What anime are you watching right now? Summer 2016 to now

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Re: What anime are you watching right now? Summer 2016 to now

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Postby Mr. Tines » Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:37 am

I finished the backlog titles I've been watching, and at the end I can say that

Gifu Dodo : Kanetsugu & Keiji, a title which a few EvaGeeks watched at the time, is a pretty good "Manly Sengoku notables do manly things" title, so long as you are fine with the style of having the major characters -- the occasional grotesque amongst them -- towering over the lesser folk, in a manner akin to high-level characters in One Piece. That given, it does make for a great, albeit, ahem, larger than life, historical fiction, complete with the perfect excuse for some manly tears.

The title can be slightly misleading though -- not in the series being about the Path of Dignified Righteousness, but in the way that Keiji vanishes from the tale (except in the scenes when we return to where the two are reminiscing about the things that happened many years before), after the half-way point recap episode.

By contrast, the only earlier mentions of Sengoku Collection here were from symbv, who dropped it after about 3-4 episodes, so it's thanks to a random mention from some /a/non, recommending a few specific episodes, that I actually picked this one up.

Not only does it start out with the premise of historical characters from the Sengoku Era turning into girls, but this was also a very early mobage tie-in to boot; as such, it had no business being as good as it in fact turned out to be in the end. It does take a few episodes to find its feet -- I would say that episodes 7 and 8 are the first ones where it definitely surpasses being "Cute Sengoku Generals Do Cute Things" fluff, and in the final third there are several simply excellent episodes.

If only they had not made Naoe Kanetsugu constantly look like a "kawaii uguu!" escapee from Kanon (2002) in her few appearances (this was most especially jarring when juxtaposed with Gifu DoDo's depiction of same).

Now, after these most serendipitous findings, time to start trawling for some new titles to watch, only without the expectation of being so lucky this time.
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Re: What anime are you watching right now? Summer 2016 to now

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Postby El Squibbonator » Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:20 pm

Remember how I said I hated Elfen Lied? How I thought it was a pretentious, hypocritical mess of a story that wasted a potentially interesting premise? Well, a couple days ago--purely for shits and giggles-- I started Lynn Okamoto's other teenage-girls-with-terrifying-superpowers series, Brynhildr In The Darkness.

And you know what? This show actually works. It's much less heavy on the sexualization of the underage characters than Elfen Lied was (though there is still lots of that), it doesn't trip over itself with badly-thought-out morals about racism, the male lead actually has a personality, and there's actual suspense and intrigue. In a lot of ways, it's the story Elfen Lied was trying to be, but wasn't competent enough to pull off. It's a shame that it was made before the manga ended, because I actually do wish I could see the whole story animated. This, not Elfen Lied, is the story Lynn Okamoto should be known for.
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