tubes stuffed inside her, at every single place they could be, and some that they shouldn't. She was being breathed for anyway, whether she wanted to or not. Of course she couldn't move or scream. She could cry though, but it hurt.
Unbeknownst to Miss Shikinami...
"And what should we do about this?"
"You can't disconnect her!" the technician shouted again.
"I can shoot it and you if I think I need to."
"No, you can't."
A shot, then the technician's body broke through the glass and fell.
"So what is this?"
"The left-overs of the Second Child, from what I understand."
"I'm not going to kill a child."
"Then I will. If we have to. The truth is, I have no idea what to do here."
"Then I'll ask command, yes. The UN is in charge of here now, or the thing that's sort of the UN or something."

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