Best song about a prison break or being on the run from the

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Best song about a prison break or being on the run from the

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Postby thewayneiac » Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:28 pm

Post your nominees here for best song about a prison break or being on the run from the law.

Here's my first nominee:

Escape of Old John Webb

Five men to guard the British rank
and five to watch the town about
And two to stand at either hand
and one to let Bill Tenner out.
He had eighty weight of Spanish iron
between his neck bone and his knee,
But Billy took Johnny up under his arm
and lugged him away right manfully.

And Billy broke locks and Billy broke bolts
and Billy broke all that he came nigh,
Until he came to the dungeon door
and that he broke right manfully.

So they stole them a horse and away did ride
and who what they rode gallantly,
Until they came to the river bank
to the river runnin' wild and free!
The British were comin' close on their heels
and who but they stood fearfully,
'Till Billy took Johnny up on his back
and carried him over it easily.


So they called at the inn for a room to dance
and who but they danced merrily
And the very best dancer among them all
was old John Webb who was just set free!
Rejoice, glory is ours. Our young men have not died in vain. Their graves need no flowers. The tapes have recorded their names.
I am all there is.
Negative! Primative! Limited! I let you live.
But I gave you life.
What else could you do?
To do what was right.
I'm perfect, are you?

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