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Postby Aggroxcraig » Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:29 pm

Isaac stared down at the fallen Evangelion while pointing the hand gun his gun at it. Trying to create a plan, Isaac began to analyze the Angel infesting Unit-03. The blue goo obviously was the Angel's physical form, but there wasn't a core to be found. Before Isaac could continue his brief investigation, Unit-03's head launched up and stared at Isaac while submitting a violent rowr. Out of it's mouth poured out more blue goo. When the blue substance hit the ground, it began to eat away the area around it like an acidic substance. Instantly, the blue goo lifted the Evangelion up and coated it's chest like a sheet of armor. The new coat of armor started to move around as parts of it shaped into small tentacles that pointed towards Isaac.

Throwing his right arm, the blue goo extended forward and wrapped around Isaac's right arm like a whip. To Isaac it felt like his arm was melting to the bone. Cringing at the pain, Isaac pointed his handgun at the Evangelion's arm and shot multiple rounds at it. Some bullets landed into the Evangelion's arm which didn't seem to do anything while another round hit the blue goo that extended towards Isaac. The blue arm let go one Unit-01 and pulled back as it turned into multiple thin blades at the length of a tall building. Lashing the arm forward, Isaac panicked and Unit-01 ducked as the blades swiped past Isaac and hit a building instantly splitting it. Looking up, Isaac noticed Unit-03 leaped towards him as the blue goo recoiled back to him and formed into a large spike. Unit-01 leaped to the left and narrowly escaped the spike attack.

On his feat, Isaac panted at disbelief at how relentless the Angel was. "How the hell am I suppose to do this? It just doesn't stop." Isaac said to himself as he fired the remaining rounds at the Angel. Before any of the bullets could hit Unit-03, they were stopped by an AT field and denied further progress. Unit-03 threw both of its arms forward as the blue goo turned into two whips that snatched Unit-01 by the shoulder and left leg. The blue goo tightened around the Evangelion's body and lifted Isaac up in the air. For the brief moment, Isaac could feel the blue goo start to infest the Evangelion. It felt like a hand full of daggers trying to push it's way through each of Isaac's pores. Isaac in the entry plug grabbed his shoulder and looked to see his actual veins start to pop up from the infestation. His leg was doing the samething. The blue goo around Unit-01's shoulder moved and wrapped around the Evangelion's head. Darkness flooded the entry plug as vile thoughts started to flood into his mind that made his nightmares seem like pleasant dreams. Get out! Isaac thought as he saw more visions of despair and pain while the infestation started to increase. Get out of my head! Isaac ceased breathing and could feel the Angel reading his thoughts. At some point Isaac could hear laughter. The laughter increased and became unbearable. Unit-01 started to bend from the blue goo as the Angel continued to try to gain control of the Evangelion. "GET OUT!" Isaac shouted as Unit-01's XV7 amplifiers over its hands started to glow a blue hue. An AT field formed around Unit-01 and pushed the blue goo out of the Evangelion back to Unit-03. Hitting the ground, Isaac gasped for air as his head started to pound from the newly produced splitting headache. Looking to his shoulder and leg, Isaac saw that his veins were back to normal. The ache was still there, but at least the infection was gone. Looking over to the Angel, Unit-01 staggered to to it's feet and charged toward Unit-03.

Running towards Akio's Evangelion, Isaac for a brief amount of time tried to think of a plan. I have to get Akio's entry plug out of that thing. After he's safe then I can destroy the Angel. Isaac thought as he got closer to the beast. While his plan was simple, Isaac knew that executing it would prove to be more difficult than it seemed. Closing the gap between him and the Angel, Isaac narrowly dodged a blue trident aimed at his abdomen that regardless of missing still homed on his location. The three prongs grew longer and shot out to his location. Thanks to Unit-01's lack of armor, Isaac sped up as the blue prongs crashed into the ground like a trail behind him. Upon reaching Unit-03, Unit-01 leaped forward in an attempt to grapple but was stopped suddenly as a blue tentacle snatched Unit-01 and threw it into a building. Gritting his teeth from the pain, Isaac looked up and saw Unit-03 run towards him with blue tentacles wrapping around it's body. Getting to it's feet, Unit-01 had it's arms ready for combat with Isaac inside mentally preparing himself for another attack.

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Postby BPES » Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:40 am

( BGM )

What happened? … I was fighting and then? … That’s right…. I couldn’t move… and then … Did I…. Did I lose?

Why is it so important to win?

I was meant to win… I had to win…. I’m not supposed to lose…

Why is losing so bad?

Because I…. because I…. mustn’t fail… not again… I have to do it… I have to do it…

Just who is it you mustn’t fail?

Valda found herself surrounded by trees swaying gently in the breeze on a bright sunny day, this place was so familiar to her.


You say you don’t want to remember? But you can never forget.


To forget would be the greatest sin, wouldn’t it?

The surroundings changed and Valda took in the well-furnished hallway, so clear in her mind. This was her home, but Valda could feel the depressing weight already. She remembered this day as well. There she was, walking down the hallway, never turning back. Valda stared at the woman striding to the door, a bad slung over her shoulder. Everything was silent, no words, just a painful, suffocating silence.

She left, walked right out without so much as a goodbye.

I remember, it was only a few months after the Funeral… a few months of shouting and glaring and crying…”

You were angry… It hurt didn’t it…

… I hate her… but isn’t it my fault? Because I didn’t protect her…

This time everything was blurry, in a mostly white building with people moving around at pace, it was a hospital of some kind, and everything looked so large. Valda could see her father talking with a doctor and looking very very worried.

This is… when Hilma was born… There was complications with the birth and Hilma needed blood, but Mother was also still weak from the birth and father didn’t have the right blood type…

So you volunteered...

I remember, being so excited to be a big sister… So when I heard she was sick I wanted to help, I didn’t really get it…

You cried.

Yeah, I hated needles… but I didn’t run away… and afterwards…

Valda was in a room with a bed and a few chairs. Her mother was in that bed holding a newborn baby with her father tearfully smiling holding Valda. Her mother, Valda couldn’t remember another time she seemed so utterly happy, her smile was brighter than any she could recall.

I made this happen… I was so happy… We were happy…

You were proud of that.

The first few years with Hilma… I don’t really remember them… but after she grew up some she was so clingy, it was adorable, but also kind of annoying… urgh, those tantrums…

You never pushed her away

Mother would often leave for her work, she was really busy and really important…

You Admired her.

Well Papa was also busy a lot too… always working on something or other… but we had a babysitter… he worked for Papa and was a decent guy, but he was big and scared Hilma a lot… so I’d pretend to be a superhero and chase him away, just like the cartoons…. Just like…

Your mother?

She never liked him either, always acted like he couldn’t be trusted… But he never seemed bad…

You disagreed with her?

I guess I never really knew him, never will now. I heard he died during an accident with unit 02…

She was back in her home, it felt emptier now and her father was standing by the window with his arms folded. He wouldn’t look at her and seemed to be in deep thought about something. She didn’t approach, or speak, she just stared at him.

You were scared

I thought he hated me… I wouldn’t blame him…

Because you failed?

( BGM )

She was back in that bright place with all the trees, a park that they went to so often. It was her favourite place and today was even better than usual because her mother was there with them. Hilma was smiling and pulling on her arm while her mother just looked at the two with a rare smile. Valda was happy, wearing a poorly made mask and some odd cape made from her mother’ curtains. The two of them played around before Hilma’s attention was snatched away by some pretty thing whilst Valda was busy keeping the nasty boys away. It didn’t take much for the girl to scare them off, even back then she knew how to throw a mean punch.

“I’m going to go get something, watch your sister for a minute Valda.” Her mother called before walking off.

“Ok!” Valda responded cheerily before turning around and seeing her younger sibling wandering off. “Hilma? HEY COME BACK HERE! Honestly.

Stop her, please stop her…

Valda kept running forwards seeing Hilma chasing something, a squirrel or a cat or something, it wasn’t important. She wasn’t paying attention and was just happily chasing that cute thing around. Valda began to panic when she saw the exit of the park that led to the road.

“Hilma! Come here now!”

Stop, please stop, stop

Valda ran at full force as she saw Hilma walk onto the road, her mind screaming she had to go faster.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry

It all seemed to slow down as the sound of screeching breaks and Hilma’s confused and terrified expression came into view. But rather than look at the car, she was looking at her sister. Valda froze, she was scared, she needed to go and save her but she was scared.

That questioning look on her face, Valda was supposed to protect her, to watch over her. She’d promised her sister, her mother, she’d made that promise so many times. But faced with the reality of death, even she understood by instinct what would happen.

It doesn’t matter! MOVE!

Hilma just closed her eyes, getting ready to cry again. Why wouldn’t she move, why wouldn’t she move, why wouldn’t she move.

Move MOVE! God please move! MOVE!

She’d never forget the sight of that impact, her body still shaking as her eyes were glued to the sight.


An anguished voice screamed just behind her, but she couldn’t look away, tears filling her eyes. Soon a figure ran by her towards the scene.





( BGM )


The Angel halted its advance as the ground shaking howl rattled across the area and turned its attention back to the hillside it had beaten the other Evangelion into as it began to rise once more from the ground. The blue goop was still on the Eva as it pushed itself up onto its badly wounded leg.

“RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!” It roared once as the wound on its leg bubbled and pulsated before returning to its unharmed state. Immediately after the Green and black monster ripped and tore the blue goop from its body until it was its own colours once more, albeit with damaged chest armour. After a moment the tense form of Unit 02 turned its gaze onto the Angel, it’s single eye burning bright red underneath the blackened mask it wore, rage and hostility seemingly radiating from it.


In an unreal feat of agility, unit 02 cleared the distance between itself and the angel in a single bound landing in front of it and kicking up rubble and debris as the ground beneath it caved at the sudden impact. In response the angel’s blue tentacles all sped forth to try and destroy the sudden attacker, but the monster just caught each of the tendrils in its hand, collecting them up before viciously ripping them from the angel, causing it to stumble forward as its extra appendages were torn away. The next moment the Angel was sent flying back as unit 02 kicked it once more.

“That’s right, kill it…”

“RRRRRRAAAAGH!” Unit 02 bellowed as it charged forward at the downed angel which attempted to defend itself by throwing a large spear of blue at it. Unit 02 however held out its arm and shredded through the blue spear separating it with its fingers like they were razors and continued charging. Upon reaching the angel it reached up and grabbed the odd head like protrusions of blue that were still floating next to the former Eva’s head and ripped them off.

“Rip it, tear it, hurt it, kill it.”

Backpedalling again, the angel tried to defend itself by launching more tendrils rom its body and wrapping around unit 02, the blue goop attempting to eat and infest the green and black monster.

“Ah, it hurts… hurt it back, hurt it more!

“GRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Unit 02 roared as it gained its freedom with sheer brute force, snapping the tendrils that dared touch it like weak string. It surged forward to try and tear the angel apart but instead found itself locked in a grapple with the empowered arms of unit 03, the hydraulics working overtime to keep the raging beast at bay.

“Crush it, destroy it, we won’t lose, we can’t lose.

“GGRRAAAOOUURRRHHH!” unit 02 uttered ferociously again as it pushed back even harder, forcing the other eva to its knees as the leg hydraulics buckled and snapped, it’s arms barely holding up. Soon they followed and gave way unit 02 bending its opponents limbs back with a bloody crunch.

“Finish it! Kill it!”

Grabbing the angel by its shoulders, unit 02 threw it against a building, and then against another and then against the ground before tossing it back towards unit 01. It charged soon after and leapt coming down on the angel with both feet driving it into a crater in the ground before the green and black colossus began beating against the front of the fallen Eva, clawing away at the blue good that had formed protective layers above unit 03’s body. Any attempt by the angel to retaliate with blue goop was quickly and viciously torn away.


“Valda Are you-?”A voice piped up, but Valda ignored it, she was too enthralled by the bloodlust she felt right now. Unit 02 was now attempting to pry apart the chest armour on unit 03, barely any blue goop left on the angelically possessed unit.

“Tear its heart out! Crush it! KILL IT!” Valda commanded eagerly.

“Valda!! What are you doing?!!” The voice again, only this time it came with something trying to pull her away from her prey. Unit 02 lashed out with its arm fiercely, knocking the red and gold machine away. Returning her attention to the angel she relished as its armour cracked under the pressure of unit 02, ready to be torn right form its body.

“Valda! Akio is still in there! Wake up you crazy bitch!!” The yelling came back only this time accompanied by the red and gold interloper tackling her away from her prey. Valda snarled before something struck her.

( BGM )

‘Akio? Who was that again?

A faceless image came to mind, he was speaking but she couldn’t hear him. Was this Akio? He didn’t seem important at all. Wrestling with unit 01 was easy with unit 02’s dominant strength and once again the red and gold nuisance was tossed away, unit 02 stalking towards its prey once more.

“You’re going to kill Akio! Snap out of it you no good bitch!!” The voice yelled again only this time Valda felt a pain as unit 01’s fist connected with unit 02’s head. Unit 02 turned on the other eva and returned the blow full force, cracking the red and gold unit’s faceplate with its punch.

‘Kill Akio? …. I’m going to? … Akio is going to die? …. I’m goingto… it’s going to be my fault?’

She remembered it again, but this time his face was slightly clearer, his voice just about audible. That’s right that was Akio, she was going to kill Akio? He was going to die because of her?

‘This isn’t what I wanted! I didn’t want to kill him! I wanted to save him!’

He isn’t the one you want to save

“Stop.” Valda muttered.

Unit 02 rounded on unit 03 once more and resumed its vicious assault, pulling apart pieces of the armour until something red could be seen underneath.

“Stop it, this isn’t what I wanted! This isn’t what I meant!” Valda yelled uselessly as she tried to do something, anything to stop her Evangelion from continuing its attack. “Why won’t you listen to me unit 02?”

He isn’t the one you care about

“STOP IT! PLEASE! STOP IT!” Valda cried still useless trying to stop the attack. Unit 02 was pulled back one more by unit 01, locking the green and black unit in a full nelson hold as it thrashed violently trying to get free.

Even if you save him, it won’t change anything

“That’s enough! Stop it! Stop it! I’m begging you… PLEASE!” Valda cried out holding herself suddenly feeling very very scared to be in the entry plug. It felt like she was losing herself to the Eva, like the longer she was here; the more she got sucked in.

That pain will always be there, you’ll never let it go

“Please… Please… please…” Valda begged more as unit 02 got free once more throwing off unit 01.

Because that’s how much you love those that you failed


Unit 02’s body suddenly halted as the ominous red glow from its eye faded away and Valda was left in the darkness of the entry plug. She felt cold and alone now, her ees having trouble staying open as blackness began to overtake her.

“… I don’t know… if you can hear me… but… save him… Isaac… I won’t forgive…. I won’t forgive you… if you don’t…. please… Save Akio…” She managed before she passed out.

It wasn’t your fault
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Postby MAGI_01 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:11 am


The possessed Unit-03 lay silently on its back. Its armor, broken and shattered, its red core slightly exposed from the berserk Unit-02s’ rampage. Little of the blue goop remained around its body as it began to shake as gurgling sounds emanated from its mouth. With a cough some of the blue goop was expelled out as the possessed unit slowly rose to its feet. Letting out a shriek in pain, it kneeled on one knee before standing again as it trembled. Blue tendrils started to form around its body again as it drunkenly stumbled out of the crater, staring down Unit-01 and the inactive Unit-02.

With a terrifying roar, the possessed Unit-03 charged Unit-01 renewing its attack out of sheer desperation.

Slamming into Unit-01, it pushed the unit into the side of a building. A group of tendrils formed into two pseudo arm’s as one began to batter Unit-01’s head and the other grabbed the unit’s right arm, twisting it as the arm snapped, letting out a loud crunch. The possessed unit let out another roar as it slammed Unit-01 into the ground. One arm grabbed the unit by its face mask as it began to repeatedly slam Unit-01’s head into the ground as the other arm changed its shape into a spear, sending it through Unit-01’s left shoulder.

The possessed unit leaned in close to Unit-01’s face, almost pressing it’s face into Unit-01’s as if it was taunting it, showing it how powerless it was and that there was no hope for it to win as it’s free arm grabbed the unit around it’s throat, it squeezing as hard as it could. The blue goop began to run once more, it coated Unit-01’s chest as the corrosive mixture ate at the unit’s armor. A new group of tendrils grew from the stream of blue goop. They began to pull on Unit-01’s now compromised armor; it creaked as fractures became more and more apparent.
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Postby Blue Monday » Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:51 pm

"You two best be prepared. We wouldn't have been called if we weren't needed. Odds are Katla, you may have to go into battle again."

Sitting beside the Third Child, Raglan met the Vice Commander's eyes in the rear view mirror. The older man's steely gaze triggering a bizarre sense of déjà vu for the pilot.

Moravec Carter looked down sternly at a younger Raglan James Wyngarde. The child smiling back brightly. Sincerely.

"Pleased to meet you sir, surely!"

"Ah, you must be the newly designated Sixth. Yes, nice to meet you too Raglan... Welcome to Nerv HQ also." He said stiffly.

"He's changed quite a bit since the adoption," The woman Dr Regan Wyngarde began, smiling, shuffling her hand lightly through the boy's hair. "Almost a complete three-sixty, I'd say. Being around Victor and Steve seems to have made him more confident. Extroverted even. Well, it's either their influence or the..."

"The piloting? His destiny?" Carter finished for her.

"Heh. Exactly. Victor and I discussed it quite heatedly before collecting him from Canada. Deciding to thrust him straight into the world of Eva from the get-go. No illusions, lies or stories. He knows why he's needed. What his duty will be..."

Raglan, grown seemingly bored and unconcerned of what the grown ups were discussing, walked over to the window of the observation deck - Looking down at the metal giant cast in hues of red and gold. Technicians swarming, working with focus on the gauntlets and hands.

"That's it, I think - Coming from a life of less then nothing, then being told he'll one day be a warrior for all of humankind. A part of a small few. A select echelon."

Carter looked back over at the young boy, his attention lingering for a moment on the colour of the child's eyes;

Those eyes. Just like his mother's. Except with a greater intensity. A melancholy, maybe. No wonder...

The man quickly considered the unfortunate circumstances of the boy's upbringing.

After the confusion of the incident on Tagbha, and still dealing with the utter chaotic mess of Gehirn's formative years. Administration and the Committee fumbled, and ushered the boy to a reformatory, an orphanage, in his country of birth. His mother's homeland. At least that was as much as he knew of it.

Carter felt pity for the child who would be the Sixth. Much like the pity felt for the rest of the future pilots.

It was then the door whirred open and they were joined by the other joint head of Nerv Tagbha; Dr Victor Wyngarde, and his second-in-command, Steve Pinker. Johann Idle followed, foraging for a cigarette in the pockets of his lab coat.

Victor approached Carter and shook his old friend's hand in greeting. Pinker simply going up beside the young Raglan, squatting down to converse on level.

"So, what do you think of the legendary Test Type, J-boy? The Evangelion Test Type Unit-01, to be more precise..." He queried.

"It's really cool! I like the red and gold," The boy replied. "What colour's my Eva going to be Mr Pinker?"

"Hehe." Steven scratched his chin, smiling kindly. "Well, what colour would you like it to be, J?"

Raglan tore away from the image in the mirror, instead, looking down at his hand, just noticing it was still slightly touching Katla's.

The girl was humming a tune, tapping the fingers on her other hand along her knee - Legs swaying playfully along to the unheard song.

Look at her. She seems... Happy. And at a time such as this?

That train of thought ended when she turned and gave Raglan a warm smile.

Raglan grinned in return, but before he could ask her about the song she was still humming to herself, the moment all ended for him with one fell sentence;

"I wonder where Qi is? I hope he is enjoying this as well."
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Postby Atropos » Fri Mar 22, 2013 2:17 pm

When they'd arrived at the Geofront, al the pilots had been taken to the command center. Now, all stood - in their plugsuits, just in case - and observed the battle.

Technicians were shouting out numbers constantly, along with translations for the sake of the peons in the base. Shiori paid them no mind; she was focused on the battle.

Isaac, she thought. His destiny is to become the Bridegroom…yet now he lies, nearly defeated, unable to best an enemy if it requires the killing of a friend. Can he be replaced?

She glanced over at Raglan, who was completely focused on the combat. None of the other pilots are suitable…

Suddenly, the entire staff moaned in unison. Unit 01 lay in shambles, its armor being corroded by a blue liquid seeping out of the Angel-possessed Unit 03. If any more time was taken, the core would be exposed - and that would be the end. Even if the other pilots arrived in time...

"Kyrie, elieson," she murmured to herself. "Gloria in excelsis deo. Amen."

And then something even stranger happened.
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Postby Lance of LoL » Sun Mar 24, 2013 8:51 pm

"Sir, we've established a feed. We're getting visual through a JSSDF scout and a few other independent sources. We're also establishing transmission lines to the Evas. We can give remote commands when ready." Senyu relayed as the remaining pilots and the Vice-Commander filed into the room. Owen stood.

"Carter, work with Vander to delegate information control. Assure the authorities that there is no need for concern." he glanced at the screen showing the blue beast that had once been Unit-03. "Ensure video evidence is censored. We can't have the public lose faith in Nerv." his expression was grim as he collected his cane. He scanned the faces of the pilots. "Load Katla and Shirou into their Evas. Prep Unit-04 to accept the Dummy Pilot." Qi turned his eyes toward the man. The Commander of Nerv left Central Dogma, apparently leaving things in the hands of his subordinate.

"Um, Sir, we have remote links to the Evas, what should we do?" Senyu broke the silence, directing his question to Carter after Owen showed no hint of acknowledgement.

"Eject Unit-03's entry plug." Carter replied matter-of-factly. As the technician typed in the command, red warnings flashed across the screen. Only Senyu displayed any surprise. "Thought as much... The Angel won't be controlled by human hands. We're too imperfect to order such a thing." Carter mused as the others worked furiously. He turned his attention to the pilots. "You three, I know you're injured, but it looks like you're our only hope at this point. Get to the Evas and prepare for launch." he dismissed them with a wave of his hand. Qi smiled.


The elevators rose in unison. The same team that had battled the Fifth Angel, despite their injuries, were being readied to battle the next divine messenger. Qi glanced up at the machine before him. It wasn't Unit-07, but any Eva was acceptable. This being Tokei's, perhaps he would learn something about the enigmatic girl who had nearly killed him. Perhaps connecting with this thing would give him an insight he lacked about the others. As the elevators locked in place, the three could see each other again across the walkways. Katla and Shirou, the people who wanted to be his friends. He beamed at them. He didn't understand what it meant, he didn't understand much of anything, but he would learn. He gave a little wave before stepping off the platform towards the Entry Plug. Whether his arms were hurt or hanging off, he would pilot regardless. That was his duty.

The three were loaded into the Evas, systems starting to rumble all around them, the Evas coming to life. Light and sound filled the entry plug, monitors popping up all around Qi.
"This is so cluttered... Is this really all necessary information?" he mumbled to himself. The faces of the other pilots appeared in their own little windows. "Oh, that's convenient I suppose. It must be the visual settings, I never used them in Unit-07..." he pondered to himself.


The battlefield was a mess of bodies and debris. A small group of survivors gathering as far from the battle as possible, those that couldn't move being laid out in hopes that aide would come soon. Johann picked another piece of glass from himself. He hadn't touched anything that could be sitting in arteries or major organs, instead focusing on basic first aid. Bato stood over him, the massive man like a watchful sentinel, as if he alone would hold back the Angel if needed.

"Over here!"

"Hmm?" Johann raised his head from his work. "What?"

"What was what, Doctor?" the large man shifted uneasily.


"There, a voice!" Johann sat up suddenly, wincing as he remembered the extent of his wounds.

"Doctor, lie down, I'll go check." Bato raised his hands, trying to placate the man.


"That's Kiyoshi! Here, help me up!" Johann was frantic now, pushing himself to rise. Bato spluttered, unsure of how to proceed without injuring his superior.

"Dr. Idle, you really shouldn't be-!"

"Technician Oshiro, either help me up or get the hell out of the way!" Johann snarled. The larger man sighed in defeat. Wrapping an arm around Johann's thin frame, they hobbled to the edge of the battlefield. Glaring through the smoke, a dark shape moved towards them.

"Over Here!"

"There! Come on, help me over, they must have wounded." Johann shuffled forward, leaning on Bato whilst trying to lead the way.

"I can see them Doctor. It's the Major, and Cornelia, thank god... Who's tha-! No..." Bato halted, causing Johann to hiss as his organs shunted forward. His gaze shot from his helping hand to the group in the distance. He could indeed make out Kiyoshi's typical fatigues, Durante's uniform, the smiley button pinned to her lapel, but as his eyes fell on the third, confusion overtook. It looked like they were in a plug suit, but the pilots had all been in the Evas, hadn't they? His mind raced, trying to find the answer. He pulled away from Bato, the Eva Monitor trying to hold him back, but the Doctor drove forward towards the three. He stumbled over rocks and clanged across metal sheets before scrambling over to them.

"HELP!" Kiyoshi's final call rang out as Johann fell into her. Catching a hold of her shoulder, she barely had time to register surprise as he reached across and cupped a hand under the pilots chin. Raising it into the light, his face fell as he surveyed the damage to Tokei's visage.

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Postby Agentomega » Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:32 pm

(Recommended BGM - Fate/Stay Night OST - Breach)

Shirou stared at the oozing mass that still somewhat resembled Unit-03. He was mesmerized, attempting to analyze the physical properties of the Angel, as well as formulating conjectures about what its AT Field must be doing. The blue goop appeared like oobleck, seeming to solidify and liquify at the Angel's behest. Furthermore, it also appeared to be creating blades from the material at will. He would have been giddy at the prospect to think on this, were his comrades not in danger.

His grin manifested itself when he was ordered to get in his Eva.


(Recommended BGM - Evangelion 3.0 OST - Serenity Amongst the Turmoil)

As the elevators ascended to Eva height, Shirou was deep in thought about the battle situation. To his knowledge, only Unit-01 was active at this point. Unit-02 had done a number on the target before deactivating, but the Angel was regenerating itself and gaining more steam. He churned over possible scenarios and was nearly startled as the lift jerked to a halt. He crossed the catwalk to the awaiting entry plug, glancing at Katla and Qi. The three of them had done well in the last battle, and Shirou was confident that the other pilots would not be lost. As he climbed into the plug, he noticed that Qi was getting into Unit-04. He knew Unit-07 had suffered damage during the last battle, so that made perfect sense, but he was unaware the Evas were compatible with multiple pilots.

Come to think of it, he thought to himself, where is Tokei?

He as the plug was inserted, he prepared to open a channel to Qi and ask about this...

͟͠H̴̛̕͟͡Ȩ̸̡͟͠ ̷R̷̡̛̀E̵̛̛Ţ̶͟U̸R͟͢͠Ń͝S̵͟҉.̸҉̢̀͡ ̸̸̸͡͝

He put his hand to his forehead. Man, weird headache. Now wasn't the time or place to be asking such things. If it worked, it worked. He'd talk to Qi later about it perhaps.

The two video feeds to the other pilots blinked into view, and he gave them a confident grin and thumbs up as the platforms began to move towards the launch gantry.
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Simple BGM: Turmoil

Tokei rolled in and out of coherent thought as she trudged across the wasteland. As she wavered into a period of clarity, she noticed that her arm had been draped over somebody at some point. That was nice. The thought flickered and died, replaced by the same omnipresent and annoying numbness. Everything hurt, really hurt, but something wasn’t registering. Her one good eye gazed out, unfocused. Her brain only worked well enough to keep placing one foot in front of the other.

A second period of clarity came several minutes later. The world swam into focus again. So did the pain. There was a lot of it this time, coming from her legs, her arms, her ribs…but mainly her face. Tokei groaned, prompting a harsh stop from her guide.

“Tokei? Don’t try to talk,” the voice said. It sounded like a female. Tokei couldn’t identify the speaker. “You’ve been badly hurt.”

“Face,” Tokei mumbled.

“Yes, your face is…your face is hurt,” said the speaker. “Just keep walking, we’re nearly back.” The person started walking again, Tokei falling into place behind her again.

The pair stumbled over the rocks and debris lining the area. It seemed that the further they walked, the more steel there was scattered around them. The burn marks were fresher as well.

Tokei’s foot caught on an ill-placed steel beam. Her hand was torn from her guides’ as she hit the dirt, palms first. Dull waves of pain lanced up her arms. The woman muttered the phrase, “Oh, God,” as she hastily went to Tokei’s side. “Come on up, honey. You’re going to be okay.” Tokei struggled to get her feet under her, before everything went numb and dark and fell away.

“What the hell is happening?” Kiyoshi yelled at Durante. Tokei jerked around on the ground, her arms and legs jittering like a puppet cut from its strings. She ran forward, scooping up the girl in a carry under her knees and shoulders. Staggering a little under the added weight, the Major began moving at a faster pace towards where she knew help would be.

What was left of the girl’s hair fluttered and bounced under the Major’s step as she determinedly trudged across the landscape. Not too far off in the distance, the camp where the survivors had set up shop came into view through the clouds obscuring the area. “Finally,” sighed the Major. Her weak happiness was short lasting.

Tokei heaved in the Major’s arms, vomiting blood down her front and onto the ground. Desperately, the Major yelled out, “Over here!” towards the camp, knowing that her voice would be faint, if at all audible. She broke into the fastest pace she could manage without tossing the girl from her arms. Kiyoshi covered the remaining few hundred meters at a disconnected half-jog, half-walk. Stumbling over rocks and pieces of equipment, she finally came into a more visible range of the camp. “We’re over here!” she called, again.

A figure burst into view, running towards her. As it neared, she recognized the face of the Sub-commander. He ran into her in his haste, frantically trying to identify the pilot.

Bato came dashing up behind Johann. His eyes widened as he caught sight of Tokei’s face. “Of all the…” he growled, stepping over to the Major. He lifted the girl from her arms, allowing the Major to relax. The massive technician carried Tokei over to the empty patch where the Sub-commander had been. He laid her down, crouching beside her as he pondered what to do. He didn’t have much medical knowledge, but he did know about keeping a sterile field.

A shout came from the edge of the field. “Found one!” One of the technicians clambered into the safe zone, a white kit clutched in his hand. “I found this out in one of the overturned trucks-”

“Give me that.” Bato reached out, plucking the aid kit from the man’s hand. He snapped it open, riffling through the contents until he found the two sterile bandage wraps and burn cream that were a staple in all emergency kits. He broke the seals on the wraps and cream, smearing a line of cream on the bandages straight from the tube to avoid as much contamination as possible. He used the bandage to dab the cream onto her face. He finished by placing the bandage on the skin, proper treatment for a second or third degree burn. It appeared to be the latter. After he was finished with what was left to her face, he gently draped the remaining bandage over the rawness on the other side. The burns would surprisingly be less severe to the raw flesh.

Bato stood up, glancing at the Major and Johann. “She’s somewhat stable on the outside. She probably is bleeding on the inside. Let’s get her out as fast as we can.”

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Postby BlackberryMilk » Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:20 pm

Katla sat in her unit quietly, her eyes closed, thinking about the possibility of what was to come. She feared for Issac and wanted to be with him right away, she wanted to keep him alive long enough to make an analysis of him.. To understand why he treated her step-father the way he did. He angered her, but she knew better than to jump to conclusions. What was it about this place that made her become attached to some of the others? Did it have an electromagnetic field that was stronger than the usual flare up from the things around them? Did hidden frequencies put in place by NERV begin brainwashing her?

A loud clanking of metal caught her attention, then she sat back into place, realizing it was just the airlocks beginning their release. She could hear Shirou over her intercom but paid no mind.. She knew Qi was there, but not a sound could be heard.

All fear of battle that she may have had, had dissipated quite some time ago.. The injuries of the other pilots, maybe even their possible destruction, had no emotional toll on the girl. This was their job. Besides the few she interacted with, everyone else was useless in her mind.

The odorous smell of decaying flowers began wafting around Katla, a cold chill creeping into her airtight plugsuit appeared...

"Your back in your unit I see? Why protect the other children? They think nothing but cruel things of you.

The seventh child thinks you're a waste of space, a ghost.

The first child thinks you to be a mental case, that's just fine though... she lets her fate be dictated by tarot cards

The second child doesn't know you exist

The fourth child thinks you're insane

The eighth child could care less about you

The fifth and sixth? They thi-"

I'm well aware of what all of them think.. So quick to judge me, to have these ideas in their heads about me. But all of them, every single last one of them..

All of them are fucked up.

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Postby Blue Monday » Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:52 pm

The three pilots promptly exited the command centre for their Evangelions as ordered. Raglan, left remaining next to the First Child in his plugsuit, arms crossed, an expression like thunder. Eyes; pools of shadow as they watched what was depicted across the enormous holographic display.

He took in everything.

Akio. His friend. The only other pilot he had really opened up to. Trapped within Unit-03 - A now designated Angel. Entry plug ejection; unresponsive.

"I have a bad feeling about the test tomorrow..."

Katla, Shirou and Qi - Pilots still recuperating from their previous engagement, sent to sortie. Chosen over him and Shiori.

"I wonder where Qi is? I hope he is enjoying this as well."

Qi. Chosen over him. For Eva-04.

There would be no outburst like before. That would only prove fruitless. Nothing making any lick of fucking sense to the designated Sixth.

Raglan remained. Unflinching. Arms crossed. Taking in every-little-thing.

Eyes; pools of shadow.
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Postby Aggroxcraig » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:13 pm

Staring down at Unit-03, Isaac prepared himself for the upcoming attack. Each step it took made Isaac’s heart race faster as he lifted his fists up to attack the enemy. As the gap closed between the two of them, the monster holding Akio stopped moving as something caught its attention.


Cut off guard, Isaac turned his head to where the noise came and tried to decipher what had caused it. Puzzled, Isaac found himself more worried about the sound than the corrupted Unit-03. “What was that?” Isaac said as he eyed the Angel to make sure he didn’t lose sight of that monster as well.

“RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!” From the distance another shout could be heard which soon revealed to be Unit-02.

“Kill” a whisper came through the comm system.

“Valda?” Isaac said to himself as he heard the girl’s faint voice. Letting out a sigh of relief, Isaac mustered up a small smile in knowing Valda was alright. “Oh man, it’s good to hear that you are alright. Listen, I need you to-” Within a few seconds, Isaac saw Unit-02 land right in front of the enemy which caused an explosion dust form around it. As the dust cleared Isaac saw Unit-02 grabbing the blue tentacles while ripping them apart from Unit-03’s body.

“That’s right, kill it…”

“RRRRRRAAAAGH!” Unit-02 bellowed as it continued to attack the Angel infested Evangelion. Isaac stood there stunned while he watched the fight. At that moment the boy wasn’t sure if Valda’s Evangelion was infected by the Angel from their previous encounter. What if it had some effect on Valda in some way? Isaac knew what it felt like to have that monster trying to infiltrate Unit-01. The pain that he felt from the infection was by far more the most painful thing he had ever felt. The worst part was that he could feel the actual presence of the Angel. Seeing and fighting these Angels was one thing, but being able to feel it’s presence and being controlled by it was by far worse in Isaac’s opinion. He had only hoped that Akio was alright during this fight.

“Rip it, tear it, hurt it, kill it.” Valda said getting louder every time she talked. Unsure on how to act, Isaac watched the two Evangelions fight each other and wasn’t sure on what to do. It seemed that while Unit-03 relied heavily on the blue goo to fight while Unit-02 was using absolute force to fight its way through it. The Angel had proven to be too much for Isaac and barley stronger than Valda, but right now Valda was fighting in such a way that it became too much for the Angel. “Ah, it hurts… hurt it back, hurt it more!”

“Wait, What-” Isaac tried to get in contact with Valda, but was cut off as Unit-02 continued its brutal attack. Sitting in the entry plug the view was simply amazing to witness. The power that Unit-02 demonstrated was overwhelming and to think that that these beast’s they were trying to control were capable of being this devastating was horrifying. As the two monsters yelled at one another, Isaac found himself realizing that Valda had lost control. Right now she was being used by the Evangelion for its own selfish goal. During the fight Valda continued to yell at the beast, saying:

“Crush it, destroy it, we won’t lose, we can’t lose.”

“Finish it! Kill it!”


She had gone mad and there was no way in stopping her. Isaac quickly noticed that Akio’s life was becoming in danger after each blow it suffered. Seeing Unit-02 was starting to rip apart Unit-03’s chest made Isaac’s heart race. He had to stop her. ““Valda Are you mad?! You’re going to hurt him!” Isaac shouted to the girl who simply didn’t even notice the boy’s rant.

“Tear its heart out! Crush it! KILL IT!” Valda commanded the beast as it continued to make its way through Unit-03 like a butcher.

Running towards Unit-02, Isaac tried to pull her off of the beaten Evangelion. Looking at Unit-03’s open chest made Isaac for moment feel sympathy for the creature. “Valda!! What are you doing?!!” Isaac shouted while grabbing her arm and was immediately pushed aside by the raw strength of the crazed Evangelion. Getting up from the ground, Isaac charged towards Unit-02 again and grappled her away from the Angel yelling, “Valda! Akio is still in there! Wake up you crazy bitch!!” From an outside perspective it looked like Unit-01 was getting it’s ass kicked while in they were wrestling. Finally Isaac saw an opening and managed to connect a punch into Unit-02’s face while yelling, “You’re going to kill Akio! Snap out of it you no good bitch!!” After yelling at Valda, Unit-02 turned around and quickly punched Unit-01 in the forehead, cracking the golden mask. Pulling his hands up to his face, Isaac gritted his teeth from the pain as it felt like his face was cracking open.

“Stop.” Valda softly muttered. Isaac managed to look despite how much his face hurt to see Unit-02 beating the ever living shit out of Unit-03. After a few more beatings, Unit-03’s core was revealed and Isaac slowly got up from ground as he heard Valda continue talking to her Evangelion. “Stop it, this isn’t what I wanted! This isn’t what I meant! Why won’t you listen to me unit 02?”

“She can’t stop it…I need to do something about this.” Unit-01 bolted towards Unit-02 and managed to pull off a full nelson. While pulling Unit-02 back, the Evangelion trashed around trying to get released.

“STOP IT! PLEASE! STOP IT!” Valda cried still useless in trying to stop the attack.

“That’s enough! Stop it! Stop it! I’m begging you… PLEASE!” Valda cried out as Unit-02 started to break free from the Nelson. “Please… Please… please…” Valda begged more as Unit-02 got free once more throwing off Unit-01. Hitting the ground fairly hard, Unit-01 rolled over as Isaac let out a groan from the betting he’s received so far today. Looking up at Unit-02, Isaac started to get up and stopped when he heard Valda shout, “STOP!” Which caused Unit-02 from moving as its single red eyed faded away.



“Hey Valda, are you alright?!” Isaac yelled as Unit-01 stood up slowly from the ground.


“Come say something!” Waiting for a response, Isaac gripped the joysticks harder in frustration. “God damn it, say something! Call me a pervert or whatever! Just let me know you are al-“

“GRAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGHHHHHH!!!!” Isaac instantly stopped talking and turned to see Unit-03 bellowing in pain while kneeling on the ground as the blue goo tried to cover the revealed core. Noticing the weakened state the enemy was in, Isaac began to think of a strategy on how to take it down and save Akio. Every plan he tried to create in his mind ended the same way: Cripple Unit-03 to the point of no repair. Knowing that there might be a chance that it might damage Akio in a serious way, it was something Isaac had to try in order to save the boy’s life. To Isaac the positives outweighed the negative when it came to destroying the Evangelion. Akio could have a life and wouldn’t be forced into piloting which would give Akio the freedom he deserved. He could go back home to his family and live a somewhat normal life.

“GRAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Unit-03 shouted as it stared down at Isaac while making a charge. Caught off guard, Isaac raised Unit-01’s arms to try and stop the beast but ended up not being that effective against the raging beast’s attack. Unit-01 was slammed up against a building which caused Isaac to groan from the pressure. While pinned down, a group of blue tendrils grew from Unit-03’s armor and started to wrap around various body parts of Unit-01.Wincing his eyes open, Isaac saw two arms grow from Unit-03’s shoulders which attacked two different body parts. The arm over the left shoulder grabbed Unit-01’s right arm and twisted it around like a coil before bending it which made it snap. Isaac grabbed his arm in the entry plug as his sync ratio started to go out of control. Trying to assure himself that it wasn’t his actual arm, Isaac’s thought were kept short as Unit-03’s other blue arm grabbed Unit-01’s face and smashed it into the ground. “GRRAAAAAUUUUGHHH!” Unit-03 yelled again as he continued to slam Unit-01 into the ground as its right arm flailed around as it appeared to be hanging by a few threads.

Short of breath, Isaac tried to breathe as the wind was knocked out of him from the constant blows Unit-01 received. Holding his right arm, Unit-01 pulled its legs up and tried to kick Unit-03 away from him. Blue tentacles snatched the legs, slammed them against the ground, wrapped around them like a boa constructor and slowly squeezed the life out of them. Lifting Unit-01’s left arm, Isaac tried to grab the monster in final attempt to put up a fight. “C-come on you bas-tard. I won’t die th-” Isaac stopped speaking as a blue lance pierced through Unit-01’s left shoulder. As the Evangelion’s blood poured through the other side, the blue lance started to wrap around its shoulder and began infecting Unit-01 as it attempted to do before. Isaac’s body parts stopped hurting and instead started to feel numb as he blankly stared into the beasts eyes while Unit-03 closed in and taunted Isaac by starring straight into his eyes. Blue goo poured onto Unit-01’s chest as it ate its way through the armor to reach the core. More blue tendrils were unleashed from Unit-03 as they made their way through Unit-01’s armor. The blue substance slowly started to infect Unit-01 as Isaac sat in the entry plug, staring into Unit-03’s eyes while feeling the numb pain from the blue fungus. Gasping for air, Isaac stopped breathing and slowly blacked out.


Sitting in the Phoenix airport terminal, Isaac sat in a seat wearing his school uniform confused on how he got here. Trying to remember what he was doing before he was in the airport was hard as nothing came to mind. In the terminal there was a gentle hum from the machines running and luggage abandoned in various parts of the large room. A gentle tapping of feet could be heard as they got louder when they slowly got closer. The person wheeled a small piece of luggage and sat across from Isaac wearing clothing that he would wear. The person wore a pair of black jeans, sneakers and a white Black Flag shirt. “Oh man, I hate flying. Don’t you agree?” The boy said who Isaac thought sounded oddly like himself. The boy lifted his head and looked exactly like Isaac except with white hair and red eyes. “Come on man. Aren’t you going to say something?”

Stunned, Isaac felt oddly calm as he stared into his doppelganger’s red eyes. “Who are you?”

“I am you. I mean, isn’t it pretty obviously since I look just like you. Do you need me to make it any clearer?” Isaac remained silent as his eyes narrowed down on the clone. “Fine, I’ll do it the hard way.” The boy said as he stood up while stretching his arms to relax his nerves. “Ok, Isaac. You had a crush with Amy Jensen in seventh grade and totally blew it with her at the school dance when you ‘tried’ to impress her with some dance moves where you ripped her dress. You peed your pants on your first day in kindergarten. You hate LCD Soundsystem, which by the way you should reconsider giving them another chance. And lastly, during your summer break between fourth and fifth grade you pushed Adam Stinson into the pool and watched him almost drown because you were tooooo frightened to do anything.” The clone said while having a wicked grin on his face.

“H-how did-”

“Did I know that? Well, it’s because I AM you, duh!” The doppelganger said while flicking Isaac’s forehead. Getting awkwardly close to Isaac, the white haired boy kept grinning as he let out a small chuckle. “So, let’s talk about why you are here because this is where it gets REALLY fun.”

“What do you mean?” Isaac said while leaning back into his sit, trying to escape the boy’s stare.

“Man nothing but questions from you…” The red eyed boy said sarcastically. “How do I say this….ummmmmm. Ok!! So you know how when people die they are supposed to go to the pearly gates or hell? Well, haha, that isn’t going to happen to you.” The boy said with a smile as he continued to laugh. “You see, you aren’t dead but more or less stuck in this place for as long as I please. So, I hope you like airports because…” The doppelganger said as he looked over to his right and pointed at a particular part of the terminal. “Oh damn! You remember this right? Ha! Who am I kidding; you were too young when this happened!! Let’s watch shall we!?”

Isaac looked over to the see a father holding a boys hand. In front of the two was a young couple that looked like…his Aunt and Uncle. Isaac turned to the doppelganger who casually sat on a seat’s armrest and got up from his sit. “What the fuck is going on!?” Isaac yelled as the boy just made a ‘shushing’ gesture and pointed back to the scene. Isaac turned back to see the small boy smiling while he held his father’s hand. The dad let go of the boy’s hand and pushed him forward towards the young couple. Aunt Kagome with her bright smile picked up the boy and threw him up in the air while laughing. The younger Isaac’s laughter echoed throughout the empty terminal which made the older Isaac’s stomach start to tense up. Izama and Owen both exchanged a few words and gave each other a small glare. Kagome started to tickle the boy as Owen turned around and started to walk away. The man’s cane clicked after each step he took. The young Isaac stopped laughing and noticed his father leaving which put a sad look on the boys face. The child started to squirm out of Kagome’s arms and tried to call for his father’s attention by yelling the word ‘Dadda’ as tears started to fall down his face. Owen kept walking away as Kagome and Izama tried to calm the boy down. Tears streamed down the toddler’s face as he watched his father leave him without even turning around to say goodbye.

“Oh man, wasn’t that fun! I just love these warm and fuzzy family moments!” The doppelganger said while laughing. Isaac started to shake in both anger and in genuine sadness from what he saw. Closing his eyes, Isaac covered his face to try and hide away from what he was seeing. “We aren’t done yet...” The clone said while ripping Isaac’s hands away from his face. Feeling his eyes open without his own will, Isaac saw all of pilots in front of him each of them with a smile on their face. Akio was wearing his plug suit, but the suit was worn and tattered. Valda was almost naked and wore her visor, but the visor was broken cleanly in half. Katla was wearing her school uniform and was holding his father’s cane. Tokei was in her plug suit that looked pristine and untouched. Raglan was wearing some clothes that Isaac would be wearing, but had a black eye over his right eye. Shirou out of all of them looked actually happy while wearing a school uniform. Shiroi looked like she was forced to be happy. She was naked clasping a dagger near her chest as her hands seemed to shake while she held it. Qi was wearing a school uniform and had his hands in his pockets while giving his trademark grin.

Isaac stood up and took a step back while trying to look away at his fellow pilots. “What are you going to do to them?” Isaac managed to let out of his mouth before closing it shut again.

“Oh, I’m not going to do anything. Well, actually I lied.” Isaac found himself within a split second killing all of the pilots. His strikes were barbaric as they all were helpless to his blows. Their smiles while he murdered each of them were permanently marked in his mind. What seemed like an eternity of killing was ended as he found himself holding the dagger Shiori held. Covered in their blood, Isaac dropped the dagger and started to lose it emotionally. “Look at this mess! Now wasn’t th-”

Instantly, Isaac punched the doppelganger in the face and continued to beat the crap out of him. Isaac’s fists started to ache as they became wet from clone’s blood after each punch. Clasping the boy’s neck, Isaac started to choke him as the white haired Isaac smiled and tried to laugh at him. Eventually the boy stopped moving as Isaac stood up from the bloody mess that surrounded him and looked at his hands as his own blood dripped down his knuckles. Behind him, Isaac heard clapping as a set of footsteps walked towards him. “Bravo! I didn’t know you had it in you, oh wait, yes I did! I mean you are a pilot after all. You guys are all pretty fucked up in the head, haha!” Isaac saw the same White haired version of himself looking unharmed with the same irritating smile on his face. Turning around, Isaac saw the bodies that were gone, but the blood splatter remained on the ground. “So you want to fight, huh?” Instantly Isaac fell to his knees as he felt his right ribs start to twist and contort. It felt like a hand was turing his ribs counter clockwise. Blood leaked through his white school shirt and caused Isaac to lose his breath. Eventually the twisting stopped as Isaac tried to compose himself. “Remember, anything that happens to you here, happens to you out there so let’s not let that happen again.”

“W-what do you want from me!?” Isaac weakly said as the doppelganger just laughed hysterically.

“I already have what I want. I just want to fuck with you now. I mean, you think your current problems are a big deal? Well I assure you, Isaac, things are about to get much worse.”

“Who the hell are you…?” Isaac spat out as he looked at his red eyed version with disgust.

“Are you deaf? I told you already, I am you now…” He said as its smile grew unusually large

Isaac felt himself start to sweat as he began to realize who this doppelganger is. Taking in a gulp, Isaac managed to let out a few words before coughing up some blood. “You…you…”

“Ah ah ah! No need to reveal something that we both know. It’s pointless! That being said, let’s talk about us now.” The boy said to Isaac while he stared down at him. “So, let’s be honest about this situation. Isn’t this great?...well I guess it’s not great that you are bleeding, but you’ll get over it! I mean, You don’t have to worry about piloting! It’s what you’ve always wanted!” Looking at the smile the clone produced, Isaac felt his anger increase as the doppelganger continued to play with him. “I know you’re mad at me, but this is for the best. Trust me. I promise you a very painful death and the others will stop piloting. Granted they will all be dead, but they will be free from this…curse? Yeah, that sounds like a good word.”

Isaac clenched his left fist and wanted to kill him. He knew that it wouldn’t help get rid of him, but he couldn’t help but want to ring the white haired version of himself to death.


Outside in the battlefield, a broken city remained empty as a battle between mankind’s last hope fought against each other. Unit-03 stared down at Unit-01 as more of the blue goo fell on top of it as it started to make a coat of armor. The blue goo started to form around Unit-01’s core like a filling in a cavity. After a few moments, Unit-01’s arm started to flinch as its left hand clenched into a fist.


“What’s this…ooooh! You’re getting mad again…” Getting closer to Isaac, the white haired doppelganger grinned while staring into his eyes. “Alright, let’s have some more fun…” The background around them changed to the geo front around NERV, but the forest was ripped apart. A thick smoke was rising in all directions that made Isaac's lungs burn each time he took in a breath. Isaac managed to get up from the ground and looked around him which made his heart race as he slowly realized that he was reliving a nightmare that he tried to forget. “I’m sure you remember this right? Oh! Look over there!! It’s little Shiori!” Isaac turned to see an injured Shiori on the ground in a torn plug suit breathing heavily. “Now, I know how you feel about this girl, even though she’s weird as hell! If that is the way you roll man I’m not judging.” The white haired Isaac said with laughter as the Angel with eight blades, hovering above the ground making a gentle humming sound.
"This is my favorite part! Let's watch shall we?" The doppelganger said as he watched Isaac bolt towards Shiori.

Isaac running as fast as he could towards Shiori, held his right rib cage as heard his doppelganger laugh behind him. The laughter continued to grow despite Isaac distancing himself from the clone. “No! Not again!” Isaac yelled as he got close to Shiori, but stumbled forward as he was stopped by the Angel’s AT field. Isaac started banging his hands against the force field as tears began to fall from his face. “No, please god no…”

“This is the best part! Here is a hint if you can’t remember, you fail.” The doppelganger said while walking over Isaac with a smile. “Do you know why I really love this ‘nightmare’? You still blame yourself for what happened to her.”
“Shut up.”
“I mean, that was like weeks ago and every time you look at her you get sad and pathetic. Valda was right you know.”
“Shut up.”
“You should of gone home back. You should of left, but now your just my little play thing now. So, thanks for not being the coward you really are.”

Isaac continued to bang the AT field trying to ignore the doppelganger's constant mocking. Shiori got closer to the field and gently placed her hand when his hand rested on it. looking at the girl, Isaac could feel the warmth her hand generated. The Angel got closer and Isaac knew what was coming up. Having remembered this dream, Isaac shuddered at the thought of what was supposed to happen next. Shiori looked up at Isaac and with a smile said, “It’s ok Isaac.”

“No, please don’t’ say that…” Looking to his left, Isaac could see the Angel start to move its blades around as it hovered above the ground. “I won’t let this happen…I won’t let his happen!!” Isaac yelled as he started to bang his hands against the AT field. The doppelganger’s laughs became louder after each hit Isaac laid on the field. His hands started to bleed and he could feel them start to grow numb.

“Remember, you are the reason why others will die. You failed them just like you failed her.” The doppelganger let out a soft chuckle that escalated into a full on laugh.


Unit-01’s body started to pulse as the blue goo around the Evangelion’s core tried to wrap itself around it. The Evangelion’s body continued to pulse as it moved from side to side despite being held down by Unit-03. The Unit-01’s left hand that was formed into a fist started to glow. It shot up and grabbed the blue lance in its shoulder and ripped it out as the prismatic glow from the hand started to grow up the Evangelion’s arm.


“No! I won’t let her die!” Isaac yelled as his left fist landed on the AT field. When his fist hit the barrier, Isaac’s fist started to glow and the bright light from his fist started to move throughout his body. His hair started to change from being brown to a bright golden hue and then slowly turned white. His eyes filled with determination glowed as he threw his fists into the AT field and tried to rip his way through it. He had never done something like this before, but the action seemed so natural. The AT field slowly began to tear like a sheet of cloth, but was still heavily resistant.

“What are you doing?!” His doppelganger yelled as it grabbed his head and started to wince in pain. Without hesitation, Isaac ripped open the AT field and ran towards Shiori. The Angel hovering near them launched all eight of its blades towards Shiori as Isaac jumped in the way. The blades were halted as an AT field surrounded both Isaac and Shiori as it shimmered in the air. Holding tight to Shiori, Isaac began to smile as the Angel continued to try and break through the barrier. The doppelganger started to yell in pain as it slowly faded away. The scenery around Isaac began to crack like a glass as the Angel ceased to exist. Isaac looked down at Shiori and saw that she was gone despite the lingering feeling of her presence. The scenery cracked completely and revealed nothing but a bright white. There wasn't a sound to be heard or an object to be seen until he turned to see his mother standing in front of him with a sincere smile. Getting up from the ground, Isaac stood in front of her and was overwhelmingly happy to see her. Wanting to say something, Isaac found no words were able to leave his mouth. Instead, Isaac walked over to the woman and embraced her.


Isaac opened his eyes as he saw Unit-03 stepping backwards from him as the blue goo started to retreat back into the corrupted Evangelion. Unit-01 started to glow as an AT field formed around the Evangelion creating an armor. The injuries that Unit-01 received started to slowly heal. The wounds still existed, but the Evangelion now was to the point where all of its body parts were functioning correctly. While all the wounds that Isaac received still existed, they became numb to him as he barely felt anything. Unit-01's eyes started to brighten as the Evangelion began to turn into what appeared to be a form of light. The light shifted from a bright white to a prismatic aurora of different colors. Slowly rising from the ground, Isaac started to understand things about piloting the Evangelion. The concept of using an AT field was now pure knowledge as an barrier formed around Unit-02. Isaac knew he had to fight the Angel and didn't want to risk anything to happen to Valda. Looking forward at Unit-03, Isaac knew how to save Akio now.

Taking multiple steps back, the Angel's blue tendrils started to wave around Unit-03 while grabbing its head in pain. The monster let out a loud yell as two blue blades shot towards the glowing Unit-01. The two blue blades hit the prismatic armor and were unable to pierce through. Snatching the blue blades, Unit-01 ripped the tendrils out and threw them to the ground as they hastily dissolved. Grabbing its shoulders in pain, the corrupted Evangelion ripped off its shoulder armor as more blue tendrils were unleashed. Running towards Isaac, Unit-03 got on all four as more blue tentacles were unleashed from its back while also revealing the entry plug. The Entry plug was sticking out just a bit, but was kept from getting released by the blue fungi. Moving towards Unit-01, the Angel’s blue tentacles turned into blades and started to move around as the Angel got closer.

Isaac calmly waited as the Angel made its obvious opening. Clinching his left fist, Unit-01 started to run towards the Angel holding his fist back behind him. The XV7amplifier on his left hand started to glow as it began to spread up Unit-01’s arm. The blue blades grew like spider legs that sprawled towards Unit-01 as barbs started to grow around them. Unit-01 stopped running and moved its hand forward, aiming it at the blades coming to his direction. As the blades closed in on him, the XV7 amplifier stopped glowing as his arm kicked back and unleashed a powerful force. A prismatic AT field exploded from Unit-01’s left hand and sliced all of the blades from Unit-03’s back. It looked like the aurora borealis as it moved around Unit-03’s body to prevent any damage made to the Evangelion, but instead sliced and snapped off all of the blue tentacles on its back as Unit-03 unleashed a scream of pain.

Moving closer to Unit-03, Isaac ran towards the Evangelion which was on all four while it tried to recover from Isaac’s last attack. Both of the Evangelion’s sparred against one another unleashing their own blows. While Unit-03’s attacks were brutal and full of anger, but Unit-01 deflected them with many AT fields. Unit-01’s hands started to glow as an AT field expanded towards the beast and pushed it away.

Recovering from the push, Unit-03 jumped from the ground and sprang towards Isaac with the blue tendrils on its stomach turning into small spikes. As it got closer, Unit-01 lifted both of its arms up creating an AT field that blocked Unit-03 from landing on top of it. Holding the monster in place, an AT field was created directly above Unit-03 as it slowly sandwiched the Evangelion between the two barriers. As Unit-01 side stepped from the enemy. Getting rid of the bottom AT field, Unit-03 was instantly pinned against the ground as it tried to scramble its self-free. Blue tendrils started to form around Unit-03 as a desperate move to get out of the situation. The AT field pushing Unit-03 to the ground began to cut into the Evangelion’s back around the entry plug. The entry plug was released out of the Evangelion as it continued to yell and scream from the removal. The entry plug was covered in the blue fungus that was still connected to Unit-03 with the Angel’s core around the plug.

With precision, a series of AT fields surrounded the entry plug and made a series of cuts that unleashed the LCL from inside the plug. Akio sat in the entry plug knocked out cold which made Isaac let out a sigh of relief. Carefully creating an AT field around the boy’s body, Isaac moved Akio away from the entry plug and away from Unit-03. Moving Akio near Unit-02, Isaac returned his attention back to the Angel core. Grasping the entry plug, Isaac focused all of his attention to the culprit to all of this destruction. Unit-03 eventually stopped moving as the blue goo it its armor started to dissolve revealing all of the damage that had been done to the Evangelion. Unit-01’s left hand started to glow and held the entry plug in the air. Unleashing an AT field, the Entry plug and the Angel’s core were destroyed instantly. A mist of red blood shot up in the air like a geyser as the Angel’s scream echoed in the abandoned city.

Unit-01 moved back to where Akio and Unit-02 laid as the the AT field around them slowly diminished. Getting behind Unit-02, Isaac performed several cuts with some AT fields and pulled out its entry plug. Placing it gently on the ground, Unit-01 instantly stopped glowing and returned to its normal state. The Evangelion’s entry plug was ejected as the emergency exit opened up with a narrow ladder shooting down to the ground. While making his way down the ladder, Isaac felt all of the pain from the battle come back to him instantly as he lost his footing near the bottom of the ladder. Landing on the ground, Isaac felt his ribs crack as it stabbed his insides as he gasped for air. Getting up to his knees from the ground, Isaac panted heavily while he looked up at Unit-01 and found himself longing to get back inside it. Admitting that thought made Isaac question his sanity on some level.

Crawling over to Valda’s Entry plug, Isaac slowly rose to his feet and opened the emergency door to the plug. Rotating the two red prongs with what felt like two broken hands made getting the German girl out harder than it should. The entry plug made a hiss as the LCL flooded out revealing Valda in the entry plug seat unconscious. “Valda…are you ok?” Isaac said as he looked at the masked girl while sweating from the pain he was feeling. Seeing her chest rise up and down, Isaac was relieved knowing that the girl was alright. Eventually, Isaac managed to get the girl out of the entry plug and brought her where Akio laid on the ground. Placing them side by side, Isaac looked at the two fellow pilots and was happy to see them alive. Collapsing to the ground, Isaac sat up as he continued to stare at both Akio and Valda. Isaac looked like an absolute mess. His hands were shaking uncontrollably from being potentially broken and it was apparent that he was bleeding from his forehead and near his right ribcage. Breathing slowly, Isaac tried to stay awake as he waited for help to come save them. His vision was started to dull as he blankly starred at the two pilots and eventually heard something coming in their direction while he sat on the ground half conscious.

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Drowsy with the feeling of victory, Shiori stumbled into the locker room. In one hand she clutched a sack of juice and was sipping it freely.

She remembered the mixed cries of cautious triumph and madness borne of fear, and shuddered. The spectacle they had just witnessed was not one she wanted to see again - yet somehow it warmed her heart.

He broke through, she thought. After all this, that boy was capable of defending himself and everyone else…I wish I could see him now, talk to him.

She leaned against a wall and pressed a button on the wrist of her suit. It decompressed, and she slid it off gently and threw it in a laundry bin. Now she would shower, and it would be back to the dorms to await the beginning of another day.

Before she could even reach the shower, her knees buckled. As she tried to make sense of her sudden weakness, she found herself thinking of the juice - now lying on the ground, unwanted, but once gulped up eagerly.

"Fuck," was all she said, and then she passed out.


She did not know what brought her back to reality. Her first realization, as she felt fabric brushing against her delicate skin, was that she was clothed. Her second was that the familiar NERV base was gone, replaced by the darkness of a starry sky.

She stood up and was able to see more of where she was. A chalk-colored plain marked with craters lay before her, and, beyond the horizon, was Earth.

She turned around. "If you've summoned me," she said, "it must mean that the Great Work has truly begun. Is that so?"

"Correct," boomed a voice from the black monolith. "Bride and Bridegroom will be joined as one. At last, our covenant will be fulfilled."

Shiori smiled. "It's good to see you again…father."

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Sir, wh, what was that?” Senyu asked nervously. He had every right to be. Unit-01 had just carved apart the Angel with surgical precision using AT Fields. Carter dropped his book.

“...” The Vice-Commander remained silent.

“Sir?” the technician's voice had more than an edge of concern.

“Cancel the launch, call back the pilots, they won't be needed for combat today.” Carter finally found his bearings. “Send word along to the E.R.D., they can move in and secure the injured... Also, tell the SSDF to keep their distance, the site might be infectious.” Carter continued briskly, anything to keep the Government's lap dogs out of Nerv's way would go down well with his superiors. He scooped up his book and headed for the door, Owen needed to hear this. It was just what they had predicted, but far sooner than they had wanted. Every calculation up until now had not factored in anything like this. There had always been the potential for trans-human advancement through the Evangelion, but whatever Unit-01 had achieved and how quickly was outside the spectrum of what Carter had expected. They had chained the monster, now it evolved to break them.


Qi breathed in the LCL. It tasted strange. Not the usual blood scent, but somehow different, lived in. Is this what Tokei tasted like? He mused in the liquid for some time, waiting for the launch command, but the order never came. Soon the comms lines were alight.

“Battle's over kids. You can get out of the Evas.” the voice chirped happily. Apparently they had won. Qi frowned. After seeing the battle, it was surprising that they pulled a victory without being launched. He loosened his grip on the controls, surprised by how tense he had gotten just sitting there. It wasn't fear for the upcoming battle. He had fought and been injured many times. Even against the Angels, beings he had little experience fighting, they were just another enemy to him. He flexed his fingers, trying to work out the knots his body felt all over. He reached for his knife and sighed. Still there. He felt the shunt as the Entry plug was retracted, the panel opening to allow his exit onto the platform. Pulling himself out, he took a tentative sniff of his arm now that he wasn't surrounded by LCL. It definitely smelt strange.


Hours passed, the Sun long gone beneath the horizon with rescue crews and doctors still working across Matsuhiro to try and retrieve survivors of the battle. Clean up had begun, a complex framework of cranes and construction equipment being used to excavate the three downed Evangelions and move them into new positions as massive tanks of fluid were hauled in to spray down the remnants of the destroyed Angel. Carter closed his book pointedly as he and Owen sat in the chopper high above.

“Things are progressing too fast. What will they say about this?” he asked, locking eyes with his junior.

“Nothing they don't usually. We can't hide this from them, but we can control the damage. Vander is already working on the footage collected by the JSSDF. It was a bit heavy handed, but I've also made sure the Magi haven't recorded any data concerning Unit-03's transformation. All that can be used against us is a false read out from the faulty Matsuhiro Magi.” Owen leaned back in his chair, one hand gripping the arm rest firmly as the other drifted to his leg.

“What are you talking about? The Magi here survived the incident without a scratch, we're still recieving telemetry as we speak, aren't we?” Carter's face contorted with confusion.

"Actually, no, we are not. All connections were severed about five minutes after our Intelligence Division arrived to assess the situation. The Magi at Matsuhiro are to be decommissioned." A crack like thunder filled the air. The chopper shook as red light poured in, bathing Owen in a devilish light. Carter pressed himself to the window. Flames danced below, an inferno raging within the remains of the testing facility. Carter's jaw dropped. He turned to face Owen, his expression set like iron, but the other man just stared back quietly, his grip on the arm rest loosening.


Johann limped to the window, one arm in a sling, the other trying hopelessly to turn over the chart in his hand. It slipped from his grip and he panicked. Catching the pad between his knee and the wall, he whined as pain surged through him.

“Johann Idle! SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!” Kiyoshi stormed the corridor like a fortress waiting to fall. Grabbing the man by the shoulder, she flung him haphazardly into the wheel chair behind him. Causing it to roll backward into the opposite wall. “Didn't I tell you to get some rest? You're injured. You can't be their doctor when you need one yourself.”

“I can still work Kiyoshi. Four pilots are here because we missed something.” he groaned, wheeling himself to the window. Below lay three figures in a labyrinth of tubes and bandages. The walls glowed darkly as symbols pulsated in and out of existence around them. “All three are being quarantined for possible infection, the state they're in, I'm practically healthy and compared to Tokei I...” he left the sentence hanging, his mouth refusing to give form to the words. Kiyoshi's harsh expression softened as she knelled down next to him.

“Listen to me Johann. You've checked them all already, you were first to give them aide on site. Now you've got to get better so that when everyone's healthy again, you aren't completely useless for doing stupid crap when you didn't have to. There's nothing more they need right now, so be sure you can help them later, okay?” Kiyoshi put on a brave face, but in all honesty she wanted to murder someone. She didn't know who, but someone had fucked up to cause this, and she was going to have their ass for it. “Come on, I'll wheel you back to your room.” she stood and walked behind him.

“Thank you Kiyoshi.” he muttered as she began to guide him back to his room.


A new day began, the clocks throughout the city all syncing up to midnight in accordance with the Magi's internal system. Should the machine ever cease functioning, Japan's power base would collapse as their puppet politicians heeded the decisions of the computer every time, however, on a smaller scale, Tokyo-3 would be in an uproar. The electrical systems of the entire city were regulated by the triumvirate and while it relied on humans to make its decisions influential, so long as it had power it would continue to work tirelessly, even without them. Owen sat alone in the conference room. The darkness seemed impermeable as others began to join him. They were not the other Nerv Heads however. Each one a shimmering monolith in the darkness, crimson text and sigils emblazoned on its surface. The First, marked only as 01 to differentiate it from the others, spoke with a voice that reverberated off the walls.

“The Sixth has risen from within your own, all is in accordance with the scrolls.” it boomed.

“Incorrect. The Sixth Angel appeared, but it was a fungal creature that took advantage of Matsuhiro's limited security. It wasn't one of our own, simply a beast.” Owen retorted instantly.

“Was it not one of your Evangelions that attacked?” another monolith spoke, this one marked 15.

“No. Unit-03 was knocked offline when the Angel appeared. It caused so much damage to the base that the information we received was little more than corrupted data. As you can see from the files, no such corroboration was logged with the Central Magi system here.”

“What about Matsuhiro, have you confirmed that the data was in fact unreliable?” another voice in the crowd, 04.

“The Matsuhiro Magi were found to be corrupted by the Angel. After we cut the hard lines it self destructed. All data from the second Magi system was lost.” Owen shrugged blithely. “I do apologise. Unlike the last two Angels our preparations were lacking. I will endeavour to see we don't risk failure again. Timing, after all, is key.” Owen made a show of his admission.

“See that is does not. Remember Kenny, you are but a doll of clay to be moulded as we see fit.” 01 declared darkly. “Failure will not be tolerated. Your competitor in Beijing has already expressed interest in ensuring our Instrumentality.”

“I'm certain of it. I assume Unit-00's pilot is in your hands also?” Owen continued unaffected.

“Yes. She will be returned in due course.”

“As you wish, but I understood she was not part of the scenario.” Owen feigned ignorance of the girl's true purpose.

“All pawns play their part Kenny. You would do well to remember this.” 15 again.

“Is that so?” the Nerv Commander smiled grimly.

"You understand our agreement Commander." 04 again. "To gain access to the Evangelions, to the Successors, we have gone to great lengths. Do not waste such an opportunity."

"From the information you provided, Units 01 and 02 engaged the Angel. Did you think nothing of risking them?" 15 questioned bitterly.

"There was no need to spare them, they're weapons and the units involved are not keys to the scenario." Owen's eyes glinted in the dim light.

"There are contingencies Kenny. Should something fail, there is always a replacement. Unit-01 may be worthless scrap, but you allowed 02 to rampage, to go berserk! The Fallen is not to be awoken, the Successors are not to be awoken!" 15 grew brighter, casting a blood like glow around the room. a murderous ambiance filling the darkened space.

"Silence!" 01 bellowed. "Under the right conditions we can use any of the Evangelions. It is just a matter of timing. We will approve the funds you requested to repair the Evas through the U.N. Do not squander them." The monoliths vanished one by one. Clearly his audience had ended.

Episode Three: Awaken. END

Episode Four: Descent

One Week Later

“How are they?” Kiyoshi ducked into the room, holding a surgical mask across her face. Johann wheeled around with his hazard suit haphazardly arranged over him.

“No signs of infection in these two. Some serious mental trauma though, I'd like to go through it with them, but I'm having to refer them to another doctor, I just don't have the time.” he admitted sadly.

“But physically they're in the clear, right?”

“Pretty much, Valda's leg was injured, but the joints and tendons were intact, so no permanent damage. Some internal bleeding, but we caught that right after the battle so she's on the mend. Isaac had some bleeding, mostly flesh wounds, no internal damage.” he continued, rolling out of the room.

“What about Tokei?” Johann stopped rolling.

“I spoke to the specialist, he says they're going to begin reconstruction as soon as possible, that right now it's just a matter of assessing the situation. As for the eye... I've been talking to Owen about that. We're looking to pull some strings, maybe a donor or something.” he started to move again, trying to cover ground effectively while only having one working arm. “I'm going to deal with her psychiatric needs myself. Least I can do after this fiasco.”

“Wow, doctor, programmer and shrink, is there anything you can't do?” Kiyoshi aired the thought sarcastically.

“I work with giant biomechs and children. I still need two more doctorates to fully understand what the hell is going on around here.” he stated bluntly as they came to the elevator.


Three Weeks Later

“How are you Herr Doktor?” Vander slipped into his native accent as he sidled up alongside the chair bound scientist.

“My god, you remember you're German, shocking.” Johann muttered without looking up.

“I have a very international face.” the Driver laughed. “So how's things?”

“Due to the chance of infection, Valda and Isaac have been kept in far longer than was necessary really, but they'll both go home tomorrow. They've seen better days mentally though.” Johann shifted the papers in his lap.

“Yeah, Kiyoshi already told me. What about the other two?” Vander pulled out a box of cigarettes and threw them into Johann's lap. He stared at them before shoving them into his pocket, finally looking up at the intelligence agent.

“Akio has been through assessment after assessment. He's been repeatedly disinfected, they've practically scrubbed the skin off of him and they still say it'll be another month. So I don't know what to tell you there. Tokei... I've been talking to her. She's still got a long road of medication and surgery ahead of her, but she seems to have taken to that thing quite well. What about Shiori, any luck on your part?” Johann arranged his papers before starting to roll again.

“Their Spy? Nope. Not a sign. When SEELE want to hide something, they do it well.” Vander's knuckles whitened as he balled his hands into fists.

“Should you really be saying that out loud?” Johann hissed. Vander grabbed the back of the wheelchair and leaned into the older man's side.

“They took her right out from under my division's nose.” Vander's expression was no longer the jovial man of the world, but the grimace of a man with murderous intent. “That doesn't happen, not unless they have a man on the inside. So until I get their attention I will leak every word of them to the world until they find me, and when that happens, we'll see who's left standing.” Vander's words dripped venom. Johann shuddered. It wasn't like Qi, the unnerving pilot of Unit-07 with that air of something more heinous about him. You could tell something was wrong there just by how he smiled. Vander on the other hand was a genuinely sociable person most of the time, but it was clear to him that this situation had gotten so far under the younger man's skin, he was ready to go to war over it. Vander leaned back and started to push Johann slowly. “Sorry Doctor, it's the betrayal of it all. Never sat well with me when people stab you in the back.” Vander continued more openly as they made their way. Johann considered jumping out of the chair.


Six Weeks Later

“Johann, I see you're out of the chair.” Carter said talkatively as he looked up from his book. Johann stood before him, a bundle of reports in hand.

“Yeah, about time, I was getting tired of sitting around. So what brings you here Professor? Shouldn't you be in class?” Johann raised an arm, inviting the Vice-Commander to walk with him. Carter nodded and stood.

“It's about the pilots. As you know we recently found Shiori again.”

“Ahh, yes, not long after three of our men mysteriously vanished and a fourth was found face down in the river.” Johann said with an edge.

“Well, yes, unfortunate circumstances aside, I don't think her return had anything to do with that, so much as it was just time to return her. Still, I wanted to ask you about the pilots psyche reports. I've been observing them and they seem to be avoiding one another.” Carter glanced at his book again.

“It happens. Teenagers have a lot of issues without the stress these kids are under. If they need some time away from each other, it makes sense, doesn't it?” Johann looked for some confirmation on this idea, but the Vice-Commander simply looked pensive.

“I suppose, but this type of friction, between all of them. Two is a coincidence...” Carter began.

“Three is a pattern.” Johann sighed. “I'll look into it. I've been meaning to catch up with the others anyway, I've been keeping an eye on Tokei so far.”


Seven Weeks Later

“Johann, what's the status on the next operation?” Owen's voice was crisp, cutting through the air as Johann looked up from his desk. Strangely, he enjoyed being back to work properly.

“We've fitted the salvage vessels with the equipment to lower Units 00 and 04. The pod is projected to land in water shallow enough not to require D-type equipment for retrieval. We are going to have to deck out the Mark.06 pilot with a pressure suit and breathing apparatus.” Johann sucked on a cigarette while looking over the plans, handing a folder to his superior. Owen opened the folded and looked over it.

“Is there anything else?” Johann glanced at his papers for a moment before hesitating.

“Actually Owen, uh, we only need the three pilots for this operation. So I wanted to suggest giving Kiyoshi leave to take the rest of them out of the city.” Owen's eyebrow arched. “Well we'd already have three in operation, so it's not like we could field more legally, even if we wanted to.” He pointed out hurriedly.

“... Understood. I'll sign off on it this afternoon.” Owen handed the folder back to him before leaving the room.


Eight Weeks Later

In an unusual show of punctuality, Kiyoshi was the first up this morning. She looked over the files in her hand. She was honestly surprised the Commander signed off on it, but there it was, in her hand. Permission for a beach trip while Vander and Johann took care of retrieving Mark.06. Turning back to the stairs, she called up them.

“Guys, hurry up or you'll be late. Akio, just cause it's your first day back, don't keep the Vice-Commander waiting!” she headed for the door. She quickly scrawled a note and pinned it to the door as normal. She doubted she'd see any of them back early from school, but it would be worth it to see their reactions tomorrow. She bustled out the door, the note reading thus-


Beach Trip Tomorrow. Swimsuits and lunches a must!



Qi awoke as he normally did, staring at the ceiling. Looking around his room, he found the usual. A tidy desk, tidy closet, tidy bed. Clothes laid out neatly beside him for when he woke up. Everything in perfect order, as always. The few things he took an interest in were not present. All left behind, only the essentials were taken when travelling. To others it would seem to be a dreary place, but to Qi, it was just a place. He got up and dressed quietly, affixing his knife and its sheath to his wrist as always. He had spent all his time since the last battle making a point of avoiding contact with people, but it hadn't helped. If anything, the more he avoided the others, the more they crept into his thoughts. Clearly whatever was happening to him was not something that could be cured by following Golgotha's regime. He glanced at the wall behind him. The wall behind Qi's futon had become the staging ground for his contemplations. One of Katla's pictures, a page from the Smash Bros Manual, random knick-knacks he had picked up since coming here, things he associated in his mind with the other pilots, the people he had come to know, if only by association were pinned to the wall in some attempt to understand it all. While he had come no closer to an answer, it was strangely comforting to have this laid out where he could see it. A small smile crossed his lips as he left to start the day.

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The Sun. In ancient times, it was worshipped by mankind as a god. From the Assyrians to the Inca, all revered its power.

The Moon. A symbol of transformation, the untamed world, and the divine feminine. But it can only glow when the Sun has set.

Stars. Although they appear to dazzle us in the night sky, many are long dead. All we have left is their light, and that only because…


Shiori woke up and shook her head. "Sorry, doctor," she said drowsily. "This stuff's just making me sleepy, is all."

A sigh came from the other end of the line. "Increase plug depth," she heard, and felt herself moving deeper. Shiori grimaced, wondering when this would be over. The LCL was making her eyes itch, and her plugsuit felt unusually tight.

"I know you've been away for a while," the doctor said, "but could you please concentrate? Your sync ratio's barely past the minimum point."

She shut her eyes and tried to focus - ignoring all the noise over the line, even the beating of her own heart. She was genuinely trying to become one with Eva.

The doctor sighed again. "Alright, the test is over."

The seat rose again and the plug turned dark. Shiori pursed her lips. I'm really doing no good at all, am I?


Shiori entered class on time the following day, but after roll had been called, she soon found herself hopelessly lost by the lesson. With a sigh, she stared out the window.

When the lunch bell rang, Shiori got up with the rest of the class to head to the cafeteria. She had no plan to eat, however - she was searching the crowd for Isaac.

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In a dorm room an alarm went off as a song played in the background to attempt to wake up the slumbering boy. Rolling from side to side, Isaac fell off the bed and made a loud thud sound. Everyone in the dorm was accustomed to that sound that came from the boy’s room. The only problem was that no one was typically around to hear that sound. Tossing the bed sheet aside, Isaac slowly rose from the ground while brushing his bed head that was a bit longer than usual. Normally Isaac hated having longer hair, but since the Angel fight he didn’t care about that so much. A lot of things changed since the Angel fight, but being on time to school wasn’t one of them.

“Guys, hurry up or you'll be late. Akio, just cause it's your first day back, don't keep the Vice-Commander waiting!” Kiyoshi yelled as her voice barley reached his room.

While getting ready for the day, Isaac started to thing think about the last couple of weeks since the battle with the Angel. First thing that came to his mind was his psyche evaluation by Dr. Yuni Tamiachi which was painfully awkward. Looking on his desk, Isaac looked at the card she gave him with her phone number. The doctor requested to have Isaac call her if he ever needed anything. Picking up the card, Isaac playfully thumbed the edge of the card while thinking about one of their visits.


“Isaac, how are things?” Dr. Tamichi said while writing a few words while she looked up at Isaac. Dr. Tamiachi was a young psychiatrist who was by all accounts rather attractive. Isaac didn’t mind getting his mind read by her since she was beautiful, which might be the reason why she was his shrink. He remembered he was blushing the whole time during his hour session with the psychiatrist. Dr. Tamichi usually wore a low cut shirt with a pencil skirt that really showed off (from Isaac’s opinion) a pair of very nice legs.

Isaac smiled at Dr. Tamichi. “Fine I guess.”

“You guess?” Dr. Tamichi replied with a sly smile on her face while making a small check on her paper.

“No, I’m just fine. Sorry.”

Dr. Tamichi leaned in forward while maintaining her smile. “I’m just kidding Issac. We’ve had a few sessions already. You should know by now that I’m only teasing you.” She replied with a wink.

“Right…” Isaac blushed while looking side to side at the office NERV provided for her. On the wall there were several degrees from different universities with one of them being John Hopkins. “So, what can I do for you?”

Laughing, Dr. Tamichi scooted her chair closer to Isaac. “I think you mean that the other way. What can I do for you?” The doctor said in a husky tone while playfully tapping her pencil on her notebook.

“Ummm well…I-I have been feeling better and my dreams have been more pleasant as of late.” Isaac said while trying not to look at the woman’s cleavage.

“Good! Now then, let’s get this session started…”


Isaac placed the card back on the desk and considered taking her up on her offer if he needed to talk to someone. Since getting back from the hospital, Isaac isolated himself from the other pilots. After hearing what happened to Tokei, Isaac didn’t want to cause her any more stress and knew that she would probably want to be left alone. When it came to Qi and Katla, Isaac didn’t want to contact them. First off, Qi was just a bit too unusual to be around. Sadly Isaac realized that he hasn’t ever talked to the fellow pilot. With Katla, Isaac didn’t want to talk to her out of fear of bringing up her relationship with his father. Someday he’d have to confront her about it, but not now.

After putting his school uniform on, Isaac grabbed his phone and started to look through various text messages he received since getting back. He almost chuckled at one that he received from Raglan inviting him to arcade after school. It was a few weeks ago, but the memory of going to the arcade was fresh on his mind. At first Isaac wasn’t really enjoying his time there and the next thing he knew was that he started a fight with a different school gang. Getting into that fight was something Isaac needed. After the fight, Isaac had a session with Dr. Tamichi and she commented on his better mood.
After tying his shoes, Isaac thought about the hospital visit with Akio. He went with Raglan and Tomoko to see their friend. The girl Tomoko kept talking about how excited she was to see "Aki-chan" over and over again. To her credit she was overall a nice girl and Isaac found himself being slightly jealous because Akio had an attractive girl wanting to be with him…even if she wasn't very bright. Lying back down on the bed, Isaac started to think about his conversation with Akio at the hospital. It was a hard speaking to Akio about the battle, but Isaac knew that he had to talk to him about it. Valda wasn’t going to talk to him about it.

“Valda…” That was a completely different subject to the boy. Isaac remembered many times trying to speaking to her, but every time he found an opportunity he saw her leave as soon as possible. When talking to his psychiatrist about Valda, Dr. Tamichi told Isaac to give the girl some space and to let her come to him when she was ready to talk about the battle. It was hard for Isaac to wait, but he knew Dr. Tamichi was right. Letting out a deep sigh, Isaac knew that today was the day Akio would be back at school. He had only hoped that his friend would be alright on his first day back.


Isaac arrived to school late, as usual. Not too long ago he received a verbal warning for his attendance, but he still didn’t care. School right now was a waste of time to him. His purpose as a pilot was to save the world. If he survived he would probably have to make up a lot of school work, but Isaac felt as though the chance of survival were not in his favor. Isaac understood the material and did very well on the tests, but he just didn’t care.

The bell for lunch rang throughout the school as the students started to run out of the room to enjoy their lunch. Isaac noticed after the crowd of students dispersed Shiori looking straight into his eyes. He hadn’t seen her since the last battle two months ago, and wasn’t sure why he never really tried to talk to her after fight. Isaac noticed the girl walk up to him with a smile across her face and Isaac found his throat start dry with every step she took.Why the hell am I so nervous?! Isaac thought as his cheeks started blush. “H-hey Shiori. How are you going?” The boy managed to let out of his lips.

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Postby MAGI_01 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:57 pm

Akio awoke on the floor, after a quick look around he realized he was in the hanger with his Eva, Unit-03 looming over him. He grasped the railing on front go him and slowly pulled himself to his feet. The sound of footsteps clacking on the catwalk began to fill the hanger along with what sounded like someone clapping their hands. Akio jerked his head over to see his doppelganger, slowly approaching him with a smile on its face.


It turned and looked Unit-03 over. “It’s surely impressive! I’m glad to have chosen it… it will make my job much easier.” It said with a smile as it turned its attention back to Akio. Akio was trying not to show that he was absolutely terrified as the clone stared at him, its gaze seemed to be piercing into his very soul. Images of every memory he experienced, painful or otherwise, in his life played out in his mind. His mother’s death, the day he got the shit beat out of him at school, the nightmare from before, all playing before him in vivid detail as he felt every emotion connected to each memory. The clone was probing his mind. Akio grabbed his head and started to scream as the clone laughed.

He collapsed onto the catwalk as tears started to stream down his cheeks. “Stop it Stop it Stop it!” He cried out until he felt the grip on his mind start to dissipate. “Man you really have some fucked up shit locked away in that head of yours!” The clone smirked. Akio grasped the railing once more and pulled himself back onto his feet again as he wiped the tears from his eyes. “What are you?” Akio asked. The clone laughed manically. “An Angel of course! At least that’s what you lilum call us.” Akio stumbled backwards in fear. “An Angel?! What do you want from me?” Akio asked shakily. “I already have what I want! You’re just a long for the ride now.” The clone said happily.

“Well now that that’s out of the way I guess we can continue!” Suddenly Valda, Tomoko, Isaac, and Raglan all appeared before him. “What the hell is this?!” Akio demanded. “Hmm let’s see… Valda? Boy you certainly are hot for this girl! Oh boy the dirty things you think about her! I wonder how she would react if she knew about the things you want to do to her.” Akio growled. “…Tomoko? She’s quite a looker if I do say so myself! You naughty boy you! More dirty thoughts! Man you really are a pervert!” Akio slammed his fist onto the railing. “Shut up!” He demanded. “Not a chance!” The clone smiled before continuing. “Isaac… You consider him a good friend and someone who you can trust. I have to say that this one is surprising, considering how fucked you are in the head.” Akio growled again “I said shut up!” The clone chuckled. “And last but not least Raglan! Another good friend it seems. Ah it seems you two share a bit in common in the form of fucked up dreams! He must really be a piece of work as well. Too bad I won’t get to know him too.”

Akio’s anger started to boil over. “I said shut the fuck up!” He drew a fist back and slammed it into the side of the clones face to no effect. The clone smirked as it grabbed him around the throat, raising him into the air. “It’s no use!” It dropped Akio back onto the catwalk. He coughed as he started to regain his breath. “I’m in control now! It’s futile to resist! After all, I’m just using you like they do!” It laughed. “Using… me?” Akio asked. “Well duh! You’re just a tool you know. Just like your friends and your dearly departed mother! I’m going to end all of your suffering. You and your friends won’t have to be used ever again! Granted you will all be dead but I think that’s acceptable… don’t you agree?” The clone grinned widely.

“We are just… tools?” Akio questioned. The clone suddenly grabbed its head. “No! I cannot… I will not be defeated!” It yelled out before collapsing on the ground. Cracks started to from in the illusion that the Angel had formed as the hanger started to be engulfed in a white light. “They may think they have won… But I’m taking you with me!” Akio grasped at his head, becoming overcome with pain once more as the Angel quickly crawled over to him and grasped his throat and began to squeeze. It laughed manically. “You really should thank me! I am doing you a favor after all.” It kept on laughing as Akio lost consciousness.


Akio’s eyes opened slowly as he tried to gather his senses. He was sight was blurry and his hearing was muffled as he looked around the room and made out several medical machines hooked to him with sensors placed all over his body. There were multiple I.V. bags hanging above him as he traced the line to his left arm. He felt his face to find a tube carrying oxygen running up to his nose. “The… hospital…?” He slurred as he tried to sit up only to collapse back down on the bed, letting out a small yelp in pain. He could hear the machines beeping as if they were trying to notify someone that he was stirring. “What… happened…?” He slurred as he stared up at the ceiling. “He’s awake!” He heard someone call out, their voice extremely muffled.

The door to the room slid open and a person walked in. A bright flashlight then shined into his eyes. ”Can you tell me your name?” A women’s voice asked. “Inoue, Akio…” The light clicked off as the woman walked over to the machines and started to jot down some notes. “Good good. Now tell me, when were you born?” The women asked. “Eleventh of May…. Two thousand one.” He moaned. “Excellent! Now any family?” The women asked. “What… happened?” He slurred. “Answer the question please… any family?” She insisted. “Kiro and Akira… older brothers. Toshiharu… father.” He moaned. “Very good! And where are you?” She asked. “Tokyo three”.

He heard the click of a pen. “Excellent. I’ll notify Doctor Idle that you are awake. You had us worried… you have been out for seven weeks! Thank god that the accident was not any worse.” Akio choked, “Seven weeks…? Accident…? What happened…? Where is… Valda… and Issac?” Akio tried to get up only to yelp in pain once again, the women pushed him gently back down onto the bed. “Valda and Isaac are fine. You need to rest.” He could make out a smile as she walked out of his room, the door sliding shut behind her.

A few hours passed; there was a knock at the door. “I’m coming in.” Akio slowly rolled over, recognizing the voice. It was Doctor Idle. He pulled up a chair next to Akio’s bed and sat down. “How are you feeling?” He asked. “Pretty sore and a bit nauseous.” Akio moaned “And a bit strange…” “Effects of the medication you are on. It’s normal to feel high from it… You will be taken off of it in a couple of days.” Idle reached into his jacket pocket. “I have to show you something… Don’t be alarmed.” Doctor Idle pulled out a small mirror and handed it to Akio. He looked in the mirror and was immediately overcome with shock. “We don’t know for sure what caused this. We suspect mental trauma caused by the accident is the cause, but otherwise you are perfectly healthy.” Akio continued to stare at the mirror, looking into his own eyes. No longer were they green, they were now bright red. “The accident… caused… this?” Akio asked as he started to shake. “Just what the hell happened?” He commented as he handed the mirror back to Idle. Idle shifted in his seat and looked rather uncomfortable. “Don’t concern yourself… it was just an accident nothing more.” He got up from his seat and began to walk out of the room. “I’m clearing you for visitation; you have some very impatient and worried people waiting to see you.”

He stopped short of the door. “Thanks Doctor.” Akio said as he forced a smile. “Don’t mention it. You should be getting out in a few days. I’m going to prescribe you some mild pain killers and some anti-nausea medication. Take them as directed until you run out.” Idle walked out of the room and the door slid shut behind him.

“Mental trauma? That explains that dream…” Akio muttered to himself.


The next day…

“Aki-Chan!” A girl yelled out as Akio sat up in bed. The pain was still there but not nearly as bad as the day before. The door slid open as Tomoko ran in, running to his bedside she swiftly kissed him on the cheek. He blushed slightly and smiled “Hey Tomoko. Thanks for coming to visit me!” Tomoko giggled as she pulled up a chair and sat next to his bed. “Hey man… how’s it… What the hell?” Raglan and Isaac paused as they entered the room. Several moments passed. “What the hell is with your eyes?” Raglan asked as Isaac remained silent with a shocked look on his face. Raglan slowly walked in as Isaac followed behind him several seconds later. “Yeah Aki-Chan! Your eyes are weird!” Tomoko bluntly stated. “Oh this? Doctor Idle said it has something to do with the accident but I’m perfectly fine.” Akio smiled. “Well besides being a bit high off of the meds they have me on.” He let out a small chuckle. “Oh good for a minute there I thought you might have turned all Qi on us.” Raglan said as he let out a nervous laugh. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Akio said with a confused look. “Ah nothing…” Akio noticed Raglan’s eye was slightly bruised and swollen. “What happened?”

Raglan and Isaac both explained in vivid detail about a fight that went down at the arcade a few weeks earlier. The quartet shared a few laughs at the retelling of the story. Tomoko and Akio held hands as they all chatted about some of the things that went on while he was out. “Hey I need to talk to Akio alone for a minute” Isaac stated as he turned to Raglan and Tomoko. “Alright… It’s getting late anyway so I’m going to head out. Good to see you are ok man! You had us worried for a long time.” Raglan smiled. “Thanks guys! Oh and I should be getting out in a few days.” Akio said happily. “That’s good to hear…” Isaac said cautiously. Tomoko leaned in close. “I’m glad you’re ok.” She said with a smile. “Thanks again for visiting me!” He lightly kissed her on the cheek. She stood up and giggled. “Come on Tomoko we need to go.” Raglan insistently motioned her to get out of the room. “Aw alright, see you later Aki-Chan!” She exited the room with Raglan walking close behind her.

Isaac quickly shut the door and walked back over to Akio with a concerned look on his face. “What happened?” He asked as he sat down in a chair next to Akio’s bed. Akio looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean? All I know is that there was an accident. Other than that nobody has told me anything.”

"So nothing happened? Like you didn't see anything while the Angel controlled your Eva?" Akio sat in silence for a moment. “Angel? What the? You mean it wasn’t all just a bad dream? Isaac… what happened?!” Akio said shakily. Isaac sighed deeply. "Yeah, there was an Angel attack." He paused. "Listen, before I tell you anything let's make something clear. This wasn't your fault. Promise me you won't feel sorry for yourself.”

“Isaac… I” Akio sighed deeply. “I’ll try… please tell me what happened.” After a long pause Isaac continued. "...Alright. There was an Angel that took control of Unit-03. It attacked the city where the tests were taken place and it damaged the city. Valda and I managed to get rid of the Angel." He paused "The only reason why I ask 'what happened?' is because..." Isaac grimaced. "...I just wanted to make sure you were alright from it taking control of your Eva." He paused again." Listen, anything that the Angel did wasn't your fault. You can't blame yourself for what happened."

The room was filled with silence except for the various machines that were monitoring Akio. “… Was anybody hurt?” Isaac looked uncomfortable. "...Yes, but it wasn't your fault. Ok?" “Yeah.” Akio stuttered, visibly shaken by what he was just told. “Thanks for telling me…” Akio sighed as he laid back down on his bed. “So that was not a dream then?” He quickly sat back up. “The… Angel… it was in my head! That… son of a bitch was in my head Isaac!” Akio clenched his fists in anger. "...Whether it was a dream or not, don't let whatever happened dictate your actions. We need you." Isaac said. "We'll talk about this later, ok?" He got up and started to walk away and before leaving, he turned to Akio. "It's good to see that you are alright. Take care Akio." Isaac opened the door. “Thanks man.” Akio said as Isaac stepped out, shutting the door behind him.

Akio laid back down. He let out a sigh as he rolled over and gazed out the window. “So it wasn’t an accident after all… I hope everyone who was hurt is alright… I don’t know what I’ll do if..” He paused. “Isaac’s right… Whatever happened was because of the angel… not me… I can’t let what happened dictate my actions. Still… I have a feeling he’s not telling me everything…” He let out another sigh. “I just hope everyone is okay.”


The next day…

Akio was woke up by the phone ringing. He let out a moan and grabbed the receiver. “Hello” He said with a yawn. “It’s good to hear your voice. I thought I had lost you!” “Hey dad…” “How are you feeling?” His father asked. “Not bad… I’m still a little sore but I feel pretty good.” Akio sat up. “That’s good. I’ll let Kiro and Akira know that you are doing better.” “How did they take the news?” Akio asked. “Akira was pretty distraught as was Kiro. Hell we all were.” “Wait Akira is back home now?” Akio asked. “Yeah, the Navy let him come home from deployment due to the emergency.” His father explained.

“That’s good.” Akio said with a yawn. “Well I better let you go get some rest. Now don’t be hitting on any of the nurses!” His father laughed. “Oh come on dad… I’ve got a girlfriend you know.” Akio moaned. There were a few moments of silence before a chuckle rang out from the receiver. “Really now… I guess I better give you the talk once you get out of…” “Dad…” Akio moaned. Laughter rang out from the phone. “Well I’m going to have to give it you sooner or later! Well it was good to talk… talk to you soon!” “Yeah bye dad!” Akio placed the receiver back on it cradle and laid back down.


A couple of days later…

Akio opened the door and entered the dorms. “So nice to be finally out of that place.” He muttered as he strolled in. He walked down the hall and promptly went into his room. “It will be so nice to finally sleep in my own bed again.” He heard some footsteps in the hallway. He whirled around and saw Valda avoiding any eye contact with him. “Hey Valda! How’s it going?” He said with a smile. She made a sound as if she were about to say something before turning around without saying a word. She went back into her room and slammed the door shut. “Jeez what’s her problem…” He muttered to himself. He walked over to his computer and booted it up. “Guess I’ll play some games or something… not much else to do.”



“Guys, hurry up or you'll be late. Akio, just cause it's your first day back, don't keep the Vice-Commander waiting!” Kiyoshi yelled out. Akio moaned as he stretched. He hurriedly put his school uniform on and walked to the kitchen. He popped the two different pills in to his mouth and chased them with a glass of water. He walked down stairs to the bathroom and brushed his teeth and quickly ran a brush through his hair. He stared into the mirror for a moment because he was still not used to the sudden change of his eye color. He walked back upstairs and grabbed his bag as he walked to the door. Noticing a note pasted to it he carefully read it:


Beach Trip Tomorrow. Swimsuits and lunches a must!


“Oh awesome!” Akio happily said as he headed out. “I guess that means after school I need to go buy some swim trunks.” He muttered as he walked by himself, taking a different route than usual.

Why has Valda been acting so weird around me lately? The other day when I got out of the hospital… why did she avoid me like that? My eyes maybe? No… that’s not it… He stopped for a second, looking at the street signs making sure he was going in the right direction. And where is Tokei? I haven’t seen her since before the… Angel attack. He glanced at another street sign as he continued to walk on. Shiori too… where did she go? He let out a chuckle. I wonder if Isaac and Shiori got together while I was out He had to stop and wait for traffic to clear before crossing the street. Qi and Katla have not seemed to change one bit. Shirou seems to be pretty much the same as before too. Ah there it is! He began to walk towards an apartment building. Raglan seems to still be his normal self… I really should thank him and Isaac properly for coming to visit me soon. The question is how?

He stopped outside the gate of the apartment building. “Aki-Chan!” Tomoko walked over and greeted him a hug. “Good morning Tomoko! Hey I need to ask you something.” She smiled. “Sure go ahead.” Akio scratched the back of his head. “Well since we never got to hang out after the test because of the… accident I thought you might like to uh… come with me on a trip to the beach tomorrow?”

Tomoko let out a squeal “Oh Aki! I would love to go!” She hugged him again, squeezing him so hard that he had trouble breathing. “Well I’ll need to ask if it’s ok tonight… but I’m sure there won’t be a problem.” He struggled to say before she released her grip. “And also I’ve got to go out into the city later after school and buy some stuff for the trip… I figure you would like to come as well.” Tomoko nodded. “Alright! Well we better head to school before we are late!” The two held hands as they walked to school. Other students stared as they walked down the hall toward Akio’s classroom. “See ya at lunch!” Tomoko said happily as she planted a kiss on Akio’s cheek, he blushed “Yeah” He said as she walked away.

He made his way to his seat as the other students stared at him.

Probably staring because of my sudden eye color change… and the fact that I’m Tomoko’s boyfriend he thought to himself.

Isaac arrived late as usual. Akio was now two months behind in his school work. Even though he paid attention in class like before he had little clue as to what exactly was being taught. I’m sure I have mountains of makeup work to do… He thought as he slumped in his seat.

The bell for lunch rang and he promptly got up and headed up to the roof like before. As he walked through the hallway he noticed Shiori standing amongst the other students as they bobbed and weaved around her. “Oh! Hey Shiori!” He said to her with a smile as he continued on towards the stairs to the roof. Upon arriving on the roof he sat down in his usual spot and began to pull out his lunch when Tomoko sat down next to him. The two chatted about how both their days were going as they ate their bento’s. Tomoko then turned with him with a grin on her face. “Hey… we are alone up here… wanna make out?”

Akio immediately blushed and froze in his tracks. “What? M make out?” He stuttered as Tomoko leaned in close, her cleavage in his face. “Yeah make out!” He kept getting more and more nervous as time seemed to slow to a stop. His mouth went dry and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears. Part of him just wanted to go ahead and say yes but the other part reminded him of his feelings for someone else. Tomoko continued to grin, awaiting his answer. “Um... not today.” He said as he scratched the back of his head. “Aw!” Tomoko moaned as she sat back. “Aw man…” He muttered to himself as he began to think of something to say to cheer her up. “Remember we have the beach trip tomorrow…” Tomoko squealed. “Ok then maybe tomorrow?” She asked excitedly. “Maybe.” Akio said with a smile.
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Postby BPES » Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:08 pm

~ Week 1 ~

The first thing Valda realised when she woke up was that she was alone. The realisation of this fact came before everything else, before wondering where she was, before asking how she got there, before even trying to recall what had just happened, the fact that she was alone came through first.

And it filled her with relief.

As long as she was alone, everything was fine. She didn’t have to worry about the problems other people brought, she didn’t have to care about anyone. She was alone and she was happy like that. But still it nagged at her, why?

This place was a hospital room of some kind, her leg was aching but in a dull manner, some kind of pain killer. Her vision was blurred and her head throbbed every now and then under the wraps it was covered in. Her whole body felt numb for the most part, but it was still there, that dull ache.

‘I was hurt?’

A Monstrous roar and glowing red eyes flashed before her.

‘Oh that’s right… it was an Angel…’

a dizzying leap towards the monster, an inhuman roar

‘I fought the Angel…’

Blood flowed freely, between her hands, down her face flowing across her but it wasn’t enough.

‘What was I?’

A faceless figure within her giant hands, pressure applied as they were crushed.

‘I… did I do that? No… I… What did I do?’

A balck space, like a whirlpool, dragging deeper and deeper, a noise calling out through the darkeness

‘What is that… is that… crying? Who was crying?’

A blood red eye stared through the darkness as she was dragged closer and closer

‘What happened? I don’t understand… what happened?’

”You’re going to kill Akio!”

‘Kill… me? But I…’

She was standing at a grave, surrounded by people, suffocatingly so. Her hand was held but she wanted to let go, she didn’t want to have them around.

“Such a shame…”

“So young…”

“Nothing could be done?”

‘Shut up, shut up, shut up!’

She was standing in front of a grave again.

~ Here lies Akio Inoue ~

~~ Murdered by ~~

~~~Valda Krieg ~~~

She was alone in a room; there was no one around her, no one to worry about, and no one to care for… And Valda could only feel relief.

~ Week 3 ~

Valda stared at the celling again, still not sure of what to do next. She was bored beyond belief, so much so that she almost wished it was time for another one of her scheduled showers. She hadn’t had any visitors but occasionally Han would stop by and tell her something from a speaker. Her room didn’t have any cameras but still had plenty of sensors. Valda disliked being monitored in such a way but she dealt with it.

From what she had been told, Akio was alive; she had not in fact killed him. But he hadn’t woken up yet, which troubled Valda. No matter how many times she thought back to the battle, she couldn’t help but recall that feeling, that pure drive to kill. She wouldn’t say it out loud, but it scared her, terrified her to the point of nausea. If Isaac hadn’t been there then…

Isaac was in better shape and the two were going to be released soon but Valda wasn’t sure what to say to the boy. He had done as she had asked, he had likely tried to help her, he had defeated the angel where she couldn’t… and he protected Akio from her. No, she couldn’t deal with Isaac now, or anytime soon for that matter.

She had also been swept up with dreams, she refused to acknowledge them as nightmares, since her time in the ward. Unwanted memories mixed with the feeling of violence from the battle, the stench of blood, tears and melted rubber. She’d woken with a start once or twice, but that had been all, she refused to allow any further reaction. They were just silly dreams, nothing to be concerned over.

It was only a few hours later that she was allowed out of her room, given a proper discharge and told to head back to the dorms. Isaac was being let out in a few minutes so Valda decided to spend the little extra time outside the third decontamination room’s door. It was a solid door with no glass surrounded by opaque walls, she wouldn’t be able to see the occupant at all, though she wasn’t sure she wanted to. Soon enough she moved away and headed for the exit.

~ Week 4 ~

Valda had been told that once she was discharged she’d have to go see the psychiatrist who had occasionally attempted to speak to her during her stay in hospital. Much like the woman’s attempts to talk to her via the speakers in the room, Valda decided to ignore her and skipped her sessions. The last thing she wanted was some stupid shrink trying to get inside her head AGAIN, she’d dealt with enough psychiatrists in her life all saying the same unhelpful nonsense they always do. What Valda needed was to do something productive to make up for lost time, which is why she arrived at the Pribnow box where the simulation bodies were kept.

“Huh? Um you’re the unit 02 pilot? What are you doing here; we didn’t have anything scheduled for today.” A technician asked. Valda walked past him.

“I’m here to train, if you’ve got complaints take the up with Commander Kenny.” Valda responded harshly heading for the changing room. The technician just raised an eyebrow before sighing and heading for the phone. And after an exceptionally brief call the technician parroted the response to the other technicians.

"What pilot Krieg does in her spare time, so long as it is not damaging to Nerv or its goals is no concern of mine."

And so Valda began utilizing the simulator for the whole week, the only times she was supplanted being during the scheduled tests, though she found herself watching them. Shiori was missing, Akio was out and Tokei was apparently still undergoing some kind of treatment. Isaac was also being held off the schedule for that week, though Raglan seemed to be making extra time for training as well. Valda’s presence though was barely noticed by the other pilots who came in for their tests every now and then.

During the last days of the week, Valda had sat through several bouts of the major yelling at her about useless school and overworking herself, but it had fallen on deaf ears. Using the simulators for as long as possible and training her body when she returned were her chosen responses. She had even simply walked away midway through several of the major’s rants.

That was probably why she was confronted with a very aggravated Han in his wheelchair after her simulation suddenly cut out. The ensuing ‘conversation’ was one that had many technicians sweating as the two began discussing the situation in raised voices in the German language. Many of the staff members who witnessed it realised that, even in a wheelchair, Johan was not someone you wanted to annoy if you could help it.

Valda however still got what she wanted, more training time allocated to her for the next few weeks, on the condition she went to school on the days she wasn’t here. It was a tiresome but acceptable condition. She was dreading having to go back to that worthless place after four weeks

~Week 5~

Valda walked into class with her usual sense of timing, just as her name was called. This entrance earned the look of everyone in the classroom, clearly because no one expected her to show up. Most of the pilots settled after a moment or two of staring but the rest of the class looked on clearly unsure of the reason she was returning a week after Isaac.

“Ah Miss Krieg, Good of you to come.” Carter spoke simply. Valda made a displeased noise in return.

“Don’t get the wrong idea; I’m only here because I struck a deal with Han.” Valda responded, no small level of annoyance in her voice. Carter’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Just take your seat.” He responded in his usual tone. Valda didn’t respond further and did as she was told taking her seat and sitting down. Many of the people around her looked at her warily as roll continued to be called. Even with her unique personality, Valda had been somewhat approachable, but the clearly poor mood she was in at the minute even had Matto looking nervous.

Much of the day was spent with Valda catching up on her schoolwork, something she found monotonously easy due to her usual level of home studies. Another week or two and maybe it would’ve been troubling, but it was fine. Another good portion of the day was avoiding Isaac, who tried several times to strike up a conversation with her. She still hadn’t decided where she stood with the boy so Valda ignored him. By the end of Lunch Valda had decided she’d had enough of school and left, heading back to the dorms and beginning her typical routine.

The following day she went back to HQ rather than school for her simulation training, which the technicians were begrudgingly ready for. Valda went through several tests ranging from synch tests to simulation battles. But there were only so many times she could defeat the fourth Angel before she grew tired of it.

“Switch it up.” Valda said through the communications.

“Switch it up? What do you mean?” came the response. Valda sighed unsure herself of what to ask for. But then she remembered the last battle and her eyes hardened.

“I need another opponent… Use all the data you’ve collected on unit 00 and load it as my enemy.” Valda ordered coldly.

“W-What? Wait you want to battle an Evangelion?” was the shocked response. Valda growled.

“Yes, and when we’re done with unit 00, I want you to load up the others with whatever Data you possesses.” Valda continued finding her grip on the controls tightening and her anger flaring.

“I don’t think I can authorize that kind of-“

“I don’t care, do it!” Valda barked once more. It was a few moments before another voice cut in.

“The Evas effective use is to battle Angels, not other Evangelions. Simulating such a battle is pointless.” Spoke the Vice-commander. School hours had been over a while ago today, so he probably came to check on her.

“Matsuhiro proved otherwise, lacking preparation is pure negligence.” Valda responded hotly.

“The Angel in that situation did not behave as an Evangelion does, nor should we expect it to. The strategic value of such a simulation is negligible compared to the possible negative impact on pilot dynamics” The Vice-Commander responded coolly. Valda growled.

“It's just Data, how does the affect Pilot Dynamics? I'd rather not get screwed over by hidden surprises on the Evangelions in future.” Valda tried remembering how she had been assaulted with unit 03’s weaponry.

“No, you'd rather we just risk international conflict by exposing the data of all other units to Nerv’s Third Branch pilot.” The Vice-commander continued levely. Valda growled more, this was all pointless but the thought of starting that kind of incident was enough to stay Valda’s hand.

“Fine fine, I’ve done enough for today anyway. I’m leaving.” Valda commented.


“Pilot dynamics? Such BS, who does he think he is anyway? International conflict? What a line, if that’s the case then HQ alone would be target number one. It’s all one organization, Data sharing should be both common and acceptable. Urgh I’ll bet it’s because of that bastard Commander Kenny.” Valda complained to herself as she walked through the now dark streets of Tokyo 3. Curfew was a few hours ago but she didn’t care to return to the dorms.

She was still angry, though she’d lost track of all the things that made her so angry. She just knew that it wasn’t going to stop any time soon. It didn’t help that she was painfully aware she was being followed, though that was there job.

“What the hell do you guys want? I’m not in the mood for this.” Valda asked suddenly knowing she wasn’t going to get an answer.

“Well that’s a fine attitude to take.” A voice called out from a nearby bench. Valda turned her attention to it to see Vander sitting lightly waving at her.

“Vander? What the heck are you doing here?” Valda asked harshly. The man just shrugged in response.

“You called didn’t you?” Was his simple response. Valda took a moment to process that before she sighed and nodded.

“I wasn’t really expecting a response.” She admitted.

“Well that’s section two for you, service with a smile.” He said with a smirk on his face. Valda placed a hand on her hip and shook her head.

“From your driving to your colleagues, I’d rather have competence than smiles. Well whatever, If that’s all you wanted to say, I’ve got somewhere to be that isn’t here.” Valda stated.

“Hey now I’m not the one who started this conversation.” Vander pointed out. It was somewhat true since she did speak first, but she wasn’t expecting there to be a conversation.

“Maybe not, but I’m ending it.” Valda stated firmly.

“Really not the sociable type, are you? And here I thought you had no weak points.” The man spoke and Valda tensed. That smirking son of a-

“Why you…” Valda began seething before she sighed. “Even the greatest of people have times where they want to be alone. Unfortunately I’m saddled with you people.”

“Precisely. I knew you were sharp. So why not make the most of it?” He suggested patting the bench next to him. Valda crossed her arms and tilted her head.

“You know, usually, when someone says they want to be alone, that means they don’t want to talk to professional stalkers.” Valda commented taking a cheap shot at the man, though he just continued unperturbed.

“Ah but we’ve already discovered you’re never alone.” Vander replied smartly. Valda shook her head lightly. He had her there. In fact this guy was pretty quick witted in general, it was a shame more adults weren’t like that.

“Fine.” Valda said sitting down next to Vander. “So what? You going to ask me how I’m feeling, or how my day has been? Maybe talk about the weather?”

“Depends, is that what you want to talk about?” he asked before turning his attention to the skies. “Looks like rain.”

“I don’t want to talk about anything really.” Valda said feeling a little bit better than before. “I just didn’t feel like going back to the dorms today.”

“Well it’s not like we’d stop you, so why’d you bother calling?” Vander asked. Valda turned her head away.

“I just… I don’t know, I suppose I was just annoyed. Everything lately has just been so… urgh.” Valda complained.

“Makes sense. I guess not everything goes to plan, even for the flawless.” Vander spoke again and Valda felt her stomach sink. That term was quite the compliment, but right now…

“…I’m not flawless… I’m still weak…” Valda muttered before realising what she just said and adding quickly. “Well I’m stronger than pretty much everyone but…”

“If you’re stronger than everyone, who are you weak compared to?” Vander asked his eyebrow raised. Valda blinked unsure off what to say, or even what to think.

“That… I… eh… um…” Valda spluttered. What was she saying? What was she comparing herself to? Vander’s light laughter snapped her out of her thoughts.

“hehehe. Don’t take it so seriously.” Vander told her though rather than calming her she felt her anger return.

“Oh shut up, I have to take it seriously so I don’t make a mistake again… urk.” Valda spoke angrily before she realised she’d just admitted to something she normally would never.

“Eh, what’s a mistake or two in the end? I’ve made a few, I’m still alright.” He spoke easily, trying to reassure her. Valda just felt more irritated by that.

“My Mistakes can’t ever be fixed.” Valda said bitterly.

“I never said that, but it’s not like you can go back and change them, so why worry?” He said again. Valda just felt more frustrated and shook her head.

“Of course I can’t! That’s why I have to not make more! Isn’t that obvious?” Valda said, almost desperately. Her faithful mask was all that kept her full feelings from being on display.

“I guess, but is worrying over the ones you made stopping you making more?” he asked once more. Valda could tell he was trying to help, for whatever reason, but she couldn’t agree with it, she couldn’t just take it easily like he did.

“Some things can’t be forgiven… I nearly made that mistake again…” Valda spoke bitterly before muttering softly. “I don’t even know why.”

“So what? You said you nearly made the same mistake. Correct me if I’m wrong, but nearly isn’t quite.” Vander said picking up on her words. Valda shook her head.

“No I didn’t… but that was because Isaac stopped me… if he weren’t there I would’ve…. I had every intention to do it… I just…” Valda said but found she couldn’t say anything more. She was supressing a slight yawn though. “I’m tired, but I don’t want to go back to the dorm. Let me stay at your place.”

“…I’m sorry, run that one by me again.” Vander spoke looking surprised. Valda smirked under her mask.

“I said I’m tired and since I don’t want to go back, and you’re here, let me stay at your place.” Valda said before adding on, making a smile motion across her mask with her fingers. “Oh, and don’t forget to ‘smile’.”

“heh.” Vander chukled smirking. “Fine I’ll call Kiyoshi, but she’s gonna chew you out about this when you do go home.”

Shrugging, Valda responded with. “No different than every other conversation I’ve had with her lately then.”


When she arrived, Valda was surprised to find a fairly plain apartment, a few boxes here and there and all of it relatively clean. The place barely looked lived in at all, though perhaps that wasn’t so surprising given the way that section two worked, at least those who did their jobs right. Still it was nice, almost preferable to the dorms in a few ways. Valda wouldn’t mind having an apartment to herself, but that wasn’t likely to happen.

“Well this place seems nice enough. Where do I sleep?” Valda asked turning her attention to Vander. He put a finger to his chin before pointing to a room.

“Well there’s only one bed and the couch, so the bed seems appropriate.” Vander said politely. Valda nodded but since it was still a guy, she decided to be clear.

“Fine, but don’t do anything weird or I’ll kick your ass!” Valda threatened suddenly. All of a sudden Vander’s face changed to a look of confusion and then mild horror.

“What? No! I mean you take the bed and I’ll have the couch.” He said pointing as he did so. Valda smirked beneath her mask, she had figured that but the reaction was surprisingly satisfying.

“I know what you meant, but I’m warning you all the same. I’m an attractive young lady after all, but I expect you to have some damn respect. I’ll be hurt if you prove me wrong, but not as hurt as you’ll be when I get through with you!” Valda clarified in her usual haughty manner. Vander sighed lighty with a typical smile.

“I wouldn’t worry about it, you haven’t the… assets, I look for in a woman.” He said and Valda felt a surge of anger wash over her.

“HUH?” And just what the hell is that supposed to mean?” Valda queried angrily though once again Vander didn’t seem to be troubled by it in the slightest.

“That as perfect as you are milady, my meagre palate is too coarse to accept you over something much more unhealthy.” The man spoke in his usual manner. Valda felt herself blush at the small flow of compliments.

“Oh… well its good you realise your place then… I guess.” Valda said feeling a bit uncomfortable and a tad pleased with herself. She needed a distraction quickly and laid eyes on one of the boxes in the room. She moved to open it. “So… what’s in these boxes anyway?”

All of a sudden Vander slammed his hands on the box and gave Valda a nervous smile.

“I wouldn’t look in there. A man has his discretions after all.” He explained wryly. Valda paused for a minute trying to figure out just what he meant before it began to click.

“huh? ……… oh ewww. Why would you have these?!” She commented backing off.

“I’m simply my flawed self, nothing I can do to fix it.” He muttered whilst checking the contents of the box and sighing with relief. Valda couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at this and move to the couch to sit down. Men were weird sometimes.

“Hey Vander… do you know my father?” Valda asked removing her mask to rub her eyes a little.

“Let’s see, that’d be Lotze Krieg? Commander of Nerv 3 right?” Vander asked in response, checking his facts. Valda nodded.

“Yeah, that’s right. He’s my Father, but he’s also the head of both Nerv 3’soperations as well as its head researcher.” Valda explained with a touch of pride in her voice.

“So he does the Commander’s and Dr. Idle’s jobs? Impressive.” Vander complimented in return. Valda smiled.

“Naturally, he is my Father. He’s smart, kind and loves me very much.” Valda bragged ebfore she let a troubled look flitter onto her face. “Lately I’ve been wanting to call him… but every time I pick up the phone, I wonder if it wouldn’t be a bother and don’t got through with it.”

“Well men like him are very busy. Especially doing two jobs. He’s only human after all.” Vander commented.

“Yeah… “ Valda agreed nodding off somewhat. Her father was very busy and important, but so was she, she had to defeat the angels and save the world right? That was why she… “That’s why I… gotta get stronger …..”

“Heh, sleep well kiddo.” Vander said as he noticed Valda nod off on the couch. He went to grab the girl some blankets for the night.


Being dropped off by Vander at the dorms in the morning, Valda received one of the most ferocious glares from the major she had ever seen, and sadly it was lessened in effect due to the mind numbing fear that came from being stuck in a car with Vander. The major didn’t bother yelling at her though, obviously not wanting to wake up the whole area, but her persistent glare promised retribution at a later date. Valda sighed and went to get ready for another day at school.

The day itself proceeded fairly slowly up until lunch, though it seemed several people were curious about Valda’s absence the day before. Valda didn’t feel the need to tell them anything, they’d figure it out soon enough. She was just passing the time until she could make a phone call, and she had to time it right so it wasn’t a bad time. She barely paid attention in class for the rest of the day and just kept looking to the clock.

When she felt it was about time she excused herself from the classroom, not even caring whether the teacher was all right with her sudden departure or not and headed for the roof. Like this she should be able to catch her father in the morning before he went to work. She scrolled his name on her cell phone and hovered over the call button for a while. How many times had she been here? What was she so nervous about? Removing her mask she pressed the button and held the phone to her ear.

“Hallo?” A familiar voice spoke from the other end and Valda let out a breath.

“Ah, ahem, G-Guten Morgen Vater.” Valda spoke politely, and there was a pause on the other end.

“AH! Valda! How are you? I’ve been so worried since you never called, I heard there was an accident and some incidents with an Angel a while back, are you all right?” Lotze Krieg asked with concern and urgency. Valda smiled lightly.

“Ah, o-of course. Who do you think I am? Besides I had Unit 02 so naturally I’m fine.” Valda said though she flinched when she spoke of her Eva.

“That’s good to hear, I’m so glad. So then should I assume you’re not calling just to say you’re safe?” He asked cheerily and Valda tensed. She wanted to know, she had to.

“Well… I did want to talk to you… but I also wanted to ask you something…” Valda spoke carefully, not sure how best to approach this.

“Ask me something? Of course, go ahead.” Lotze spoke, a touch of concern in his voice.

“The Evangelion… it’s… it’s a weapon that reacts to the will of its pilot right?” Valda asked remembering what she had been told when she was first told to pilot the Evangelion.

“That’s correct; it’s a responsive all-purpose weapon that reacts to the mental commands of the pilot. Why, did something happen?” Her father pushed further, sounding sterner. Valda shifted nervously.

“I… in the last fight I… Something happened and I… Unit 02 wouldn’t respond to what I was telling it…” Valda spoke, omitting as many details as possible. Lotze made a contemplative noise.

“Hmm, that is unusual… can you give me a little more clarification. Try to keep it to unit 02, you know how touchy people get about information at HQ.” Lotze replied and Valda nodded.

“The situation was… complex… and Akio was in danger and I wanted to save him… but then I…. I don’t know, all of a sudden I just wanted to kill, regardless of who got hurt. I was going to kill him and when I realised that, I wanted to stop, but Unit 02 kept going…. I don’t… why did that happen?” Valda spoke, her voice shameful and full of confusion.

“Oh, is that all?” He Father sounded so cheerful all of a sudden and Valda blinked. “Hah, Valda my dear, don’t worry. It was a stressful situation right?”

“Well, yeah it was…” Valda admitted wondering what was so fine about this.

“Then that explains it, while it’s true that the Evangelion react to the will of their Pilot, unit 02 is Special. It also acts to protect you. You’ve got the same sort of instincts as your mother, so I’m sure your survival instincts were simply overwriting your higher thoughts, that’s all.” He explained cheerily though Valda was shaken.

“My… instincts? I was going to kill him, because my instincts told me to?” Valda asked again.

“Oh don’t be so put out. We both know that between you and those others, you are far more valuable. That you have such strong instincts is a blessing.” Her father continued cheerily. Valda forced a smile on her face.

“Y-yeah, that’s true I guess… I just… I guess I just got a bit careless, that’s all. Nothing to worry about really.” Valda spoke, her haughty tone returning as she spoke.

“That’s my girl. Though if you like, I could arrange for you and unit 02 to come back?” Lotze asked sounding a bit hopeful.

“NOT A CHANCE! Geez, I was just a little confused, but I’m no coward. I’m not going to run away because of something silly like this.” Valda spoke with her fiery voice back at full force. Her Father just laughed in response.

“All right all right, just do me a favour and call more often. I like checking up on you and unit 02, both of you are important projects in my life.” He said happily. Valda smirked.

“You and your projects, but yeah I’ll keep in touch more. Auf Wiedersehen Vater.” Valda finished cheerily before hanging up. She never let him have the last word, even in phone calls. Her smile faded as she put the mask back on her face. “My instincts huh?”

~Week 6~

Ever since the conversation with her Father, Valda’s attitude had become far more volatile than before, and her usual demeanour was far more forceful than before. Even the people who had flocked to her before were trying to stay out of her warpath. Naturally though any time the Major or Vice-commander tried to talk to her about it, she blew them off. Han had also tried to speak to her once or twice but she’d left as soon as the term “Talk about it” came up.

Shiori had also reappeared after her lengthy disappearance, but the major just assured everyone it was some kind of necessary trip for her and that everything was fine. Valda wasn’t sure exactly why that needed to be explained, unless of course it wasn’t normal. She decided not to press any further though, since she doubted she’d get an answer even if she did.

Another thing that had gained her attention was the attitude towards several of the other pilots, particularly Katla. Valda wasn’t sure if it was her ghostly nature or something she did but occasionally she saw the girl become the target of a few minor pranks. At First Valda tried not to intervene since she wasn’t sure what method to take about it. But one particular lunchtime, after Katla had made a hasty retreat and pretty much every other pilot present had left, she decided to take action about it.

The one she’d singled out as the main culprit was unceremoniously thrown against the wall and held slightly off the ground, Valda growling as she did so. She was going to drive home the message once and for all when an arm grabbed hers and pulled back with a surprising level of force. Valda glared at the smiling face of Jié Qi.

“What the hell do you want?” Valda asked glaring from behind her mask at the smiling boy.

“I don’t advise picking on those weaker than you. I understand Germans have a bad history with such things.” Qi said still smiling. Valda snapped at the comment immediately.

“Sie Dummer Östlicher Hund!” Valda yelled throwing a punch at the Chinese boy.

“西方母豬.”Qi replied in his native tongue as he caught the blow, still smiling.

Valda growled again and charged the boy, knocking him off his feet though he responded by digging his elbow into her back and a knee into her stomach. Valda grimaced before grabbing him by the shoulders and head-butting him, her mask keeping her from feeling most of the blow. Qi just about managed to slip his arms in the way though protecting him from the blow as well. He tried kneeing her in the ribs after that but she shifter her weight and the blow didn’t really impact. After that the two began grappling, trying to stop the other from striking again. During this a table got knocked over and the students watching this were in a bit of a frenzy.

“ENOUGH!” Vice Commander Carter’s voice roared across the room and almost everyone froze unused to the loud tone he used. He strode over to the two struggling parties and pulled them apart. He gave Qi a look and the albino boy settled immediately, Valda however continued struggling until Carter pushed her face down onto a desk. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but you need to calm down.”

“Tch, Let go of me!” Valda growled. Carter didn’t respond and waited until she settled a little more before letting her get up. Upon being freed up Valda walked out of the room and began making her way back to the dorms. She needed to blow off some serious steam right now.

~Week 7~

Valda had stopped going to school again after the fiasco the week prior, but had also stopped heading to the simulators since as well, focusing more on her physical training. She had taken to ignoring absolutely everyone around her by this point, instead focusing on doing her own thing. At this point, she was beating her punching bag with a persisting fury as she continued to think on everything that had occurred since she’d gotten here.

The angels, they were dangerous, more so than Valda had ever imagined. She hated to admit it but they were frightening, even for her. She hadn’t realised it at first, but she had felt it even during the first deployment she’d seen. The power those monsters possessed was terrifying, and it was something she wasn’t sure how to deal with. Fear was unwanted, but those things invoked it anyway. Her fears only seemed to disappear when she had used the S.A.M. installed on unit 02 and when she had lost herself to her instincts.

That was something else entirely; even though her father assured her that it was fine, she didn’t like it. The loss of control, the unbridled bloodlust, and the complete disregard of one of her subordinates was a despicable trait. She wasn’t sure what she thought was worse though, the fact that she had lost such control, or the fact that she enjoyed not having to think about it, just following the frenzy. But because of that, Akio was almost killed; he was almost killed by her own hand.

Thinking of Akio wracked Valda’s mind with anguish. He still hadn’t woken up yet, he was still being treated for what had happened at Matsuhiro. That blasted angel; that damned monster had done a number on him. But then again, at least he was alive, that was more than she had done. Even their worst enemy hadn’t killed Akio when it had the perfect opportunity to and yet she…

Her pace picked up angrily, as she recalled the report from the last battle as she’d heard it. In the end the three had stood side by side in order to protect each other and minimise the damage the suicidal angel was going to cause. But what had Valda done eactly? Attempt to kill Akio, heck she even turned on Isaac…

She slowed down a little as she went over that idiotic Isaac Kenny in her head. He was a cowardly, frightened no nothing boy from someplace America that got dragged in by his Asshole of a Father last minute to battle against the Angels. He was a pervert and clumsy, a terrible combination and he really didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, trying to act like some kind of know it all. He had frozen at first when faced with the enemy and Valda had protected him… but in the end he had been the victor. He had defeated the angel, he had rescued Akio form it… he had rescued Akio from her…

Valda shook her head and resumed pummelling the bag with a vengeance. Of course he had won; she beat the ever living hell out of that monster. If he had screwed up after that it would’ve been utterly unforgivable. Almost as unforgivable as…

Valda also wondered what had happened to Tokei, she hadn’t really seen her since the incident though she’d heard a few things. Apparently the girl had been injured pretty badly during the initial blast, freaking monster. Valda figured she’d be fine though, the girl wasn’t a pushover from what Valda knew of her.

Valda growled as she continued the vicious assault on the bag, remembering the smiling face of that annoying Jié Qi. She wasn’t sure what his angle was but he was capable, she’d give him that. But that wasn’t enough to dissuade her dislike of the boy. Interfering like that, badmouthing her nation like that, did he have a damn death wish?

Valda suddenly faltered and collapsed forward grabbing onto the bag to steady herself, her breath ragged and quick. She was physically exhausted but more than that, she realised just what direction her train of thought had led to. How many times had she thrown around the word ‘kill’? How many times was it directed at what should be her allies?

“My instincts huh… “Valda muttered again tiredly. “So in the end… I’m just a….”

Pain from her hands caught her attention, blood flowing from her raw knuckles. She stared at her hands for a while before taking note of the dried blood on her punching bag.

“Tch… forgot to wrap my hands… again.” Valda muttered standing up only to fall to her knee and shake her head from dizziness. Groaning a bit more she dragged herself to her bed and flopped onto it. How many times had she done this lately? She couldn’t remember, picking herself up again she quietly made her way downstairs to try and grab the first aid kit when she overheard the major on the phone.

“He woke up? That’s fantastic!” She said beaming. Valda blinked a few times before she realised who the subject of the discussion was. Before the Major could notice, Valda left for the door and headed out.


Valda walked into the HQ’s hospital without much hassle save for a few looks in her direction. She didn’t need to ask where he would be, he was going to be in the same room he was in when she left this miserable place. It didn’t take her too long to reach the door but then she stopped. She just needed to push it open, but what would she find on the other side? He was awake now right so he was fine? Valda held her hand out for a few minutes before it lowered to her side and she sighed. Instead she spent the next little while standing outside the door unsure of what to do next, she couldn’t bring herself to enter, nor could she bring herself to leave. She was fairly startled when the door opened and Han stepped out and looked at her with an equally shocked expression. The two stared awkwardly as the door closed behind Han.

“Valda, didn’t expect to see you here.” He began, his expression changing into a more neutral expression though he did look markedly tired himself.

“huh? Oh… I uh… I just… heard he was awake…” Valda explained weakly, her eyes shifting away.

“Yes, I was just checking that myself.” He spoke looking over the girl. Whether she realised it or not she was not only maskless but looked rather worn down herself. “Are you alright?”

“Me? I’m fine!” Valda snapped quickly before returning to a quieter voice. “So… Akio is… ok?”

“Okay is stretching it, but he’s alive and on the mend, that’s all that matters right now.” He said still eyeing the girl with a frown.

“Oh… yeah that’s… that’s good.” Valda said sighing lightly; she managed a weak smile after that. “I guess I should go then… I… I found out what I wanted to.”

“Valda… I’ve been getting updates you know. About the psychiatrist.” He spoke with a mildly warning tone. Valda frowned and crossed her arms barely flinching when she provoked the small wounds on her hands.

“What about it? I don’t need another idiot asking me how my day has been.” Valda spoke harshly earning a sigh from the Doctor.

“No, its pretty obvious it’s been crap. I’ll leave it today, but don’t make me go to the Vice-Commander about this.” Han warned lightly. Valda made a disapproving noise.

“Like I care what that guy has to say.” Valda stated earning another sigh from Han. After a brief moment of silence Valda walked off leaving the man to shake his head and mutter.

“I need a smoke.”

~Week 8~

After the first time, Valda had stopped by Akio’s room a few more times in the subsequent days, but had never actually gone in. Not only that but she’d made a point of avoiding anyone else who had come to visit, which included fleeing to the nearest toilet when she’d nearly been caught by Isaac who had spent a little extra time with Isaac beyond the others who visited with him.

Now though, Akio was back and things had become a lot harder for Valda. Her first encounter with Akio after so long was nothing short of shocking. He had just walked in, clearly relieved to be back and heading straight for his room. She cursed the fact that she had been in the general area and attempted to walk past without looking at him.

“Hey Valda! How’s it going?” He spoke up smiling. He seemed quite happy and it made Valda’s stomach Lurch. She’d heard as much from what little talking with Isaac she had done but, he really didn’t remember did he? Valda wanted to say something, anything but the words escaped her. After making an odd noise she gave up and turned away from him heading to her room and slamming the door shut.

‘When did I become such a coward?’

When did you stop?

And now she found herself waiting for Akio to leave the building before heading downstairs; dreading more than ever that it was a school day and not one of her arranged training days. Though according to what she’d been told she wouldn’t be given as much time again for at least a week due to something Han had said.

She froze when she got to the door and saw the note, an audible groan escaping from her mouth. A beach trip? REALLY?

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Postby BlackberryMilk » Fri Apr 05, 2013 8:48 pm

Time passed ever so slowly for Katla, after the incident with the angel she spent much time catering to her Stepfather, and cleaning up after the other pilots. She didn't mind the chore at all, it kept her occupied and busy.. All of the other pilots were so consumed with their varying emotions due to what happened months prior. No one had noticed her presence much outside of Qi and Raglan. Even then, the both of them went on with their day-almost avoiding the girl it seemed.

"I think everyone is avoiding everyone at this point dear... Best to make good of the time Kitty. Now is the best time to continue your research."

Her Mother was right, and Katla did just that. She had managed to seal off a part of her room and the entirety of her closet as an area for her studies. Here and there the Commander gave her the necessary bits... Beakers, graduated cylinders, a telescope, burners, a crucible, flasks, and various contained bits of angel salvage... Aside from the last angel sample-Which he deemed "Unstable and unsafe for his child".

She, still accepted the secret donations gratefully and with a kiss on the cheek.


"HEY FREAK!" A book flew across the room and hit Katla behind the head.

Today is a good day! Food and miscellaneous things have only been thrown at my head twice today!...Well, this makes it three.

School was droning and dull, and simulteanously terrifying, this part she always tried blocking out however. She wouldn't dare communicate or keep close to the other pilots for safety. Especially Raglan, due to the pink Hello Kitty themed anonymous threats that have been left in her locker day after day. She was sure it was Kei, the girl who established herself as Raglan's casual girlfriend, unbeknownst to him. Better to play it safe and avoid everyone at all costs.

She had noticed some resemblance of camaraderie amongst the other pilots, but she was too afraid to opt into their circles. She had spent this long not talking to them, this made her odd... Imagine the magnitude of the confusion if she just randomly decided to start now. I'll just let them be... They have so much on their plates already. I'm sure school is almost comforting to them, monotony always helps ease my mind!

Her mind finally calmed as she sat down at her desk, a sudden shock of cold shot up her back. A squish could be heard from underneath her. Her eyes widened as she slowly eased her hand down to her seat, a cold sticky adhesive oozed from around her thighs. She looked down seeing the white goop dripping onto the floor, her skirt almost immediately crusting at the edges. Someone had put glue on her seat.

The clapping of high-fives and giggles could be heard from behind, Katla didn't dare look behind her. Immediately her breathing began to speed up as she frantically began looking around the classroom for an exit--Even though she knew the only way out was the door. In her fear she imagined a sudden portal opening nearby for her to run into and disappear, free from embarrassment. She thrust herself up from her seat, a sudden ripping sound came from the hem of her skirt. Kat began rushing to the restroom to wash herself, and to once again wipe away her pathetic tears.


"Nice uniform! Was it customized by ELMER'S GLUE?!" Kei walked by with a group of girls, cackling and whispering to one another.

Katla just plopped her head onto the table... hard. "Ow..."

"'Suppliant!'" The third child propped her head up quickly and worriedly, only to see Shiori sit down next to her at an uncomfortably close proximity.

"Takatsuki Shiori...First child...Pilot of Evangelion Unit 00..." Katla repeated to herself, confirming the girls identity. Shiori just beamed at Katla, trying to be comforting, but only making Kat even more nervous and red.

"That's me!" she said cheerily.

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The initial days and weeks following the incident with Unit-03 at Matsushiro were stark and dreary.

Schooldays went by the number as did practise sessions for basketball. Life at the dorms uneventful and dull for the most part but plagued by a feeling of doubt and unease. Even time spent with Izumi, Kei or any of the others guys felt largely out of place. As if it were something that couldn't be afforded.

But Raglan James Wyngarde kept an undiminished spirit in front of the others. If Victor Wyngarde taught him anything, it was never let anyone else know what you're thinking - An adage he tried hard to live with.

He had tried to see Akio and Isaac in the immediate aftermath of the Angel attack, still kitted out in his plugsuit - But the staff turned him away. It wasn't possible. The pilots were injured and there was talk of an imposed quarantine even, which did make sense thinking about it later on.

He did, however, catch a glimpse of the three as they were carted in on hospital gurneys. Bodies limp and vulnerable. Out cold to the world.

Raglan felt a pain he didn't want to seeing them like that. An emotion he'd only really felt once before in his life. He did not let if affect him.

Much to his surprise, there was a fourth individual wheeled in to the emergency ward as well alongside the other pilots. He couldn't make out who it was at the time until he found out later.

That same evening, he made his way back to school to shoot some hoops, pull himself together and organise his thoughts. The chain-link fence creating patterned shadows across the ground of the outside court. The only sound; the bouncing of the ball, its rebounding slam against the board of the net and the deafening dusk crescendo of the cicadas.

The sun's light casting a shadow across Raglan's face, obscuring his eyes, as his half-court shot sunk the ball into the net flawlessly.

There was no cheer or compliment. Just a mocking squawk from a bird somewhere nearby on the wooded hillside, and the cicadas and their perpetual racket.

He left the ball lying where it dropped, its bouncing coming to an unnoticed rest, left discarded.

The days went on and the Sixth Child picked up another extra-curricular activity to fill his time;

Every day after school that was not scheduled for practise, Raglan visited HQ, taking the direct service link to the GeoFront from the Jiyūgaoka line, listening to music or reading a comic-book en route - He kept to himself from the other passengers with his spare hand in the pocket of his jacket.

He would put his plugsuit on in a precise military manner, speak to Batō or whichever of the other technicians who were rostered at the time, and enter the pilot exercise simulator.

Two hours of movement, agility, marksman and combat training done and dusted each session.

There was little joy in it. Done only with a renewed sense of duty. After all, the pilot used to while away the hours on Tagbha doing these exact kind of simulations.

Sometimes Dr Idle stopped by and chatted a little via the communication channel; offering advice and insights into the statistical read outs of the exercises.

Finishing up he would hit the showers in the male pilots lockers, clothe and leave. Most times opting to head out into Shin-Hara or the city as opposed to curfew in time at the dorms.

"YOSHIMITSU WINS." The Tekken cabinet speakers announced loudly, followed by a light-hearted heckle from the surrounding group of spectators.

"What's this? J lost?"

"Oh man - Shirou beat him straight up!"

"I thought for sure Izumi would be the one to finally take him down from that win streak..."

Shirou chuckled, cracking his knuckles playfully.

Raglan gave him sly look - Smiling a devious grin;

"Never played Tekken before, huh?" He asked.

"Nope," Shirou reaffirmed. "But it's your fairly standard fighter really - And I figured out that combo with the sword easily enough."

It took an ounce of effort for Raglan to retain his measure of good sportsmanship.

"Well then, let's up the ante..."

He tapped at the buttons, moving the stick, the screen whirring to character select.


A small uproar of excitement came from the small crowd. Izumi leaning in to comment;

"I've never seen you play Kaz before, J - When did you pick him up?"

"Eh, I've been getting in some hours with 'im lately." He replied casually.

Izumi laughed, patting the Sixth on the shoulder.

It was then that Raglan caught the sight of Isaac standing back in the crowd, drink in hand, staring off as if into nothing.

There was a dark cast to his friend's expression. A shadow clearly hanging over his mood.

Shit... We've gotten too absorbed with everything ourselves...

Today had been Isaac's first day back at school after being released from the hospital, and Raglan and Shirou decided to invite him out to town afterwards to try and have a little fun.

Raglan suddenly and jarringly walked away from the arcade cabinet. Shirou looking to him questioningly.

"Izumi, you can play for me..." The Sixth said as he parted, not sticking around for a reply.

Something's bothering him. More so than before. In fact, he's probably...

"You Nishi High motherfuckers!" Sakamoto yelled as he stumbled back, knocking into Raglan - Who in turn bumped straight into Isaac, up-ending his drink over both their uniforms.

"You better apologise before you regret it!" Their brutish companion continued, failing to realise he'd almost backed over both Raglan and Isaac.

Turning to, Raglan was able to make out what was going on.

There was a group of other school kids - Their uniforms the black suit-type with the high mandarin collars which Raglan recognised as the Nishi High dress code.

There was about eight of them all up. And one, presumably the ring leader, was sizing up to Sakamoto, giving him the smuggest look Raglan had ever seen in his life. Which appeared absolutely comical as the kid was only half the size of their own thuggish school-mate.

"Well, maybe you should watch what you're doing, dumbass." The short-fry retorted. His compatriots lining up beside him, chuckling, hooting in provocation.

The atmosphere instantly grew tense.

Sakamoto rubbed his knuckles, his presence looming over the Nishi High hoodlums. The scene nothing too dissimilar from something out of an old Sergio Leone Western.

Knowing his associate's tendency for violent solutions, Raglan walked up to his side, tentatively placing a hand on his arm. The situation would have to be placated;


But before he could step-in. One of the Nishi High punks uttered something to Isaac which he didn't quite catch. Some derisive Japanese slang perhaps. And Raglan could see the rage shaking, radiating visibly from his fellow pilot.


Too little, too late.

Isaac's punch landed right in his taunter's face, sending the guy reeling back into his own group, and that's when it all broke out. A whoop of joy went up from Sakamoto immediately as he jumped into the fray all too gladly.

Another hoodlum sprung at Isaac in retaliation, grabbing him by the shoulder and landing a blow right in his gut - Putting the Ninth Child on his knees.

Ouch. Fucking. Ouch.

Raglan didn't even have time to think about it more than that, because next he knew, he had punched Isaac's attacker with everything he had, sending the Nishi High kid sprawling into a nearby game cabinet.

"Okay, okay, we..."

The pain came fast and in a dazed blur. Someone flattened him nearly outright, and near instantly he could feel the blood seeping into his teeth and mouth.

Oddly, Raglan noticed how filthy the ceiling was, and then Shirou was there...

Sometime later, they were walking back to the dorms from the Seishuu stop. Izumi tagging along also, happening to live only a couple blocks away.

"Oh man, could you imagine how much worse off we'd be if Sakamoto wasn't there..." Izumi relented, holding a tissue up to his nose to stop the intermittent flow of blood.

For some reason, and maybe due to Izumi's extraordinary height, a nosebleed gag presented itself an opportunity here, but the Sixth Child let it slide. Shirou was better at making puns anyway in his experience so far.

"That moron?" Raglan took up in reply. "We wouldn't have even been in that situation in the first place if it weren't for him!" He couldn't help himself but he allowed a small chuckle at the end.

"I don't know whey we even bothered though. He could've handle that whole thing by himself. Does this kind of thing happen often, Izumi-kun?"

Izumi look thoughtful for a second before giving his reply;

"Those Nishi High pricks? Yeah, haha, every now and then."

Cradling both his busted lip and eye, Raglan reflected that it was fortunate Sakamoto was there after all then - Who manage to subdue most of the other punks by himself, and all in time before the arcade manager chased them off, threatening to call the police.

He glanced over at Shirou and Isaac.

Shirou was holding his jaw gently. A bright purple bruise blemishing his otherwise clear features and skin.

"Oww. I don't even know how that all started," he began in his trademark accent, addressing Raglan. "Izumi and I look over and you and Isaac were on the ground bleeding. Those guys were dicks, and no way in hell I was going let 'em beat on my friends..."

He finished, making a wincing, painful sound - Touching his bruised jaw - "I guess fighting without an AT field can be pretty difficult too. Ah. This bloody hurts well enough."

Isaac, however, looked almost contented, walking with a small, personal smile which smarted at Raglan.

"Tch, what are you looking so much more happy about? Haha," He asked laughingly, unable to resist the humour in the situation. "I think you surprised us more with that punch than you did those Nishi High bastards, that's for sure.."

Isaac shrugged, his smile unfaltering - Keeping his thoughts to himself.

"Well," Raglan continued. "I tell you one thing - Our asses aren't the only ones that are going to get chewed out by the Major. Just where the hell where those Section-2 goons exactly?"

The three pilots all cracked up hysterically, causing Izumi to look at them oddly having no frame of reference.

"My face is going to be a mess for a month, and not only are we coming back in a scrap, we're out way past curfew - Come on guys!"

Raglan picked up pace with Shirou promptly following. Isaac starting up once snapping out of his own little dream world.

"See you, Izumi-kun!" Raglan shouted back, waving - A playful smile marking his expression. Their tall class-mate watching the three Nerv pilots jog off to their awaiting fates at the hands of the Major. The fisticuffs having strangely lifted their spirits somewhat.

Valda was also released around the same time as Isaac. Raglan saw her once or twice from a distance at HQ during training - But still no sense of normalcy returned to the dorms, if there even was one to begin with.

Akio had slipped into a coma and was still kept in strict quarantine at the Nerv hospital. Visits weren't allowed, though Raglan would take the time to come and look at his friend from the allowed observation compartment when on base.

His last conversation with the Fourth Child troubled him greatly, considering what transpired in Matsushiro. And Raglan hoped his friend would pull out all okay by the end, though the staff weren't keeping them properly informed - It was a sensitive subject matter to say the least.

The issue of Katla also continued to eat at him. The memory of that scene in the GeoFront and the failed attempt at lunch made things awkward and complicated. He didn't know what to do, and he hated being in such a position. He wouldn't let anyone see him lacking. So instead, the Sixth continued to keep himself preoccupied with basketball practise, the pilot simulator drills and hanging out with kids from school in Shin-Hara in the off-hours.

"Don't worry Momma, we'll all be together soon..."

Though no matter what he did he continued to think of her, and he would have to talk to her again ultimately. There was no way around it. And as the days continued to pass he found himself eager, looking forward to it.

Akio awoke from his coma seven weeks after the incident at Matsushiro.

Raglan visited him with Isaac, as they discussed it earlier - But he begrudgingly called the Nishitara girl, Tomoko, to tag along. As she had been pestering the Sixth for updates and news of Akio's condition ever since the Angel attack.

The Fourth seemed happy, considering the circumstances. Propped up in his hospital bed, he very much so seemed himself. Except for one change...

Eyes; searing crimson augurs. Just like Qi's.

Raglan made a quip of it at the time to cover his shock.

"Beautiful night, wouldn't you agree Mr Wyngarde?" The young man's lips moved silently.

"Pardon?" Raglan asked, taking off his headphones. The all encompassing reverb of Kevin Shield's guitar-work was instantly replaced with the night-time ambience of Jiyūgaoka-koen.

"The weather, I was saying. The forecast is good for the next couple weeks. A month, even."

"Umm... That's good to know."


He checked himself, as the stranger took a seat at the same bench, folding the paper he was carrying. Raglan had been so far off in his own little world he was almost surprised to find himself sat in the park late at night, listening to music again.

"This is one of my favourite spots in the entire city; Jiyūgaoka-koen. I come here and look at the Nobuo Second Impact memorial often."

Raglan inspected the stranger.

The young man, also a foreigner, aged somewhere in his early 20s was finely dressed in a well fitted grey suit - Obviously expensive going by the grade of the cut and perfection of fit - Had intelligent brown eyes framed with a pair of thick-set Ray Ban glasses, and dirty hair of the same colour styled into a fashionable look.

No, wait...

Not dirty brown hair, but a deep earthen hue with the faintest tint of green to it.

"I've seen you here before, you know." The man remarked, smiling at Raglan kindly. He spoke in near perfect Japanese.

"Is that so?" The pilot replied, not knowing what else to say. The situation was surreal - The stranger making Raglan not feel awkward, but more just weirdly aware of the moment in its passing.

The man flipped his newspaper back open briefly, eyes scanning over the contents of the front page. "This business with the codename Angels, huh."

An uneasy silence followed. Stretching out for what must have been half a minute. Raglan eyeing the man cautiously, but he just re-folded the paper, smiled and stood up - Adjusting the buttons on his suit jacket, glancing about as if looking out for something or someone.

"Ah well. It's getting late" He said, taking a few steps away tentatively.

Raglan started putting his headphones back on, resting into his position on the bench, but he paused. The stranger turning back. "I'm Karcsayette, by the way," He finished, bowing his head slightly.

Whatever. Raglan placed his headphones on. Shutting his eyes. Returning to the sonic landscapes and textures of My Bloody Valentine.

"It's a pleasure to meet you; pilot of the Evangelion Mark.06..." The young man's lips moved silently as he turned to walk away.

"Guys, hurry up or you'll be late. Akio, just cause it's your first day back, don't keep the Vice-Commander waiting!”

When Raglan saw the note posted to the door, Shirou was also looking over it.

"Damn - I'm busy tomorrow." The Sixth Child said solemnly.

Shirou looked at him, but before replying, noticed Raglan was not in-uniform, instead decked out in casual clothes.

"No school today?" The Eighth asked.

"Nah... I'll catch you later, man." Raglan replied as he walked out the door and onto the sidewalk, pulling out his phone - Re-reading the email;

Pilot of Mark.06 req. for operations sortie at 1300 hours tomorrow.

He put away the phone and pocketed his hands into his denim jacket, heading out to the city for the day - Smiling at an attractive girl passing by.
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One Week

There was the simple beeping of the heart monitor, the drip of the I.V. bag. Asides from the machines and a single bed, the room was empty. A single window covered by a thin curtain occupied one of the walls, while the other three were solid white. A sleeping inhabitant clad in a hospital gown occupied the bed, the same one that had been there for the past three days.

Tokei’s eye snapped open. She was looking up at a white ceiling. Her eye rolled left, then right. The view was the same, white ceiling meeting white walls. She lay there for several minutes, unmoving. Finally, she came to the decision to sit up. It took several more minutes for her to act upon it.

A wave of pain from her sore muscles broke over her, as well as a tenderness from her abdomen. Tokei dropped back down to her pillow. The pain wasn’t all that bad, just a general bruised feeling. In fact, most of her body actually felt fine, just bruised and battered a little.

Tokei remembered her face.

In a flash, her hand was running over the left side of her face. It felt fine. Better than fine, actually. Everything felt normal. Her hand moved to the right side of her face.

Her hand met bandage.

Tokei stoically ran her hand up and down the right half of her face, feeling nothing but bandage. Her hand moved to the side of her head. Everything was covered there, too. She could hear the rough scratching of her fingers on the cloth, so the right ear appeared to be fine. But the skin on all of the right side of her face was still missing.

She sat up again, ignoring the aches in her muscles. Tokei looked down at her body. Everything was still anatomically; all her limbs were in place. There were several tubes and wires sticking out of her arms below the gown’s armline, but that was fine.

Tokei flopped back down on to the bed, satisfied that the rest of her body was working in order. Once again, she felt the cloth on the side of her face with her left hand. She pressed down on the socket where her eye had been. She felt nothing.

Tokei expected to cry, or at least to feel some sadness that her life had been changed. Instead, she felt a dull sense of anger and perseverance. One day, her life had been normal; the next minute, she was crawling across a wasteland and missing her face. Now she was like this; she would just have to live with it. Tokei nestled into her pillow, returning to sleep amidst the constant pressure of irritation.

When she woke up the next day, the machines had been removed. Tokei sat up, placing her pillow on the back of the bed so that she could lean on it. She did so, wrapping her arms around her legs and staring out into the room. It felt like everything had changed so much. Instead of having looks and the brains to back it up, all she had was the brainpower. She was a half-face, a freak.

The door opened. Tokei glanced over at it, observing the intruder. It was Johann Idle, rolling into the room in a wheelchair. There was a package on his lap.

Tokei decided to see how well she could speak. “Good morning, Doctor Idle.” Her voice came out a little weak, but fine nonetheless.

Johann cracked a weak smile, humoring her. “Good morning, Miss Akai.” He wheeled his way over to her bed. “How are you feeling?” He coughed mightily, wiping his sleeve across his mouth. “Sorry.”

Tokei raised her eyebrow. “My body feels fine. I’m missing half of my face, though. That’s an interesting feeling.”

Johann sighed. “Yes. Well, we have a sort of solution, for the time being.” He placed the box that he had been keeping on his lap onto the bed. She took the lid off, gazing at the contents.

It was a steel, grey mask. It was featureless, and looked like it was meant to cover everything on the right side of her head except for her hair. There were several straps running around it. Tokei looked down at it, and then looked back at Johann. He was looking at her in a very analytical manner, probably gauging her reaction. He gestured. “You can take off the bandages, if you like. All of the muscle has set, so for now there shouldn’t be any problems. If you’d like to keep them on for the time being-“

Tokei put a hand to her hairline, slowly peeling the bandages off of her face. Johann’s face didn’t change, even after the interruption. Tokei dropped the bandages in front of her, making to put on the mask. She stopped. “Doctor Idle.” Her voice was cold. “I would like a mirror.” Johann reached into one of the pocket of his lab coat, pulling out a miniature reflector. So they assumed I would ask for one. Tokei took it, positioning it in front of her face.

Red. That was the first thing that came to mind. Everything was red and raw-looking. Tokei continued staring into the mirror, gazing at the ruined right side of her head. The eye was gone, replaced by a steel implant to keep the socket in position. Tokei stared on.

Even though Johann remained without emotion on his face, he was carefully studying her. This was the first time that he had seen her awake since the accident, and he wanted to get an initial frame of reference for her psychological state. This would be the first of several meetings to determine if she was a threat to herself or to others. He would also be the one to sign off on her release papers and to make the decision if the girl would be allowed back inside of an Evangelion.

After another minute, Tokei put down the mirror. Suddenly, she started chuckling. The laughter kept coming as she placed the half-mask over her face, winding the straps around the back of her head. She smiled, only one half of her mouth visible to Johann. “I feel a bit like my Eva, to be honest,” she said, giggling. “Cobbled together from whatever we could find.”

Johann relaxed. The girl was doing much better than he anticipated. “Don’t worry. We’re going to get you back on your feet any day now.” He wheeled around, leaving the room.

The door slid shut.

A second later, the pocket mirror went flying across the room, shattering on the wall. Tokei withdrew into herself again, brooding. Half a face. She had half a face. Wrong place, wrong time. There was nothing that could have been done, nobody that could have known what was happening inside Unit-03. That didn’t mean that she couldn’t be angry at it. After all, it was the reason why she was missing part of her visage in the first place.

During the following weeks, Tokei began acclimating to a somewhat regular life in the confines of the hospital. She had been given travel privileges, and so had taken to pacing the corridors outside of her room. Her appetite had returned, and she was gradually getting stronger. The anger stayed the same. It wasn’t so much anger at anybody, but rather anger at the situation in general. The anger would merely happen to break over the head of anybody that unwittingly disturbed her. Tokei’s life was changed. Although it wasn’t all that big compared to, say, missing a limb, there was a certain measure of irritation and anger with the world that didn’t go away. Since the broken mirror, she had been able to contain herself rather well, asides from the occasional tirade at hospital staff. Then there had been the incident where she had broken a nose, but that was isolated.

Tokei had been lying down in her bed when Johann rolled into the room again. He had typically come every two days, to check up on her. He claimed that it was for psychological reasons; to make sure that her mental state remained constant. Each time, she had put on a happy, peaceful face and acted as if none of the anger was there. It couldn’t have been healthy to contain that much anger, but she did it nonetheless.

Today’s visit was different. Johann had a large, metal box in his lap. He rolled over to her, removing the lid to reveal a foam interior and a delicate piece of technology within. He picked it up between his thumb and forefinger, displaying it to her. “It’s nearly finished.”

Tokei looked at him blankly. “What is?”

“Your new eye.”

Tokei looked at the metal orb, shocked. The entire thing was 25mm in diameter, and looked to be made out of steel. It was fitted with a red lens on the front, with a small, rectangular hole right next to it. Several odd wire-like things were attached to the back. “You built me an eye?”

“Well, not really.” Johann shrugged. “It’s partially organic. All we have to do is perform a few tests on it to make sure that it’s stable. You’ll have binocular vision in two more weeks. We’re also working on a reconstruction plan for your face.”

Tokei grinned. “Actually, I’d like to keep the mask. I think I’ve grown attached to it.”

Johann looked at her. “As you like, then. Just stay well rested and eat well. We’ll give you a new mask when the surgery is done, so that you can actually see out of it.” Johann wheeled his way out of the room again. Tokei sat back, letting the feelings of anger wash over her again. Everything was turning out surprisingly well for her; her face had been melted off and she had lost an eye, but now she was gaining everything back. Somehow, the anger was still unshakable. Tokei didn’t understand it.

Six weeks

Tokei jolted upright from her bed, looking around. Sure enough, her vision had been restored. There were distinct changes, though. Her right eye saw colors more vividly, more sharply.

“You like it?” Tokei sharply turned her head, seeing Johann standing next to her. “The surgery went as planned. That eye works just like your old one.” He sat down in the chair next to her bed. “Well, not exactly. This one can wirelessly sync up with your Eva’s tracking and operational systems. There’s actually a jack right next to the lens so that you can sync it up to a programming computer as well. It can also zoom in and out, like a camera.” Johann smiled. “Don’t break it.” He stood up, crossing the room to leave. He turned around at the last second. “Almost forgot.” He tossed a small baggie onto her bed. She snatched it out of the air, peering quizzically at the contents. “There’s some eye drops in there, along with some antibiotics and a salve,” Johann said. “You’ll need the drops to make sure your new eye doesn’t dry out, and the antibiotics and salve are to make sure that your face doesn’t get infected. I expect you to use them, understand?” He left.

Johann paused outside the room. He knew that Tokei wasn’t in perfect mental health; the hidden camera in her room had confirmed as much. However, he had determined that she was in a fit state of mind to leave the hospital. As for her anger, it wasn’t outside normal limits. She wasn’t a danger to anybody. As for her face, he would deal with that later.

The alarm beeped. Tokei rolled over, smacking it with her hand before any more infernal noise came from it. She sat up, stretching her back. Her eyes, one celadon and one crimson, opened. She surveyed her room, taking note of her vision. Seemed to work fine as ever; she could still make out the insane number of mechanical ideas covering the walls and the heaps of papers and textbooks across the floor.

Her computer beeped. Tokei slung herself out of bed, walking across the room to check her notifications. Her half-mask was on top of her computer, having put it there before she went to bed. There was an e-mail waiting for her, so she clicked it. As it loaded, she took a seat in her chair. The computer displayed a single line of text.

    Pilot of Unit-04 req. for operations sortie at 1300 hours tomorrow

Tokei noted that this would be her first time back in an Eva since the first angel battle. She was looking forward to it. Tokei snagged the bag of medical supplies as she left her room, walking downstairs to eat breakfast. Her sleep shorts and T-shirt rustled as she descended the stairs. Since she was still technically in recuperation, she wouldn’t need to attend school for a few weeks yet.

Everybody else seemed to have already left for school; today had been one of the rare occasions where Tokei had overslept. She was alone in the dorm. She walked into the kitchen, finding a carafe and filling it. She dumped the water into the coffee maker, setting the water to boil.

Tokei placed the medical bag on the counter. She unzipped it and pulled out the contents. Eye drops. Pills. Burn salve. Tokei filled a glass from the sink, popping one of the pills. She made a face as she downed the rest of the water. As the carafe filled, Tokei checked the instructions on the tube before squeezing some salve onto her finger and gently smearing it over her face. She tilted her head back and squeezed two of the drops into her eye.

The coffee dinged. Blinking several times, Tokei put down the bottle and took the carafe from the machine. Placing the supplies back into the bag, Tokei walked over to the table. Placing down her coffee, she picked a pencil out of the holder at the center. She decided that this would be a nice way to spend the day, just sitting at the table and sketching out ideas. Maybe she would go for a walk later, just to get outside. Tokei relaxed, letting the ideas flow from her head onto the page. In that moment, her raw face didn’t trouble her in the slightest.

Tokei took a sip of her coffee, wincing a little as the steam curled its tendrils around the right side of her face. Maybe I’ll get the grafts after all.
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