Fanfic Idea: The Pilots Play a Pen&Paper RPG

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Fanfic Idea: The Pilots Play a Pen&Paper RPG

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Postby Sun Stealer » Wed May 18, 2011 2:18 pm

The idea: While waiting for the next test which was delayed for unexplained reasons, they pass the time by playing a pen&paper RPG, a D&D clone called Anvils and Angels, thoughtfully provided for them by a tech *cough* Makoto *cough* to ease their boredom.

I got the idea, when a random thought played out in my mind:
The children and their friends are playing an rpg, Kensuke starts the game by rolls to seduce Rei and scorea a natural 20. Rei calmly looks down at the dice/die(which one is the singular and which is the plural?), then looks back up at Kensuke and says, "Our characters have not yet met."

It is a shame, I won't be able to include that line as making Kensuke a pilot would be an irresponsible act, even if it is fictional. Perhaps they could continue the game outside of Nerv.

What should their playstyles be like? I imagine Rei would unwittingly be a rules lawyer due to her literalmindedness, attention to detail, and all around spockiness. I think Asuka would be a cross between a chucklef**k ala Mr. Welch, due to her high intelligence and capriciousness would make it easy for her to exploit minor details to break a game, and a minmaxer/munchkin due to her extreme competetiveness and need to always win. I imagine she would fluctuate between the two. Touji would be a munchkin as well, but not nearly as effective as one due to his intelligence. I imagine the only people who would attempt to roleplay would be Shinji, Kensuke(with a little minmaxing and/or rules lawyering on the side, may actually help Shinji when he isn't hindering him, by giving him counsel as a more experienced GM), Hikari(who sincerely tries but doesn't seem to grasp the setting; also special snowflakes), and Kaworu(who sincerely tries but doesn't seem to grasp the concept of roleplaying).

As for their GM style:
*Shinji makes a good attempt, but the odds are stacked too far against him. May be a bit of a Monty Haul GM due to his need to please people. Maybe have him slowly grow into a Gygaxian-style DM as he becomes increasingly paranoid.
*Asuka - Killer DM
*Rei - Railroads. Railroads Everywhere! I imagine her campaign would come to a halt the minute Touji's paladin casts Detect Evil on an Orc Nursery, and Rei becomes mired in an internal philosophical debate after the contradictory fluff and crunch in the book offers no help. Asuka and (if his character's alignment can let him get away with it under the cover of roleplaying,) Kensuke will ask how much xp an orc baby is worth while asking what is taking Rei so long, they will then get sidetracked into a debate between each other whether it would be more beneficial to slaughter the orclings? for xp or sell them to a slave trader, while Shinji and Hikari become increasingly concerned about Rei's disquiet, while Kaworu smiles obliviously, declares he will be visiting the snack machine and asking if anyone wants him to bring them something.
*Kensuke- more experienced than Shinji and the closest thing to a sane GM their group will ever have. Starts off reasonable, but engages in increasingly chickens**t moves as his battle against Asuka and Rei becomes more desperate.
*Kaworu - the only decent GM they will have, but his GM'ing is affected by his unique perspective. The physics of his settings are very strange, his stories very abstract, and playing in games he GM's is the closest one can come to having an acid trip while remaining clean. Is subject to occassional philosophical tangents, comes the closest to tricking Rei and Asuka to roleplay (possibly by accident). I just think it would be hilarious to watch as his cool slowly starts to crack under the relentless assaults of Asuka and Rei (and stealthily by a passive aggressive Kensuke), and his frustration incrementally builds up until he storms out of the room late into his campaign. That may be the point at which Asuka realizes she has gone too far and manages to make a crypto-apology to Kaworu. Rei will either display that mona lisa smile at Kaworu storming off like she did when Gendo shot Ritsuko, or she will remain oblivious, which ever is funnier.

Thoughts? Opinions? Advice?
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Postby NemZ » Wed May 18, 2011 2:47 pm

Much simpler setup: Misato comes up with the game as one of her hairbrained tactical training/teambuilding ideas, with herself as GM. Friends are invited in to help round out the group.
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Postby arkiel » Wed May 18, 2011 3:30 pm

In for Asuka flashing cleavage to Shinji so he'll loan her stat points.

...I am basing my understanding of the game on a song lampooning D&D, so could be entirely wrong.

Edit: If original series Asuka, of course, she'd knock a few of his teeth out instead of going the cleavage route.

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